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Femdom Brainwashing Goddess Natasha

One of the tools that I use to dominate and control is Femdom brainwashing. The subject of brainwashing is something that I have studied extensively and have become very proficient in using it! I so enjoy the manipulation of the male mind and male weaknesses!

My most popular video this week was a tie between two very different videos! The first was a worship video recorded when I was appearing on cam. The second was one of My first recordings in My Breaking of a slave series. To learn more about My Breaking of a slave series CLICK HERE.

This weeks most popular audio is an erotic and manipulative recording called Chronic Masturbation Therapy Consultation. The second part called Chronic Masturbation Therapy Session can be VIEWED HERE.


Most Popular Video

Worship ~ Cam Promo 

Femdom brainwashing

As you probably know when I am appearing on cam I release a video reflecting My mood and wardrobe! Tonight while I am on cam, I am wearing a short sexy black dress that shows off My cleavage, black seamed stockings, tiny g string and leather pumps. If you can’t join Me on cam this is a perfect video for worship!

Breaking of a slave Day One 

Femdom brainwashing

I am sure you didn’t sleep well last night, slave. Locked away, completely with no one to hear your whimpering. It echoed in there, didn’t it?? All you could hear is the clanking of your shackles! This is just the beginning….day one! Its your first day under My control! What will happen?? How will you be treated? And how long will it take Me to break you!

Most Popular Audio

Chronic Masturbation Therapy Consultation 

So you have realized that you are a chronic masturbator. With this level of hyper sexuality you are unable to control this driving need to masturbate spending hours engaging in edging and watching porn. Knowing you need help, you have come to Me for a consultation. I tell you that I can help you. It is all about changing your thought process. I like to call it manipulating your mind. So you need to undergo a deep hypnosis session where I will implant suggestions deep in your subconscious. These suggestions will keep you from getting hard. No more erections. Just a limp dick no matter what you watch or what you do to try to get an erection. With enough reinforcement and mind manipulation it may NEVER happen. Well it won’t happen without My triggering it! Oh I SHOULD mention that there are side effects. One of the side effects of this therapy is a shrinking penis and shrinking balls. Featuring Femdom, mock therapy, Femdom brainwashing

Recent Releases

~NEW~ Listen to the Sissy Inside 

It is time to start listening to the sissy inside. I know that you know what I am referring to! That voice that says to wear panties! That desire to become more and more feminine! The craving to be sissified not just once in a while but ALL the time! These desires are ALWAYS there! The craving never goes away! Maybe you try to suppress it but it keeps telling you that you are not a real man. That you need to be in panties, lingerie, wearing baby dolls and becoming more and more of a sissy!

~NEW~ Boot Licker 

I see that you cannot take your eyes away from My boots, can you?? I can see your arousal How your cock bulging at the sight of Me in thigh high leather boots. My leather boots are gorgeous and powerful just as I am! I know that you ache to lick them, suck the heel and worship My boots. Beg. Get on your knees and beg to be My boot licker. Follow My instructions to lick them, suck the heels and fuck them! Featuring Femdom, boot fetish, stroking, CEI, boot worship, boot licking, boot fucking

~ NEW ~ Unforgettable Sissy Training 

Imagine…your sissy training you arrive for the next lesson..excited..nervous…filled with anticipation…My training for you is going well and you are learning how to be a good sissy! Smiling I command you to strip and hold out a crotchless pair of panties and stiletto high heels. A collar and leash completes your ensemble and I lead you down the hallway out the sliding glass door to the pool deck. Pushing you to your knees in front of a suction dildo attached to the wall. I know your little clitty twitched when you saw it. I know you are such a sissy anal slut loving the feeling of having your sissy pussy filled! Instructing you, guiding you until you are filled I tell you to ride it like a good sissy slut. As you moan getting more and more excited you hear the click of high heels. Oh it’s not Goddess! Standing in front of you is a beautiful statuesque shemale stroking her beautiful cock! This will be a truly unforgettable sissy training lesson! Featuring sissification, sissy training, Femdom brainwashing

~NEW~ L is for Loser! 

This is My first video of this kind! I gaze down at you and reinforce how much of a loser you are! With My elegant hand with natural long nails I make sure you see the perfectly formed L again and again. This reinforcement is just what you need as I look down at you and with My seductive voice to humiliate you! There are just some males that need and crave this reinforcement! Featuring humiliation, verbal humiliation, emasculation, Femdom

~NEW~ Good Girl Brainwashing 

femdom brainwashing

My voice flowing thru your mind Nothing else matters but Goddesses voice. Goddess voices slipping deep into your subconscious….you want what Goddess wants Goddess knows best. Goddess knows what you need. Chastity, panties, feeling feminine, looking feminine. Surrendering and giving up control to Goddess . I know you want to be obedient. I know you want to be a good girl…you want to be Goddesses good girl… you are a good girl, aren’t you? Now you trust Goddess because Goddess knows what is best. Goddess knows exactly what you need! Knowing you need and want chastity…you need to be in chastity for Goddess…to be so feminine for Goddess. Being a good girl and obeying Goddess. Pleasing Goddess because that’s what good girls do! Featuring Femdom, feminization, forced femme, brainwashing, sissy hypno, chastity, good girl, Femdom brainwashing

I hope that you are enjoying your weekend! It has been a typical south Florida weekend ~ HOT and steamy! The beach was beautiful and ocean quite calm this morning. Now I am home taking calls and available for chat. 

Masturbation Orgasm Control Goddess Natasha

As you know I am all about control! The more control the more erotic it is for Me! Combining mind control and masturbation orgasm control is particularly exciting!

~NEW~ Mind Control ~ Orgasm Control 


It is so good to hear My voice as you let go. All that matters is My voice. As I command you will obey, you must obey, you will surrender. It is the most natural thing to obey Goddess, to submit and because I control your mind, I control your body. Which means I control your orgasms. From now on your orgasms belong to Me! This will play over and over in your mind. Goddess control my orgasms. My orgasms belong to Goddess. This new mantra playing over and over in your mind. From now on you CANNOT orgasm without a yes from Goddess. Edging over and over, stroking but you simply will not be able to orgasm! Featuring Femdom, mind control, masturbation orgasm control, edging

Orgasm Control ~ Masturbation

Chronic Masturbation Evaluation 


The fact is you have most likely asked yourself whether you are a chronic masturbator and whether it is in fact an addiction. I have written an enlightening and in depth 12 questions that will delve into your psyche and habits. First I start with the basics and then I move on to probing personal questions. Be warned some will be embarrassing and humiliating to answer and to admit to! After I receive your answers I will send you a written evaluation and recommendations.

Personal Penis Evaluation 


My penis evaluation of you will assist Me in determining your place and/or title such as slave, beta slave, submissive, cuckold, sissy, beta dicklette, etc . Keep in mind this will be My truthful assessment and it may be humiliating and embarrassing! After you remit payment, send Me two photos of your penis. In the first photo you should be flaccid and the second photo you should be erect.

Forced to Masturbate 


It is really quite amusing to think of you masturbating and stroking yourself over and over. But not necessarily because you WANT to but because you have to! With My suggestions and triggers planted deep in your subconscious you have no choice! With these triggers you MUST masturbate. You have to masturbate! In fact you will not be able to concentrate or do anything else unless you masturbate. Know that this can happen anytime and anyplace! Featuring masturbation, masturbation humiliation, Femdom hypnosis, JOI, Femdom, cock control, orgasm control

ASMR Programmed Cum Eating 


Listen as I whisper softly to you. Seductively flowing through your mind as I program you to become a cum eater for Me. So erotic! So irresistible! As you stroke you imagine and crave the taste of it. Coating your mouth, that sticky saltiness. Ahhh precum. No, that can’t go to waste! Each time you have an orgasm, you WILL lick it up. Each time you cum you WILL consume it. That’s what Goddess wants. Best listened to with headphones. Featuring ASMR whisper, Femdom hypnosis, brainwashing, reprogramming, masturbation instructions, mind manipulation

Hypnosis Femdom Goddess Natasha

It was especially busy with week with custom recordings as well as a lot of new videos and audio recordings. Also this past week two of My recordings were on the Most Popular for the Week Marque. The first was It’s Good to be Girly and the second was My video Tight Jeans and High Heels.   This week’s most popular video was Addicted to My voice which is a seductive mind control hypnosis femdom video. Dressed in a beautiful black corset I begin taking control and influencing your mind.

My most popular audio file was I hold the key which focuses on chastity but I also speak about how I hold the key to your contentment and life. As you know I am a firm believer in chastity and it IS a requirement for serving Me!

As always I appreciate every phone call, download and personal interaction from you! That includes feedback so if you are so inclined even a simple thumbs up will put a smile on My face!

Throughout the day and into the evening I am available for calls, chat and personal training. We have a quiet Christmas Eve planned then Christmas Day with family and friends. I will be corrupting the Jehovah witnesses  LOL which should be interesting. So Happy Holidays! I hope that you have some fantastic plans for the next few days!

Most Popular Video

Addicted to My Voice 

hypnosis femdom

Yes, I know that you have listened to mind control and suggestions before. Perhaps these hypnosis Femdom recordings left an impression but it didn’t last. But now, there is My voice. So soothing, flowing through your mind, relaxing you. As I put you deep, deep into a state of relaxation bringing you deeper than you have ever been. My voice is so beautiful, so melodious that you could listen to it forever! Of course, you will become addicted just as I have suggested when you are completely under, you simply cannot help yourself… are addicted to MY voice. Hypnosis Femdom at its most effective!  (WATCH NOW!)

Most Popular Audio

Chastity I hold the Key! 

hypnosis femdom

As your Mistress and Owner, I tell you how I hold the key…both literally and figuratively! That means to ALL aspects of your life…the key to your happiness, your future and of course, the key to your chastity device! With the key I will control your life, erections, orgasms and all sexual activity! (Features chastity, TPE, ownership, control) (LISTEN NOW!)

Recent Releases


hypnosis femdom

I know that you are always trying to look up My skirt! Trying to see what panties I have on! So forbidden and so erotic! In this video I have on the sheerest of sheer panties which are soooo revealing! Nothing is left to the imagination as I let you gaze at My panties and EVERYTHING is revealed! The camera zooms in for an even more intimate view! There are also back views of Me standing and kneeling so you can see My gorgeous ass! PS I don’t do these type of revealing and intimate videos so you WILL be paying a premium price! (WATCH NOW!)

~NEW~ BBC Party ~ Rules and Behavior for a cuck 

hypnosis femdom

In this recording I explain what your role will be and how you will assist Me AND any of the other Women who are attending the private BBC party. Knowing that you are there to serve, never forget your place and to take it seriously! For instance you do not disturb the Women when they are being intimate by wait patiently to see what they may require! IF you behave appropriately you MAY be allowed to watch and serve Me in MY bedroom! This is NOT a fantasy but really what I would expect if you were granted the privilege of attending a private BBC party! (LISTEN NOW!)

~NEW~ The Cruelest Christmas 

hypnosis femdom

Twas the night before Christmas…literally and a slave of Mine was going out of town. He had planned a wonderful holiday vacation in a luxurious resort in Colorado! So it was Christmas Eve and his flight was late getting out however I told him he HAD to stop by on his way to the airport. I use this TRUE account to let My slaves know just how cruel I can be when you don’t abide by My rules and commands and your FOCUS is not on Goddess! (LISTEN NOW!)

~NEW~ Mind Control Clean Sweep 

hypnosis femdom

It is time to take that final step. The final step that will release your free will and your personal power to Me. No more resistance. So cleansing. So refreshing. As I go deeper into your subconscious wiping away any thoughts that will impede My control of you and your mind. A clean sweep of your male ego, free will and personal power so that your surrender will be complete. My voice whispering to you at the end…your surrender is complete. This hypnosis Femdom recording (LISTEN NOW!)

~NEW~ Emasculated Sissy Husband 

hypnosis femdom

Every step that I plan in your feminization is also a step in your complete emasculation! From the simplest step such as requiring you to use a vibrator on your clitty to cum to a complete physical transformation it is all in My plan to completely emasculate you. Not just for a day or weekend but permanently! There are some things that you cannot hide such as your breasts getting bigger then breast augmentation, permanent make-up and the way I require you to walk and talk! So many changes and so many of them that cannot be changed! There WILL be no going back! THAT is exactly what excites Me! The emasculation and changes that will be irreversible and permanent (LISTEN NOW!)

Sissy Bitch Academy Goddess Natasha

It looks like I will finally be home tonight! A late afternoon flight with a hopeful arrival back in south Florida at 8 PM. Just in time for the holiday! I am so looking forward to being home. I may be so glad to be home that I will turn on My cam line over the holiday which you can review HERE.

Since My phone AND internet connections were not reliable I was not signed in much this week. However as always I had some very popular downloads. My new recording Sissy Bitch Academy continues to be on the most popular marque. My most downloaded video was Lovestruck Red which is one of My favorite Mind Control videos. It is so effective!

My most popular audio file was a tie between Transformation Gas and Corporate Slut. Both of these were widely downloaded and commented on!

Know that your continued patronage is very much appreciated! It is terrific to hear from you whether it is a call, email or an idea of suggestion!

I hope that you are having a great weekend and enjoy your holiday!


Most Popular Video

Lovestruck Red! 

Continuing in My Mind Control Series, I want to take even more control. Planting triggers that you won’t remember and have no control over…but your subconscious will! This trigger will deepen your devotion…deepen your adoration and you will become LOVESTRUCK!  Featuring mesmerization, mental domination, mind fuck, triggers, induction, mesmerize, legs, high heels, pumps, red lipstick, long red nails, cleavage, red lipstick (WATCH NOW)

Most Popular Audios

Corporate Slut 

Oh, yes, I see you sitting behind your desk…the big executive giving orders and having people scurry to do your bidding! But not with Me…oh, no, with Me you will be My corporate slut kneeling in subjugation waiting for My orders and eager to please Me! Completely transformed into jenny, My corporate slut! (LISTEN NOW)

Transformation Gas 

It seems like a perfectly ordinary appointment at the dentist. Yes, there is a different very sexy hygienist but everything seems just the same…until…Reclining in the dental chair, the hygienist tells you She is now using a special gas to relax patients which you agreed to. As you begin to breathe naturally and evenly, you start to feel very strange…yes, you are relaxed and feeling wonderful but you find yourself answering Her very intimate questions. Powerless and out of control, you begin revealing your secret fantasy. Things you have never told anyone. As She starts suggesting thoughts and desires telling you how your mind and body will be transformed it all seems perfectly natural (LISTEN NOW)

Recent Releases

~NEW~ Mind Takeover 

Feeling so relaxed and in such a deep state of hypnosis your subconscious is completely open to Me. Open to every word. Open to every idea. Deeper and deeper I go into your mind. Implanting powerful suggestions as I penetrate your subconscious. It seems like the most natural thing in the world for Me to be in your mind. Forever. (LISTEN NOW)

~NEW~ Sissy Bitch Academy 

I know that you crave being a sissy for me. But I want more for you; I want you to realize your full potential as a sissy bitch. To be the most feminine, submissive gurl you can be. With that in mind, I’ve created my Sissy Bitch Academy, a training program that will take you from your first pair of panties to being a completely feminized sissy slut all the way to being bred. Many of the things I subject you to you will enjoy. Some of them you won’t. It is all being part of a good sissy bitch. Part of being a well-trained submissive sissy bitch who only wants to serve and please! This will involve changes to your mind, your behavior, your body and your deepest wants and desires. Transformation of your very identity. Featuring strapon worship and training, cocksucking, sissygasm, sissy training, feminization, BBC, breeding (LISTEN NOW)

Kicking Impact Play

Kicking  Impact Play

One of My favorite acts to indulge in while playing with a submissive is kicking. Kicking with a few stipulations that is. I HAVE to be wearing thigh high boots…I HAVE to be dressed in leather and I have to be attracted to the slave that I am doing the scene with. Fortunately, a slave of Mine that has been serving Me for close to 20 years fits this description.

Both of us have an EXTREME love of leather! So I am always dressed completely in leather…from gloves to boots. At times in a leather catsuit, other times in a leather dress and sometimes in a leather corset with a skirt.

I find it so very erotic and not because I find it a form of humiliation or degradation. It’s primal maybe. It’s violent…and of course, it is painful! But also because of all those lovely bruises ~smile~ Again, someone and something to feed My sadistic streak..

Have a Wicked evening!

Goddess Natasha

The boots I am wearing below are one of My favorites to wear for kicking impact play

kicking impact play

For Femdom Videos Including those on Kicking Visit My Clips4Sale Studio

Goddess Natasha’s Bondage Emporium

Worship Goddess: Paying Tribute to Goddess Natasha

Serving Goddess

My birthday is quickly approaching. Monday April 21st is the big day!

While I thoroughly enjoy receiving presents from My wishlist on Amazon and tributes through NiteFlirt or Clips4Sale, I always appreciate those who treat Me well when its NOT My birthday.

Many of My slaves as well as My submissives know that serving is about many things, not just gifts. Running errands, grocery shopping and those pesky everyday things that I simply don’t enjoy!

That being said, it is still quite lovely to receive gifts, phone calls and tributes for My birthday…especially since many cannot serve Me in person! So…it is easy enough to please Mistress!


Call Me on Niteflirt to Wish Me a Happy Birthday Call GoddessNatasha for phone sex on
1-800-863-5478 ext: 9528071

Visit Goddess Natasha’s Amazon Wish List

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Female Supremacist and Dominant Sisters explain some basics to you

Female Supremacist Goddess Bella Donna and Goddess Natasha


Goddess Bella Donna: WE know that you boys don’t mean bad by it and that in your own way you are actually thinking that you are complimenting Us Ladies this way, but to be very honest some of the comments you leave at times are nothing short of insulting or basically ignorant.


A lot of it comes from your lack of upbringing these days. It seems to be a big thing with younger men especially to have this idea that talking about your “dick stiffening up” when you see a photo of Us or informing Us that you are “in love with Us” and now hence you feel it necessary to fuck Us, but come on pumpkins buy a clue.


Goddess Natasha: It is so very insulting to not only receive instant messages and emails that you think are complimenting us but the photos. Please, no more cock photos! I don’t want to see it! Yours or anyone else’s! Why would you think that would entice Us to allow you to serve Us? Instant Block. I am talking about basic good manners also. Is this taught anywhere by anyone anymore? I am starting to think NOT!


Goddess Bella Donna: The problem the way I see it is that you don’t understand the difference between a Lady who is a Mistress and some chick you are trying to pick up at the side of the road. You confuse Us with your little GF’s whom you are having cyber sex with. I am not saying that cyber sex can’t be fun with your GF, but WE ARE NOT your GF’s, your Wife or anything of that sort. We are Mistresses regardless if that is Lifestyle or Professional, which means to you that your cock only holds one interest to us period. To be tortured, controlled and often put into chastity to help you control your behavior better. That of course doesn’t happen until you are actually in service to US either.


Goddess Natasha: Exactly! It is about respect and knowing your place! It doesn’t take a lot of work to research and find out what We are all about and what we require. It is actually an easy search to find out We are Mistresses, Female Supremacists and are interested in submissive males. Submissive males who know their place! You see a picture and oh yes, we know what goes through your mind! HOT!


Goddess Bella Donna: The male mind is wired differently than the female mind. We all know that and appreciate that. Don’t misunderstand Us here. We are not chastising you for being human beings. It is a natural reaction of yours to be aroused, to get excited and to become horny. The male mind is a lot more visually wired than the female mind. The problem comes in when you can’t control your tongues or fingers. Think what you want, but for the sake of being respectful to a Lady don’t feel it necessary to share it with US. That is the same as you feeling the urge to tell your family every few seconds that you needed to fart or take a leak. Would you think that is necessary? I hope not. I know My son stopped informing Me about his bodily function by the time he was 7. So perhaps you can understand that We only demand something that should have already been put into your head. Some things are not shared unless it is being asked about!


Goddess Natasha: Yes, there are a lot of differences and we get that. Honestly, we do! In actuality, it seems like common sense. You want Our attention. So why wouldn’t you be on your best behavior to get it?


Goddess Bella Donna: I try to explain it like this to My new seekers personally. If you were to find yourself attracted to a lovely Lady in the vanilla world, would you walk up to her and swing out your Johnson as an introduction? Would you tell her within 5 seconds of seeing her that you want to rip her clothes off and cum in her?  I most certainly hope you would have more manners and respect than that. That of course is unless you are missing a few brain cells or were raised by wolves. Possible but unlikely I would say. If you don’t treat a Lady in your vanilla life that way, what makes you assume that you can do this to a Mistress?

Again I understand that in your eyes we are not Ladies, sadly you may have had many encounters with women who used the “Title” Mistress but acted as if they were easy and cheap. That is not to say that all Mistresses have to be hard asses either, most of Us are very nice and forthcoming once you know how to address Us as is proper, but the bottom line is still we do have a right to demand respectful behavior from you at the very least.


Goddess Natasha: I am sure some of you feel this type of  behavior is acceptable because you consider this “adult” or “pornographic” encounters. Yes, in some ways but this Lifestyle is quite different. By this Lifestyle, I am referring to Mine. One of Female Superiority and Female Domination in which Female Supremacist and submissives  celebrates and embrace these philosophies. Why would we put up with this type of behavior? It goes against everything that I believe in. I am not here to be treated as a sex object for your sexual fantasies. I am here to instruct, guide and train submissives to serve. To Me, that is a very basic way of putting it so it can be understood.


Goddess Bella Donna: For Me it is always about manners and respect on both sides. I do not force anyone into submission to Me, matter of fact I am not even remotely interested in guys who are not seeking this type of Lifestyle with Me. It is part of My everyday behavior to demand basic manners in interaction with Me. Am I part of the Adult Entertainment world? Yes I am, there are no two ways about it, but I am in it to train, to instruct, to remind you of your place before Me as you may have chosen it. If you are not ready for that, not interested in that, that is fine, but that means I am simply not interested in you either. You hold no curiosity for Me in the slightest. We do not match. You want to be a slut monger and horn dog. I want a submissive male who knows how to be a Gentleman! See what I mean? We are from two different universes almost. Mind you, there are many thousands of women and girls out there who love to be treated the way you think you want to treat them, but in general someone who is a Mistress or a Female Supremacist (not a male hater, feminist or other confused forms of male bashing women) is not one of those. Here it is all about you showing that you understand that the Lady before you is your “Queen”, your “Goddess”, your “Mistress” or at basic levels standing above you always. Only those who understand this can by that very nature in and of itself even gain the attention they seek. All others are instantly dismissed from thought which is sad, because I have a feeling that there are many among you who would make fine servants if only your mind was wired better and you would understand the very basics of OUR Lifestyle better instead of learning it out of fictional pornography books and movies.


Goddess Natasha: Unfortunately, many things have contributed to these misconceptions including the portrayal on the internet, videos and movies. Servitude is really what a Mistress (most of Us) look for. Now that is very often misunderstood! Servitude is service! It is not about your wants, needs and desires. It is about doing what truly pleases Us. For instance, you visit My wish list and see there are gorgeous boots and a very sexy leather corset as well as a set of luxury towels and a set of Egyptian cotton sheets. Now, your first instinct is going to be wow, I would really love to see Mistress in those boots and leather corset! STOP! Now think again. While I will wear and enjoy those boots and corset, is your gift self-serving? Think instead. Mistress deserves those luxurious towels when She comes out of Her bath and will sleep so comfortably on those sheets. Do you see the difference?


Goddess Bella Donna: I’ll take it a bit further than My Domina Sister does on that one and remind you that when you purchase those Boots and Corset for Her for example, she will only wear those once in awhile! However she will enjoy the luxurious Towels and Sheets almost daily. What do you think will go through her mind when she toweled herself off with that thoughtful gift of yours or falls asleep underneath that heavenly sheet? Yes, your loyal and adoring service to HER! You have truly placed Her before your desires and belief it or not boys, now she will feel so much more generous towards you as well in the end. Why? Because you have deeply understood your purpose, to PLEASE HER. Naturally WE enjoy spending time with those of our servants who have understood that basic principle a lot more than those who are only out for their own “cock inspired service”. In My case I am not a “clotheshorse” as they call it. I have a lot of different hobbies and educational things I enjoy. I have closets filled with clothing I seldom even find the chance to wear! So as nice as a new pair of high heels might be, a book or something off my wishlist for a hobby will put you in a lot better graces with Me personally. I am not someone who likes to spend $5000 on a purse, but hey if you have that kind of cash to spend on Me and would love to make Me smile buy Me my Gold prospecting equipment or gift Me with it as a down payment for MY RV. Will that turn you on? Well that depends on if you are a submissive or a self serving fetish boy. The slave mind will be pleased and happy automatically knowing that it has PLEASED ME with things I DESIRE and ENJOY. Just think of how happy I will be when I get to “have you with Me” out there enjoying My hobbies via that gift!


Do we want our submissives and slaves to be happy and content? What a silly question of course We do. You are our treasures when you act right and WE do care about you as well. It is a two way street, but in the end unless you understand your place before US and how you should act, you’ll never reach that special place in our Crown.


Goddess Natasha: A  submissive finds fulfillment and contentment when his Mistress/Owner IS fulfilled and content. I have found this to be so true and while it may take training, guidance and refocusing the male mind both parties can be happy with the outcome. It is about servitude, surrender and knowing your place with Us.

It’s not just phone sex!

NiteFlirt…it’s not just phone sex!

It was quite a few years ago when a fellow Lifestyle Female Supremacist told Me about NiteFlirt (it wasn’t called that back then) and I was not enthused to say the least!

However, since then I have been pleasantly surprised! Not only are there many Mistress’s there are also many fetishes with offerings of videos, MP3’s and imaginative games! 

From Lesbian cuckold  to key holders to every fetish you can think of…it’s on NiteFlirt!

Over the course of time, I will be discussing different fetishes, some fantastic tasks and assignments as well as the Women on Niteflirt!

Have a great weekend!


Goddess Natasha

FemDom: Worship Videos


You asked for more Worship videos…here are three more! 

Worship!Adore My Breasts! 
Worship!“Spiked” 6 Inch Heels 

Worship! Bare Feet 

Never had a Niteflirt account? Click Here!

I am also on phone with cam quite often for training, foot worship, dressing and other fetishes…including CBT and other forms of punishment. 

Ideas for My next worship video? Let Me know!

Enjoy and Have a wonderful weekend!


Goddess Natasha

Obedience training

I just recorded and made available a new training video!

Learning obedience

Below are a few stills taken from it

Goddess Natasha