Sissy Maid Blackmailed

I always say that sissys WANT to get caught and My new audio file is an erotic scenario of being caught and THEN being blackmailed! Sissy Maid Blackmailed is My latest erotic audio recording.

~NEW ~ Sissy Maid Blackmailed! 

Finally you are alone and have privacy to dress in your feminine sissy clothes! Planning for this day as soon as you knew you would be home alone! So excited as you lay out your sissy maid uniform complete with panties, stockings and all your feminine sissy maid finery. Then you take a bath complete with bubbles, shaving with your pink razor! Already feeling so feminine as you apply your makeup then comb out your wig Then dress in your sissy maid uniform you are getting more and more excited! Hours alone to be a sissy maid…or so you think! Hearing a key in the front door lock you freeze in place! Then an unfamiliar voice saying Hello? Hello? What transpires next is beyond your dreams as your future as a sissy maid is decided! Featuring sissy, panties, stockings, sissy maid, sissy caught, sissy blackmail, sissy exposure, sissy maid blackmailed

Today’s SPOTLIGHT File

Sissy Maid for Shemales 

As you know I have a great affinity for shemales. I often play with them and orchestrate scenes with them! Two of My closest friends Andrea and Sheila enjoy playing with femme boys like you! Sheila is especially dominant and is quite well endowed! Just imagine having you serve all three of us as a sissy maid; it is not only emasculating but would be very erotic! Sheila especially enjoys taunting with her 8 inch cock! I will be making sure a cock comparison takes place before I place you on your knees to suck every inch! An erotic scene where you are used and emasculated as a sissy maid! Featuring Femdom, Shemale domination, sissy maid training, cock comparison, strapon, shemale cock, anal training, cock sucking

Sissy Maid Cuckold 

As My sissy maid cuckold you will have many requirements and many duties! Some of them you know because I stress how important they are! Panties, plugged and locked in chastity to begin with! Panties to reinforce your femininity, plugged to be a constant reminder of the use of your sissy pussy and chastity to cement your place as giving sexual pleasures and not receiving sexual gratification yourself! Telling you that a bull is on his way over the work begins! Fresh sheets, candles, making sure everything are ready as your excitement grows! Answering the knock on the door, you curtsey and as the door closes you are immediately pushed to your knees! No time to waste as your sissy maid cuckold duties are just beginning! Featuring Femdom, sissy maid, sissy maid training, cuckolding, sissy cuckolding, sissy slut, emasculation, panty training, sissy chastity, sissy shrinkage, fucked by BBC, BBC cock sucking, emasculation, sissygasm by BBC

Sissy Oh so Feminine 

My goal is to not only make you LOOK more feminine but to FEEL feminine! With this assignment, you will look and feel Womanly as you complete each step! One of the best parts for Me is that there will be a number of Women witnessing your feminization!

Sissy Emasculation 

As a sissy you need to realize your place or as I call it sissy acceptance. Every bit of your masculinity MUST be erased and all aspects of your male ego destroyed! It is time that you stopped holding on to that glimmer of hope that you have that you could possibly still be male! That is one of My goals! To erase any thoughts that might be lingering! Featuring sissy humiliation, emasculation, humiliation, sexual inferiority