Femdom Exposing Sissys Faggots Goddess Natasha

Every day I see on social media sissys, faggots and TDL posting their photos and “exposing” themselves. However I thoroughly enjoy when I see other Dommes exposing them! Even more exciting is when I have someone on the phone like you and I am posting their photos and information. There is a HUGE difference when I am exposing you and when you are posting photos!

~NEW~ MY Exposure vs Self Exposure

When I am posting your photos and personal information that means that I am in control! So I have control of what, where and when the information and photos are posted! I am in control ~ NOT you! So many put up and then remove their exposure posts which means you are in control of your exposure! To ME that is NOT real exposure! I believe that your exposure should be complete, total, permanent and in MY control! THAT is REAL exposure! The level of anticipation, fear and excitement is so much more intense when I expose you for who and what you truly are! After all, My reach on the internet is far and wide! My twitter alone has over 10K followers!

Sissy Exposure Contract and Questionnaire 

This contract is an agreement that you are not only willing but need to be exposed to the world. Upon entering this agreement, answering My questions and providing the information I require you acknowledge that everyone needs to know your true nature. Once your humiliating and embarrassing sissy photos are uploaded to the Internet know that they will be floating around foreverI will continue to repost and share your photos over and over whenever the mood strikes Me! Also I may caption some of them for My amusement. I may post them to any or all of My many blogs and social media sites including Twitter, Blogger, Ntumblr, BDSMLr just to name a few! I know that you crave the humiliation that comes with exposure. So risky isn’t it? Well it’s time to take the risk now and find out just how embarrassing and humiliating it can be! Featuring sissy exposure, exposing sissys, feminization

Faggot Exposure

It is time for the whole world to know that you are a FAGGOT! Time to stop lying to yourself and the world and be exposed as the FAGGOT you are! Listen to the recording and answer ALL My questions. Then the fun part! Send Me your most embarrassing and humiliating photos. Just remember…. You are agreeing to give full release to Me to do with them as it amuses Me! FAGGOT ID cards, embarrassing captions and more! So thrilling…so erotic…so risky! After all, you will have no control over who sees your photos and information! Featuring Femdom, exposure, exposing sissys faggot,

TDL Exposure! 

I love exposing sissys, faggots and yes, tiny dick losers! Women need to know that you are NOT dating material! Women need to know that you are NOT boyfriend or husband material! With your tiny dick Women need to know that you can’t satisfy them! It’s time for you to be exposed as the tiny dick loser you are! Simply send Me 2-5 photos that prove you suffer from tinydickitis and I will post them where appropriate! No need to show your face! Just that tiny appendage between your legs! Exposure may include but is not limited to Twitter, Switter, My blog, pornhub and xhamster

Cocksucking Blackmail Contract 

I know that you have been fantasizing and thinking about sucking cock for some time. It has become a frequent masturbatory fantasy and you are craving it so badly. We have talked about it and I have made it VERY clear how much it would please Me! But you just can’t seem to take that final step. That is what this contract is for. To FORCE you to take that final step and actually become My cock sucker! If and when you sign and activate this contract you ARE going to suck cock as set out in the terms of this contract. Or else!