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Female Superiority

female superiorityFemale Superiority at what might be considered extreme




The year is 2014 and as predicted and preached by Superior Females such as Goddess Natasha Lifestyle Female Supremacist and other Superior Ladies, male subjugation and slavery to the Female has finally arrived and become acceptable in today’s world.

Introduction: Female Superiority and the Law

Governments in all countries around the world have now passed the bill enabling and granting all Superior Females the right to enslave males legally and completely through the philosophy of Female Superiority. Every male has now merely to verbally and contractually agree to the Ladies rules of slavery and, once accepted by the Lady it becomes legal and enforceable by law. As part of the male slavery law, it has also become legal for the Lady who contractually owns a male slave to castrate the male by any means she desires and every male knows and understands that once contractually enslaved to a Lady, he has no right to resist or stop the Superior Female doing exactly as she desires. The result of the new laws has seen massive changes in everyday life around the world.

Naked males albeit in chastity or castrated,  under strict control of the Female are now a common sight in everyday life and this has now become an acceptable and inevitable progression to every Female and ordinary males. Not every male has resigned himself to Female Rule as male slavery has not yet become compulsory, however as can be seen, this is only a few years away as the total enslavement of the male is reached. Once the law became absolute submissive males in the thousands submitted to the Superior Female and became slaves overnight.

Slave Farms such as Supreme Goddess Natasha’s became centers where Females could enroll and bring their male slaves for training and learn torture and punishment techniques under Her direction and these would all be filmed and made available to other Female Owners. Goddess Natasha had also pioneered and developed the first of many male Castration centers. Here, a Lady could bring her male slave to undergo and endure a harsh Female controlled and witnessed castration, performed by Goddess Natasha and assisted by the Lady Owner.

All methods of male castration are routinely performed on most days and there is a large auditorium for visiting Females wishing to learn more and witness the Castration. Goddess Natasha regularly runs training seminars of Female Superiority and male torture techniques for Ladies and has a specially equipped hall with many various whipping benches, cruxification crosses and other items for the torture of male slaves.

Every Demonstration is always full to capacity with budding Ladies of all ages who come to witness and learn the various techniques of male subjugation and training. As Goddess Natasha personally owns over one hundred male slaves, male subjects are always available on demand. Goddess Natasha is also a registered trainer and seller of male slaves and holds a public auction once a week where Ladies come to bid and buy trained and partly trained male slaves. All male slaves around the world are branded with a registered number which denotes they are legal slaves to Females and as such there is nothing a registered Lady Owner cannot do to it. male slaves can be sold, auctioned, given and can also be disposed of by the Lady after applying to the Government when the slave is of no further use to the Female. This is true slavery in its purest form as it should be for any male.
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slave for a day serving a Lifestyle Dominatrix

What a perfect day yesterday was especially for a Dominatrix! It was all about servitude! I had a slave serving Me as “slave for a day”. First we we went to the Rooftop in Hollywood where of course I remain dressed while he was paraded around nude…ah, I love CFNM! Spent hours by the pool and in the pool being served. Then freshened up and had dinner at a lovely thai restaraunt. Hours later after much electro play and he was exhausted both mentally and physically I dismissed him for the day.

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Femme Voice Training, REAL movie theatre and a new photo set of My delectable feet encased in stockings!


Everything NEW!

FemDom tale of Female Supremacy: The Farm (Original)

For many of you, this story will seem very familiar.  It was written over 12 years ago and published in “Goddess Natasha‘s Bondage Tymes” as well as My first web site and through out the internet. All I can say is I enjoy it every time I read it! It is dedicated to Female Supremacy and the Dominant Female.
The Farm
I am a sadist. I am beautiful, stunningly so. I am tall, with long legs and a gorgeous athletic body and devilishly beautiful face. I have always been able to get men to do anything for Me, sometimes the most ridiculous things. It started, I guess, with My father. I soon found that with a certain look or pout I could rap him around My little finger. From there I progressed to the boys at school. I was the cruelest bitch to ever go through high school. I also remained a virgin throughout high school. I was never going to allow a filthy man to enter my body.
It was natural, I guess, I ended up a professional dominant and a true believer in Female Supremacy. Soon after I graduated as a psychiatrist from a highly esteemed Eastern school, I got enough money together to buy a secluded piece of property. It had a huge house and about twenty acres of land. The house was somewhat run down, but I thought I could easily have it rebuilt by men seeking to gain favor with Me. I ran a couple of ads and offered a lengthy stay at a “secluded retreat to learn the fine art of servitude to a female tyrant.’ I was surprised by the deluge of responses I received and was able to be quite selective in My clientele.
My first customer was a well built man of about age forty. The rates I charged for a one week stay were nothing short of outrageous.  Nonetheless, he showed up as scheduled. I picked him up at the Ft. Lauderdale airport. I wore a black leather skirt and a white silk blouse, off-black stockings and knee high very high heeled boots. My new slave was relieved to see I was as attractive as I claimed to be, and we walked to My car. I made him kneel and kiss My feet before we got into the car, much to his dismay. There were people around for this scene, but none paid too much attention. I made him get into the trunk and I drove back to My new slave ranch.
When we arrived, we walked to the front door and I made him lie down across the front of the doorway. I stepped up onto his chest and very deliberately wiped My boots on his shirt. I then held each boot over his mouth so he could better clean them with his tongue. I opened the door and stepped off his body into My castle. I instructed him to strip naked and await My return. I went to My room and put on a pair of leather gloves and picked up a riding crop and returned to find My new slave kneeling in the middle of the floor. As I walked over to him, I noticed he had a raging erection. Knowing the power I have over males I had no fear whatsoever of this strange slave. I kicked him as hard as I could in the stomach and he doubled over onto his side in pain. Raising My boot, I stepped down hard on the side of his neck. He whimpered and apologized for some unknown infraction he may have committed and pleaded with Me to have Mercy on him.
“I have no mercy, you piece of dirt. There’s no need of an apology. I kicked you because I enjoy hurting men. I brought you here to torment and torture you for My amusement. You have no rights here and you can expect some very painful time in My presence. If you feel you are not up to serving Me, you may leave now. You will have to find your own way back. If you stay, you are My slave, to do with as I see fit. No one knows where you are.  If you are willing to accept these terms, you may kiss the toe of each of My boots and tell Me to do with you as I will.”
I raised My boot off his neck and stepped back. He crawled over to Me on his stomach and kissed the toe of each boot.
“I am Here to worship and adore you, Mistress. I will place My life in your hands and only hope I can offer you some pleasure with My miserable body.”
I smiled down at him and stepped on the back of his neck. My heel dug into the nape of his neck and I twisted it back and forth creating a nice red welt. My new slave did not make a sound. Time to show him what Female Supremacy really meant!
“Follow Me with your nose at My heels. If I stop, I expect to feel your tongue licking My heels.”
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Goddess Worship Group Female Supremacy and the Dominant Female

Many years ago, I founded a Goddess Worship group. I felt one was genuinely needed in the south Florida area. While I did find some groups and remnants of groups they seemed to focus on the religious aspects. These groups also didn’t emphasize the philosophy of Female Supremacy which I wanted to be embrace.

As a firm believer in Female Supremacy and the Dominant Female, I also wanted to incorporate the BDSM lifestyle into a Goddess Worship group. Things like chastity, ritualistic floggings, CFNM which were not found in the other groups. So on that basis My Goddess Worship Group began.

There are rules and initiations. Prospective devotees (male members) are interviewed by all of the Dominant Female members of the group. The meetings are held every four to six weeks . My Goddess Worship group has members from all over the world who fly to south Florida at least twice a year for Our meetings. Actually, attending meetings at least twice a year is a requirement. The Goddess’s in the group and all Dominant Females and also firm believers in Female Supremacy.

There is so much more to belonging to Our group and learning about Goddess Worship and Female Supremacy! The articles below can enlighten you and you may also call Me at 1-800-863-5478 ext: 9531839  Call GoddessNatasha for phone sex on

Goddess Worship: Introduction into Our Group
Goddess Worship: Rules and Rituals

My View on Female Supremacy 

 My View On Female Supremacy (Updated 2011) 

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slave Mantra by a dedicated slave

I received this from a slave who is quite dedicated to Me! Over the years he has proved his devotion time and time again. A slave mantra is required for serving Me. At the beginning of training, a slave must compose a slave mantra and submit it for My review. It is important that a slave mantra details a slave’s feelings and emotions. After a time, I may require that a slave that has been in service write a new slave mantra.


slave Mantra by todd

slave mantra

Goddess Natasha
You are of delicacy and ecstasy.
No other can compare to You.
No sonnet or music is able to be composed of You, because there is no words that are able to describe You.
Goddess Natasha is You are one who is harsh but fair, but will treat me with kindness but whip my ass bare.
No other Goddess is as beautiful as You, You Goddess cannot be compared to the sky, the earth, or the sea.
Angels fight to have a voice like Yours, Your skin is as soft as the finest furs.
Goddess Natasha Your face is that of a pearl, so majestic, makes my  toes curl.
The love I have for You Goddess Natasha is one that is great, we were destined to be together, it is fate.
I love You  Goddess Natasha with all my heart, I can’t stand to be without You or apart.
The joy that You Goddess brings to me, is one that is only described as ecstasy.
Goddess Natasha You are the most precious thing in my life.
No other Goddess can compare to You. You are so glorious and so devine.
I love You with all my heart and my soul, without You, my life would be null.

sincerely Your slave and property
todd k


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Goddess Natasha Videos The Classics

I have so many videos that I have converted to digital content that were once VHS! I call them Classic Goddess Natasha Videos and some of you may very well remember them! Although I continue to record more Goddess Natasha videos, some of these classics remain favorites of Mine!


Goddess Natasha Videos

STING OF MY WHIP Welt after welt of intense  whipping pain!  Watch as I unload my full arsenal of whips as well as my cane on my pet slave as he is tied into full restraint on my cross, then gagged.

goddess natasha videos


SLAVE TO MY FEET Watch my slave follow my every command to serve my feet.  I shape my slave to lick, adore, then worship, first, my heels and then my beautiful size 6 feet. Trampling with both heels & bare feet. Slave then experiences two supreme privileges: licking whipped cream off of my toes and nibbling strawberries placed on my heel of my six inch black patent leather shoe. Also shoe & boot  modeling

SLAVE TRAINING I My first session with a new slave-learn as he learns how to serve a Lifestyle Dominatrix . A great video for those slaves who have always wanted and those who need to know the proper way to serve and please a Mistress! Obedience  training, boot & body  worship, nipple play, LOTS of oral servitude and ass  worship and  smothering.

NOVICE SLAVE My first session with a new slave-learn as he learns how to serve a Lifestyle Domina.   Obedience training,  smothering, nipple play and heavy paddling are all featured in this video.

ORAL SLAVE My slave is trained in the art of pleasing a dominant woman.  Step by step you , too, will learn how a Woman likes to be worshiped orally.  Face sitting & smothering are also a major part of this video. (This has always been a favorite among My followers and the most popular of Goddess Natasha Videos!)

PAIN PUPPY  The title says it all!  My slave endures  c&b torment with weights & hot wax, caning whipping on all parts of his body and nipple torment.  Watch as welt after welt  appears on his body!

GODDESS CRUSHES  Watch as I crush male “puppets”, grapes,  tomatoes, strawberries, eggs, crackers and more with my bare feet.  Those who love crushing  will love this new  video! (60 minutes)

TORMENT OF A SLAVE A slave’s cock and balls are used by ME to  torment and  control my slave.  That is exactly what this 30 minute video  depicts.  After I  immobilize My slave by attaching his arms to ceiling chains, I use a parachute with and without weights and other paraphernalia to
torture and  torment My slave’s body

THE INTERROGATION  video that includes lots of face slapping, smoke blowing, and scratching with my long red nails.  A great video (shot close up) for those who like smokey french kissing and up close torment.  I will make my prisoner talk-one way or another!  A smoking fetishist delight!

DUNGEON BONDAGE  My slave is tied ,restrained with rope, helpless, to My torments.  Ropes keep him helpless on My table as I use various  implements on him. (Medium bondage, nipple torment, medium CBT)

DISCIPLINE OF A SLAVE  My slave is now paying for his misbehavior!  Heavy discipline with My bull whip,(watch the welts rise!) boot worship,  and nipple torment.

TORTURED BY GODDESS  Hooded with a blindfold and gag, My slave is fully stretched on My rack, completely helpless.  He endures nipple torment and CBT with electrical stimulation and more!  Arm restraints bind My slave then nipple clamps with weights are attached.  Overall, a VERY painful video! (Heavy bondage, CBT, heavy nipple  torment, paddling, smoking)

HELPLESS  restrained with an overhead suspension bar and leg spreaders, My slave is subjected to nipple play and whipping with various implements. Secondly, I use an arm binder to restrain him and further immobilize him.  Completely  helpless, gagged & masked!

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Femdom Videos Coming Attractions!

I recently received a new video camera from a very generous slave and will soon be shooting new videos! I am so excited about opening My Clips4Sale Studios and know that you will find many of My videos quite erotic!

 femdom videos

I will also be editing and converting past videos so that they are again available! I am sure some of you remember such popular titles such as “Oral slave”, “slave Training I & II” and the Mind Control series of videos! They are all now available via My Clips4sale Studio.

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