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Goddess Natasha Mistress

As usual it was another busy week with calls and custom audio recordings as well as custom videos. Custom recordings are one of the things I really enjoy creating!

My most popular video this week is a fetish video featuring My sexy size 6 feet, stockings and leather pumps. It’s called Come into My Office where I direct you to worship My feet encased in stockings.

This weeks most popular audio is one of My many recordings on Female Supremacy. As I am sure you know I have been a proponent of Female Superiority for quite some time.

My phone lines are on and will be on into the evening although I will be going out for dinner to Council Oak. Keeping up with when I am available and what is new is easy if you follow Me on Twitter, My Blog or Google+

Most Popular Video

Come into My office ~ High Heels Stockings 

I call you into My office because I have realized how fascinated and attentive you seem to be with My feet and stockings. It’s the end of the day and My stockings and shoes could use some of that attention. I slip My black leather pump off and instruct you to come closer. This is going to be our little secret…at the end of each day, you will come into My office and sniff and smell My shoes and stockings. (WATCH NOW!)

Most Popular Audio

Serving the Superior Female 

Know that when you are in the presence of a Superior Female that it should be treated as a privilege and an honor! Act accordingly! In this recording I explain the behavior that is expected and often demanded from such Superior Females as Myself! (LISTEN NOW!)

Recent Releases by Goddess Natasha Mistress

~NEW~ Breeding Day 

The day you have been waiting for is finally here. It is your breeding day. I have been preparing you for this day for some time and as you see the breeding stall you realize it is about to become a reality! Restrained, helpless you will be spread and bred as I like to say. Each BBC (of course all are big black cock) depositing a load of hot cum to make sure you are properly bred! Violated and used over and over as the day turns into night! (LISTEN NOW!)

~NEW~ High Heels Bare Legs 

goddess natasha mistress

In this video My tanned, toned sexy legs are in full view as I show off My black stiletto high heels. Although I enjoy stockings, this video features My silky smooth bare legs. I run My hand up and down My legs, as I describe how you will worship Myself and My high heels. Sucking the heel, following My every command! (LISTEN NOW!)

~NEW~ Mind Control Ultimate Surrender 

goddess natasha mistress

People use hypnosis for a number of things. Some to bring out forgotten memories or to recall past lives. But I use hypnosis to further My control over you and your mind. To eliminate your thoughts that I do not desire you to have and lead you to the ultimate surrender. The surrender of your mind and erasing of thoughts. This ultimate surrender that will leave Me in control as I delve deep into your subconscious! Using methods used in “Deeper” you descend into a deep state of hypnosis. What IS the ultimate surrender? It is the surrendering of your mind as I take you down into a deep state of hypnosis. Conditioned to My voice, you feel so relaxed and content. It seems natural for Me to delve into your mind. Natural for Me to take control of your mind and thoughts. Just let go..and surrender. (LISTEN NOW!)

~NEW~ Poppers! Stroking Making you weaker and weaker 

goddess natasha mistress

I know that you are so glad that the weekend is here! Because of course that means you can spend all of your time popperbating! Inhaling and stroking! Edging! Getting higher and higher! Riding that wave, riding that high and then inhaling again. Let’s face it. By now you are so addicted to poppers and how they make you feel. Masturbating is SO much better when you are sniffing poppers. Well, you know how much I enjoy controlling you and your high as well as reinforcing bad behavior! This recording will do just that! Get out your poppers! I know that the more you sniff, the more you stroke, the more mindless you become as you get higher and higher. Getting weaker and weaker as you get higher and higher! (LISTEN NOW!)

Femdom Hypnosis Goddess Natasha

It’s time for My Sunday recap of the past week! As you probably know this month marks 6 years of My being on Niteflirt. It has been a rewarding and exciting 6 years!

This week was busy with a lot of recordings as well as custom recordings. It is always interesting to record a file based on someone else’s fantasy and script.

I also have a slave serving a week of online personal servitude which has been very helpful and fulfilling. . It is always welcome to have another pet under My control and guideance!

My most popular video this past week was one of My many Femdom hypnosis recordings called Deepening My Control Deepening your submission. My voice seducing you as My hand gestures mesmerize you on My stocking clad legs is particularly sensual! I have found Femdom hypnosis to be an effective tool in training and controlling My slaves.

The most downloaded audio was Broken by Monster Cock. There is just something so erotic imagining you serving Me this way! The most popular download this week was by far My Sissy Slut Contract! I can’t wait to see how many will actually sign it!

Today I will be available for phone calls and for personal training. Since I have getting many inquiries regarding cam be sure to visit My Cam Listing.

Most Popular Video

Femdom Hypnosis

Deepening My Control…deepening your submission 

femdom hypnosis

My voice flows through your mind as I take you down again and again. Down the staircase as you sink down, down, down into an even deeper state of relaxation. Using My hands on My stocking clad legs, I mesmerize you with hand gestures and stroking. In this completely relaxed state, I continue My control over you deepening your submission, worship and addiction. (WATCH NOW)

Most Popular Audio File

Broken by Monster Cock 

femdom hypnosis

By now you know how much I enjoy your emasculation. Especially the emasculation that comes from servicing cock for Me! After all, it is difficult to feel masculine with a cock in your mouth! Those dark places that I want to take you to to be used. I want to ruin you for other cocks though. It is exciting to find monster cocks that will intimidate and excite you. I know you know those cocks I am talking about. Frankly, they don’t even look real! But once you have had one, once you have taken one, you will only want monster cock! I will make crave that feeling of once again being brutally stretched and face fucked by monster cock! (LISTEN NOW)

Recent Releases

~NEW~ Training you as My Sissy Cocksucker 

femdom hypnosis

Keeping you in chastity has made you so docile and so submissive. Willing to do anything to serve and please Me in the hopes that you will be allowed a release! But I want you to be completely humiliated and degraded. Naked wearing nothing but your chastity cage I bring in a stud. His throbbing nine inches are at eye level as you realize exactly what I am going to have you do! Now you will do nothing except exactly as I tell you! First, you will beg. Beg to be allowed to suck cock for Me. Then you will begin with licking and sucking his balls earning that cum and holding it in your mouth until I allow you to swallow!  Featuring humiliation, cumslut, sissy cocksucker, forced bi, cum swallowing, cock sucking instructions (LISTEN NOW)

~NEW~ Seductive Smoking 120 Menthol

femdom hypnosis

My cigarette type of choice is a 120 Menthol cigarette. I recently found Eve 120’s and decided to try them. Dressed in a cleavage baring top with a beautiful pendant nestled between My all natural 36C breasts I open the pack. Lighting up I share seductive inhales and exhales of this long pure white cigarette that is so smooth! A great worship video for those admirers of My cleavage! (WATCH NOW)

~NEW~ Sissy Slut Contract

femdom hypnosis

Sometimes a Sissy needs that push to become a Sissy SLUT! It is time to STOP fantasizing and start being the sissy slut that you are! The sissy slut that you are meant to be! As a sissy slut your place is servicing men! It is time you took your proper place! Since you have not been able to accomplish this on your own I have a solution. By signing and agreeing to My contract you WILL be committed to becoming a true sissy slut! (SIGN NOW)

~NEW~ Faggot Roulette

femdom hypnosis

Blindfolded and naked you await Goddess’s commands. Never knowing exactly what will be demanded of you is as frightening as it is erotic. Since you have completely surrendered to My control you know that you have no say in anything that may be required of you. No doesn’t exist in your vocabulary and you only want to serve and please Me. As time has passed you have begun to learn how much I enjoy pushing you to and beyond your limits. Humiliation and degradation has all become part of your servitude. As you are led to a round table and restrained on your back you can only imagine what perversions I have in store for you. Featuring forced bi, faggot, anal, cock sucking, Femdom, humiliation (LISTEN NOW)

Fetish MP3 Releases by Goddess Natasha

My new fetish mp3 recordings have kept Me very busy this week! There always seems to be alot going on both real time and online! I have had a number of submissives from out of town here to serve and have also been busy recording new files.

As you know My recordings especially My fetish MP3 recordings are very popular and once again I have had three of the top recordings on Niteflirt! These top three are Life as My Wife, and two of My shocking series Mind Control and Stockings and Stilettos! My top video this week was Fantasy of your Life which is not a new release but there has been quite an interest in it.


Fantasy of your Life

fetish mp3


Reclining on My couch with a sexy black corset, very short skirt, thigh high stockings and high heels, I know all about your fantasy. Yes, this fantasy of your life where you imagine serving Me. You imagine submitting to Me. In your imagination, you leave your boring vanilla life behind and surrender. Oh yes I know. you spend a lot of time fantasizing about what your life would be like serving Me. you call Me, listen to My recordings and buy My videos…all the time imagining what it would be like to completely surrender to Me.

This week’s Fetish MP3 releases!

Queer for Cock 

fetish mp3

Tell Me again how much you love big cock! Bigger is better! That’s your motto! I know your hands start to sweat and your mouth waters when you see those big, thick delicious cocks! Now repeat after Me…you are queer for cock! Featuring humiliation, Femdom, verbal humiliation, emasculation

Sexual Dominance Strapon

fetish mp3

In nature domination is most often established by sexual aggression. This type of sexual aggression for Myself takes place in the form of strapon submission. Furthermore this exertion and reflection of My dominance is so erotic to Me! When I take you there will be no doubt who is in control, who is dominant and who is the submissive! Whenever I chose and for whatever reason, I will be deciding your position, which strapon , how hard and how long it will last! The emasculation as well as the psychological effects on you is what interest Me! With this act not only will I be exerting My power and control but also My sexual dominance.

The Bi Files 

fetish mp3

These are 30 minutes fetish mp3 recordings that highlight one of My favorite activities. ~ erotic bisexual action Two videos and two audio files.

Throat Fucking 

fetish mp3

Part of your cock sucking training will be throat training. This training will allow you to be deeply and thoroughly throat fucked. I am so going to enjoy seeing you throat fucked! This aggressive deep throat fucking will bring tears to your eyes and yes, you will be gagging. One of My favorite postions is you on your back as I sit on your chest with your head hanging over the couch or bed! As a result you will be helpless and vulnerable your throat wide open for every thrust! There will be no doubt that you are My bitch after you have been brutally throat fucked! Watching you being throat fucked is just another way for Me to exert My dominance and control and reinforce your submission! An extremely erotic fetish mp3 recording!

Meant to be Owned 

fetish mp3

The craving you have for ownership is becoming stronger and stronger. The need and burning desire to belong to Me is growing more intense with every passing day. Furthermore, realize that you cannot be happy or content until you surrender and become Mine! I knew long ago that it was only a matter of time. After all, you were meant to be My slave, meant to be owned!

Sexy Saturday Insemination Station

Sexy Saturday means a new recording.

This weekend is proving to be a busy one so far! However I am always available by email if you find My phone lines are continuously busy!

It is going to be a busy Sexy Saturday!  I am taking phone calls as well as promoting My latest release The Insemination station. In addition I will be updating My blogs including this one which is My personal blog. My social media accounts such as Instagram and Google+ are updated on a regular basis!

My Google+ page has hit over 3 and a 1/2 MILLION views! Stop by for a visit!

There are so many aspects that I find particularly exciting in the Lifestyle! Manipulation and control being a big part of it! Say that I place an ad in the newspaper and you answer it….it turns out that I have quite a devious plan for you at My Insemination station!

**TODAY’S RECORDING** for Sexy Saturday

sexy saturday
**~NEW~ The Insemination Station**
What a surprise you are in for! The ad that you answered in the newspaper sounded exactly like one of those ads for a medical research study. Well, you had an idea that it had to do with sexuality since there were quite a number of questions regarding your sexuality and sexual activities. Welcome to the insemination station! Naked, helpless and restrained you will be filled. Filled with cum over and over again. Positioned for maximum penetration with your head locked firmly in place! I pull on a pair of black latex gloves to make sure you are properly lubed. I will also be manipulating your cock to make sure you are properly aroused! I believe that this is just your first session at the insemination station! Like everyone else you will be back for more!

As always I would love to hear your ideas, suggestions and read your feedback.

Enjoy your Sexy Saturday!

Goddess Natasha

All of My latest recordings as well as My weekend specials can be found on My GOODY PAGE HERE!

Tomorrow will be the last day for My SHOCKING Mind Control Videos at the unbelievable price of $9.99! I WANT you to have these! Further more you NEED to have them!

Speaking of manipulation…. ~smile~

**The Weakness of Men**

sexy saturday

I speak and elaborate about the power of Women and how they can control males. In this video, dressed in a tight fitting cleavage baring leather top, I speak to you about the weakness of males. This weakness and weaknesses are what Women such as Myself use to control and dominate you!

**Manipulating your Weakness**

sexy saturday
It is soooo very easy! So easy to manipulate you because I know your weak spots! It is all about Me getting inside your head and learning all about you! Oh, yes, some weaknesses are the same for all males. The very obvious ones that allow Women the upper hand. But then there are those individual weaknesses that can be manipulated!

Sexy Sunday Additions by Goddess Natasha

Sexy Sunday Additions by Goddess Natasha is an ongoing recap of what is new and what I am up to!

There was a lot going on this week including a couple of days at the beach! It really is summer here with the temperatures in the 90’s every day with the heat index over 100 every day!

This week I updated My blog and was very active on Twitter. One of My newer social media accounts is Instagram which is turning out to be a lot of fun! I have uploaded many photos as well as short video clips there.

Still one of the most popular recordings this week was Emasculating you Mentally and Emotionally. This recording reflects My enjoyment of emasculation!

Sexy Sunday Additions by Goddess Natasha

Emasculating you…Mentally and Emotionally 

sexy sunday additions by goddess natasha

I get so much pleasure and satisfaction out of emasculating you and find it particularly powerful and erotic. There are so many ways to crush your ego and completely emasculate you! Oh, I am not talking about just panties, lipstick and making you feel feminine but engaging in things that will leave your masculinity crushed!

Currently I am working on a number of new projects! What I am up to is always well documented on My social media accounts on Tumblr, Twitter, Google+ and now Instagram! Plus of course My personal blogs!

As always I am so appreciative of your continued patronage! I do mean this sincerely! The feedback, comments and emails that I get are so welcome and reflect your acknowledgement of My efforts! Thank you!

Each week I will be bringing you My Sexy Sunday Additions by Goddess Natasha. This will let you know not only what is new but what I am up to and what I have planned in the future!

Have a great day!


Goddess Natasha

Dream of My Superiority 

sexy sunday additions by goddess natasha

Relax and listen to My voice. That is all it takes as you drift down and go into trance. This mind control recording is designed to enhance your submission and your desire to serve a Superior Woman. But not any Superior Woman. I am influencing your mind to serve Me! So happy. So content. Embrace your feelings of submission as you drift off to sleep listening to My seductive voice and dream of My Superiority!

Latest Video to Sexy Sunday Additions by Goddess Natasha

Smoking a 120 Cigarette 

sexy sunday additions by goddess natasha

I do have quite a smoking fetish especially for long white mentol 120 cigarettes! Misty 120’s are My cigarette of choice. This video showcases My elegant hands with red polish on My long natural nails as well as My perfectly applied lipstick! Come share My smoke and smoking enjoyment!

The Auction 

sexy sunday additions by goddess natasha

I am quite pleased with you! My training and guidance has turned you into such a good cock sucker! So obedient and yes, just like I told you time and time again, you now crave cock! Now that you are so enamored of Me and so willing to do anything I have a surprise for you! The strap-on training that I have subjected you to has served a purpose. That purpose was to prepare you for real cock. Oh, I know that you are still a virgin but that is about to change! But I want this experience to be humiliating. Degrading. Unforgettable and very public! So I have set up an auction at My favorite club. Ramrod’s. I think the name says it all, doesn’t it? I am not sure what is more exciting to Me! The public humiliation or the fact that I will be receiving money for your virginity!

Small Cock Extinction 

sexy sunday additions by Goddess Natasha

One of My goals is the extinction of small cocks! Many of My fellow Female Dominants also believe that this is a worthy goal and support the endeavors of a movement to rid the world of small cocks! In actuality it is Women all over the world and NOT just Femdommes or Female Supremacists! Women world wide are making their desires known! NO MORE small cocks! Features elements of SPH, BBC, breeding, small cock elimination, big cock, emasculation, humiliation

NEWEST Sexy Sunday Addition by Goddess Natasha

EXTREME Sissy Training 

sexy sunday additions by Goddess Natasha

I believe each sissy training lesson should be memorable and at times extreme. A sissy training program should be rigidly enforced. After all, rigorous strict training leads to a good sissy! This training lesson will leave a lasting impression on you I guarantee it! It is training as well as disciplining and focusing you! This training can and has been used as punishment but it is also very effective for training! This training lesson focuses on helping you with your sissy walk as well as tightening your pussy no matter how uncomfortable it may be!

I hope that you enjoyed this addition of Sexy Sunday Additions by Goddess Natasha!

Blackmail by your Therapist

In recent years, the idea and fantasy of blackmail has become more and more popular. It has become a widely accepted fetish in the community although I caution those who want to play this game! While it can be quite exciting and very erotic for both parties, caution should be observed.

Because I have been involved in the Lifestyle for many years, I hold countless secrets! For now that is exactly what they will remain. Secrets.


Blackmail Fantasy Roleplay

Blackmailed by your Therapist


Well, this is your first session with Myself, Natasha as your therapist. The issue is your chronic masturbating and the fact that it is ruining your life! As a matter of fact, you got caught at work and you have to attend therapy. Of course, I am tormenting you with My stocking clad legs, high heels and My cleavage baring top. What you find out is that I have VERY unorthodox treatments. Some might even consider them unethical!


Blackmailed by your Therapist: Session Two

Here you are! Bright and early for your second therapy session. Could it be because you couldn’t masturbate? Too nervous because of what I might do and reveal about you? So you understand you can only masturbate during a therapy session in My presence, correct? From now on your masturbation and orgasms will be guided by Me and under My control. Well, let’s get that out of the way so you can focus on this second session! I know you are very eager to cum, aren’t you? Just concentrate on My legs in stockings and high heels! My breasts and cleavage are so enticing, aren’t they? After you cum, I can continue My twisted therapy session that is SURE to cure you of this issue! Oh, did I forget to mention that I also am videotaping each session? Don’t worry! As long as you do exactly as I tell you the videos will never be released. After all, that would be considered blackmail, wouldn’t it??