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Female Domination Blackmail Goddess Natasha

There is something that is erotic as well as frightening for those who engage in Female Domination blackmail. The question is, is it exciting because it is frightening?

My latest recording details how exciting and erotic it is to orchestrate your exposure leading to ruination!

~NEW~ Ruined! Complete Destruction

female domination blackmail

I know the first thing that people think when they hear ruined, the think of financial ruin. But there are so many other ways to ruin you beside financially. The total and complete exposure that I have planned for you will lead to complete ruination! Exposing you to the world with photos, personal information or even videos. All of which you have provided. Destroying you professionally, personally, emotionally and psychologically! Ultimately it is about the complete destruction of your life as you know it! By now you know that I am perfectly capable and willing to do whatever it takes to bring about your ruination! (LISTEN NOW!)

Meanwhile for the day My phone lines will be on and I will be taking calls as well as chat. Keep in mind occasionally My phone will be off to record videos. Also as you know I take a lunch break in the afternoon. So send Me a quick chat message or email if you need to reach Me!

Female Domination Blackmail

Blackmail your road to Ruination 

female domination blackmail

It started off innocently enough. First you found Me on Niteflirt and called. You have such a need for a Dominant and powerful Woman to control you! Each time you called you found yourself more and more intrigued. It was so exciting! This sexy Mistress was interested in you! I asked you leading questions and you were so eager to answer them. Too bad…you really had no idea how much information you were giving Me and even with small details you shared it was soooo easy to learn all about your life! Where you work. Where you live and even the details of your house! Welcome to your new life of living on the edge, a life filled with anxiety and apprehension where you jump every time the phone rings or there is a knock on the door! (LISTEN NOW!)

The Devastating Consequences of Blackmail 

female domination blackmail

There is nothing quite like the thrill of blackmail. Slowly but surely My dossier on you grows. More photos. More and more personal information. Videos? Oh I love the power of having videos of you! It is exciting as My power over you grows! As My power of you grows so does My control! But what happens when that information is released? There can be such devastating consequences for YOU (LISTEN NOW!)

Blackmail Reinforcement 

female domination blackmail

It is so exciting isn’t it? Living with that arousal and knowing the power that I have over you! That is what is exciting to Me. Knowing that you are under My thumb. Knowing that I could chose at any time to bend you to My demands and way of thinking! The day will come when you know you have lost control over your life. Living each and every day with that mental anguish of knowing you must please or suffer severe consequences. How exciting and erotic that will be! But the truth is you WANT this! (LISTEN NOW)

I hope that you had a great weekend! I was busy with a lot of things and also got re certified for scuba diving for My trip to Belize! Keep in mind that I will be traveling from the 21st to the 28th. However I will have online access and will still be able to chat and communicate with you!

This evening I will be taking calls until 11 PM and I am also available for chat throughout the day. Call Me here!

Manhandled BBC Goddess Natasha

This week was quite busy and I enjoyed recording a number of not only custom videos but new content. I also evaluated many Chronic Masturbation submissions over this past week.

My most popular video this week was What would you sacrifice which details just how much you may be required to give up to be owned. My video Panty Sniffer which was released last week was on the most popular marque for most of the week!

This weeks most popular audio was a mind control recordings called Stuttering Idiot. I find this type of mind manipulation erotic as well as empowering!

Keep in mind that I will be available on a limited basis for the next two weeks as I will have a photographer/videographer here that I will be working with. However you can always send Me a chat message or reach Me by email.

Most Popular Video

What would you Sacrifice? 

That is My question for you. What are you willing to sacrifice to be My slave? Giving up your home, maybe even your career. Certainly, you will be giving up your free will and all material possessions. Owning nothing. Being owned. Your sole focus on serving Me, your Owner. (WATCH NOW!)

Most Popular Audio

Mind Fuck ~ Stuttering Idiot 

You have always been a bit shy around Women. Especially beautiful Women that you find attractive. They have always made you nervous. Now I am really going to fuck with your head! In this Mind Control recording, I use a light, short relaxing induction, bringing you into a trance and then down deeper into dream state. As you slip down I put the trigger of beautiful Women that you find attractive will cause you to stutter! The more attracted you are to the Woman, the worse your stuttering will be! You will have no control over your stuttering and the harder you try, the more pronounced the stuttering will be! Your heart will race, your palms will sweat and you will be totally humiliated and embarrassed! I have turned you into a stuttering idiot! (LISTEN NOW!)

Recent Releases

~NEW~ Manhandled by BBC 


I know how much you crave that BBC big black cock. There is just something about how they handle a cocksucker like you! Being manhandled…used…vulnerable as they use you in any way they desire! Servicing BBC superior cock just like you were meant to! (LISTEN NOW!)

~NEW~ Complete Emasculation ~ Total Feminization

Before you can be totally feminized you will be emasculated. As a matter of fact it is not only the first step but one of the most important! To be stripped of every bit of your masculinity, male ego crushed and left in tatters. Then the process of your feminization can begin! First standing in front of Me completely naked and vulnerable for an inspection as I begin to plan your emasculation and feminization. From hormones to chastity your journey is only beginning! (LISTEN NOW!)

~NEW~ The Devastating Consequences of Blackmail 

There is nothing quite like the thrill of blackmail. Slowly but surely My dossier on you grows. More photos. More and more personal information. Videos? Oh I love the power of having videos of you! It is exciting as My power over you grows! As My power of you grows so does My control! But what happens when that information is released? There can be such devastating consequences…for YOU! (LISTEN NOW!)

~NEW~ Breaking of a slave Application 

My breaking of a slave program is a widely sought experience that I have perfected over the years. This experience is INTENSE as well as psychologically and emotionally challenging for even the most experienced males! These questions will help Me determine whether you would be a candidate for My program and how I would structure your individual breaking! (DOWNLOAD NOW)

Faggot Exposure by Goddess Natasha

I hope you had a great week and are enjoying your weekend! This week was particularly busy with a lot of downloads of My video (especially Faggot Exposure) and audio files. In addition I was quite busy with custom requests which is always intriguing!

Almost immediately upon release My new video Faggot exposure was downloaded numerous times! This always makes Me very happy when this happens!

This week’s most popular video was Cock Confessional which was an amusing video for Me to do! I do so enjoy learning every one of your secrets and having you confess to them.

My most popular audio files were Throat Fucking Training and Submissive Threesome. I am sure you know that I find Throat Fucking for you to be so powerful and erotic! My submissive threesome file relates to one of My Female submissives candy.

This week’s Sunday Special is a collection of My Sissy Lessons,Tasks and Assignments. This collection of files will only be available at this price until midnight. Three audio files (Daily Sissy Affirmations, Extreme Sissy Training Lesson and Sissy Assignment) and one video (Feminization Training Lesson). Don’t Miss it!


~Sunday Special ~ Sissy Lessons, Tasks and Assignments 

faggot exposure

This special consists of over 23 minutes of sissy training with three audio files and one video. Three audio files (Daily Sissy Affirmations, Extreme Sissy Training Lesson and Sissy Assignment) and one video (Feminization Training Lesson)

Most Popular Video

Cock Confessional

faggot exposure

What could be more embarrassing? A beautiful Mistress dressed so seductively as you make your cock confessional! In a revealed dress complete with stockings and high heels, I sit casually on the couch and begin to pry into your life with all sorts of questions! After all, you want Me to know you don’t you? I want to learn every secret that you have and every shameful secret. It is time to confess it ALL. By the end I will know every detail from when you watched your first gay porn, how you felt and how your erotic obsession with cock has grown! Especially the obsession with BBC! you WILL confess all and admit to exactly what you are!

Most Popular Audio Files

Throat Fucking Training 

faggot exposure

Part of your cock sucking training will be throat training. This training will allow you to be deeply and thoroughly throat fucked. I am so going to enjoy seeing you throat fucked! This aggressive deep throat fucking will bring tears to your eyes and yes, you will be gagging. One of My favorite positions is you on your back as I sit on your chest with your head hanging over the couch or bed! This will leave you helpless and vulnerable your throat wide open for every thrust! There will be no doubt that you are My bitch after you have been brutally throat fucked! Watching you being throat fucked is just another way for Me to exert My dominance and control!

Submissive Threesome 

faggot exposure

Today I have decided that we are going to have a three some…that’s right, Myself, My sweet Female submissive Candy and you. It’s going to be quite an erotic scene! While you are beneath the queening chair, Candy will be above you with her sweet pussy and tight ass just within reach of your tongue. Blindfolded and restrained she will be completely at My mercy as I command you to lick and suck. What will I be doing?? Straddling her and teasing and playing with her beautiful breasts!

Latest Release

Faggot Exposure 

faggot exposure

This faggot exposure video is encouragement and humiliation to help you in getting the exposure you crave! As it is you may have looked at and even downloaded My exposure contract but can’t quite get the nerve to send it! In this humiliating video I point out what a faggot and cock sucker you are and that the whole world needs to know! I name some of the sites like freakden , toplosers and topfags where details on you belong! So stroke to My countdown and then click when I tell you to send Me EVERY humiliating photo and detail! This faggot exposure video will be sure to entice you to send ALL your personal information!

Exposure Contract by Goddess Natasha

It was quite a busy week taking phone calls and a lot of online exposure! So many have downloaded and others have signed one or more of My exposure contract! If you follow Me on social media such as Google, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram you know exactly what I mean! If you don’t follow Me yet, simply Google Goddess Natasha and you will find Me!

Never Ending Sissy Exposure continues to be a Most Liked recording for the month and Truck Stop Sissy slut shot straight to the top for the week! I had so much interest in Never Ending Exposure I created an exposure contract to do just that!

My most popular video this week was Chastity Surrendering Control. My most popular audio was Truck Stop Sissy Slut although My tongue training recording was also highly downloaded.

As you probably know every Sunday I create a special of related files at a great value. Today’s special is three of My verbal humiliation recordings which I think you will find erotic.

Sunday Special!

EXTREME Verbal Humiliation 

exposure contract

Verbal humiliation is so erotic isn’t it? What makes it even more erotic is that I don’t use it often so that when I do it has quite a shock value! These are three of My verbal humiliation files

BECOMING MY CUNT WHORE: There is just something so erotic and degrading about calling you My cunt whore. That IS what you are, isn’t it? My filthy whore…all of these names that I will be referring to you as. Oh I have so many humiliating and demeaning tasks for you to perform for My amusement! Panties, watching gay porn, stretching your ass for My violation…this is just the beginning! I know that you sit in your office and your head is filled with the dirty things you want to do as your panties get wetter and wetter!

CUM EATING FAGGOT: When a beautiful, superior Dominant Woman such as Myself calls you names it is particularly emasculating. Especially the name faggot. How manipulative and cruel to call you a cum eating faggot when I have trained you to BE one. One day I will hold your face firmly, look you in the eye and call you MY cum eating faggot!

FOOTBALL PLAYER TO FAGGOT: You started out so masculine didn’t you? Strutting and acting so macho! So full of yourself, weren’t you? Then things began to change, didn’t they? First, you started noticing other guys cocks. Sure it started out as playing around in the locker room. Goofing around but then you began comparing yourself, being so envious of those other cocks.Then when you were alone and masturbating you began to imagine all sorts of things. When did you realize that you had turned into a faggot

Most Popular Video

Chastity Surrendering Control 

exposure contract

Dressed in a soft leather top that shows off My all natural 36C beautiful breasts, I speak to you about surrendering control of your sexual activities! After all, you know that I believe all men should be kept in chastity with a Woman holding the key. The psychological aspects of chastity cannot be obtained unless there is NO access to the keys! (Video File 6 Minutes)

Most Popular Audio

Tongue Training for Ass Devotees

exposure contract

Detailed instructions and commands to become My ass devotee! I so enjoy having My ass worshiped and you WILL spend quite a bit of time pleasing Me and bringing Me to orgasm after orgasm this way! you must have a strong tongue to serve Me!

Latest Releases

My newest Exposure Contract

~NEW~ Never Ending Exposure Contract 

exposure contract

This exposure contract is exactly as described. By signing and returning you agree to never ending exposure. Be sure to read this contract carefully before signing! Realize that once you sign this contract you have sealed your fate! There is no expiration nor is there an end date! It will be never ending exposure! The information you provide and the photos will now be Mine to use as I desire! The online presence that I have JUST through Tumblr, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram is unparalleled! Whether you are a sissy, faggot, slave or defy description, the entire world will know your true nature after I have exposed you. Be sure to activate this exposure contract as soon as possible! Know that this is just the beginning and it is NEVER ENDING.

More erotic audio recordings!

~NEW~ Truck Stop Sissy Slut 

exposure contract

Truck stops are absolutely perfect for a sissy like you! What better place to find a variety of horny men who are looking for a hot mouth around their cocks! There are literally dozens of online and printed truck stop guides so you can find the closest ones to you! Even better is that when you travel you know where the nearest truck stops are to go to be used! Dressed in high heels, tight clothing and your make up perfectly applied, there will be no doubt why you have stopped at the truck stop! Bending over pumping gas as your right skirt rides up your thighs your ass will be an invitation!

~NEW~ Cock Worship for Sissies 

exposure contract

Part of being a good sissy is learning to worship superior cock! After all, I have told you that you are a receptacle and are to be used for others pleasure. As a matter of fact, I have drilled this into you as part of your sissy training! As a sissy you KNOW you are to be used for others sexual release. My sissies have to beg to worship that cock and ask permission. When permission is granted then instructions will be giveen to show appreciation by licking, sucking, cupping those cum filled balls! It’s time to put on that lipstick, assume the position and worship cock!