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Custom Femdom Fetish Videos Goddess Natasha

As usual I had another busy week with custom Femdom fetish videos, audio recordings and some intriguing phone calls. Creating custom

My most popular video this past week was actually a tie! One was Cumming on My Command and the second was a fetish video featuring stockings, a short skirt and shoe dangling as I smoke outside.

This weeks most popular audio was a verbal humiliation forced bi recording called cock sucking faggot.

I just got back from a walk on the beach! It is hard to believe it is still snowing in some states! It’s been in the high 80’s and 90’s here in South Florida! I am so ready for the summer! Throughout the day I will be taking calls and available for chat. However I will be having champagne brunch about noon!


Most Popular Videos

Cumming on My Command 

Now your training is beginning. As I recline on the couch dressed in a plunging black lace bra, thong and thigh high stockings with 6 inch heels, I start your stroking directions. That’s right..stroke for Goddess as I describe a sexy ass worship session with Me. Stroking, stroking…then a countdown and I command you to cum. Did you cum on My command? Good, obedient slave. You didn’t? Well, there is a penalty for that!

Outdoor Shoe Dangle Stockings 

This crisp clear high definition video combines three of My favorite things! Dangling a pair of sexy high heels stilettos , stockings and Smoking! As I sit in the back yard dressed in a white blouse, short black skirt, black lace top thigh highs and waist cincher, I dangle My shoes as I smoke a cigarette. See the tops of My thigh highs as the smoke swirls and then drifts away on the breeze. Video ends with a double shoe dangle and leg swinging!

Most Popular Audio

Cock sucking Faggot 

It is time for you to admit it. you aren’t straight. you aren’t bisexual. you are a cock sucking faggot who craves big cock! The porn you watch? Oh it is all gay porn featuring those hot young studs with their huge dicks! Every fantasy, every jerk off session features big dicks and your mouth wrapped around them!

Recent Releases

~NEW~ Goddess Says ~ Humiliation 

Relaxing you and putting you into trance, I use the Goddess Says trigger to have you perform humiliating tasks. Listening to My seductive voice I guide you under My control and amuse Myself with your submission! The switch game is always particularly humiliating and ensuring you make use of your precum! Featuring Femdom hypnosis, mind control, humiliation, CEI, the switch game

~NEW~ Feminization The Pheromone Effect 

As you become more and more feminine there are changes that at times you are not even aware. Oh, yes, the physical, mental and emotional changes can be very evident! But there are also other changes taking place as your transformation is taking place your body is also changing chemically. As your body changes, as your emotions change you will be emitting feminine pheromones. As I have pointed out before Women are no longer attracted to you as you become more and emasculated. However with your body emitting feminine pheromones you will be gaining the attention of men! Featuring Femdom, feminization, emasculation, hormone therapy

~NEW~ The slave Farm~ Initiation 

When all the arrangements have been made you will board a plane to begin your life as property. However you will be landing in a nearby state so that there will be no trace of where you go after leaving the airport! I have left nothing to chance as we drive away . Naked, shackled and restrained behind the seat I will be explaining your initiation once we arrive. The initiation on the slave farm will ensure that you are totally under My control and that you are completely dependent on Me for everything! For food, water and the very air that you breathe. Stripped of your clothes, identification and all your worldly possessions you will have a microchip implanted, collar sodered on and more. Eventually you will come to realize that you will be living out the rest of your days on The slave Farm! Featuring Femdom, Female Supremacy, extreme Femdom, ownership, TPE

~NEW~ The Farm (Original) 

This is the original slave farm which was first published in My magazine Goddess Natasha’s Bondage Tymes. It was then published in one of the first issues of OWK’s magazine. This is a detailed account of the farm with the history, conversations with an assistant Domme and more! Be warned that there are some very extreme ideas and situations!

~NEW~ Bimbo Fuck Slut 

Knowing how much I enjoy transforming you it should be no surprise that I have a new goal! My new goal is to make you a bimbo fuck slut! I am going to transform you into the hottest bimbo slut, train you in seduction and make sure you are getting fucked on a regular basis! After your transformation all it will take is one look and everyone will know what a bimbo you are! Featuring Femdom, bimbofication, transformation

Conversion Therapy Goddess Natasha

If you watch or read the news at all I am sure you have heard about conversion therapy. Of course with My own creative and yes twisted mind, I came up with My OWN type of conversion therapy! Step by step during My therapy I will convert you into what I want you to be! Using some of the same methods with My own words and actions.

~NEW~ Introduction Goddess Natasha’s Conversion Therapy 

conversion therapy

My conversion therapy is not only designed to convert you to a cock sucker but make you crave it! If you already are, this will only deepen those feelings through a variety of proven methods. Everything from talk therapy and imprinting, to aversion therapy, orgasmic reconditioning, masturbation instructions to poppers and more! I can’t wait to get you on My couch!  (LISTEN NOW!)

~NEW~ Conversion Therapy Session One 

conversion therapy

Just lie back on My couch and relax. Open your mind as I begin imprinting your love for cock. Cock is good! Cock makes you feel good! You CRAVE cock, need cock, are aroused by cock! Repeat after Me: I love cock! I need cock! Cock makes me feel good! Over and over mantras will play through your mind as your craving for cock grows!  (LISTEN NOW!)

My phone lines will be on this afternoon and into the evening.  This afternoon I will also be online so if you have a suggestion for a recording or want to request your own custom recording feel free to send Me a message


Chronic Masturbation Therapy Session 

conversion therapy

Now that the consultation has been done it is time for your first therapy session! I know you are a bit apprehensive because frankly you aren’t sure you want to be cured! Especially after you I explained what could be side effects to the therapy. But I am an expert at convincing you that this is what you want. This is what you need. As you begin to relax you think well this is not bad at all! Relaxing you and putting you in a deep trance the therapy begins. No more erections. Forever flaccid. Shrinking balls. Shrinking penis. I am imprinting in your mind that your subconscious will prevent your body from achieving an erection. Unless of course you are in a session with Me and I give the trigger phrase. Only then will you get an erection! Instantly!  (LISTEN NOW!)

Blackmailed by your Therapist 

Well, this is your first session with Myself, Natasha as your therapist. This issue is your chronic masturbating and the fact that it is ruining your life! As a matter of fact, you got caught at work and you have to attend therapy. What you find out is that I have VERY unorthodox treatments! (WATCH NOW!)

Femdom Trance Goddess Natasha

This past week has been quite busy although with physical therapy I was not able to be online or on the phone lines as much as I usually am. However I did still manage to record three new audio files including a number of trance recordings which are listed below.

My most popular video this week was a fetish video that is appealing on a number of levels. One it has appeal because I am sensually dressed in stockings and a garter belt wearing a short skirt. Two it will appeal to those who enjoy watching a seductive smoking video. I know many go into a trance watching Me smoke!

Transformation Gas was My most popular audio recording. This can also be downloaded as a set of My Forced Femme Files.   Forced to Masturbate which is a Mind Control trance recording was released last week was very close behind.

Today I am available for phone calls, personal interaction and training. So you can reach Me by phone or by direct message. Also I will be available for cam from 7PM until 10 PM EST this evening. Be sure to visit My Cam listing here first.


Most Popular Video

Smoking Fetish Using you as My Ashtray 


First you hear the click of My high heels. Then Reclining on the couch dressed in black stockings, garter belt, short skirt, bra and waist cincher with high heels I am looking particularly seductive. I proceed to smoke and begin blowing smoke putting you into a trance. I begin telling you what and how I will use you to inhale My smoke, swallow My ashes and put out My cigarette. It’s time for a night out and using you as My ashtray. Featuring smoking, smoking fetish, objectification, human ashtray, garterbelt, stockings, high heels (WATCH NOW)

Most Popular Audio

Transformation Gas 


One of My favorite fantasies is transformation …Transformation Gas… It seems like a perfectly ordinary appointment at the dentist. Yes, there is a different very sexy hygienist but everything seems just the same…until…Reclining in the dental chair, the hygienist tells you She is now using a special gas to relax patients which you agreed to. As you begin to breathe naturally and evenly, you start to feel very strange…yes, you are relaxed and feeling wonderful but you find yourself answering Her very intimate questions. Powerless and out of control, you begin revealing your secret fantasy. Things you have never told anyone. As She starts suggesting thoughts and desires telling you how your mind and body will be transformed it all seems perfectly natural (LISTEN NOW)

Recent Releases

~NEW~ Craving to be Owned 


I know that you are craving this life. I know that you NEED this life. Submitting to Me. Surrendering to Me. Know that your life will be so much better. The fact is that you want to be owned, you craved to be owned. You need My dominance, My guideance and My control. I already know you will surrender to Me. There will be a surrendering of many things like your personal power, your freedom, your free will, your sexuality and your sexual activities. I will be in control of all of these things. Leaving that old life behind and embracing your new life. This life that you crave. This life that you need. Actually, I know that you already belong to Me! I know so much about you already. Deepest desires, secret fantasies and so much personal information. Just in case you need that extra push to take the last step to being owned completely and totally. Complete surrender and ownership! Where you truly belong. (LISTEN NOW)

~NEW~ Devotion Worship Adoration 


I like to make things very clear what you can do to serve and please Me. What it will take to make Me happy and consider you for ownership. Devotion, worship and adoration are three things that are important and expected. I explain how all three of them can be accomplished to My satisfaction! (LISTEN NOW)

~NEW~ Triggered for Cock 


There is nothing I enjoy more than manipulating your mind! I derive such pleasure in implanting triggers and then imagining what happens to you when it is activated. THIS is the basis for this particular recording. I know that you have been so curious about cock. That curiosity has grown and grown. Now you have become addicted to cock. But I want even more control. I want your hunger for cock to be triggered many times a day! Which is exactly what this recording and My trigger will do to you. Featuring Femdom hypnosis, mind control, trigger, trance, addiction to cock (LISTEN NOW)

Faggot Exposure by Goddess Natasha

I hope you had a great week and are enjoying your weekend! This week was particularly busy with a lot of downloads of My video (especially Faggot Exposure) and audio files. In addition I was quite busy with custom requests which is always intriguing!

Almost immediately upon release My new video Faggot exposure was downloaded numerous times! This always makes Me very happy when this happens!

This week’s most popular video was Cock Confessional which was an amusing video for Me to do! I do so enjoy learning every one of your secrets and having you confess to them.

My most popular audio files were Throat Fucking Training and Submissive Threesome. I am sure you know that I find Throat Fucking for you to be so powerful and erotic! My submissive threesome file relates to one of My Female submissives candy.

This week’s Sunday Special is a collection of My Sissy Lessons,Tasks and Assignments. This collection of files will only be available at this price until midnight. Three audio files (Daily Sissy Affirmations, Extreme Sissy Training Lesson and Sissy Assignment) and one video (Feminization Training Lesson). Don’t Miss it!


~Sunday Special ~ Sissy Lessons, Tasks and Assignments 

faggot exposure

This special consists of over 23 minutes of sissy training with three audio files and one video. Three audio files (Daily Sissy Affirmations, Extreme Sissy Training Lesson and Sissy Assignment) and one video (Feminization Training Lesson)

Most Popular Video

Cock Confessional

faggot exposure

What could be more embarrassing? A beautiful Mistress dressed so seductively as you make your cock confessional! In a revealed dress complete with stockings and high heels, I sit casually on the couch and begin to pry into your life with all sorts of questions! After all, you want Me to know you don’t you? I want to learn every secret that you have and every shameful secret. It is time to confess it ALL. By the end I will know every detail from when you watched your first gay porn, how you felt and how your erotic obsession with cock has grown! Especially the obsession with BBC! you WILL confess all and admit to exactly what you are!

Most Popular Audio Files

Throat Fucking Training 

faggot exposure

Part of your cock sucking training will be throat training. This training will allow you to be deeply and thoroughly throat fucked. I am so going to enjoy seeing you throat fucked! This aggressive deep throat fucking will bring tears to your eyes and yes, you will be gagging. One of My favorite positions is you on your back as I sit on your chest with your head hanging over the couch or bed! This will leave you helpless and vulnerable your throat wide open for every thrust! There will be no doubt that you are My bitch after you have been brutally throat fucked! Watching you being throat fucked is just another way for Me to exert My dominance and control!

Submissive Threesome 

faggot exposure

Today I have decided that we are going to have a three some…that’s right, Myself, My sweet Female submissive Candy and you. It’s going to be quite an erotic scene! While you are beneath the queening chair, Candy will be above you with her sweet pussy and tight ass just within reach of your tongue. Blindfolded and restrained she will be completely at My mercy as I command you to lick and suck. What will I be doing?? Straddling her and teasing and playing with her beautiful breasts!

Latest Release

Faggot Exposure 

faggot exposure

This faggot exposure video is encouragement and humiliation to help you in getting the exposure you crave! As it is you may have looked at and even downloaded My exposure contract but can’t quite get the nerve to send it! In this humiliating video I point out what a faggot and cock sucker you are and that the whole world needs to know! I name some of the sites like freakden , toplosers and topfags where details on you belong! So stroke to My countdown and then click when I tell you to send Me EVERY humiliating photo and detail! This faggot exposure video will be sure to entice you to send ALL your personal information!

Cock Worship Sissies Goddess Natasha

In a recent recording What Makes a Good Sissy one of the things I mention is cock worship. Since this is such an important part of being a sissy I decided to elaborate on this.

 Cock Worship for Sissies 

cock worship

Part of being a good sissy is learning to worship superior cock! After all, I have told you that you are a receptacle and are to be used for others pleasure. As a matter of fact, I have drilled this into you as part of your sissy training! As a sissy you KNOW you are to be used for others sexual release. My sissies have to beg to worship that cock and ask permission. When permission is granted then you will show your appreciation by licking, sucking, cupping those cum filled balls! It’s time to put on your lipstick, get on your knees and worship cock!

Don’t miss any of My Sissy and Feminization Files!

Pretty Sissy ~ Slutty Sissy Assignment 

cock worship

An assignment/task for My girls! As one of My gurls I want you to look, feel and act feminine! I have found that the more feminine you look, the more feminine you will act and vice versa! This is for when I want you to be My slutty sissy or My pretty sissy.

Pretty in Panties 

cock worship

you so enjoy wearing panties, don’t you? Those soft, silky feminine panties feel so good when you put them on! I know your little clit gets soooo hard! Panties feel so erotic against your body, don’t they? you wear panties whenever you can.Panties makes you feel so submissive and so humiliated! I know that you have a secret hiding place where all your pretty panties are! Don’t worry…I won’t tell anyone! It will be our little secret 😉

Mind Control Craving Cock 

cock worship

In this Mind Control recording, I take you deep into trance, deep into a state of relaxation. Making you so susceptible to all My suggestions. Making powerful suggestions and placing them deep in your subconscious. When I am finished with you, you will crave cock, want cock and beg to be My cocksucker.

More Training to be a good sissy!

Femdom Phone Calls What did you miss?

I hope you are having a great weekend! Here in South Florida we are keeping an eye on the hurricane and our fingers are crossed!

This past week was again very busy with a lot of  Femdom phone calls and some interesting custom recordings! If you have an idea or suggestion I would love to hear about it!

My latest SHOCKING Series on Breaking of a slave quickly became one of the most popular downloads on Niteflirt. As a matter of fact it is still on the marque. My most popular video this week was Absolute Control which is a very suggestive video which also is a great worship video showcasing My beautiful breasts and lovely legs!

My Shocking Specials are still very much in demand. I have five that are currently available. These are recordings that I WANT you to have! The first four are Mind Control, Chastity, Stockings and Stilettos and Strapon Seduction. My most recent release is Breaking of a slave.

Know that your Femdom phone calls, ideas and suggestions and feedback are ALWAYS appreciated! I do enjoy hearing from you so feel free to drop Me a line.

Have a fantastic Sunday!


Goddess Natasha

Most Popular Video!

Absolute Control 

femdom phone

With each wave of My hand, you relax more and more. I take you down deep with a countdown and snap of My fingers. It’s time for your conscious mind to take a rest and your subconscious mind to take over. Now it is time for giving up control and giving Me absolute control. Absolute control over your mind, your body, your actions.After all, I am after your complete surrender! Featuring daze, mesmerize, mental domination, breasts, , smoking, smoking fetish, hand fetish, long nails, finger nail fetish, fingernail fetish

This week’s new releases!


femdom phone

I know that you want to be a good girl! The only way good girls get to cum is by having a sissygasm. This is exactly how I am going to train you! So that the ONLY way you orgasm is with a sissygasm! Step by step I am going to guide you so that you are properly trained and your sissy pussy is trained to ONLY orgasm this way. No, no! No touching your clitty! I am going to train you for a hands free sissygasm! A REAL sissygasm! Now be a good girl and listen closely!

Broken by Monster Cock

femdom phone

By now you know how much I enjoy your emasculation. Especially the emasculation that comes from servicing cock for Me! After all, it is difficult to feel masculine with a cock in your mouth! Those dark places that I want to take you to to be used. I want to ruin you for other cocks though. I want to find monster cocks that will intimidate. Overwhelm and excite you. I know you know those cocks I am talking about. Frankly, they don’t even look real! But once you have had one, once you have taken one, you will only want monster cock! I will make you crave that feeling of once again being brutally stretched and face fucked by monster cock! Ruined and broken by monster cock!

Engage in your very own Femdom Phone Call!

Sexy Sunday ~ What was hot this week!

Sexy Sunday is a good description of what was hot, new and erotic this week! I hope that you are enjoying this long holiday weekend! Yesterday was a beautiful morning but then lots of rain, thunder and lightning! Today is looking much nicer!

Since it is a long weekend, I have put a number of things together like My Sissy Guide which is three files together! You can read a full description here and of course they are all available individually!

I will be available to your calls through out the day and into the evening on this especially Sexy Sunday!

Today I am also working on new assignments and tasks as well as punishments! ~smile~

Sexy Sunday Special!

sexy sunday

This contains three recordings from Goddess Natasha’s Sissy Guide including BBC Training!

This weeks most popular audio recording was Sissy Impregnation! I find this idea so erotic and so controlling! As a matter of fact it was one of the hottest sellers on the whole Niteflirt site! If you downloaded it, I hope you will leave a thumbs up!

The video that got the most attention was Waiting for a Cock Sucker! Frankly, I am not sure what made it the most popular?? It could have been the strapon between My legs, the very revealing dress or My thigh high boots! Not far behind was Violating your Mouth which is another sexy strapon video!

Owning you! My Cunt Whore 

sexy sunday

Ah My little cunt whore! MY cunt whore! I own you. I own your mouth. I own your ass. I know you can’t wait to do the most degrading and humiliating things for Me! Opening your mouth and sucking shemale cock. Just one of the ways that I am going to turn you into My cock sucker. Having you watch porn especially gay porn as you sit in a group of people. You know deep in your heart you are My slut whore. My cunt whore. That is exactly how you will be treated!

Violating your Mouth 

sexy sunday

This video will be at the top of your list of favorites. You don’t have to look hard to see the outline of My perfect breasts in this see through white dress. But can you keep your eyes off My shapely leather covered legs? I know you will drool as you watch My hands stroke my strap on cock. You would crawl across a hard floor for the chance to put your wet mouth around My cock. Dreaming that you could look up and see Me smile, as I teach you just how I like it sucked.If you truly wish to be My slave you WILL become My bitch.

Sissy Impregnation 

sexy sunday

I know that you get so aroused thinking about getting knocked up. Pregnant..your belly swelling and your getting larger and larger! Nipples getting even more sensitive! Having all that unprotected sex! No more condoms! The hormones that I have given you to make you fertile also make you so hungry for cock. The obsession with getting pregnant grows stronger and stronger! After all, with your belly swollen EVERYONE will KNOW that you have been well and truly fucked BAREBACK!

Waiting for A Cock Sucker 

sexy sunday

I find it so erotic to have a submissive worship My strap on and control his mouth! I am dressed a white very short see through dress, a leather lace up waist cincher and tight thigh high boots and waiting for a submissive to serve Me. As I stroke and caress My cock, I describe how much I enjoy using a male and using his mouth for My pleasure.

My Need for Control 

sexy sunday

One of your main purposes and frankly one of the reasons I have you is for you to fulfill My need for control and power! You see for Me, that is what this is all about! My desire to control you. My desire for you to surrender and submit. The feelings of Dominance and Power are enhanced each time you submit to Me. Each time you give up control. When I have your completely surrender is when I am satisfied!


Enjoy your Sexy Sunday and have a safe Holiday weekend!


Goddess Natasha

Cock Hungry Sissy

Cock hungry has such as erotic ring to it! The definition according to the Urban Dictionary is one lusts for penis in the oral region. When I hear one of My sissys or slaves say they are cock hungry I find it so suggestive as well as humiliating!

Cock Hungry

Cock Hungry Sissy Office Slut

cock hungry

I have turned you into such a cock hungry sissy slut. Well, to be honest, it is what you always were but with My guidance I have deepened your obsession with being used and your craving for cock! Since you have become quite insatiable, I have a new day time role for you as a sissy office slut! Beginning each morning and lasting through out the day, you will be restrained and used by anyone and everyone ! Of course, a camera will be set up for Me to view and who knows? At times it could be streaming live on the internet! It will be another way for Me to profit from you! I did mention that the office will be paying for you to be their slut, didn’t I??

Do you crave to be used for My amusement and pleasure?

Full Service Sissy Secretary

cock hungry

My training for you as My sissy secretary is coming along so nicely! The office has been so busy lately with men coming in and out..of your mouth! It’s time to expand your duties though! Time to train you to be a FULL service sissy secretary! Oh I know that you are going to be nervous with a bit of fear! Everyone is their first time! But don’t worry this men are going to so enjoy your inexperience and of course your tight ass!

Cock Confessional

cock hungry

I sit casually on the couch and begin to pry into your life with all sorts of questions! After all, you want Me to know you don’t you? I want to learn every secret that you have and every shameful secret. It is time to confess it ALL. By the end I will know every detail from when you watched your first gay porn, how you felt and how your erotic obsession with cock has grown! Especially the obsession with BBC! you WILL confess all and admit to exactly what you are!

EXTREME Humiliation Task

I have many years experience with humiliating submissives and having them perform tasks to amuse Me! Now understand that verbal humiliation is not that enjoyable to Me.And as you have learned by now, I do not engage in activities that are not enjoyable or pleasing. Instead I prefer giving you a task and knowing that you have performed it for Me! No matter how humiliating or embarrassing it might be. In fact the more humiliating and difficult it is for you, the more erotic and amusing it is for Me!

There are a number of different tasks that I enjoy having performed. Some of them are Femdom tasks. Some of them are orgasm control and tease and denial. One of My favorite orgasm control tasks  I call Masturbation Frustration. BUT some of My favorites are the extreme humiliation tasks and assignments. Especially the ones that I instruct you to engage in publicly! Or for instance taking something I find erotic and putting a humiliating twist on it. That is what My extreme humiliation cocksucking task is! Forced bi or manipulating you into serving other males for Me is particularly pleasing to Me. But with this extreme twist that I put on this task…well, let’s just say I find it highly amusing! That being said, scurry off and get this extreme humiliation task!

My new task. But be warned. This is extreme and definitely not for everyone. Which would make it even more amusing and pleasing to Me. DOWNLOAD IT HERE

EXTREME Humiliation Cocksucking Task

extreme humiliation

I am warning you. This is an EXTREME humiliation task. Oh, I know that you have gone to glory holes maybe even put up an ad on Craig’s list to suck strange and strangers cock. As a matter of fact, I may have even been listening to you on the phone! But THIS…well this is beyond those experiences! The question is…will you do this to please Me? Will you perform this humiliating task to amuse Me? Trust Me that I will find this amusing! How far are you willing to go to please Me? I can’t wait to hear about it!



Femdom MP3 for Twisted Tuesday

Well, it is Twisted Tuesday and I am thinking a lot about your emasculation and training! As My slave I have been perfectly clear about your many duties. One of these duties that I find particularly emasculating as well as pleasing to Me is your duty as a cock sucker. After all, it is impossible to feel masculine with a cock in your mouth, isn’t it? Believe Me when I tell you that I am perfectly capable of making you crave cock!

Preview It’s all about cock!

femdom mp3

I have talked to you so many times about being My cock sucker. I know that you will be such a good cock sucker and I can’t wait to see the look on your face when you finally have that cock in your mouth. The look of contentment and satisfaction as you milk every drop. The way I see it, is that your life is about to become all about cock!

Don’t miss a single lesson in cock sucking!

More Femdom MP3 Recordings

Preview Addressing your cock Addiction

Okay so this isn’t a Femdom MP3 but it’s content is quite important to your training and developement! In this video, I address your addiction to cock. you have had a taste and now you need more and more! We both know how often you watch porn wanting to be the one sucking cock! It has been in the back of your mind for so so long! Now its time to admit it! you are addicted to cock!

Preview Cock Drunk Forced bi

In this Femdom MP3 I reiterate one of My requirements for serving Me. As you know My slaves are all required to please Me by sucking cock for Me. This all began years ago when I made it very clear that to please Me and to serve Me one must be willing to suck cock. Oh you don’t have to like it..the important thing is I like it and find it erotic! Be assured that it is never just one! When you suck cock for Me you will be deep in sub space and cock drunk when I am done!

Preview Forced bi The Gay Leather Bar

You have heard Me say how much I enjoy watching bi play especially with you sucking cock just to please Me! I believe it is time for a night out at Ramrod’s! I am often asked if this place really exists…and yes it does! Do I take submissives there? Absolutely! Just google it and you will see! It is a Leather/Levi Gay bar where they will be soooo welcoming to a cocksucker like you!

Would you enjoy having your very own custom Femdom MP3? If so, contact Me for details!