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CLASSIC Goddess Natasha

This past week there has been a lot of inclement weather and not much of a chance for outdoor activities. Since I received a new laptop I decided to transfer some files. Imagine My surprise when I came across quite a number of videos from years ago! I am quite thrilled to bring you some videos that have never been released in digital format!


classic goddess natasha

This particular video has not ever been released in digital format! In fact, it has been many years since it has been released! That being said this is a Classic Goddess Natasha video that was taken from VHS and converted. I am a young hot blonde with a streak of cruelty for playing humiliating games!

Dressed in a tight blue latex dress with a waist cincher and knee high boots, I slip into a pair of leather gloves. This lovely latex dress shows off My figure including My gorgeous breasts. Then I explain the “switch” game. Using My riding crop liberally I then take My slave down from the cross. Now it is time for one of My favorite humiliation games. As he stands with one finger in his mouth and one inserted in his ass, I slap his ass with the riding crop. Switch! Now its time to switch fingers! My slave stands in this humiliating position as I berate him and speak about his lowly position. Time and again I crop him and he switches fingers. Now to kneel still with fingers in place!

With his wrists still cuffed, I am kind enough to bring him a bowl of water. Of course, it is a dog bowl for him to drink out of. After all, I want his mouth clean for licking My boots! The verbal humiliation continues as he is scolded for being an ignorant male.

Now its time for a hood and back up on the cross, back to the wall. Another game I call “pluck”. I pluck his body hair out and he has to guess how many. When he is wrong which of course he is the first two times, I slap his cock with the riding crop.

This Classic Goddess Natasha video in full is approximately 30 minutes. However, I have made it available in two parts. Part I and Part II can be found on My Niteflirt listing just CLICK HERE.

Clips4Sale Studio is HOT!


Clips4Sale Studio #57229 ~ PREVIEWS Here

This past week one of My favorite people was in town to visit. Not only is he one of My favorite people but also a fantastic photographer and videographer. He had some terrific ideas with some twists and we recorded quite a number of videos with different themes. I am just now going through the photos and they came out fantastic. Some of the videos I have already added to My Clips4Sale studio such as Relaxing in Pantyhose and Peeping Tom CAUGHT!


Although I have two studios My main studio is updated the most often with the highest definition videos.



Relaxing in Pantyhose in White Nylon Slip drinking Wine


Peeping Tom caught peeking through My bedroom door!

Extreme Femdom Ballbusting

Ballbusting Ball Destruction

As you know I have a bit of a sadistic streak as well as getting an erotic thrill out of emasculating males. What better way to achieve both than with destroying your balls? Ball busting, CBT, ball punching and using My cockbox on you would be just the beginning! But My favorite?? A session with My old fashioned vice! Teasing and tormenting you as I tie up your balls, look into your eyes and then slowly begin turning…



There are so many ways to engage in CBT. From the simplest things like a piece of rope tied around your cock and balls to make them swell and turn those lovely shades of pink and purple! I know that you know what I am talking about! Then applying some clips or clamps or both! They don’t feel that severe going on, do they?? Of course, then I jerk and pull on the rope making the clips and clamps bounce and pull. BUT  It is when they are removed that the real pain begins!

One of My favorite things to do is to restrain you before I start. Now I am sure you just pictured some leather straps, wrist and ankle restraints as you read that. However, it is so much more amusing to use a spool of thread. Now if you break the thread while I am tormenting you….well, then the real punishment begins!


Extreme Femdom by Goddess Natasha

There are many videos, recordings and other material on what may be called extreme femdom. Some may categorize extreme femdom as edge play. One of the reasons I so enjoy recording mp3’s and videos is that I can let My imagination run wild and create all types of extreme femdom scenarios and roleplays!


Extreme Femdom Electro Ejaculation


This recent recording shows just how extreme femdom can be! By now you know how much control I need to have over you. I so enjoy forced milkings where I take control of your body forcing every drop from your body. However…Are you familiar with electro ejaculation? Maybe you should take a moment and research it! I find it highly erotic…putting you in a vulnerable position on your hands and knees. Using an electric probe to stimulate your prostate and then of course, stroking you until you are drained!


extreme femdom

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Chastity on the slave Farm

If you have ever read any of My writings or listened to any of My Femdom videos or recordings, you know that I am a firm believer in males being kept in chastity by the Woman in their life! I especially enjoy combining the elements of a slave farm with the idea of all males there being kept in chastity.


Chastity on the slave Farm

I take you down into a relaxing state as I have you visualize the slave farm. There is excitement and a lot of activity on the slave farm but of course, you are not privy to what is happening. Then everyone is summoned to the barn. It’s dim and dark and you can almost smell the mustiness of the hay. I command you to kneel and ask when is the last time you orgasmed? Not since you have been on the Farm of course! I inform you that today is the day you will be locked in chastity and your cock and balls will now be under MY control! I give you directions for jerking off and you will cum in this glass. As you hold your own cum in your mouth, the chastity device locked on!

This recording features elements of chastity, orgasm control, JOI, CEI, cum eating instructions, jerk off, masturbation instructions, femdom, female domination


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Kicking Impact Play

Kicking  Impact Play

One of My favorite acts to indulge in while playing with a submissive is kicking. Kicking with a few stipulations that is. I HAVE to be wearing thigh high boots…I HAVE to be dressed in leather and I have to be attracted to the slave that I am doing the scene with. Fortunately, a slave of Mine that has been serving Me for close to 20 years fits this description.

Both of us have an EXTREME love of leather! So I am always dressed completely in leather…from gloves to boots. At times in a leather catsuit, other times in a leather dress and sometimes in a leather corset with a skirt.

I find it so very erotic and not because I find it a form of humiliation or degradation. It’s primal maybe. It’s violent…and of course, it is painful! But also because of all those lovely bruises ~smile~ Again, someone and something to feed My sadistic streak..

Have a Wicked evening!

Goddess Natasha

The boots I am wearing below are one of My favorites to wear for kicking impact play

kicking impact play

For Femdom Videos Including those on Kicking Visit My Clips4Sale Studio

Goddess Natasha’s Bondage Emporium

Fetish Femdomme …what’s yours?

What’s YOUR fetish??

I have accepted custom video request for many years. Some of the content that is requested is particularly erotic to Me. Such things as forced bi, mind control, impact play such as kicking and well, My list goes on.

In the past month I have been inundated with custom video and MP3 recordings which is a wonderful thing! My most recent “Nothing but a slave” was made for a particular submissive that has served Me for years. He had been begging to be a cuck slave and this video for him points him to some realities!

Additionally, I have been making a large number of both personalized and custom mind control videos such as “Manipulating your Mind, “Dominating your Mind” and My latest “Mind Control with Smoking”.

Fetish Videos

That isn’t even taking into effect the other fetish videos featuring such things as flexing My calve muscles, sissification and feminization and orgasm control and denial!

Custom Fetish MP3’s

Furthermore, I have been recording many MP3’s like “Shemale cock toy” which has proven to be quite popular! I actually have a few along this genre ready to be released.

So….share with Me…what’s YOUR fetish?



Summer Schedule Skype Cam Shows

Well, its summertime and My schedule will be changing a bit for the next few months…for the better I think!

There is just SO much to do in the summer! Paddle boarding, swimming and I have just taken up scuba diving again! Access to a private beach on Jupiter Island makes so many things possible. So My daytime hours are filled with a lot of outdoor activities.

Although I will be taking calls intermittently in the early morning hours and during the day, I will be online most frequently after 7 PM (EST) during the week. However, I will be taking skype cam shows much more often in the evenings!

Of course, on the weekends I am available by phone and phone with cam. I particularly enjoy skype cam shows that include smoking, strapon, various fetish outfits and of course, high heels and boots.

Skype Cam Shows

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Some recent additions such as The Interview , Training you to suck she male cock, Shemale cock Toy Part 1 and My most recent video “Nothing more than a slave” are now available online!

So stop by My Clips4Sale studio for the latest!


Goddess Natasha

skype cam shows



Cocksucker Our Little Secret


As you probably know by now, I thoroughly enjoy bisexual men….submissive bisexual men to be more concise! Forced bi fantasies, excursions to an adult movie theater or talking about this particular activity on the phone!

I know what you secretly want, what you desire, what you dream of – men. Smooth, muscular, delicious, hard-bodied young men. I know that you dream of a place to go, be free and be surrounded by cocks and tight hard asses. In this audio recording, I take you there…to a place where you can be what you truly desire to be…a cock sucker

Secret Cocksucker $9.99




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Femdom Video your complete emasculation by Goddess Natasha

Over the past two years I have recorded quite a number of Femdom Videos and  MP3’s on the subject of the destruction of the male ego, chastity and the complete control of the male’s sexuality

Your complete emasculation Femdom Video

As I recline on My couch dressed in a soft, short leather dress and knee high boots, I discuss your emasculation that will be complete when you become My slave. It begins with the destruction of your male ego, testosterone blockers and chastity! By then castration will be a given! Just one of My latest femdom videos that can be downloaded.

Featuring leather, boots, emasculation, chastity, castration, femdom, female domination


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