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Bisexual Domination by Goddess Natasha

In real time, one of My favorite scenarios are couples. Where the Woman is submissive and who wants to be dominated by Me. In particular, a couple where the Woman submits and the husband is relegated to watching Our scene. Very HOT! My domination of a Woman is much more sensual and sexual than that of a man! With that in mind I recorded a new audio Dominating your wife! I think you will enjoy it

Bisexual Domination

bisexual domination

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You have imagined it time and time again! Watching your wife submitting to another Woman and how erotic it would be. Oh you won’t be participating. You will watch from the sidelines as she strips nude and kneels in front of Me! She is so ready for My dominance! So ready to feel My touch! Her nipples are so sensitive and as I slip My hand between her legs, she is wet already! Sit, listen and stroke as your wife submits to Me!

Lesbian Domination Seduction of jenny

I am sure by now you have read My original “The Farm”.

As I have grown in the Lifestyle and expanded My interests, I decided to revisit My original story and expand on what I would  like My “slave Farm”  to be… present day!

Below is an excerpt.

Chapter 1: The Seduction of jenny

The idea grew in my early teen years that I could own a boy by controlling his cock. As I matured I came to realize the innate Superiority of Women. I began to see men as pitiful fucktoys and masturbators. I could manipulate and dominate them to My own benefit, comfort, and luxury. I never dated without being in total control, and on the flimsiest of whims I was quick to laughingly abandon a boy. Occasionally I made one walk home without a ride. A funny thing happened on the way to graduation. As My reputation for callousness and meanness grew the boys came courting in greater numbers. I learned that cruelty attracted boys like flies to honey. My treatment of them was downright pitiless. Somewhere along in My late teens I began to fantasize about living on a big estate of some sort, or maybe a farm or a ranch. There I would be worshipped by submissive females who loved Me. And I would be served by the hard labor of inferior boy beasties of burden. It was just an incipient dream at that time. But, it made Me wet.


Also, around that time of my life a dark urge started to grow within me. I thought how lovely to have a boy suffer for Me, and to see the helpless, pleading look in his eyes while I inflicted some undefined pain. By graduation time I developed a hunger to seriously hurt and torment boys. More than that, I began to fantasize about medieval instruments of torture, of whips and crops, of canes and bondage. My fantasies became intensely erotic the more I toyed with and abused My little dumbnuts classmates. My little girlfriends became so proud of the powerful orgasms they provoked in Me, little understanding it was not their tongues but My own imagination that sent Me into throes of passion. It was obvious to Me, however, that My small town was not a safe place to play out My wet hot sexual dramas of Female Superiority and cruelty to men. So, I went off to an urban university where I could secure more anonymity and many more hapless male victims [chuckle]


The Farm: Chapter 1: The Seduction of jenny $8.00

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FemDom tale of Female Supremacy: The Farm (Original)

For many of you, this story will seem very familiar.  It was written over 12 years ago and published in “Goddess Natasha‘s Bondage Tymes” as well as My first web site and through out the internet. All I can say is I enjoy it every time I read it! It is dedicated to Female Supremacy and the Dominant Female.
The Farm
I am a sadist. I am beautiful, stunningly so. I am tall, with long legs and a gorgeous athletic body and devilishly beautiful face. I have always been able to get men to do anything for Me, sometimes the most ridiculous things. It started, I guess, with My father. I soon found that with a certain look or pout I could rap him around My little finger. From there I progressed to the boys at school. I was the cruelest bitch to ever go through high school. I also remained a virgin throughout high school. I was never going to allow a filthy man to enter my body.
It was natural, I guess, I ended up a professional dominant and a true believer in Female Supremacy. Soon after I graduated as a psychiatrist from a highly esteemed Eastern school, I got enough money together to buy a secluded piece of property. It had a huge house and about twenty acres of land. The house was somewhat run down, but I thought I could easily have it rebuilt by men seeking to gain favor with Me. I ran a couple of ads and offered a lengthy stay at a “secluded retreat to learn the fine art of servitude to a female tyrant.’ I was surprised by the deluge of responses I received and was able to be quite selective in My clientele.
My first customer was a well built man of about age forty. The rates I charged for a one week stay were nothing short of outrageous.  Nonetheless, he showed up as scheduled. I picked him up at the Ft. Lauderdale airport. I wore a black leather skirt and a white silk blouse, off-black stockings and knee high very high heeled boots. My new slave was relieved to see I was as attractive as I claimed to be, and we walked to My car. I made him kneel and kiss My feet before we got into the car, much to his dismay. There were people around for this scene, but none paid too much attention. I made him get into the trunk and I drove back to My new slave ranch.
When we arrived, we walked to the front door and I made him lie down across the front of the doorway. I stepped up onto his chest and very deliberately wiped My boots on his shirt. I then held each boot over his mouth so he could better clean them with his tongue. I opened the door and stepped off his body into My castle. I instructed him to strip naked and await My return. I went to My room and put on a pair of leather gloves and picked up a riding crop and returned to find My new slave kneeling in the middle of the floor. As I walked over to him, I noticed he had a raging erection. Knowing the power I have over males I had no fear whatsoever of this strange slave. I kicked him as hard as I could in the stomach and he doubled over onto his side in pain. Raising My boot, I stepped down hard on the side of his neck. He whimpered and apologized for some unknown infraction he may have committed and pleaded with Me to have Mercy on him.
“I have no mercy, you piece of dirt. There’s no need of an apology. I kicked you because I enjoy hurting men. I brought you here to torment and torture you for My amusement. You have no rights here and you can expect some very painful time in My presence. If you feel you are not up to serving Me, you may leave now. You will have to find your own way back. If you stay, you are My slave, to do with as I see fit. No one knows where you are.  If you are willing to accept these terms, you may kiss the toe of each of My boots and tell Me to do with you as I will.”
I raised My boot off his neck and stepped back. He crawled over to Me on his stomach and kissed the toe of each boot.
“I am Here to worship and adore you, Mistress. I will place My life in your hands and only hope I can offer you some pleasure with My miserable body.”
I smiled down at him and stepped on the back of his neck. My heel dug into the nape of his neck and I twisted it back and forth creating a nice red welt. My new slave did not make a sound. Time to show him what Female Supremacy really meant!
“Follow Me with your nose at My heels. If I stop, I expect to feel your tongue licking My heels.”
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A bit more….

A bit more about Me…

I am a mature, college educated Woman who is a dedicated Female Supremacist first and foremost.  The Lifestyle is practiced in My every day life and with those I grant the privilege of interaction with Me.

While I enjoy submissives who can serve real time there are many who simply cannot do so! This is one of the reasons that I have many POV videos on such subjects as Female Supremacy, cuckolding, creampie, anal slut training, Breaking of a slave, sissy training, chastity and many, many more subjects (The latest of My videos can be found Here Lifestyle Female Supremacist and Here Goddess Natasha’s Bondage Emporium).

Also, anyone who inquires about being My slave is directed to Goddess Natasha’s Complete slave Training Program. YES, this is mandatory! This quickly weeds out those who are not serious and those who are just looking for instant gratification!

Approximately, two years ago I began practicing phone domination and have found it a wonderful way to answer questions, train and interact with other Lifestyle people! 

There are many interesting and sexy Women who practice phone sex and phone domination. Interested in a lesbian cuckold? Ms Reaghan is an intelligent sexy Woman that I have come to know! 

Kneel down and serve a Timeless Goddess as She decides what to do with and to you!

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