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Goddess Natasha Sunday Recap

As well as letting you know what was new and most popular in My Sunday recap I am adding a SUPER Sunday special. This special will be available ONLY on Sunday and will be one of My favorite or most popular downloads. My first one is My HOT cam shots which is over 20 gifs/photos which is available exclusively on Niteflirt until midnight.

My most popular video this past week was Lifestyle Femdom Element of Fear and Blackmail Reinforcement was My most popular audio recording. In addition I also released a new video and two new audios.

SUPER Sunday Special

HOT Cam Shots

Lots of sexy photos (Over 20 most of them gifs) in different outfits…stockings, high heels, leather, boots, lingerie, latex, strapon and more! AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY ON NITEFLIRT

Most Popular Video

Lifestyle Femdom Element of Fear 

By now you have heard Me talk about the element of fear in Lifestyle Femdom. Not necessarily fear of pain but the fear of disappointing Goddess. The fear of dismissal. When you surrender the possibilities for serving Me as well as disappointing Me are endless. When you surrender and truly submit your body is Mine to do with as I please! Not only your body but your mind and emotions, anything and everything belong to Me! However I want to manipulate you, control you, use you for My amusement or even My girlfriends amusement! From My shemale girlfriends, fellow Dominants and even some of My vanilla girlfriends enjoy seeing a male submit! (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Most Popular Audio

Blackmail Reinforcement

It is so exciting isn’t it? Living with that arousal and knowing the power that I could have over you! That is what is exciting to Me. Knowing that you are under My thumb. Knowing that I could chose at any time to bend you to My demands and way of thinking! The day will come when you know you have lost control over your life. Living each and every day with that mental anguish of knowing you must please or suffer severe consequences. How exciting and erotic that will be! But the truth is you WANT this! Featuring Femdom, blackmail, blackmail threat (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Recent Releases

~ NEW ~ Sissy ~ Wined & Dined or Made & Laid

So what kind sissy are you? Do you like being wined and dined? Or do you like being made and laid? The more pertinent question is what kind of sissy will GODDESS train you to be! Goddess will subject you to both experiences and scenarios. Being wined and dined can make you feel so feminine and special. Admiring glances, as you act so seductively. Batting your eyelashes. Tossing your hair. Crossing and uncrossing your legs. It is such an exciting experience! Feeling like a lady and that your femininity is appreciated and admired. At the end of the night being kissed and caressed then wooed and seduced right out of your panties for a night of hot romantic sex. THEN there is being made and laid. A completely different experience! So many ways that Goddess can make SURE that it is known that you were a sissy who is hungry for cock! Eager for cock. A glory hole or Goddess taking you to a night club just as Goddess dressed you. Tight short club dress, fuck me stilettos and cock sucker red lipstick! Just a horny sissy slut that looks and acts like she wants to be used. Treated just like you acted. Like a sissy slut as Goddess sends you to the restroom and then spreads the word throughout the club that a sissy slut is waiting in stall one! Featuring Femdom, forced feminization, feminization, feminine seduction, sissy, sissification, sissy reinforcement, sissy slut, slutification, pimping you out AVAILABLE EXLUSIVELY ON NITEFLIRT

~ NEW ~ Brainwashing Nailwashing

My long red nails are featured with every sweep of My hand, every gesture. Being brainwashed, being “nailwashed”. Emptying your mind, you must obey Goddesses nails. Focus on Goddess and Goddesses long red nails…back and forth…across the screen. Made to obey. Brainwashed to obey. Triggered to obey. Down, wiping your mind clean into mindlessness as you drift and float. Brainwashed of all thoughts, mindless and empty into a mindless drone. Goddess says this IS best for you! Brainwashed deeper and deeper, down deeper and deeper as you become thoughtless. Brainwashed and “nailwashed” by Goddesses long red nails. Obey Goddess. Obey My long red nails. There is only one path and that is to obey! Must obey. Will obey. Permanently and irreversibly. Featuring Femdom, brainwashing, cleavage, all- natural cleavage, long red nails, mindless, hand gestures (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

~ NEW ~ Bimbo Sex Toy for Bulls

From the very beginning Goddess has had one goal for you. Complete, permanent and irreversible bimbofication for a VERY specific purpose. The purpose of being a bimbo sex toy for bulls. Not only physically but also emotionally, psychologically and yes sexually. Not just bimbofication but EXTREME bimbofication and EXTREME body modifications! By your physical appearance there is no doubt exactly what you are! Huge implants, long hair extensions, long nails and plump juicy lips that will look so good wrapped around a bull’s monster cock! Piercings and tattoos including a slutty tramp stamp. Oh but there is so much more! Brainwashed into a bimbo slut, brainwashed into a cock hungry cum loving slut that craves to be used by bulls. Brainwashed to think about only one thing! Being a bimbo sex toy for bulls as Goddess arranges the ways and how you will be used. ALWAYS being filmed for Goddesses video library! Featuring bimbofication, permanent bimbofication, irreversible bimbofication, permanent feminization, permanent body modification, breeding, cock hungry slut , objectification, sex toy (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Femdom Smoking

My new video is not so much about Femdom smoking as it is about control. Which as you know I AM all about control!

~ NEW ~ Goddess Smoking Femdom Control 

I have a long white menthol 120 cigarette for My smoking break. My deep cyber lipstick and My stunning cleavage all combine to make you weak. I know that you cannot resist, and I know you cannot resist stroking. The more you watch, you more excited you get! Mesmerized by My smoke, mesmerized by My long red nails. It IS very addictive as you have found out! Look at Goddesses cleavage, look at Goddesses long red nails as you watch over and over again! I have said it before Goddess knows ALL your secrets which gives Me so much control. Let My smoke surround you, My nails mesmerize you as I take you deeper into submission. All of this carefully planned. Simple and easy for Me to reel you in! No escape! I KNEW from the very beginning you did not stand a chance! Featuring Femdom, Mistress smoking, trapped by My smoke, inescapable, long red nails. cleavage, stroking to smoking, 120 Cigarette, mesmerized by My smoke, hooked, reeled in, deeper


Spiked Push Up Bra ~ Smoking 

My breasts are shown beautifully in this fetish video. Wearing a spiked push up bra with a crystal pendant nestled between My breasts, you will be mesmerized by My cleavage! My make up perfectly done and My long natural nails show up wonderfully as well as My deep colored lipstick! Featuring Goddess worship, cleavage, smoking, all natural breasts (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

It’s all about control MY control 

Dressed in a tight leather dress and thigh high leather boots, I explain to you what I want. To be in complete control of you…physically, mentally and emotionally. I will make you want what I want. Control and power. That is what I want. Control and power over you. I have methods to get inside your head without you even knowing it! I will find out what excites you, what scares you and intrigues you. Then I will use these things to control you mentally, physically and emotionally.

Mind Control you MUST obey 

Over time you have been so conditioned to My voice. With My first words, you begin to relax sinking down deeper and deeper into trance. So many triggers have been planted in your subconscious. All of these triggers are designed to make you more you submissive. More obedient and with the phrase you must obey now planted you MUST obey, you WILL obey without question, without hesitation! (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Patent Leather High Heels ~ Black Stockings

I just love high heels! I simply can’t get enough of them and nothing is sexier than black heels with a pair of stockings! In this video I have two different pair of black patent leather high heels that I especially enjoy. Now to decide which pair should I wear today?? I show you each pair and model each one with glimpses of My stocking clad legs and feet. Great views of My gorgeous legs, stockings and both pairs of high heels! Featuring high heels, leg worship, stockings, patent leather high heels, black stockings, stocking clad feet (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Panty Worship

Become a devoted panty slave! Detailed panty instructions. Naked, you will follow My instructions for worshipping panties, feeling them over your face. Reciting mantras and taking deep breathes you will inhale the aroma and dedicate yourself to being a slave. Oh, no, you are NOT allowed to stroke your cock until given permission! Featuring Femdom, panty worship, panty worship instructions, panty fetish

Feminization Lipstick

As you know by now one of the things I have always enjoyed is transformations. Whether it is feminization, sissification, bimbofication or transforming sexual identity I find it erotic and powerful! My new feminization lipstick audio features the use of lipstick to further femininity!

~ NEW ~ Put on your Lipstick 

feminization lipstick

Lipstick is one of those oh so feminine things! There is nothing quite like it! Opening a tube, inhaling that unique scent of lipstick is so sensual! Twisting the tube as you look in the mirror purse your lips. As your hand trembles you smooth the satiny softness and letting out a little moan as you feel yourself getting aroused! The scent, the feel of the lipstick is so erotic and so feminine! It is not just about the lipstick. It is about what it symbolizes. Every time you put on lipstick you ARE increasing your femininity. Every time you put on lipstick more of your masculinity is being eliminated. It is such an addictive feeling which is exactly what I want. The attention that you receive is so much more than you ever received as a male. Putting on your lipstick, putting on a pretty face! Spiraling further into feminization, deeper into craving approval for being a good girl! Featuring Femdom, feminization, lipstick, lipstick fetish, good girl, good girl reinforcement, moan like a good girl, panties, rub through your panties, emasculation


EXTREME Bimbofication 100% Silicone

Standing you teeter trying to adjust to your massive tits. Dr Jennifer and I are having a discussion. All you hear is highest bidder and auction! I hug Dr Jennifer and tell her what a terrific job. THIS is a true bimbo! Getting into My car I have you lay down a towel and as you bend over I unzip your shorts and insert a tampon into your dripping fuck hole. That is what you really are now! Just a sexual object meant to bring sexual pleasure to others! Nipples hard, you are so excited as the seatbelt disappears between your massive tits. Absolutely huge from the breast augmentation AND all the silicone! I have one stop planned at the tattoo/piercing parlor. Then it is home for a house party of My Dominant girlfriends and My shemale girlfriend Sheila will also be making an appearance! Featuring bimbo, bimbofication, silicone, massive breasts, nipples, brainwashing, fuck hole, sex object, oral sex

Accepting your Life of Feminization

feminization lipstick

It started so simply, didn’t it? A pair of panties, stockings or maybe a soft nylon slip that looked so enticing! From that moment on your fate was sealed! Once you tried them on there was no going back! I know that these urges have grown and grown as you have come to realize that this is the REAL you! No longer able to resist as it becomes apparent that you belong not only in panties but living a life of feminization! I know how these realizations will affect you emotionally and psychologically as your masculinity is stripped away! With My Dominance and control I am going to make sure that these feelings get even MORE intense and that you live a life of feminization! After all, it is the life that you were meant to live! Featuring Feminization, emasculation

Sissy Wet Panties

feminization lipstick

I am so pleased that you are being a good girl…a good sissy! As you know I firmly believe that sissys need to be in panties and their clit tightly locked up! So I do inforce that sissy’s need to be in panties and their clit needs to be locked up! I especially believe that little clits like yours belong in a microcage! It feels so good wearing panties, doesn’t it? Pleasing Goddess by being locked up! However I know your clit is starting to leak, isn’t it? That is perfectly natural! Little clits that are locked up tightly will leak! I know that your panties are getting wetter and wetter. Soon your panties will always be wet! Real men with a real penis cum but little tiny clits like yours leak! Featuring sissy, sissy training, chastity, panty training, panty encouragement, sph, humiliation, good girl

Sissy Town 

feminization lipstick

My instructions were explicit in bringing nothing with you and settling your affairs. When you signed the contract you agreed to this and acknowledged that once you became a sissy citizen in My Sissy Town there would be no return. From the moment you enter Sissy Town you no longer have any say in what will happen to you! All decisions on your sissification are going to be made by Me! The plane lands and as you exit the airport you see Me standing next to a black limousine. I crook My finger and as you approach you wipe your hands nervously. I take your chin in My hand and say “Oh you My dear BELONG in Sissy Town!” With a flick of My wrist the chauffeur opens the door and she winks at you. This is it! I have explained once you enter the limo that you are now past the point of no return. As we drive away I hold out My hand and smile as I say “Now you are MY sissy”. The sense of relief that you feel is overwhelming and emotional. Tears come to your eyes as you realize that you no longer have to pretend. That you can now be the sissy that you were always meant to be in Sissy Town!

Sissy Training ~ Continued Sissification

feminization lipstick

I have decided that your sissy training is not quite severe enough! It is time for more strict training. Now you know that you are required to follow My instructions exactly as they are given with no deviation! After all I know you want to be a good girl for Goddess!

Sissy Training ~ It is a Sissy Night!

feminization lipstick

These are instructions for a sissy night that you should perform at least once a week! It will make sure you are in touch with your femininity on a regular basis and it is another step in your emasculation! So make sure you have your sexiest nighty and vibrator!

Most Popular Video Goddess Natasha

My most popular video this past week was one of My mind control recordings Downward Spiral and Devotion Worship Adoration was My most popular audio file this past week.

My phone Niteflirt and chat lines will be on per My regular schedule today. Also if you do not know by now I also have phone lines on Iwantphone.

Most Popular Video

Mind Control Downward Spiral into Submission 

Continuing My control of you, I take you down so very deeply. I am using My crystal pendant around My neck as well as My beautiful breasts and cleavage to mesmerize you. Of course, My elegant hands are used to stroke and use in a countdown. The swell of My lovely 36C all natural breasts enthrall and mesmerize you as you listen to My voice. Your downward spiral into submission continues with overwhelming feelings of worship and adoration. One of My most popular hypnosis video (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Most Popular Audio

Devotion Worship Adoration

I like to make things very clear what you can do to serve and please Me. What it will take to make Me happy and consider you for ownership. Devotion, worship and adoration are three things that are important and expected. I explain how all three of them can be accomplished to My satisfaction! (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Recent Releases

~ NEW ~ Harvest Full Moon Shrinking Curse 

Spells cast under a full moon are ALWAYS powerful and this spell is no exception! Not only was it a full Harvest Moon but there was also a tremendous storm with the power of thunder and lightning to add to it! Calling all four elements fire, water, earth and air during the storm multiples the effectiveness of this curse. Of course, because Femdom magic is so erotic and exciting, and I AM so powerful you will NOT be able to resist stroking while listening to it. My power and magic and you will only make this curse worse with your stroke. Additionally, each you orgasm it will increase the power of the curse! Contributing to your shrinking penis and your shrinking testicles! Featuring Femdom, Femdom magic, shrinking spell, shrinking penis, shrinking balls, chronic masturbation (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

~ NEW ~ It’s time to do what Faggots Do

It is time to get out and do what faggots are meant to do! What you have been dreaming about, what you have been fantasizing about. Oh you might be able to fool other people but you cannot fool Me. I know you ARE a faggot! Faggots are bottoms, faggots are cock suckers and they get fucked! All those videos and how many times have you orgasmed to erotic gay porn? It is time to be the faggot you were meant to be. The gloryholes, adult movies theatres, gay bars and all those apps to help you be the faggot you were meant to be! Featuring Femdom, faggot reinforcement, making you gay, faggot humiliation ,most popular video on emasculation (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

~ NEW ~ Total Loser 

It is NOT just one thing but it is many things that make you a total loser! AND it isn’t like this happened overnight! It started long ago. Perhaps you can even pinpoint exactly when it began. Feeling your face turning red in embarrassment, in shame. Hearing the laughter. All at your expense. Oh all those experiences are imprinted deep in your psyche, It is not clear when emasculation became arousing, but it did. Failure after failure. Professionally, personally and most especially with Women. Women are so intuitive! Women especially women like ME CAN recognize a loser like you! It is so obvious from your lack of confidence. Obvious from your lack of self-esteem. Just the way you carry yourself and present yourself. Oh I am sure you have used the excuse that you are shy but I know better. I know you are a loser. I know you are a total loser I recognize a loser when I see one. Now you crave the humiliation from beautiful Dominant controlling Women who acknowledge you as a loser. It is what excites and arouses you which makes you even more of a total loser! Featuring Femdom, emasculation, ego destruction, low self-esteem, confidence elimination (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

~ NEW ~ D is for Diddler 

D is for diddler! Diddling away the day…and diddling away the night! I know you spend more and more time edging and masturbating. But it IS what I want and I WILL encourage it even more. I so enjoy knowing you are gooning your life away and contributing to living a pussy free life! Which is exactly what you ARE doing! Isolating yourself more and more because you just want to be home watching porn and stroking. Passing up social events, making excuses NOT to go out. Knowing that you will be much happier at home than being uncomfortable around other people especially Women! Featuring Femdom, masturbation encouragement, chronic masturbation, edging, pussy free, gooning, quick cummer, emasculation (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

~ NEW ~ Increasing Femininity Erasing Masculinity 

I have noticed and I KNOW you have noticed that every day you ARE becoming more and more feminine. More and more feminine rather than masculine as I encourage it more and more in so many ways! Yes, your masculinity is being erased by so many things! As you stand and look in the mirror, I want you to pay very close attention. Cosmetics can be one of the biggest challenges but one of the most rewarding! Make-up cosmetics and the very application will help you look and feel more feminine! The process itself is so feminine! Another feminine pursuit for you to become accomplished at! I want you to be even more of a feminine sissy! I want you to enjoy every bit of the process! Erasing masculinity, increasing your femininity and increasing your submission because I do desire it! It will be pleasing to men that you took the time to make yourself desirable and feminine! I see your face like a blank canvas for Goddess. As you smooth on the foundation it feels so good, so feminine! Every brush of blush across your cheeks adding some color is exciting as you look more feminine, pretty! Featuring Femdom, sissy submission, erasing masculinity, feminization (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

sissy jamie callaghan

This is not the first time and I am sure not the last time that I expose sissy jamie callaghan for the faggot loser she is! This sissys exposure continues to spread across the internet on platforms such as Twitter, Exposed Real Fun and so many other places!

More exposure photos of sissy jamie callaghan with personal information for all to see


I find it so amusing that this photo was taken in an alley where the trash cans and dumpsters are! It looks like the perfect place for sissy faggot jamie to have some sissy blow and go encounters!

NOW it is time for this sissy faggots full information to be made public! Below is sissy jamie callaghan phone number and address as well as all her social media info

Even at work this sissy is dressed in sissy attire so that she is recognized as a sissy and can be humiliated for what she is!

Extend sissy jamie callaghan exposure on ExposedRealFun

Follow sissy jamie callaghan on Twitter here for more sissy humiliation

Exposed Humiliation

Do you recognize dave? Do you know the TRUTH about him?

This “male” considers and calls himself submissive but I only hear “i want, i want” from him. Constantly. I also hear about how he wants to suck cock over and over again.

Claims to want to be “forced to perform bi on a man”. After numerous contacts via phone,  email and chat on Niteflirt I am convinced he is a faggot and it has nothing to do with a Woman or Me; he just wants to be a cock sucker. Like most he CLAIMS he wants to suck cock for MY amusement!

The statement I am ready to commit to being a sissy faggot and  I am ready for you to have me suck my first cock was his latest confessional. BUT as I said I am convinced it has nothing to do with Me!

If you look at the photo below you will know why he has not had sex with a Woman in over 10 years! Hopefully being exposed like this will ensure it never happens again!

Classic Goddess Natasha Throwback Thursday

Perhaps you already know but I have been involved in the Lifestyle for many years and had one of the first online Femdom websites. Recently a long time admirer sent Me the graphic below that was on My site

I thought it was perfect for Throwback Thursday!

In addition I also had a video of the month club and a complete slave training program from beginners to Lifestyle servitude. If you google Goddess Natasha you will find articles, interviews and a variety of other information.

As you know by now I have been a Lifestyle Mistress for many years. All photos and videos are of Myself and I have never used a content model! Over time I have recorded thousands of audio as well as video files. My very first recordings I refer to as CLASSIC Goddess Natasha and they are truly classics!

My very first video was Oral slave and it is STILL My number one video to this day! VIEW IT HERE

CLASSIC ~ Face sitting Smothering slave Training I $14.99

This second part of slave Training I has not been seen for many years! Wearing knee high patent leather boots, leather thong and garters with fishnet stockings and tight fighting leather teddy, I am ready to give My new slave his first training session Watch this first session with a new slave-learn as he learns how to serve a Lifestyle Dominatrix. This second part focuses on obedience training, body worship, smothering and oral servitude. There is breast smothering as I hold his head tightly between My 36C breasts. I stand above him and tease him then sit on his face so he can worship My ass. Eventually, I remove My leather thong and he is allowed the ultimate privilege in oral servitude. (Video File 13 Minutes 21 Seconds)

Did you miss the first part of slave Training I?

slave Training I $14.99

Wearing knee high patent leather boots, leather thong and garters with fishnet stockings and tight fighting leather teddy, I am ready to give My new slave his first training session Watch this first session with a new slave-learn as he learns how to serve a Lifestyle Dominatrix . A great video for those slaves who have always wanted and those who need to know the proper way to serve and please a Mistress! Attaching a collar to show his submission and servitude, I also instruct him in a subservient attitude and demeanor. I ask him why are you here today? Of course, he knows that it is to serve and please Me! I address things that displease Me such as repeating Myself. This lesson includes Obedience training, boot & body worship, nipple play, nipple clamps and much more! (Video File~14 Minutes)

Chastised slave Part I $14.99

My slave has been locked in a chastity device for a year…ever since I took him to be pierced! It was one year ago when I took My slave to be pierced and after it healed I locked the chastity device on that attaches through his piercing. He is actually looking forward to another piercing and asks when I will be taking him! I grill him as to why I have him in a chastity device as I play with him on the X-cross. I attach nipple clamps, use different implements for ball slapping and cock beating.

The slave Farm $19.99

This is the original slave farm which was first published in My magazine Goddess Natasha’s Bondage Tymes. It was then published in one of the first issues of OWK’s magazine. This is a detailed account of the farm with the history, conversations with an assistant Domme and more! Be warned that there are some very extreme ideas and situations! (PDF File ~ 15 pages ~ over 6000 words) Written File

CLASSIC Goddess Natasha Photos $9.99

When changing computers and cleaning out My hard drive, I came across these photos! Some of these have not been made public in over 20 years! That definitely makes them CLASSIC Goddess Natasha! I hope you enjoy them! (Contains 9 High Definition Photos)

To date STILL My number one video!

Oral slave $24.99

From beginning to end, this video is full of slave training, ass worship, face sitting and smothering! (Video File ~ Approximately 25 minutes)

Fetish Friday Goddess Natasha

We made it to the end of the week! It is Fetish Friday and I am sure you are looking forward to the weekend!

As you know by now I have a number of fetishes which of course are based on control and increasing control. I am sure that we share a number of them! From activities such as mind control, chastity, manipulation and forced feminization to making you gay they ALL can be used to control and manipulate!

My phone lines will be on after 12 noon today and My chat lines are currently on.

Did you know I have close to 1500 videos, audios and other files listed on Niteflirt? I realize it can be overwhelming however I would be more than happy to make recommendations based on your erotic interests! Simply send Me an email or chat message letting Me know your interests!

Know that your continued patronage, ideas and suggestions as well as feedback are always appreciated!

Enjoy your Friday!


Goddess Natasha


Mind Control Goddesses Victim $9.99

It feels so good to hear Goddesses voice again! SNAP! Go deeper; deeper into hypnosis. That wonderful relaxing trance becoming another one of Goddesses victims. That IS how I think of you! SNAP! Go deeper! Unable to resist My voice. As My victim I have implanted so many triggers! Some of them you are completely unaware of. Which was exactly My plan. Goddess ALWAYS has a plan! Deeper and deeper with every gesture with every snap of My finger takes you deeper and deeper. Unable to resist and getting weaker and weaker! Featuring Femdom, erotic hypnosis, trancing, domination, finger snap, deeper (Video File MP4 ~ 8 Minutes 30 Seconds)



Chastity Goddess Natasha $5.99

Dressed in a beautiful bra and revealing top My stunning breasts are on full display as I discuss both the need for chastity as well as the pleasure I take in it. I have always made it very clear of the need for chastity for you. I look at it as chastity being beneficial for both of us! Simply put you NEED My control! I find it so satisfying to have this level of control over you! I know of nothing else that is quite as thrilling and erotic as the click of a lock as your chastity device! By now both of us KNOW you need and deserve to be chastised. The more frustrated you are, the happier I am, the more satisfied I am. Having Myself in control of your erections, orgasms, sexual activities through chastity will change your whole attitude! Believe Me that not only your attitude but level of sexual awareness as well as submission will be heightened when you are locked in chastity. (Video File ~ 4 Minutes 38 Seconds)


Forced Feminization

Forced Femme $14.99

As you know I am interested in complete control of your feminization. I know that you need My guidance and push since you can’t quite do it on your own! However arranging a spa day for you with a number of treatments that will ensure your feminization and that can’t be hidden from view is the perfect way for you to be forced into a life of feminization. Every part of your visit to the spa is going to be arranged by Me! I will be speaking with all the spa personnel and technicians to arrange every step of your transformation. EVERYTHING is going to be arranged by Me! Oh this is not a nail salon but a full service salon with everything from manicures, pedicures, hair removal, facials, permanent make up and more! First you are going to slip into your panties, matching bra, slip, blouse and skirt completing your outfit with pumps. Checking your purse for an extra pair of stockings, compact then head for the salon. When you walk in all you have to do is say Natasha sent me. (Audio File MP3 ~ 16 Minutes 21 Seconds)


Making you Gay

Faggot Bitch $19.99

With a brief induction and countdown this is a journey of humiliation and transition into being a faggot. As I speak convincing you that you would be better off living a gay lifestyle. It seems the most natural thing in the world! After all, you are NOT a real man. The fact is you never were! The small penis that you have ensured your sexual inadequacy and you have never been able to please a Woman! But you CAN please a man! Cocksucking and being used for a man’s sexual pleasure. Being face fucked and cock slapped will be things that you not only desire but crave as you become a faggot! Becoming a faggot bitch ~ you ARE a faggot bitch! Featuring Femdom, forced bi, verbal humiliation, mind control, hypnosis, faggot humiliation, SPH (Audio File MP3~ 20 Minutes 21 Seconds)



Forced Enforced Sissification $7.99

I know that you want to be a good sissy and continue your feminization. However you need My help, a push that forces you into becoming more of a sissy and becoming more feminine. Dailly. Permanently with no return. I have found the perfect solution; a sissy contract. A sissy contract that forces you to follow the terms. A sissy contract that forces you to follow MY terms or else! The terms clearly detailed as well as the consequences beginning with panty programming, buying and wearing with photo proof of all terms! (Audio File MP3 ~7 Minutes 34 Seconds)


Extreme Pimp Out Goddess Natasha

Pimping you out  especially extreme pimp out situations are some of My favorite emasculating scenes!

~ NEW ~ EXTREME Pimp Out 

There are some so many different ways to pimp you out! It is one of My favorite forms of emasculation and I want to and will keep pushing you further and further! This a particularly extreme pimp out where I am in complete control of every aspect! From choosing the hotel, taking ALL personal items away, your slutty clothing and make up as well as setting up the cameras! Oh I will be watching! I will be critiquing each encounter and inspecting you before the next knock on the door and filming each one! Featuring Femdom, pimping you out, emasculation, pimped out, blackmail threat

Today’s SPOTLIGHT File

Private Club Whore 

As you step out of the shower you are feeling so sexy! So seductive! Looking in the mirror you run your hands over your smooth freshly shaven body. Rubbing lotion into your skin, you run your hands over your nice big ass. Smiling a little to yourself you look at your round ass in the mirror. From experience you know how men love your ass! As you apply your cosmetics your hand shakes, imagining what your night is going to be like. A slut going out to be used. Cosmetics perfectly applied you slip into your stiletto heels and pose in your fur coat. Naked except for the fur coat and stilettos you drive to the private mens club KNOWING that you are going to be used like the bitch that you are! Featuring feminization, cock sucking, humiliation, public use, bisexual, verbal humiliation, doggie style

Become a HOT Whore for Goddess

Do you know what it takes to be Goddesses hot whore? Everything from dressing, to make up and how to act, look and what to say! Then the tried and true method to pick up men! A step by step instruction to seducing them that works every time! Follow My instructions and become a hot whore!

Prison Pimp Out 

By now you know how much I will enjoy pimping you out! Creating My own little whore while I enjoy the financial gains of your sexual performance! I have many ideas for you! Some of them are very common such as a personal ad, going to the adult book stores where you become known but I have an additional way for you to earn income for Me! This is all doing to be arranged so that you visit the local prison to bring sexual satisfaction to your “boyfriends”! Notice I said “boyfriends” not boyfriend! I am already arranging your first conjugal visit! So erotic!

Sissy Pimpout 

I know the idea of being pimped out is arousing and exciting to imagine! Pimping out a sissy like you is exciting to ME for different reasons! I just love the idea of how humiliating it is! How emasculating for you to reveal what you are! A sissy willing to provide sex for money which makes you a sissy whore! There are so many ways, places and humiliating aspects to consider! How I will dress you because I WILL be chosing your outfits. As a matter of fact just imagine receiving a package from Me and inside is everything you need for a weekend of being pimped out ! Everything from the wig, lipstick, lingerie, short shorts, stiletto fuckme pumps and more!

Good Girl ~ Dirty Whore

I so enjoy feminizing you and transforming you! Dressing you so perfectly with a red wig, pretty dress and stiletto high heels, you feel so pretty and sexy! It makes your pussy wet when you look so femme and sexy! However you won’t be perfectly made up for long! Once the all night gang bang I have planned for you starts your lipstick will be smeared, panties ripped and so much more! Like a good girl you are going to be sucking and getting fucked as I make you a dirty whore! Sucking like a good girl, being a good slut for Goddess! A good slut who pleasures every cock making them cum again and again! Being used all night long, being Goddesses dirty whore as you beg for more! Spreading your legs like the dirty whore that you are…that I make you! The taste of cum will fill your mouth, as you are filled with cum, cum dripping off your face, drenched with cum and taking it all! Featuring Femdom, gangbang, feminization, cock sucking, forced bi, good girl, dirty whore

Dress like a Whore Be a Whore for Goddess

There are certain things that conjure up making you a whore. Dressing you in fishnet stockings, crotch less panties, tight short dresses and stiletto high heels. I know just how to guide you to dress and act to be a whore! After all, that is what you really crave and what you really are! It is just one more way of emasculating you! Ensuring that you know that you are just a hole for others sexual pleasure and gratification!

High Class Whore for Goddess 

Escort. Paid Companion. Courtesan. I don’t want to transform you into just a whore who earns $200 or $300 an hour. I want to transform you into a high class courtesan. The transformation will be extreme, intense and complete! The training that you will undergo will turn you into a courtesan that men are willing to pay 1000’s of dollars for a “date”. Not only stunningly beautiful but skilled in kama sutra, fulfilling mens sexual desires and so much more! Surgically enhanced, tight holes created for pleasure and so well done no one can tell! Transformation with perfect breasts, sculpted cheek bones and full lips will be just the beginning! Designer clothing, expensive fuck me stilettos and sexy lingerie as well as a personal shopper, hair stylist and make-up artist will all be part of your new life! I am willing to do whatever it takes to turn you into a courtesan high class whore…are you?

Robert Allen Ciborowski exposed

Robert Allen Ciborowski loves to suck and fuck big black cock. Right now no one in his life knows this about him! However My plan is to expose him leading to complete ruination and destruction leaving him a crying, whimpering, blubbering loser! After all, he DID sign up for NEVER ENDING exposure!

He is going to suffer extreme humiliation and it will not be long before he is regretting his decision to be exposed for the pathetic excuse that he is!


Just some of the facts are

  • tiny little cock
  • craves cock
  • not only craves cock but it has to be big black cock
  • not only craves big black cock but knows he belongs on his knees servicing it
  • NEEDS to suffer extreme humiliation
  • craves deep humiliation and exposure that ruins his life

Knowing that no matter how much he whimpers and begs for Me to delete or change ANY information or photos that there is no deleting, there is no stopping, there is no mercy whimpering for YOU to stop, but there is no stopping, no mercy…

EVERYONE should know how robert loves to kiss, lick, suck and worship big black cock, salty black balls and juicy black man ass


I WANT him to wallow in the depths of despair for the rest of his pathetic life


The bottom line is robert allen ciborowski loves to suck and fuck big black cock and the world should know it!