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JOI Holiday Humiliation

Well, it is finally here! The day I am going to allow you to have an orgasm! This will not be as simple as  “Yes you may cum”! My masturbations instructions joi are below!


~NEW~Holiday Humiliation JOI 


In a follow up to Blue Balls for Christmas these are your instructions for being allowed to cum! I hope you didn’t think I was just going to just say Yes you may cum! By now you know that nothing is ever that simple with Me! No, it needs to be humiliating as well as a bit uncomfortable shall we say ! I know that you so enjoy My humiliation tasks especially those that include JOI! This is going to ensure your humiliation and My delight! Oh I do want to see pictures!


Did you miss having blue balls??

Blue Balls for Christmas

I have decided on the perfect present! Blue balls for Christmas. After all, it is only 13 days until Christmas and I know that you want to please Me! Please AND amuse Me and believe Me I will be amused thinking of your balls getting fuller and fuller and turning a lovely shade of blue! So go ahead. I am giving you permission to edge ALL you want for the next 13 days! But remember no orgasms!

I really do enjoy dreaming up embarrassing and humiliating tasks for you to do! Extreme humiliation tasks done in public are My favorite!

Don’t miss a single one of My Humiliation and Femdom Tasks!

Femdom Task November 

This is another one of the tasks that will not only amuse Me but also give Me a semblance of control over you! Especially control over your orgasms which I KNOW you desperately need! This is one that is emasculating as well as a bit cruel! My favorite combination! This audio features elements of orgasm control, tease and denial, ruined orgasms, joi and will last 24 hours.

Femdom Task October 30 


Dressed in a seductive red see thru weave dress and red bra, I have decided that occasionally I should give you tasks to do. By giving you tasks and assignments, you will feel My control even if we are not in constant contact. In addition, performing these tasks will give you some indication of what it is like to serve. Even better some of these tasks are embarrassing, humiliating and amusing! This is the first and will create a bit of a dilemma!

EXTREME Humiliation Task for a Cumslut 


Cumslut. Do you find that name as erotic as I do? Maybe we have even talked about it on the phone! I I have shared with you exactly what I have in mind to make you My cum slut! I find this idea of turning you into a REAL cum slut so humiliating and so exciting! I so want you craving the taste of cum. Ready to slurp and swallow! More and more and still…you want more. That is what a cum slut does! This is what a cum slut is! Be assured that I have had submissives do this under My direction and in My presence! This task will show Me just what a cumslut you are! WARNING EXTREME Humiliation

Download all three of My EXTREME humiliation tasks!

These are three of My extreme humiliation tasks! WARNING THESE ARE EXTREME! 


EXTREME Humiliation Cocksucking Task: I am warning you. This is an EXTREME humiliation task. Oh, I know that you have gone to glory holes maybe even put up an ad on Craig’s list to suck strange and strangers cock. As a matter of fact, I may have even been listening to you on the phone! But THIS…well this is beyond those experiences! The question is…will you do this to please Me? Will you perform this humiliating task to amuse Me? Trust Me that I will find this amusing! How far are you willing to go to please Me? I can’t wait to hear about it!

EXTREME Public Humiliation Task : Once again Goddess wants to be amused! This task will do exactly that! This second extreme public humiliation task is perfectly timed as the holiday season is upon us and the department stores will have lots of Women shopping! Again be warned! This task is embarrassing and extremely humiliating! This task is going to indulge both of us…My amusement and pleasure and your craving for humiliation! Of course, I want to hear ALL the details!

EXTREME Humiliation cumslut Task: Cumslut. Do you find that name as erotic as I do? Maybe we have even talked about it on the phone! I I have shared with you exactly what I have in mind to make you My cum slut! I find this idea of turning you into a REAL cum slut so humiliating and so exciting! I so want you craving the taste of cum. Ready to slurp and swallow! More and more and still…you want more. That is what a cum slut does! This is what a cum slut is! This task will show Me just what a cumslut you are! WARNING: EXTREME public humiliation task!

Summer Schedule Skype Cam Shows

Well, its summertime and My schedule will be changing a bit for the next few months…for the better I think!

There is just SO much to do in the summer! Paddle boarding, swimming and I have just taken up scuba diving again! Access to a private beach on Jupiter Island makes so many things possible. So My daytime hours are filled with a lot of outdoor activities.

Although I will be taking calls intermittently in the early morning hours and during the day, I will be online most frequently after 7 PM (EST) during the week. However, I will be taking skype cam shows much more often in the evenings!

Of course, on the weekends I am available by phone and phone with cam. I particularly enjoy skype cam shows that include smoking, strapon, various fetish outfits and of course, high heels and boots.

Skype Cam Shows

Click Here to Find out when I am on cam 


Some recent additions such as The Interview , Training you to suck she male cock, Shemale cock Toy Part 1 and My most recent video “Nothing more than a slave” are now available online!

So stop by My Clips4Sale studio for the latest!


Goddess Natasha

skype cam shows



Forced Smoking Fetish

Smoking Fetish

Forced smoking fetish is a truly enjoyable way to feel intimate with a submissive. As many of you know I thoroughly enjoy smoking. I especially enjoy smoking during a scene with slaves and sharing My smoke with them, using them as ashtrays or other forms of smoking fetishism. There are many of you who can’t wait until My next smoking video comes out! Whether it is combined with shoe dangling, worship or just Myself blowing smoke into the camera, you just can’t seem to get enough!

forced smoking fetish

Click Here for a preview of this hot forced smoking fetish video

Forced Smoking Fetish

First restraining My slave’s arms behind him as he sits in the chair, I tease him by blowing smoke in his face after I light a cigarette. Then straddling him on the chair I play with his nipples before I begin forcing smoke into his mouth holding his face tightly. Using My nails I tease and play with him alternating between painfully using My nails on his tender nipples and using them gently. Listening to him moan in pain but he is still so very aroused…dripping in fact. Of course, I make him lick his precum off My finger. I stand up and again use My nails to tease him but this time using My long natural nails on his cock and balls. More precum? Lick it off My finger!

This video features bondage, smoking, forced smoking, forced smoking fetish, nipple play, CEI, nail fetish, scratching, domination and plenty of teasing and tormenting.

Format: WMV

Length: 9 Minutes
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Exploring CBT with Goddess Natasha

CBT…It is always amazing to Me just how much pain a male can take on his cock and balls…amusing and amazing! While it may seem a contradiction, CBT can be very erotic and arousing to both parties.

As a Lifestyle Female Supremacist and as a Mistress it is a great feeling of power and control to engage with a slave this way!

I have a variety of ways to torment and tease someone who is serving Me! Below are some pictures from recent to older that were taken before during and after some sessions of CBT.

The bruises shown below were from wooden chopsticks…yes, chopsticks! slave claimed it was excruciating! 
I can only take his word for it!

The pictures below are from an intense electro play CBT session. slave was quite wiped out when I was finished with him!

The bruising was quite severe after this CBT session!

Want to explore the many ways I can torment you? Call Me on NiteFlirt for an erotic conversation about CBT! 
1-800-863-5478 Ext 9547319 
Call GoddessNatasha for phone sex on

Or we can play on cam! That is certainly always fun…for Me! Get your chopsticks out!

Female Domination on cam


As some of you may know, I am now offering cam and/or chat to those unable to serve Me in person!  There are a number of ways to do this:

Through NiteFlirt phone with cam–Lifestyle-Female-Supremacist-

Both venues offer anonymous secure online payment and I use Skype or Yahoo IM for interactions!

Just some of the things I enjoy: foot adoration & worship, SPH, orgasm control, feminization, CBT, masturbation instructions, tease & denial….only limited by imagination!
See you on cam soon!
Goddess Natasha

Complete Surrender!

The ultimate in Female Domination….Complete Surrender!

Complete Surrender! I describe your life of enslavement! My words are Complete surrender…willingly and gratefully abandoning your old life. Because you know THIS NEW life will be better…more fulfilling and more rewarding.

 Feminization Trance Brought into a trance, I will tell you what you will NOW see in the mirror! Full, ripe breasts, rosey nipples and a womanly figure! your voice has changed and even your walk is different!

Come see what you are missing! Visit My Studio

Goddess Natasha

Female Domination: Cruel Goddess Natasha

This upcoming Friday is the CFNM Halloween party at Command Performance.
I will be attending.
For information visit here: CFNM Spooktacular
It should be a lot of humiliating fun!

I have also been adding more videos including clips from “Cruel Goddess Natasha” : Studio

Goddess Natasha

Training Program Description


Welcome to the opportunity and privilege of being personally trained as the slave and hand servant of the premier dominatrix , the SUPREME GODDESS NATASHA.

What follows is a description of the most powerful, comprehensive and up-to-date slave training course available.  This is an updated version to take advantage of the modern technology available such as digital files, web cam and live interaction no matter the distance.

This 21 week program is divided into beginning, intermediate and advanced slave training levels each level with 7  modules.

As slave progresses through the course, he is gradually shaped and conditioned to obediently follow My commands, learn My rules, and worship Me through a variety of sensory modalities.

Included in the program are slave-training video files and audio files (MP3), written, developed, filmed and produced by Myself .

Furthermore, personalized videos/audio are included in each level as well as the opportunity for web cam interaction for interviewing, discussion, training and questions via Skype or yahoo instant messenger.

To further visually overwhelm and discipline you, I include over 50  photographs of My stunning beauty in a variety of erotic outfits, dungeon shots and other fetish oriented poses.

Slaves also receive training letters. Contained in each letter is a specially designed “lesson for the day” along with photographs/graphics.

I also graciously include various stories, articles and web information on Female Domination along with My own views of Female Supremacy in today’s world.

Expect to be trained in all aspects of slavery including cock and ball torment, sensory deprivation, trampling, paddling, panty worship, whipping, oral servitude, pain endurance, Goddess Worship, and toilet slavery.

I am certain there is no other slave training program available as complete and personalized as Mine. This course will thoroughly prepare you to serve and please Goddess or any Female Supremacist who grants you the privilege of being a personal slave.

I am convinced if you devote yourself entirely to this program, you will forever be a servant of the elite female.

For an outline and enrollment form, you may contact Me via email.

Goddess Natasha

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