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Shocking Mind Control Best Seller

It is certainly the dog days of summer here in south Florida! I hope the summer is treating you well!

This week was quite busy with a number of custom videos as well as audios. My phone lines were on most days and I had some great callers!

When I released My shocking Mind Control series as one package I had no idea how popular it would be!

By far this weeks most popular was My SHOCKING series of Mind Control Videos! If you didn’t download them, be sure to do it before today at 5 PM EST as it will go from $9.99 to $19.99.

shocking mind control


Another hot file this week was Small Cock Extinction. I received some fantastic feedback on it!

**HOT File** Small Cock Extinction 

One of My goals is the extinction of small cocks! Many of My fellow Female Dominants also believe that this is a worthy goal and support the endeavors of a movement to rid the world of small cocks! In actuality it is Women all over the world and NOT just Femdommes or Female Supremacists! Women world wide are making their desires known! NO MORE small cocks! Features elements of SPH, BBC, breeding, small cock elimination, big cock, emasculation, humiliation

Enjoy your Sunday! My phone lines are on today until 5 PM EST so feel free to call!


Goddess Natasha


Ball Busting 

shocking mind control

There is just something so powerful and erotic about ball busting! Taking the most vulnerable part of a male and inflicted excruciating pain! I will never forget the first time I saw an extreme ball busting of a male. Live on stage in front of 2000 people. That was many years ago and since then I have only become more fascinated with it!

My pregnant “wife” 

shocking mind control

It is the height of femininity! Becoming pregnant will be a true reflection of your place as My wife and your devotion to Me and our life! Science is progressing and soon it will be possible for you to be pregnant with MY child!

Smoking with Close Up Exhales 

shocking mind control

Whether it is on cam or recording a video I so enjoy sharing My fetish for smoking! This red sexy tight cleavage enhancing dress is the perfect off set to My red lip stick and red nails. Of course, My all natural 36C breasts show up beautifully in this dress! Watch for close up exhales and long drags on My Misty 120 cigarette.

The Insemination Station 

shocking mind control

What a surprise you are in for! The ad that you answered in the newspaper sounded exactly like one of those ads for a medical research study. Well, you had an idea that it had to do with sexuality since there were quite a number of questions regarding your sexuality and sexual activities. Welcome to the insemination station! Naked, helpless and restrained you will be filled. Filled with cum over and over again. Positioned for maximum penetration with your head locked firmly in place! I pull on a pair of black latex gloves to make sure you are properly lubed. I will also be manipulating your cock to make sure you are properly aroused! I believe that this is just your first session at the insemination station! Like everyone else you will be back for more!

Extreme Femdom Ballbusting

Ballbusting Ball Destruction

As you know I have a bit of a sadistic streak as well as getting an erotic thrill out of emasculating males. What better way to achieve both than with destroying your balls? Ball busting, CBT, ball punching and using My cockbox on you would be just the beginning! But My favorite?? A session with My old fashioned vice! Teasing and tormenting you as I tie up your balls, look into your eyes and then slowly begin turning…



There are so many ways to engage in CBT. From the simplest things like a piece of rope tied around your cock and balls to make them swell and turn those lovely shades of pink and purple! I know that you know what I am talking about! Then applying some clips or clamps or both! They don’t feel that severe going on, do they?? Of course, then I jerk and pull on the rope making the clips and clamps bounce and pull. BUT  It is when they are removed that the real pain begins!

One of My favorite things to do is to restrain you before I start. Now I am sure you just pictured some leather straps, wrist and ankle restraints as you read that. However, it is so much more amusing to use a spool of thread. Now if you break the thread while I am tormenting you….well, then the real punishment begins!


FemDom tale of Female Supremacy: The Farm (Original)

For many of you, this story will seem very familiar.  It was written over 12 years ago and published in “Goddess Natasha‘s Bondage Tymes” as well as My first web site and through out the internet. All I can say is I enjoy it every time I read it! It is dedicated to Female Supremacy and the Dominant Female.
The Farm
I am a sadist. I am beautiful, stunningly so. I am tall, with long legs and a gorgeous athletic body and devilishly beautiful face. I have always been able to get men to do anything for Me, sometimes the most ridiculous things. It started, I guess, with My father. I soon found that with a certain look or pout I could rap him around My little finger. From there I progressed to the boys at school. I was the cruelest bitch to ever go through high school. I also remained a virgin throughout high school. I was never going to allow a filthy man to enter my body.
It was natural, I guess, I ended up a professional dominant and a true believer in Female Supremacy. Soon after I graduated as a psychiatrist from a highly esteemed Eastern school, I got enough money together to buy a secluded piece of property. It had a huge house and about twenty acres of land. The house was somewhat run down, but I thought I could easily have it rebuilt by men seeking to gain favor with Me. I ran a couple of ads and offered a lengthy stay at a “secluded retreat to learn the fine art of servitude to a female tyrant.’ I was surprised by the deluge of responses I received and was able to be quite selective in My clientele.
My first customer was a well built man of about age forty. The rates I charged for a one week stay were nothing short of outrageous.  Nonetheless, he showed up as scheduled. I picked him up at the Ft. Lauderdale airport. I wore a black leather skirt and a white silk blouse, off-black stockings and knee high very high heeled boots. My new slave was relieved to see I was as attractive as I claimed to be, and we walked to My car. I made him kneel and kiss My feet before we got into the car, much to his dismay. There were people around for this scene, but none paid too much attention. I made him get into the trunk and I drove back to My new slave ranch.
When we arrived, we walked to the front door and I made him lie down across the front of the doorway. I stepped up onto his chest and very deliberately wiped My boots on his shirt. I then held each boot over his mouth so he could better clean them with his tongue. I opened the door and stepped off his body into My castle. I instructed him to strip naked and await My return. I went to My room and put on a pair of leather gloves and picked up a riding crop and returned to find My new slave kneeling in the middle of the floor. As I walked over to him, I noticed he had a raging erection. Knowing the power I have over males I had no fear whatsoever of this strange slave. I kicked him as hard as I could in the stomach and he doubled over onto his side in pain. Raising My boot, I stepped down hard on the side of his neck. He whimpered and apologized for some unknown infraction he may have committed and pleaded with Me to have Mercy on him.
“I have no mercy, you piece of dirt. There’s no need of an apology. I kicked you because I enjoy hurting men. I brought you here to torment and torture you for My amusement. You have no rights here and you can expect some very painful time in My presence. If you feel you are not up to serving Me, you may leave now. You will have to find your own way back. If you stay, you are My slave, to do with as I see fit. No one knows where you are.  If you are willing to accept these terms, you may kiss the toe of each of My boots and tell Me to do with you as I will.”
I raised My boot off his neck and stepped back. He crawled over to Me on his stomach and kissed the toe of each boot.
“I am Here to worship and adore you, Mistress. I will place My life in your hands and only hope I can offer you some pleasure with My miserable body.”
I smiled down at him and stepped on the back of his neck. My heel dug into the nape of his neck and I twisted it back and forth creating a nice red welt. My new slave did not make a sound. Time to show him what Female Supremacy really meant!
“Follow Me with your nose at My heels. If I stop, I expect to feel your tongue licking My heels.”
Download this hot FemDom story of Female Supremacy “The Farm”  $8 

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Chastity, Orgasm Control and more

Chastity and chastity devices seem to have become very popular topics recently. As many of you know I have ALWAYS been a proponent of controlling a male’s orgasm as a way of controlling him and deepening his submission. I have many videos and recordings on the subject.

There are so many devices but I prefer the permanence of stainless steel devices. There is just something so erotic knowing that a male and his orgasms are completely under My control!

chastityThe Ultimate Chastity Device DOWNLOAD HERE

I have been traveling a lot this winter to see some special people (you know who you are!) so a number of things have been neglected! Like My blog….

My site has just been redone and I have to  say it looks fantastic! ~smile~My Web Site Stop by for a visit!

Also both of My clips4salestudios are going strong! I cover many subjects like chastity, slave training, worship and more! I actually might open a third just for videos featuring My gorgeous feet! Every time I have an idea, out comes the camera for a video! Like today…three new videos that will be up soon! Goddess Natasha’s Bondage Emporium and FemDom and Fetish.

For your information I am no longer doing “free” cam….there were not enough serious Lifestyle people and well, I can SEE what was going on….so keep in mind any camming with Me is a paid service! NO!! I do NOT take paypal! Don’t even ask

Of course, that doesn’t even begin to touch the thrilling live sessions! Well, that will have to be the next update!

Meanwhile, you can always call Mistress on NiteFlirt 
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Garter Belt, Stockings and Ass Worship

As  Lifestyle Female Supremacist, I believe Women should be respected, worshipped and adored!

I have added two new videos and a SPH assignment to NiteFlirt

Also at My Clips4Sale Studio

Garter Belt & Stockings
I love wearing a garter belt and stockings! Nothing makes Me feel as sexy as when I have a garter belt, stockings and high heels on! In this video I am wearing all three…and a little black dress! After I remove the dress, I sit on a chair, dangle My six inch stilettos and tell you how you would worship Me! Standing so you can admire My gorgeous legs in the stockings and heels…running My hand with long nails along the silky smooth stockings!
(Leg Worship, Stockings, Garter Belt, High Heels, Shoe Dangling)

Ass Worship
I know by now that you have learned that Mistress loves a good ass worship slave! BUT I had never recorded an ass worship video…until now!  Dressed in black cleavage showing bra, waist cincher and thong as well as My favorite black heels,  I show you and instruct you. Do you have a strong tongue? Obedience and devotion..that is what is required! Maybe you will be allowed to sleep with your face between My ass cheeks..wouldn’t that be a wonderful way to sleep?? Lick, dart, swirl…just some of the commands for ass worship. Nice close ups of Mistresses ass and beautiful body!
(Ass worship, instructions, body worship)

How small is it?
you’ve told Me but I don’t believe you! NO ONE’S dick can be that small! After this PTV assignment I will know just how small it is!
You will need: lube, ruler, piece of paper, pen, camera

It’s not just phone sex!

NiteFlirt…it’s not just phone sex!

It was quite a few years ago when a fellow Lifestyle Female Supremacist told Me about NiteFlirt (it wasn’t called that back then) and I was not enthused to say the least!

However, since then I have been pleasantly surprised! Not only are there many Mistress’s there are also many fetishes with offerings of videos, MP3’s and imaginative games! 

From Lesbian cuckold  to key holders to every fetish you can think of…it’s on NiteFlirt!

Over the course of time, I will be discussing different fetishes, some fantastic tasks and assignments as well as the Women on Niteflirt!

Have a great weekend!


Goddess Natasha

Strictly for Worship

This past weekend I uploaded My latest videos to My Clips4sale studio!
Stop by and watch the previews! Below are some stills from the videos!

Masturbation Instructions
Stroke to My High Heels
Worship! Adore My Breasts! 
Worship! “Spiked” 6 Inch Heels 
Worship! Bare Feet 
Fishnet & Boots

Ideas for My next Female Supremacy worship video? Let Me know!

Interested in learning more about a Lifestyle Female Supremacist
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Goddess Natasha

FemDom: Worship Videos


You asked for more Worship videos…here are three more! 

Worship!Adore My Breasts! 
Worship!“Spiked” 6 Inch Heels 

Worship! Bare Feet 

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I am also on phone with cam quite often for training, foot worship, dressing and other fetishes…including CBT and other forms of punishment. 

Ideas for My next worship video? Let Me know!

Enjoy and Have a wonderful weekend!


Goddess Natasha

Female Domination on cam


As some of you may know, I am now offering cam and/or chat to those unable to serve Me in person!  There are a number of ways to do this:

Through NiteFlirt phone with cam–Lifestyle-Female-Supremacist-

Both venues offer anonymous secure online payment and I use Skype or Yahoo IM for interactions!

Just some of the things I enjoy: foot adoration & worship, SPH, orgasm control, feminization, CBT, masturbation instructions, tease & denial….only limited by imagination!
See you on cam soon!
Goddess Natasha

Life of Sacrifice

Hello….almost Happy New Year!

As a continuation of  Complete Surrender and My series on Female domination and living the Lifestyle, today I recorded “Life of Sacrifice”  uploaded an MP3 and a video to NiteFlirt explaining your new life as My slave!

Life of Sacrifice …you will give up your wants, needs and desires to fulfill MY wants needs and desires!

Life of Sacrifice (MP3)

Life of Sacrifice (MP4)

I am very excited to be doing this series explaining EXACTLY what is entailed when I own a slave! Could you be next?? ~smile~


Goddess Natasha
PS you can also find them at My clips4sale studios over the weekend!
    Studio One
    Studio Two