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Big Boobs Worship Goddess Natasha

This week My new Worship Big Boobs video was a bestselling file within minutes of being released. My audio file Compulsively Stroking was on the marque for most of the week. My most popular video was one of My many leather videos. It was a tie for My most popular audio file between Crave My Control and Femdom Caging recording.

Appearing on Marque

Compulsively Stroking and Edging 

Upon hearing My voice you will give in to Me… over and over again…. over and over again…. you’re listening to My voi ce influencing your mind as you stroke… as you work on your cock… over and over again… you are listening to My voice again because you are aching to touch your cock and stroke because you are so weak with arousal! Filled with the need to stroke and orgasm. There is no greater pleasure on earth than to self-pleasure for Me, to arouse yourself for Me, and to cum for Me. But even more pleasurable, even sweeter agony, is when you edge and suffer for Me for as long as possible before you break down and cum for Me. It gives Me such amusement to know that you compulsively edge yourself for Me, helpless to resist Me, helpless to resist My voice, because you are so weak. And I just delight in making you weaker… every single day. The weaker you are , the more I enjoy it, the more exciting it is. No matter where you are and no matter what you are doing you hear My words flowing through your mind.

Most Popular Video

Leather Worship Goddess 

As you know one of My fetishes is for leather! These are My favorite leather gloves that are so soft and supple! The opera length are tight and so comfortable! My leather halter is tight also and encase My gorgeous breasts while caressing them! There is nothing like the feel, smell and eroticism of quality leather! Featuring leather, big boots, worship, gloves (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Most Popular Audio

Crave My Control 

Just listen to My voice. Methodically I have been conditioning you to relax and go into trance when you hear My voice. All it takes is a few words and you begin drifting down…relaxing more and more. Now your subconscious mind is taking over. Creating a thoughtless mind set as you go deeper and deeper. Soon you will be absorbing all that I say. Being implanted on your subconscious are thoughts of craving. Thoughts of needing My control. Over whelming to the point of obsession as this becomes all you think of…belonging to Me and craving My control! (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Femdom Cage Training 

you have seen the many pictures of Myself by or near a cage. I have found that cage training is an integral part of training My slaves. I will train you step by step to accept your place and bring you under My control physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically. Cage training is another one of those steps! (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Recent Releases

~NEW ~ Worship Big Boobs Goddess 

Goddess is here to stupefy you with My all natural breasts to make you so weak! To make you feel so good! As I like to say manipulating your weaknesses! I do know what they are! It is really impossible to resist! I know you watch My videos over and over again! Imagining what it would be like to be seated across from Me. Looking into My piercing blue eyes. Looking at My stunning cleavage. My elegant hands, long red nails. Mesmerized .As I smoke and exhale My smoke surrounds you, reeling you in! Featuring Femdom, worship, all natural breasts, big boobs, cleavage, smoking, smoking fetish, hand gestures, long red nails

~NEW ~ Chastity Therapy 

For quite some time you have been seeing Me for monthy massages. I comment on how you seem so much tenser than you usually are. This results in you admitting that you have been having a number of issues including procrastinating, wasting time, productivity issues and all of this is affecting your personal life, work and more. Questioning you more finally you begin a torrent of embarassing confessions! Admitting that you watch hours of pornography, spend hours edging and that as soon as you orgasm the cycle begins again. Confessing that you feel helpless, out of control it has gotten worse and worse. Nodding I explain that I have seen this many times and have developed a therapy that has been VERY successful! Desperate you beg to try My therapy and I bring out the agreement for your treatment. Signing it eagerly I smile thinking you really should have read it throughly! Featuring Therapist, therapy, chastity, orgasm control, orgasm denial, chastity fitting

~NEW ~ BCA ~ Black Cock Addiction 

I have seen it happen again and again. Now it has happened to you! With all the interracial porn it was bound to happen! Now every fantasy, every masturbation session begins and ends with big black cock.  Over time you have been sexually reprogrammed for big black cock and now it is an addiction! It is time to just accept it, embrace it and accept your place serving big black cock! Featuring BBC, big black cock, BBC reinforcement (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Clips4Sale Goddess Natasha

As I mentioned in My previous posts I have started the process of deleting all files that contain another person on My Clips4Sale studios.

Below are the ten that I will be removing on Thursday July 29th.


Punishment of a slave XHD (WMV)Buy Now
Price: $7.99
Size: 368 MB
Length: 6 minutes
Extreme High Definition (1920 x 1080)

Dressed in latex skirt, latex bra and waist cincher complete with leather gloves, I flog My slave’s back! Listen to the sound of the leather flogger as it strikes him. Then I use a leather strap across his bare ass again and again. His ass starts turning pink as he recites “my pain is your pleasure”.

Featuring elements of femdom, female domination, corporal punishment, flogging, latex, gloves, leather strap


CLASSIC Goddess Natasha ~ Whipped Corporal PunishmentBuy Now
Price: $29.99
Size: 364 MB
Length: 31 minutes

Dressed in a three piece (bra, thong, garter belt) black and red latex outfit with stockings and boots I am ready to train My slave. he is taken to the woods and doesn’t know what awaits him! slave has been locked in a belly iron complete with ball & chain attached which he is required to wear at all times! After attaching wrist restraints My slave is commanded to stand against a tree and chained to it with his arms overhead. I use a variety of implements begininng with a riding crop to warm up, moving on to a 12 string leather whio and finishing with a good amount of time with a bullwhip. I allow My slave to kneel before Me and he is granted the privelege of licking and polishing My boots!

The second scene is back at My dungeon where another slave awaits Me, restrained to the X-Cross, masked and gagged. He, too, experiences a variety of implements meant to punish! First, a leather strap across his ass, then an especially wicked knotted rope whip. I move on to flog his back then use a riding crop, strap and make sure I have his attention by digging My nails into his nipples. Lastly, I use a horse hair whip that is especially effective!


Worship My Strap-On (WMV)Buy Now
Price: $6.99
Size: 100 MB
Length: 5 minutes

Worship My Strap-On My slave kneels before Me ready to worship! What he doesnt realize is that he will be worshipping My strap-on, licking, sucking his mouth filled! His head bobs up and down while I push deeper and deeper into this throat holding his head and face. Deep enough that he gags! I am getting him trained to suck the real thing!


Violated by My strap on! (WMV)Buy Now
Price: $9.99
Size: 148 MB
Length: 8 minutes

My slave kneels, waiting for Me holding a condom and lube in his hands. First, I have him roll the condom on the strap on and then lube it. Then he has the humiliating task of lubricating his own ass to be taken! I stand behind him as he leans over a bench pushing the strap on between his legs. Playing with his nipples, slapping his ass and running My long red fingernails across his back, he braces himself for the entry. After instructing him to stroke himself, I hold the strap on and push! I use him over and over making him ride and holding tight to his hips!


Whipped by Goddess (Clip 3) WMVBuy Now
Price: $7.99
Size: 60 MB
Length: 5 minutes

Dressed in a red patent leather bodysuit that hugs every curve and knee high leather boots, I am ready for some nipple play, My slave is fully restrained seated in a chair wearing a latex hood and a leg spreader keeps his legs far apart, His hands have been laced into a pair of leather mitts and restrained behind the chair. He isn’t going anywhere! I place nipple clamps on and then attach a rope to pull on it overhead. Oops! One comes off! Guess they need to be tighter!


CLASSIC Goddess Natasha Foot slave (Clip 4) WMVBuy Now
Price: $6.99
Size: 197 MB
Length: 5 minutes

A few seconds to admire a pair of black patent leather high heels, then I walk up to My slave’s head in a pair of black leather over the knee boots. Stepping on his chest with one boot, I can see he is very nervous as I begin to ask him questions about serving Me. Next he sucks on the heel of one boot then the otherl I wipe the bottom of My dirty boot on his chest and his next task is to lick the bottoms clean He is so nervous he cannot even get My boot off. Close up of boot licking and heel sucking (1920 x 1080)


Impaled! (HD)Buy Now
Price: $9.99
Size: 286 MB
Length: 8 minutes
Tonight My slave is going to ride the impaler! (The impaler is a platform with a telescopic rod that a dildo can be attached to-big or small!) What he doesnt know is that I have put a large black dildo on it for him not the usual smaller one. First, he has the humiliating task of lubing up the black dildo then himself. As I tell him to insert it, I calmly light a cigarette while he not so calmly pushes it in. As I smoke, I pinch his nipples, squeeze his balls and slap his bare ass as he strokes
Foot slave (Clip 6) MP4Buy Now
Price: $4.99
Size: 29 MB
Length: 4 minutes
Foot slave (Clip 6) Barefoot Trample! This part of the video shows from My gorgeous tanned thighs down to My beautiful size 6 bare feet as I step onto My slave’s stomach with My full weight. I proceed to trample him and make him thank Me for the privilege! I step on his cock which appears to be very sensitive and also tap My barefoot on his cock. I step off so I can lace up My stunning black and red patent leather boots. The only reason he is there is to rest My boot on as I lace it up! He does moan as I dig the stiletto heel into his body! (640 x 480) IPad IPhone


Oral slave (Clip 1) (WMV) CLASSIC GODDESS NATASHABuy Now
Price: $6.99
Size: 112 MB
Length: 5 minutes

Dressed in black bra, G-string, garter belt & stockings with knee high leather boots a new slave needs training!

Kiss the collar, kiss My boots to greet Me and then the questions begin!

What is a slave’s purpose….why are Females superior to males? Wrong answers and out comes the riding crop!

Next I lean over the table so slave can begin worshipping My ass (Clip 1 of 6)


CLASSIC Goddess Natasha Oral slave (Clip 2-WMV)Buy Now
Price: $6.99
Size: 95 MB
Length: 5 minutes

Dressed in black bra, G-string, garter belt & stockings with knee high leather boots I instruct My slave further,

Bury your face in My ass slave, I instruct him next. I am not really pleased with his performance or his answers to My questions so I instruct him to rest his head on the floor between My legs-ass up!

I hold his head tightly with My boots and the riding crop is applied to his ass-liberally. Then I sit down to torment his nipples and slap his face repeatedly when he doesn’t please Me!


Clips4Sale Goddess Natasha’s Bondage Emporium

My studios are going to be changing in a BIG way on Clips4Sale Goddess Natasha’s Bondage Emporium

Due to changes that will be taking place I have made the personal (and difficult) decision to remove ALL videos that include others. So My studios wll be strictly solo videos and of course I will continue to add audio files! By August 30th all of these videos will be removed.

I will be removing them gradually over the next five weeks and I will give you a last opportunity to download them before they are deleted. Keep in mind once they are deleted they will no longer be available.  So be prepared for more than usual emails from Me on Clips4Sale! Once I have notified you that they are going to be deleted, I will be removing them after 48 hours.



CLASSIC Goddess Natasha Nanny takes Charge Spanking (Part 2) XHD (WMV)Buy Now
Price: $18.99
Size: 1010 MB
Length: 17 minutes

CLASSIC GODDESS NATASHA: This particular video has not ever been released in digital format! In fact, it has been many years since it has been released! That being said this is a Classic video that was taken from VHS and converted. I am a young hot blonde with a streak of cruelty for playing humiliating games! This is clip 2 of Nanny takes charge. Enjoy!

So My naughty boy wants to be punished like a big boy? I take him to my dungeon for more discipline! First I strip out of My white blouse and black skirt down to a beautiful white corset, stockings and high heels. Then I confront him about looking in my window and peeking at me while in the shower. Of course, he begs Me not to tell his parents! His punishment starts over My lap, then on his stomach for a leather strap. Finally, it is a painful caning while he is bent over.

Click Here to see all My Spanking Videos!


CLASSIC Goddess Natasha Pain Puppy Full Video HD (WMV)Buy Now
Price: $29.99
Size: 425 MB
Length: 30 minutes


Dressed in a tight black latex skirt, bustier and heels, I have decided to take My frustrating day out on My slave. My slave endures CBT with weights & hot wax, caning and whipping on all parts of his body and nipple torment. Watch as welt after welt appears on his body! An intense CLASSIC video

The best part is that this slave doesn’t like pain at all! BUT he knows that it is a privilege to endure for Me! he yelps and whimpers like the pain puppy he is!

Featuring CBT, caning, parachute,weights,blindfold, gagging, hot wax, whipping, corporal punishment, nipple, bondage, restraint, blindfold, cock whipping

Need more Female Domination? Click Here!


CLASSIC Goddess Natasha Sting of My Whip (Full Video) HD (WMV)Buy Now
Price: $29.99
Size: 495 MB
Length: 31 minutes


Dressed in a silver and black one piece teddy with G-string, garters and black stockings, I enter to release slave who is locked in one of My cages so he can serve Me. A collar is put on and he kisses My stocking feet then assists Me in putting on and lacing up My knee high black leather boots as I dig the heel into the top of his thigh-he worships My boots as I instruct him. I command and then watch as slave crawls to the cross on the wall and stands as instructed. Restraining his wrists and ankles to the cross, facing the wall I begin with a split pig skin whip across his ass, then his back. This whip is very effective! Watch him flinch, stroke after stroke! This is real corporal punishment. you can hear each stroke and see his reaction!

Welt after welt of intense whipping pain! Watch as I unload my full arsenal of whips as well as my cane on my pet slave as he is tied into full restraint on my cross, then gagged. I particularly enjoy the single tail across his bare ass! Also, using a multi strand rawhide whip gives Me particular pleasure as I berate him. Using it on both his ass and back, I then switch to a pigskin split whip that is quite wicked! A very intense corporal discipline session! After removing the gag from his mouth, he kneels in front of Me, kisses My boots and thanks Me for being allowed to suffer for Me!


Price: $15.99
Size: 227 MB
Length: 14 minutes


After a very nice dinner and an expensive bottle of wine (which he thinks entitles him to something), I decide that I DON’T like this man’s attitude toward Women or Me! I show him My “secret” room that he had no idea existed! He is in for a surprise!

I tell him to strip naked and leave him alone for a few minutes. He has the WRONG idea! He thinks its time for kinky sex games but I straighten him out-quickly!

When I come back dressed in a very sexy thong and see through top with high heels and gloves, he is quite excited telling Me how beautiful I look….I instruct him to kiss My shoes then put a collar on him berating him the whole time.

After locking a leather restraint on his cock , I pull a mask over his face and put his back against the cross, restraining his wrists and ankles. Can you believe he is still running his mouth?? Still trying to defend his behavior! I am going to fix that!

It’s time for the octo-collar…a collar that has eight very tight clamps on it! The first two I attach to his nipples…very tight! Oh, now, he is starting to get the idea! Now two clamps on his balls as I then begin to tug on them. I use a riding crop across his nipples and his hard cock. Swinging the clamps I let them hit him in the balls striking him again and again with the riding crop.

His last words??? “I know now….I know I could never be good enough for you!”


Domme Femdom Goddess Natasha

This past week My most popular video was a worship video featuring one of My sheer white bras. My most popular audio recording was Watch Porn and Rub your Nub. My audio file What makes a Good Sissy appeared on the marque for most of the week.

Appearing on Marque

What makes a Good Sissy 

What makes a good sissy? More importantly what makes a goody sissy for Me? This new recording gives you ten of the ways you can be a good sissy and please Me. By now you surely know some of them such as cock worship, anal training and humiliation! This is the start of being a good sissy for Me! Featuring Domme Goddess Natasha

Most Popular Video

Worship ~ Sheer White Bra 

This sheer white lace bra is the perfect focus for My all natural breasts and worship! As I run My elegant hand along the lace edges you are treated to a view of the outline of My nipples. I know that My breasts make you weak and unable to think clearly! This is a true worship video designed to make you weaker, further enthralled with My 36C breasts and My long natural nails! Featuring Domme Goddess Natasha

Most Popular Audio

Watch Porn and Rub your Nub 

These aren’t exactly stroking instructions! Why? Because you don’t have enough to stroke! There isn’t even enough to wrap your hand around! It is more like rub the nub! There isn’t anything you can do about it and you have been disappointing Woman for years! Oh maybe once a Woman said that size doesn’t matter but I am sure she was quickly gone! Frankly I don’t think you should even date! After all, what is the point? Featuring humiliation, small penis humiliation, sexual inadequacy, mock sympathy, masturbation humiliation

Recent Releases

~ NEW ~ HOOKED! Financial slavery

I have made sure that you are so hooked! I am loving every moment of it! So exciting! So arousing! By now you simply cannot get enough. Cannot get enough of My smoking. Cannot get enough of My control as I reel you in . There IS no stopping it now! No escape. I can see that you are well and truly hooked! Everything triggers you now! My smoking, My red lipstick and of course My gorgeous breasts. So you keep clicking, keep tributing becoming more of a financial slave. At this point it is time to give in to those urges to click and send because nothing else feels so good as to please Goddess. Nothing else feels so good as you click and get more and more excited, more and more aroused. Going deeper, sinking deeper into total surrender! I have made sure that you have become a victim of your own desires and a victim of what Goddess wants! My smoke is like a trap as it swirls and surrounds you making you crave more and more! Featuring Femdom, smoking, financial slave, financial slavery, surrendering, smoking fetish, red lipstick, long nails, cleavage, all natural breasts, seductive smoking, long exhales Featuring Femdom, financial domination, Domme Goddess Natasha

~NEW ~ Mind Wash Brain Scrub

This mind manipulation video is designed to erase unwanted thoughts and eliminate any fears or apprehensions! My seductive voice, all natural cleavage enthrall you with each gesture of My beautiful hands. Washing your brain. Featuring Domme Goddess Natasha, Femdom, mind manipulation, trancing, mind washing, cleavage, hand gestures, long nails, long red nails (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

~NEW ~ BBC Broke you 

It all started as a harmless fantasy while you watched porn. While watching vanilla porn eventually your eyes and interests strayed to cock. Then progressing to gay porn, then BBC porn. All harmless. That is what you kept telling yourself. Stroking to all that cock, fantasizing as you watched and then unable to resist cock. That big black cock that brings so much pleasure. The time came when you HAD to experience it telling yourself it would just be that one time. Just to try it. Just to see what it would be like. But all it took was that one time of sucking big black cock. Now it is all you can think about. Now it is all you want.

I know it can be overwhelming with the amount of files that I have available! So I have been making it easier to find files based on your erotic interest! Simply click on the link below that matches your interest!

Faggot Reinforcement



Lifestyle Femdom

Strapon Seduction

Female Supremacy

Making you My “wife”


Future as My Cuckold

Female Supremacy The slave Farm


Domination Emasculation Goddess Natasha

I hope that you are enjoying your weekend so far! Summer continues to be hot and steamy with afternoon storms which means early morning beach time!

My phone and chat lines will be on per My regular schedule today with plans for Sunday brunch.

It has been a busy week with some great calls and interesting custom requests. As you know by now I am out of space for new recordings and will be deleting some files from Niteflirt.

If you missed them, CLICK HERE to see which files are going to be deleted.

I also high lighted some of My more EXTREME files this week. VIEW THEM HERE

I am also continuing to add  both older and new recordings to My IWantClips studio. If you don’t know I take calls there and can discuss such topics such as castration, showers and more extreme aspects of the Lifestyle!

This week one of My pussy free recordings appeared on the marque for most of the week. My most popular videos this past week were Be My Bitch Strapon Training and Worship Goddess in Red. This past weeks most popular audio file was BBC Shower Gang Bang.

Appearing on Marque

Pledge to be Pussy Free 

It is time in fact past time for you to pledge to be pussy free! Time to stop trying. Time to stop disappointing Women over and over again. I KNOW that you are a chronic masturbator and are so addicted to stroking! Edging for hours on end! Frankly that is what your sex life consists of now and for the future! No more dating, nor more wasting Women’s time. Just a continued existence of isolated hours of masturbating and watching porn! So hold up your right hand and pledge to be pussy free! Featuring Femdom, emasculation, pussy free, sexual inferiority, chronic masturbating, emasculation, Domination Emasculation Goddess Natasha (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Most Popular Video

Be My Bitch Strapon Training 

Strapon training and making you My bitch is one of the most empowering and erotic ways for Me to dominate you! Not only dominating you but also reinforcing your submission and taking you as My bitch! It is so empowering to bend you over and force you to submit to My cock! Feeling My thighs as I press deeply inside you. Stopping. Feel My cock inside you. Pinned and under My control! Having you cock trained as I like to call it as I further emasculate you when you begin imagining taking a REAL cock for Me! Whether it is slow and sensuous, a fast pounding or sitting as My cock juts between My legs and forcing you to ride it, you will submit to it all! Featuring Femdom, Domination Emasculation Goddess Natasha, strapon training, forced strapon, bitch training, forced strapon

Worship Goddess in Red 

I high light a number of fetishes in this video. From red leather high heels, a cleavage enhancing push up bra, I am all dressed in red! Worship My legs, high heels and share My smoking fetish!

Most Popular Audio

BBC Shower Gang Bang 

So there you are a little dick white boy taking a shower at the gym! It doesn’t escape your notice that there are five black males in the shower. Muscular black males that are well hung and your eyes keep straying to their cocks. One of them drops a bar of soap and order you to pick it up. When you crouch down and look up you are face to face with a big black cock. Ordered to suck it in no time you feel something hard against your ass. Laughing and jeering one after another use you as their bitch. Featuring bbc, emasculation, Domination Emasculation Goddess Natasha, gang bang

Extreme Femdom Goddess Natasha

It is already starting out to be a very busy week with great conversations and custom recording requests. My most popular video last week was one of My many smoking files.  My most popular audio file was Emasculation Unworthy of Sex and My Femdom video Wearing Goddesses Marks appeared on the marquee.

My schedule is usually quite consistent! In the morning I answer correspondence on Niteflirt, IWantClips and My personal email as well as plan out scripts for videos and audios. Depending on the level of concentration needed My phone and chat lines are on. However My phone and chat lines are regularly on beginning at 2PM Eastern time.

I do receive between three and five custom audio requests daily so I record MP3’s consistently daily. In relation to videos I schedule them twice a month.

Following Me on TWITTER will ensure that you know exactly when I am available for calls and chat as well as what is new and upcoming!

Appearing on Marque

Femdom Wearing My Marks 

Dressed in a beautiful corset which display My breasts beautifully, I speak to you about another aspect of being a slave. It will inevitably happen when you serve Me. you will be marked. Some marks will be from My long nails digging into you, scratching you. Other marks may be from Me biting you. Still other marks may be from a whip, riding crop or other instrument. Some of these marks may be from discipline but some may be simply because I choose to mark My property. None the less however I choose to mark you I know you will wear them proudly. (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Most Popular Video

Smoking Using you as My Ashtray 

First you hear the click of My high heels. Then Reclining on the couch dressed in black stockings, garter belt, short skirt, bra and waist cincher with high heels I proceed to smoke. Blowing smoke and telling you what and how I will use you to inhale My smoke, swallow My ashes and put out My cigarette. It’s time for a night out and using you as My ashtray. Featuring smoking, smoking fetish, objectification, human ashtray, garterbelt, stockings, high heels (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Most Popular Audio

Emasculation Unworthy of Sex 

It has always been a fact of your life that you have a difficult time with Women. Most especially seducing Women and trying to convince them to have sex with you. Why would they agree? Women can sense and certainly evaluate someone like you! They KNOW that you are not a real man! Women can see your lack of confidence and self esteem. These things tell them that they WILL be disappointed! After all you are giving off all the clues that tell them exactly that! WHY would a Woman WANT to give you the privilege of having sex with them?? Featuring Femdom, humiliation, emasculation, denial, sph

Recent Releases

~NEW ~ Be Sissy Proud 

Admit it! The fact is you enjoy being a sissy! It feels good to be femme, shaving your legs, slipping into panties. It is time to wear the title of sissy proudly! After all you have never qualified as a man or felt like you could claim being a man! Whatever quote or unquote masculinity you have has been being erased slowly but surely over time.It is time to embrace your sissyhood and be sissy proud! Featuring Femdom, sissification, sissy reinforcement, feminization, panty reinforcement

~NEW ~ Sissy Shame 

So emasculating to admit but the size of your penis or lack of size has been a contributing factor to becoming a sissy! As a matter of fact that appendange between your legs has been a sense of shame! Always embarassed and yes ashamed of your small penis and little balls it is so much better having them tucked away into a pair of panties where they belong! So small, useless for pleasing Women. With Mine and Dr Jennifers help they will only get smaller! Hormone therapy and a testosterone blocker will ensure that! Featuring Femdom, sissy, sph, panty reinforcement, chastity reinforcement, hormone therapy, testosterone blocker, shrinking

~NEW ~ EXTREME Poppers

It is so exciting and erotic to make you a poppers slave. As you listen to My voice you begin relaxing. My voice is so seductive isn’t it? It just slips through your mind To increase not only your high but increase My control. Controlling you AND controlling your high! What better way than to blindfold you with one of My silky soft scarves? Oh but first, restraining you with your hands tied behind your back first. Already you are feeling helpless and vulnerable but THEN trailing the scarf across your face, feeling the softness and sensuous touch of Goddess Slipping the scarf over your eyes and blindfolding you your heart starts to pound! I will make sure that you ARE completely at My mercy. Now open the bottle and follow My explicit instructions. Featuring Femdom, inhalation instructions, getting high for Goddess, EXTREME instructions, mind control

~NEW ~ Forced Enforced Sissification 

I know that you want to be a good sissy and continue your feminization. However you need My help, a push that forces you into becoming more of a sissy and becoming more feminine. Dailly. Permanently with no return. I have found the perfect solution; a sissy contract. A sissy contract that forces you to follow the terms. A sissy contract that forces you to follow MY terms or else! The terms clearly detailed as well as the consequences beginning with panty programming, buying and wearing with photo proof of all terms!

I now have over 1400 files available to download! I know that it can be overwhelming but if you send Me a chat or email message I would be happy to make recommendations based on your erotic interests.

As you probably know by now I enjoy pushing you to your limits and the extreme aspects of Female Domination! Whether it is feminization or pushing you psychologically or physically, it is very erotic to Me!


Captive Breeding Program 

My program and concept of captive breeding would serve a number of purposes. One would be that males like you would now have a purpose and would ensure that you are completely emasculated. In other words you would be the breeding stock and part of the captive population that has only one purpose. To be bred over and over again. . Every male would be evaluated those such as yourself who because of penis size and the inability to please a Woman sexually would be classified as breeding stock. Those males who are deemed an acceptable penis size would be the breeders. Large cocks would become the norm as only the biggest and thickest would be used for breeders. Of course you would be under constant monitoring by Myself and other Women as we evaluate and modify your place in My captive breeding program. Detailed records will be kept and breeding stalls will be utilized.

Popper Time 

What time is it? It is time for Poppers and getting high for Goddess! I so enjoy what poppers do to you and how they make you so willing to do anything I say! Sniff and get high for Goddess as you view Me in this always requested dress! My beautiful all natural breasts enticing you as I command you to sniff…and sniff again! Getting higher and higher for Goddess! Featuring Femdom, poppers, popper instruction, controlling your high

Captured male to be used 

As you become more aware of your surroundings, you see Me sitting in front of you. Do you recognize Me? It is Natasha. The Woman you approached to buy a drink. As you try to answer you realize you cannot move or speak. Oh I do not have you restrained with ropes! Paralyzed by the drink you indulged in you can only blink your eyes! I begin explaining why you are here, your eyes widen in horror! As you realize that no one knows where you are and you are completely helpless I can see the fear in your eyes. Oh you aren’t the first male to be taken to be used to satisfy My sadistic streak! Disbelief at My plans for you as each detail fills you with dread. The smile on My face indicates My pleasure at your fear as I stroke your face with My leather glove. Peeling My glove off you see My long nails which excites you until I begin explaining how they will be used on your body including your cock and balls! Featuring Femdom, extreme Femdom, leather gloves, sadistic Mistress, interrogation, CBT

Continuing torment for My Prisoner 

As your vision clears you see Me clearly dressed in leather. As you begin to tremble you see the smile on My face. Ah, you have learned, haven’t you? When I am dressed in leather that signals that you are in for a particularly painful session. I know you are thirsty…so thirsty but you know what happens when you drink! But you are past the point of caring. Isolated completely, rarely allowed to sleep you have no idea the day, the time or how long you have been here. All you know is pain…and Me.

EXTREME Humiliation Tasks 

These are three of My extreme humiliation tasks! WARNING THESE ARE EXTREME!

EXTREME Humiliation Cock sucking Task I am warning you. This is an EXTREME humiliation task. Oh, I know that you have gone to glory holes maybe even put up an ad on Craig’s list to suck strange and strangers cock. As a matter of fact, I may have even been listening to you on the phone! But THIS…well this is beyond those experiences! The question is…will you do this to please Me? Will you perform this humiliating task to amuse Me? Trust Me that I will find this amusing! How far are you willing to go to please Me? I can’t wait to hear about it!

EXTREME Public Humiliation Task Once again Goddess wants to be amused! This task will do exactly that! This second extreme public humiliation task is perfectly timed as the holiday season is upon us and the department stores will have lots of Women shopping! Again be warned! This task is embarrassing and extremely humiliating! This task is going to indulge both of us…My amusement and pleasure and your craving for humiliation! Of course, I want to hear ALL the details!

EXTREME Humiliation cumslut Task Cumslut. Do you find that name as erotic as I do? Maybe we have even talked about it on the phone! I I have shared with you exactly what I have in mind to make you My cum slut! I find this idea of turning you into a REAL cum slut so humiliating and so exciting! I so want you craving the taste of cum. Ready to slurp and swallow! More and more and still…you want more. That is what a cum slut does! This is what a cum slut is! This task will show Me just what a cumslut you are! WARNING: EXTREME public humiliation task!

Humiliation Emasculation

I continually get ideas and/or requests for more humiliation and emasculation recordings. So while filming custom videos I recorded a new humiliation file.

~NEW ~ Wimpy Wanker 

That is you! I know that you have always been intimidated by Women. I know that you have always been a disappointment to Women and don’t even know what to do with Women! That is how you ending up being a wimpy wanker! Spending your free time masturbating as you spiral into a life of chronic masturbation and being pussy free. It is emasculating to admit but it is the truth. Hopefully by now you have stopped bothering Women, stopped disappointing them. Realizing that you don’t deserve to have sex with Women. Featuring Femdom, humiliation, chronic masturbation, small penis humiliation, pussy free, humiliation emasculation

Today’s SPOTLIGHT File

Emasculation FAIL 

Between your small penis and lack of knowledge and experience you are sexually inferior. So your masturbation habits have gotten even worse and now your hand is your best friend! Then there is your physical appearance! Frankly you have let yourself go and it is just getting worse as you get older and less motivated! At this point in your life you need to realize that this is not going to change. Oh I know how emasculating it is to admit all of this out loud! But there is so little left of your male ego, does it really matter? Featuring humiliation emasculation, male ego destruction

Emasculated Sissy Husband 

Every step that I plan in your feminization is also a step in your complete emasculation! From the simplest step such as requiring you to use a vibrator on your clitty to cum to a complete physical transformation it is all in My plan to completely emasculate you. Not just for a day or weekend but permanently! There are some things that you cannot hide such as your breasts getting bigger then breast augmentation, permanent make-up and the way I require you to walk and talk! So many changes and so many of them that cannot be changed! There WILL be no going back! THAT is exactly what excites Me! The emasculation and changes that will be irreversible and permanent

Ego Shattering Emasculation 

The destruction of the male ego is an essential part of submission and servitude . This recording is a brutal assault on your manhood! With each word I crush your masculinity and leave you psychologically, emotionally and mentally drained! NOT FOR THE SENSITIVE! Featuring Femdom, sexual inferiority, emasculation, SPH, humiliation, verbal humiliation, ego destruction, sexual inadequacy, humiliation emasculation

Emasculating males 

In addition to be all about control and your complete surrender, you certainly know how I feel about chastity. Yes, ALL males should be kept in chastity. What is My goal through chastity? Well, with a combination of things like testosterone blockers and the destruction of the male ego, I am interested in your emasculation! I hold up a number of keys and tell you how I am emasculating a number of My slaves. Some of it unknown to them! (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

femme smoker

Feminized Femme Smoker

By now you know how much I enjoy feminization especially if it entails a bit of manipulation. Even better if a bit of corrupting you such as making you a femme  smoker!

~NEW ~ Feminized Femme Smoker 

As I light My 120 cigarette I talk to you about My Black Orchid lipstick and how well it will show on the filter. This is what I want for you. Feminine smoking. First, a long white 120 cigarette because of how very
feminine they look. Then lipstick, lots of lipstick AND lip liner. Lipstick in reds, pinks and matching lip liners. What else is feminine? Look at Me and notice of course My breasts but also My long all natural red nails. This IS what I want for you! Feminine smoking with 120 cigarettes and many coats of lipstick! The 120 cigarettes, lipstick is just the beginning to your feminized femme smoking! Featuring smoking, femme smoker, smoking fetish, long red nails, lipstick, lipstick fetish, cleavage,120 cigarette, red lipstick, long white cigarette, feminization, femme smoking (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Today’s SPOTLIGHT File

Nympho Sissy 

I want you to eat, breathe and live for sex which is exactly the definition of a nympho. Becoming the sexual object for others to find their satisfaction. The more sex that you perform the more you crave it. But you just can’t get enough! The more sex you engage in, the more sex you want! The more cock that you service, the more you crave it. It’s never enough! Insatiable! Just like a good nympho sissy that I want you to be! (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Feminization Brainwashing Therapy 

So you have come to Me for My help in stopping dressing in feminine clothes, shopping and all those feminine things you enjoy. In our therapy session, you tell Me that you feel it is taking over your life and is becoming more and more of an obsession and you want to stop this behavior! I assure you that I can help through behavior modification and intense mind manipulation. Eagerly you agree to begin the first therapy session immediately! Listen closely as your therapy session begins! Frankly you have no idea what you are in for! Did you really think I was going to cure you of all those feminine habits and dressing in Women’s clothing? After all, My motto is making you better by making you worse! After My therapy you are going to be FORCED into feminization! (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Femme Bitch to be Bred 

It is just a fact that you were made to be a sissy bitch! Not only a sissy bitch but a sissy bitch that MUST be bred! Frankly you have always been quite feminine! Oh your face has never been handsome but rather quite pretty! Those long eye lashes and you have never had a manly body but rather a feminine figure. Of course as My sissy bitch I will be enhancing that pretty face and with female hormones you will have an even more feminine figure! That is only the beginning! I have such plans for you such as body waxing, piercings and a very feminine tattoo! In addition your small clitty will be locked in a tiny chastity cage, smooth body oiled up and ready to be bred like the sissy bitch that you are! (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Forced Femme Hourglass Figure 

With My guidance and Dr Jennifers help you WILL be on your way to a feminine hourglass figure! This IS one of My goals for you! It always has been! Besides a computer generated pattern to follow Dr Jennifer and I can mold and change you as I desire! After all, hormone therapy and testosterone blockers can only do so much! Experimenting with breast sizes, how wide your hips should be and more! With her skill and My vision your transformation and molding into a feminine voluptuous hourglass figure WILL be irreversible and permanent! With the body design that She and I have developed for you there will be not turning back. No return to masculinity and no way to hide what you have become! Featuring Femdom, forced feminization, hormone therapy, emasculation, emotional emasculation, breast augmentation, transformation (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Custom Femdom Fetish Video

This past week was particularly busy with not only calls but a large number of custom Femdom requests both audio and video. As I have pointed out creating custom files is something I truly enjoy!

My most popular video this week was Weekend Masturbation Instructions and My most popular audio file was Shattering Illusions of Masculinity. My audio recording Enforced Chastity also appeared on the most popular marque.


Appearing on Marque

Enforced Chastity 

Prolonged chastity is something I truly enjoy! As the pressure builds day after day, My pleasure and enjoyment grows! Let’s face it~ you are much better off when you are in chastity! All that wasted time masturbating, stroking even the time you take to think about when you can do it next! That is all taken away! All you have to do is surrender. All you have to do is surrender to Goddess. Surrender to Goddesses control. Surrender to chastity. The arousal as well as frustration growing day by day! So intense! Chastity makes your mind sharper and knowing you are doing it for Goddess is so important to Me. Being in chastity pleases Goddess and you want to please Me!

Most Popular Video

Weekend Masturbation Instructions 

I am giving you permission to masturbate as much as you want this weekend! After all, you spend a lot of time stroking and edging so I am giving you permission. But of course there is one little twist to it! Dressed in a beautiful spiked bra that shows off My cleavage perfectly, be sure to listen and follow My instructions! (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Most Popular Audio

Shattering your Illusions of Masculinity

As you know, your emasculation at My hands is one of My goals. Crushing your ego and shattering that very last illusion of masculinity that you might have! Step by step I will crush you and bend you to My will. Oh you may still think there is a last shred left but I will take care of that! (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Recent Releases

~ NEW ~ Permanent Latex Rubber Fuck Doll 

Finally your dream has come true, your destiny is being met. The destiny of being owned and completely controlled. Stripped of everything. Everything meaning your rights, your free will, your identification and your very identity. It will be as if you never existed. Now you will be owned, you are owned. Becoming an object to please Me, an object to amuse Me. Becoming a creation of Mine, becoming a creation of My desires. A latex rubber fuck doll that exists to be nothing more than a cock sleeve. Permanently rubberized, encased in latex with a fellatio hood and a zipper to be opened once you are restrained to the breeding bench. Legs spread, held open by a leg spreader you will be used, you will be bred. Over and over as Goddess watches, over and over as Goddess smiles. My creation, My permanent latex rubber fuck doll. Featuring Femdom, extreme Femdom, objectification, breeding, breeding bench, forced bi, cock sleeve, gang bang, emasculation, custom Femdom

~ NEW ~ Obedience pet Training 

Goddess is pleased with your obedience. However I have noticed that you are quite self conscious in public and while in the company of My friends. I have also noticed some hesitation when I give you a command. So for training you will be My pet for the day answering to scamper. I will be using a shock collar to ensure your immediate obedience! In addition one of My friends will be here to witness your training! Featuring Femdom, obedience training, immediate obedience, caging, discipline, shock collar, custom Femdom (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

~NEW~ Lifestyle Femdom slave Training 

This is clear and direct instructions for slave training. Called the Attitude of Gratitude that is exactly what I want you to focus on! As you follow My instructions know that this is REAL training, real obedience training! Follow My directions precisely as they are given and feel My control and dominance. Featuring Lifestyle Female Domination, Femdom, slave training, slave positions, obedience training, protocol

~NEW ~ Relentless Faggotization 

Faggot. It IS what you have become. Not bi sexual. Not bi curious. you have become a faggot! Interested ONLY in cock! Lots and lots of cock!Loads and loads of cum. THIS is what sexually arouses you now! Spiraling further into all those things you love about being a faggot. Poppers, gay bath houses and leather bars and don’t forget about the gloryholes! That IS where faggots go! Faggots go there to be used and cure that craving for cock. Nothing feels as good as taking cock. Nothing feels as good as swallowing a load of cum. Faggot. Say it out loud! Featuring Making you gay, emasculation, gay conditioning, faggot, humiliation, faggotization

Extreme Scene Lifestyle Goddess Natasha

This week My most popular video was Stroke and Surrender and My most popular audio file was an extreme scene Lifestyle recording.  My audio file A Cuckold’s Place also was on the marque for most of the week.

Did you miss any of this weeks SPOT LIGHT Files? CLICK AND VIEW THEM HERE

In Fridays email  I shared some of My favorite fetish files.  If you missed them you can VIEW THEM HERE.

My phone and chat lines will be on per My regular schedule today however I am taking time for brunch at the food festival at the beach.

Appearing on Marque

Cuckolding ~ A cuckold’s Place

There is such eroticism and complex emotions in cuckolding. Listen to My seductive voice as I describe the scenario of preparing for a party at the Goddess Manor. As you kneel at My feet fastening My high heels not knowing if you will be allowed to escort Me or be left to your own vivid imagination at home. My corset tightly laced pushes up My breasts and you run your hands up My stocking clad legs, eyes pleading. But I have taught you well. Silently you kneel awaiting My decision. Knowing whatever I decide with bring each own psychological and emotional torment. (DOWNLOAD IT ON CLIPS4SALE HERE)

Most Popular Video

Mind Control Stroke and Surrender 

Dressed in an off shoulder, tight fitting dress, make up perfectly done and My pendant glistening My voice relaxes and arouses you. As you listen I instruct you to go deeper as you stroke to My voice, My deep blue eyes. Becoming My property and belonging to Goddess. My control commands you as I prepare you to surrender. Ready to submit and every word taking you down and becoming more aroused. My voice and every gesture of My elegant hand hypnotizing you bringing you further under My control. My voice is so powerful. The sight of Goddess is so powerful. My commands and control are so powerful. My voice tells you that you must obey Goddess. My voice tells you that you belong to Goddess. My words play over and over in your mind! It is so exciting and arousing to be under My control. From day one I always knew that you would belong to Me. That I would be controlling you as you fell deeper and deeper into submission and servitude. Yes, you belong to ME! (DOWNLOAD IT ON CLIPS4SALE HERE)

Most Popular Audio

EXTREME Femdom Emasculation 

I know that you get so excited when you know Goddess wants to play with you! But you have no idea just how cruel I can be or when I am feeling sadistic exactly what I will do to you! Especially if I am not pleased OR I don’t feel that your emasculation is complete. I see there are still remnants of that male ego lingering and I know just how to crush it! Everything I am going to do to you is to show you that I am in control, that you belong to Me and that I can do whatever I please to you! Bound, penis gag inserted, legs spread with a chastity cage on you, your ass filled you feel helpless and vulnerable as you hear the click of My high heels! Featuring Femdom, extreme Femdom, anal training, cum slut ,breaking a slave, emasculation, humiliation, cum swallowing, cum drinking, bondage, inflatable plug (DOWNLOAD IT ON CLIPS4SALE HERE)

Recent Releases

~NEW ~ Sissys Take it Bareback 

It is so exciting being a sissy. So erotic being femme and being used as a sexual outlet for cock. To provide sexual pleasure and the excitement of cock! The feel of a hard cock in your hand, sliding into your mouth feels so good! That craving and need for cock is so strong that you cannot resist it! Bareback feels so much better feeling every inch of cock you service, tasting every drop of precum and feeling every spurt deep inside. Bred like you crave, want and need! Be a good sissy and take it bareback like a good girl! I know you want to! Featuring Femdom, sissification, bareback, breeding, emasculation

~NEW ~ Sissy Micro Penis SPH 

I can certainly see WHY you became a sissy! Suffering from tinydickitis and that tiny appendage is a micro penis! Not only has this ensured your sissyhood it has also ensured that you are pussy free! No Woman will find sexual satisfaction with you and your sex life consists of rubbing through your panties! After all, there isn’t even enough to stroke! Featuring elements Femdom, SPH, pussy free, small penis humiliation, chronic masturbation, chastity humiliation (DOWNLOAD IT ON CLIPS4SALE HERE)

~NEW ~ Message Twisted Life Coach 

As your Life Coach I have been “helping” you with your chronic masturbation and porn addiction. However My plan is to make you better by making you worse! In answer to your late night phone call because you can’t sleep and your erection has lasted for days, I reinforce that you will always be a chronic masturbator and addicted to porn! That you have to come to terms with the fact that you will be living a pussy free life! Featuring twisted life coach, chronic masturbation, masturbation encouragement, porn addiction, pussy free, porn addiction (DOWNLOAD IT ON CLIPS4SALE HERE)