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It is certainly the dog days of summer here in south Florida! I hope the summer is treating you well!

This week was quite busy with a number of custom videos as well as audios. My phone lines were on most days and I had some great callers!

When I released My shocking Mind Control series as one package I had no idea how popular it would be!

By far this weeks most popular was My SHOCKING series of Mind Control Videos! If you didn’t download them, be sure to do it before today at 5 PM EST as it will go from $9.99 to $19.99.

shocking mind control


Another hot file this week was Small Cock Extinction. I received some fantastic feedback on it!

**HOT File** Small Cock Extinction 

One of My goals is the extinction of small cocks! Many of My fellow Female Dominants also believe that this is a worthy goal and support the endeavors of a movement to rid the world of small cocks! In actuality it is Women all over the world and NOT just Femdommes or Female Supremacists! Women world wide are making their desires known! NO MORE small cocks! Features elements of SPH, BBC, breeding, small cock elimination, big cock, emasculation, humiliation

Enjoy your Sunday! My phone lines are on today until 5 PM EST so feel free to call!


Goddess Natasha


Ball Busting 

shocking mind control

There is just something so powerful and erotic about ball busting! Taking the most vulnerable part of a male and inflicted excruciating pain! I will never forget the first time I saw an extreme ball busting of a male. Live on stage in front of 2000 people. That was many years ago and since then I have only become more fascinated with it!

My pregnant “wife” 

shocking mind control

It is the height of femininity! Becoming pregnant will be a true reflection of your place as My wife and your devotion to Me and our life! Science is progressing and soon it will be possible for you to be pregnant with MY child!

Smoking with Close Up Exhales 

shocking mind control

Whether it is on cam or recording a video I so enjoy sharing My fetish for smoking! This red sexy tight cleavage enhancing dress is the perfect off set to My red lip stick and red nails. Of course, My all natural 36C breasts show up beautifully in this dress! Watch for close up exhales and long drags on My Misty 120 cigarette.

The Insemination Station 

shocking mind control

What a surprise you are in for! The ad that you answered in the newspaper sounded exactly like one of those ads for a medical research study. Well, you had an idea that it had to do with sexuality since there were quite a number of questions regarding your sexuality and sexual activities. Welcome to the insemination station! Naked, helpless and restrained you will be filled. Filled with cum over and over again. Positioned for maximum penetration with your head locked firmly in place! I pull on a pair of black latex gloves to make sure you are properly lubed. I will also be manipulating your cock to make sure you are properly aroused! I believe that this is just your first session at the insemination station! Like everyone else you will be back for more!