Lifestyle Professional Domme for those who truly believe in Female Superiority and who wish to serve.

I am called GODDESS because I have always lived a lifestyle of FEMALE SUPERIORITY. I have observed that in truth men are lowly, inferior creatures who are interested only in whatever means they can find to satisfy their need to unload the jizz from their balls.

Even when they pursue a business or professional career to earn money and gain social status they are doing it as a means to have some woman help them to get an erection and cum.

I believe this masculine sexual need should be exploited by Women. It is their single minded, insatiable need to satisfy their cocks that makes men inferior and vulnerable to Domination by a Superior Woman.

Take a close look at My photographs especially the one on My home page. You see Me in powerful black leather boots leaning against an empty cage that is big enough to imprison any man. The photo reflects My belief that all inferior men should be beneath a womans boots or locked away in Her cage like a lowly animal.

Mans rightful place is under My feet as a lowly slave or in My cage as a helpless creature.

Superior Women have the right to exploit men either by making them slaves or using them for their sexual pleasure. And that is what I intend for you because I know it is what you need and want. You need a Superior Woman to train you in how to serve and how to be owned. That is why you came to My page. So, get down on your knees and surrender to Goddess.