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Strapon Training with Goddess Natasha

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Strapon Training

This form of training is very erotic to Me and I also find it so effective in training a slave. After an intense session of strapon training, a slave is very docile, very submissive and very focused on serving.

The act itself is very dominant and the role reversal is one of the things that make it very exciting to Me.

Strapon: giving you what you need

This particular video combines two of My favorite activities or fetishes you might say. Sexy seductive smoking and strapon training. Dressed in a gorgeous corset and a pair of skin tight leggings, with a deep color lipstick I explain how I am going to give you what you need.  I light up a cigarette and give you a nice view of My smoking as I stroke My cock. Knowing how much you want to submit. Knowing how you want to serve and please Me. you have been begging Mistress. Begging for Mistresses cock. Well, I have decided that its time to give you what you need, what you have been craving. I will be exerting My dominance over you, using you, fucking you but first….on your knees and suck My cock

strapon training


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Corporal Discipline Whipped

Outdoor Corporal Discipline

A good example of Corporal Discipline is in One of My CLASSIC Goddess Natasha videos called Whipped. I truly enjoy outdoor play and especially tying a submissive to a tree and corporal discipline.
While I have played outdoors quite often, this is the ONLY one I have ever recorded….hmmm, not sure why but that can be changed in the very near future. Unfortunately, with the growth of Florida such lovely scenes are limited because so much forest has been built on.


corporal discipline

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Dressed in a three piece (bra, thong, garter belt) black and red latex outfit with stockings and boots I am ready to train My slave. he is taken to the woods and doesn’t know what awaits him! slave has been locked in a belly iron complete with ball & chain attached which he is required to wear at all times!

After attaching wrist restraints My slave is commanded to stand against a tree and chained to it with his arms overhead. I use a variety of implements beginning with a riding crop to warm up, moving on to a 12 string leather whip and finishing with a good amount of time with a bullwhip. I allow My slave to kneel before Me and he is granted the privilege of licking and polishing My boots!

The second scene is back at My dungeon where another slave awaits Me, restrained to the X-Cross, masked and gagged. He, too, experiences a variety of implements meant to punish! First, a leather strap across his ass, then an especially wicked knotted rope whip. I move on to flog his back then use a riding crop, strap and make sure I have his attention by digging My nails into his nipples. Lastly, I use a horse hair whip that is especially effective!

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Latex Smoking Fetish Goddess Natasha

Latex smoking fetish is so erotic to Me. By now you know how I feel about leather. I also very much enjoy wearing latex. Some of the latex in My wardrobe like latex skirts, waist cinchers, dresses and gloves. The tightness of the latex is only second to the shine of it!

Latex Smoking Fetish

Putting on and modeling one of My pairs of latex gloves (My favorite pair as a matter of fact) but of course showing you the proper way to wear latex. Powdering My elegant hands so no moisture remains and then pulling them on. Oh, they fit so tightly! But now for the shine! I rub the liquid into the gloves and now…so sexy and shiny!
Now that My black Latex gloves are on so very tightly and have been properly shined, I take the time for a cigarette. While My gloves shine so nicely in the light…so form fitting and slippery I wasn’t sure I could light it!
Drawing hard on a 120 menthol cigarette watch as the smoke swirls and I blow smoke, I talk to you about seductive latex smoking fetish. It is so erotic isn’t it? Watching a Woman smoke? Especially with a pair of shiny black latex gloves and a tight-fitting, leather cleavage baring top? Look at the dark purple lipstick that is left on My filter!

Featuring smoking, smoking fetish, leather, cleavage, lipstick, latex gloves, seductive smoking, sexy smoking

latex smoking fetish

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Strapon Punishment fucking video by Goddess Natasha


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Strapon Punishment Fucking

I have many videos and audio recordings regarding strapon training. I feel this is a very important and even essential part of a slaves training. Strapon training reflects My dominance over a slave. It is also a complete role reversal. Instead of a male being inside a Woman’s body, I am inside yours! In addition, just the positions themselves put the slave in a vulnerable position. One of My favorite positions for strapon training is this. A slave on his back, knees pulled towards his chest laying on the edge of a bondage table. As I slowly begin penetrating, I can look into his eyes. This is especially erotic if it is the first time for a slave.

Mistress has a special treat for you today. My strapon and I will be using it to exert My dominance over you. I sit and light up a cigarette while I tell you all about it. While you are in a vulnerable position, waiting for Me I will make sure you can see Me as I stroke My strap on. I just have to decide…am I going to give you a punishment fucking? Or a slow sensual fucking with My strapon?

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Boot Licker by Goddess Natasha: A tale of Boot Worship

boot worship

Worship My Boots

Boot Worship You can’t take your eyes away from My boots, can you? I can see your arousal. Your bulging cock gives you away. It is so hard and full of desire. It betrays your need to worship My powerful, black leather, high-heeled boots. All the better that they go to mid-thigh. Almost more than your needy eyes can absorb. Gorgeous and Powerful. You are aching to kiss them, to lick them, to suck the leather, to worship these boots. you will do anything to be a boot worship slut, won’t you?You cannot resist them. They call out to you and your hungry, perverted heart cries for them. But are you worthy? I don’t think so. You know you are not. You are an inferior male creature unworthy to lick Mistresses boots. But your intense desire makes you prisoner to My boots. You want so badly to worship. Then beg Me. Get down on your  knees and beg for the privilege. Beg real hard, boy! Convince Mistress that She should allow your worthless tongue and lips to profane these glorious boots. If you grovel and beg hard enough She may permit you to slurp your filthy male mouth over this glorious and powerful leather. Crawl to Me on your belly and Beg! Very well then, lick the smooth leather with your dirty slave tongue. Slowly. Let your tongue absorb the taste of the leather. Let your nostrils inhale the heavenly odor. All the way from the instep to the very top of each boot. The fragrance of the leather is intoxicating. Get drunk on the odor and the taste. Rub your face and nose and mouth up and down the length of My boots. Purr like a kitty cat. I’ll bet You would rather rub your face against the boot leather than against your girlfriend’s dripping wet pussy. You are so hooked on leather.

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Femdom Clips4Sale Studio

As you know by now I have two  Femdom Clips4Sale studios!

I am adding content on a regular basis  with video clips from CLASSIC videos as well as newly recorded clips. Some of these Classic Goddess Natasha videos that are appearing on My Femdom Clips4Sale studio have not been seen in many years! If you want to see the videos that are Classics simply type in Classic in the search box.

Newly recorded for example  “Impaled” which is a video that I filmed last recently.  My slave rides the impaler which is a platform with a telescopic rod that a dildo fits very nicely on.

Tonight My slave is going to ride the impaler! (The impaler is a platform with a telescopic rod that a dildo can be attached to-big or small!) What he doesn’t know is that I have put a large black dildo on it for him not the usual smaller one.
First, he has the humiliating task of lubing up the black dildo then himself.
As I tell him to insert it, I calmly light a cigarette while he not so calmly forces it in.
As I smoke, I pinch his nipples, squeeze his balls and slap his bare ass as he strokes.

femdom clips4sale

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Femdom Videos Coming Attractions!

I recently received a new video camera from a very generous slave and will soon be shooting new videos! I am so excited about opening My Clips4Sale Studios and know that you will find many of My videos quite erotic!

 femdom videos

I will also be editing and converting past videos so that they are again available! I am sure some of you remember such popular titles such as “Oral slave”, “slave Training I & II” and the Mind Control series of videos! They are all now available via My Clips4sale Studio.

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Do you have an idea? A Suggestion? Maybe a concept regarding Female Supremacy? Or a Femdom video that you would like to have custom made? If so, contact Me and share your ideas, suggestions and custom requests.