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Sissification Training Program for Black Owned Sissys

It’s going to be one of those rare rainy days in south Florida! By that I mean it is suppose to rain all day with street flooding. So I am sticking close to home.

My Niteflirt phone and chat lines will be on throughout the day into the evening hours.

Many of My audio and video recordings come from real life experiences and/or by a conversation that I have with someone. Recently I had an interaction where the idea of having white sissies trained to be sold to wealthy black couples. This of course spurred My imagination!

~NEW~ Training for Black Owned Sissy 

It is now official. The panel has declared your acceptance and you are led away by an intimidating tall Woman in a tight leather cat suit. Grasping your chin she introduces herself as your handler. My job is to mold you into a well-trained sissy that will bring the highest price possible! Every step is to be documented by both photos and videos and some procedures will even be streamed live! Knees shaking, trembling as you receive the first doses of HRT and testosterone blocker you feel your control, identity and masculinity slipping away.

SOLD! Black Owned Sissy 

From the beginning you always knew you were different. Never developing masculine traits or characteristics you have always had more feminine characteristics. A round curvy bubble butt that girls envied and girls always treated you as one of the girls! Unknown to you a scout has been reporting on you and a formal letter arrives that demands your presence at The Black Training Program. Oh you have always heard rumors and seen white sissies that serve wealthy black couples but the details have always been secretive. Appearing on the given day you learn exactly what is in store for you! Standing in front of a panel of 6 Women you are told to strip naked. Soon you learn that if you meet the criteria you are to be trained extensively and then sold to a wealthy black couple for their use! Head spinning you are subjected to a physical examination, intimate probing and embarrassing questions.

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Female Supremacy

Lifestyle Femdom

Sissification Sissy Training Goddess Natasha

Sissification Sissy training has long been an interest of Mine. The level of control can be intensified There are so many aspects to sissification sissy training including not only the physical but the mental and psychological aspects. Some of My sissification sissy training is humiliating and is certainly always emasculating!

Be My Sissy Bride 

There are so many feminine rituals that I want you to experience and that you NEED to experience! I have spoke of some of them in My Feminine Pursuits and what I want you to do to immerse yourself in your sissification. Another is being a sissy bride! Oh how much fun, humiliating and exciting! Taken to a bridal shop and stripped to the undergarments that I have chosen as you try on the dresses that I chose! That is just the beginning of being a Sissy Bride! (LISTEN!)

My phone lines will be on per My regular schedule and I am also available for online interaction. Following Me on TWITTER will ensure that you know exactly when I am available!

Also stopping by My personal site you will know exactly what is new and up to date on what I am doing! Feel free to view My personal site here.

Feminine Pursuits 

As you know I so enjoy creating tasks and lessons for you to do! With My Feminine Pursuits tasks I have gone beyond the simple dress up of becoming a girl! My goal is your complete feminization and that means immersing you in what I call Feminine Pursuits! These three tasks will do just that! (Contains three audio files listed below!)

Lesson One

Enhance your femininity! That is exactly what this training lesson and task is designed to do! More than just slipping into a pair of panties and stockings this task was created to immerse you in feminine pursuits! Each and every time you carry out a task you will be closer and closer to being completely feminized!

Lesson Two

This second lesson in Feminine Pursuits will help you get in touch with your femininity. It will assist you in keeping in contact with all these new and femme feelings that grow and grow! It is going to be one of the most freeing experiences and you will learn so much about your femme self! Learning and recognizing the feelings you have and what they mean! This lesson will help you know yourself and even act as a confessional! Without fear or judgement you can now admit all your deepest darkest secrets!

Lesson Three

I have so many plans for you to make you more feminine! This task combines a number of elements of feminization that I find imperative to not only looking but feeling femme! This task involves shopping for the proper outfit and engaging in a FEMININE public activity. It is just another way to embrace your femininity and true transformation! It’s time to not just look like a girl but be a girl!

Best Femdom Video of the Week

My best Femdom video this week was so popular that even I was surprised! While this particular video is not a new release there was a definite surge in popularity!

It is hard to believe that the summer is almost over! Knock on wood that South Florida has managed to escape hurricanes or tropical storms so far!

This week was busy with not only phone calls but recording quite a few custom recordings and custom videos. In addition I had a number of personal slaves in and out performing a variety of duties and chores.

Currently I am working on another SHOCKING Series of recordings since they have been so well received and I have gotten some terrific feedback.

They are still very much in demand. The three currently available are Mind Control, Chastity and Stockings and Stilettos.

My two most popular audio files were Sexual Dominance with a close second of My Cuckolding recording I love you but…If you haven’t yet downloaded them I encourage you to take a look!

My most popular and best Femdom video by far this week was Forced Sissy your New uncomfortable Life!

As always I am so appreciative of your patronage, ideas & suggestions as well as your feedback!


Best Femdom Video of the Week

Forced Sissy your New Uncomfortable Life 

This best Femdom video of the week is a description of a new life for you! Come and kneel in front of Me and let Me tell you all about your new uncomfortable life! Everything is about to change! Tight, restrictive garments, chastity device, high heels and heel locks are just a few ways that I will be making you uncomfortable…making you suffer! Working hours each day on your feet, your feet that are locked into high heels…oh, did I mention a tack inside? Maybe a few pebbles? THIS is only the beginning!


Losing Control 

best femdom video

Have you noticed that you are losing control? The more humiliation and degradation that I heap upon you the more you crave it. The more you need it. There is your public persona that you present. Known as an alpha male BUT I know the real you! I know that deep inside you are a filthy whore. A nasty bitch who needs to be degraded, humiliated and emasculated. The more humiliation that I subject you to the more excited and aroused you get. Every name, every humiliating task makes your cock harden until you are dripping.

Emasculation of the male 

best femdom video

It is a bit frightening isn’t it? I know what you really are! It’s not the well respected member of the community that everyone THINKS you are! Not the alpha male that is in charge, making decisions and giving orders! No, what you really crave is to be degraded. To be humiliated and made to perform the most perverted acts! It is so arousing and exciting to think of being used, being called derogatory names and revealing your deepest, darkest desires! Oh you have always thought you were “straight” but things have certainly changed! Those thoughts and fantasies about sucking cock are making you question your sexuality! Be assured that I WILL be encouraging those thoughts and fantasies ingraining them in your mind!


best femdom video

This contains My erotic cuckold files! As you may or may not know I am a Lifestyle Cuckoldress. I am a member of The Goddess Manor which is a private cuckolding group. This collection of cuckold recordings includes My latest best seller Cuckolding I love you but!

Seduced by My Strapon 

best femdom video

I know that you are a bit nervous! I have told you that strapon training WILL be part of your training! I have made it very clear! Even though you have always thought the sight of a Woman with a strapon between Her thighs is erotic, you have been hesitant! But I know that I will have you begging to be taken. Eager to be fucked and looking forward to it each time! Includes a sexy set of strapon photos!