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Compulsive Chronic Masturbator

One of My most popular downloads for pussy free compulsive chronic masturbator  cum puppets is My Chronic Masturbation combination that totals 75 minutes! These four audio files are filled with gooning, edging, stroking, masturbation guidance and encouragement! Includes the titles Perpetual Masturbation, Compulsively Stroking and Edging, Forced to Masturbate and Mindless Cum Puppet. (PREVIEW IT HERE)

Following right in line is My NEW audio file called compulsive chronic masturbating as I encourage more and more gooning adding to your life of being a pussy free chronic masturbator!

~ NEW ~ Compulsive Chronic Masturbating

I know that you are feeling weaker and weaker. Weaker than ever before. Exactly what I wanted, exactly what I planned. After all I have been working on your mind and working on your cock with every call, every video, every audio even My emails! Because you ARE My gooner, you ARE My cum puppet. I know why you find this so irresistible because it IS so enjoyable for Me to be inside your head. Encouraging and reinforcing that you are a chronic and compulsive masturbator. I truly enjoy using My seductive voice and commands to bring you to your knees. Helping to create your life of compulsive masturbation and endless gooning. My voice flowing through your mind as you are looking at My videos and photos. My voice amplifying your arousal and the unbearable pleasure and staying edged! Listen to My voice as I work on your mind and your work your cock. More masturbation, more edging as I drain your will and self-control. There is no free time for you. That time belongs to Me and that time is for stroking and edging. Close your eyes and feel every stroke as you listen to My voice! Women like ME know exactly what is best for you, how to use you, to tease you and DELIBERATELY encouraging more masturbation ensuring that you stay pussy free! Featuring Femdom, chronic masturbation, compulsive chronic masturbator, masturbation encouragement, masturbation instructions, gooning, gooner, edging, humiliation, humiliation porn, pussy free (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)


Endless Mindless Masturbation

I know you ARE to weak to resist! Over time I have molded you into being a compulsive masturbator. An ass kissing cum puppet who has gone so deep that there is no chance of escaping as you s. spiral deeper and get weaker. I have done this to you. I have molded you and programmed you. THIS recording is to arouse you even more, weaken you even further as I drain you! My voice has enslaved you using your own weaknesses to control you and manipulate you. I have made you helpless and vulnerable as you work on your cock for hours on end. Edging and making you mindless. Draining you over and over with endless masturbation. That is all there is for you. Endless masturbation for My cum puppet, My cum slave. Featuring Femdom, manipulation, masturbation, compulsive masturbator, edging, gooning (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Never Ending Chronic Masturbation 

It is so exciting to hear My voice again! Instantly your hand goes to your cock to begin stroking. My voice is imprinted. Imprinted in your mind to make you weak. Making you weaker and weaker unable to resist. Compulsively stroking and edging as My power over you grows stronger and stronger. There is no escaping My voice or My control! Featuring Femdom, masturbation, chronic masturbation, compulsive masturbation encouragement (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Mindless Masturbation Manipulation

This recording reinforces your surrender and reinforces that you will never escape Me. My seductive voice is manipulating your mind and your ability to orgasm and ensuring that you can never and you will never be able to resist Me, and you will never be able to stop cumming for Me.…ever….I command you to listen to this recording on a daily basis, because it will re-enforce everything that is to come in your training for your lifetime of submission. Put on your head phones My boy and just relax… listen to My seductive, hypnotic, irresistible voice…. and begin to submit to your programming… your permanent hypnotic programming…, forever My ass kisser and ass licker…. My helpless slave… for now you will cum to Me and only to Me… on My command…. as the words I shall whisper into your ear burrow more deeply into your mind, never to be removed, never to stop working on you, or making you weaker for Me….Now you have taken another step in your Surrender to me…. from the very first time you listen to this recording — made for you, and only for one purpose — to permanently weaken you, and place you under My inescapable, hypnotic control! Featuring Femdom, worship, Femdom mind control, orgasm control (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Did you know I have over 1500 videos, audios and other files listed on Niteflirt? I realize it can be overwhelming however I would be more than happy to make recommendations based on your erotic interests! Simply send Me an email or chat message letting Me know your interests!


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Femdom Humiliation Porn

My most popular video this past week was Unfuckable Gooner another one of My femdom humiliation porn files and My most popular audio recording this past week was Faggot for BBC. In addition My video Addicted to My Voice was on the most popular marque for the week. I also released a new audio, video and a new writing all of which are listed below.

Appearing on Marque

Mind Control: Addicted to My Voice

Yes, I know that you have listened to mind control and suggestions before. But now, there is My voice. So soothing, flowing through your mind, relaxing you. As I put you deep, deep into a state of relaxation bringing you deeper than you have ever been. My voice is so beautiful, so melodious that you could listen to it forever! Of course, you will become addicted just as I have suggested when you are completely under, You simply cannot help yourself… are addicted to MY voice. Featuring mind fuck, mesmerize, hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, addiction, worship, femdom, mental domination (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Most Popular Video

Unfuckable Gooner

A video bordering on ignoring you and explaining what I have done to you. I explain and reiterate how I have over time turned you into an unfuckable gooner! Women like Me ignore gooners like you. Simply smoking and really it is all you need to see. Oh and My new deep color lipstick. Mac Cyber and I have already received so many compliments on it! Goddess smokes and you stroke it is the way it has always been! The way it will always be because it is what I want! I knew you were a gooner before the term was even known! Chronic masturbation, gooning helps make you unfuckable and what I have talked about many times! Exactly what I wanted! Unfuckable so that you can spend more time serving and pleasing Me! Over time I have turned you into a chronic masturbator, compulsively stroking and making you one of the unfuckables. Featuring Femdom humiliation emasculation laughter cleavage long red nails dark lipstick smoking long exhales 120 cigarettes, Femdom humiliation porn (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Most Popular Audio

Faggot for BBC

Maybe you have never considered yourself a faggot. But the way you feel about big black defines a faggot! I know how you crave the feel, the taste and the use and abuse of BBC. The anticipation, the heart pounding, and palm sweating as you wait for the sight of that hard cock. Knowing that you WILL be used with no regard for you or your needs. It is just about that big black cock and how you can service it. Go ahead and say it out loud. I am a faggot for BBC! Featuring faggot reinforcement, BBC, Femdom humiliation porn, cock sucking, emasculation (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Recent Releases

~ NEW ~ Mental Chastity Remaining Chaste 

I know how difficult it can be to remain chaste and in mental chastity without an actual device. That it is difficult to live a chaste life and that you need My reinforcement, encouragement and control! This recording is designed to do just that! My seductive voice encouraging you, reinforcing how much you want to please Me AND how this WILL please Me! Anytime you feel your self control wavering, anytime you feel tempted you will immediately kneel in the worship position and listen to this recording! Featuring elements of Femdom, Lifestyle Femdom, chastity, remaining chaste, mental chastity, orgasm control, hypnosis (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

~ NEW ~ Hypnosis Crystal Pendant 

Directing this video to you! Knowing how effective My videos are in manipulating your mind and ensuring My goal. My goal of your complete surrender. Dressed in a tight figure enhancing dress that shows off My cleavage I am using My crystal pendant necklace to deepen your susceptibility and trigger you. Stroking My stocking clad legs, touching and playing with the pendant as I play with your mind. Using a simple conversation with you to relax you and put you in trance. Taking you further and deeper AND putting you in dream state. Dream state where you ARE so suggestible as it has gotten easier and easier to put you in dream state. With a short countdown I hypnotize you. With a short countdown I put you in dream state. While in dream state heightening My control AND your deep craving for My control! Leaving you in dream state to contemplate where your focus will be! Featuring Femdom, hypnosis, conversational hypnosis, trancing, dream state, stockings, thigh high stockings, lace top thigh highs, high heels, hand gestures, cleavage AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY ON NITEFLIRT

~ NEW ~ Cuckolding Reluctant Cuckold

Speaking directly to you in this written account I am talking about Our life together as you change from a reluctant cuckold to a true cuckold interested ONLY in My sexual pleasure and sexual gratification! Featuring elements of FLR, cuckold, cuckold training, cuckolding, chastity, fluffing AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY ON NITEFLIRT

Gooning Goddess Natasha

Happy St Patricks Day! I hope that you are having a good week! I had two full days of video recording with all the custom requests that I had! My phone and chat lines will be on per My regular schedule today. Below is one of My new files featuring control of course and gooning!

~ NEW ~ Goon for Goddess

My task for you today is simple! Simply goon for Goddess. It is what you would be doing regardless. So while I smoke you are going to goon the day, goon the night away! Yes we both know you would be doing it anyway! Seeing Goddesses stunning cleavage, the long white 120 cigarette with red lipstick, and of course My long red nails. Just let yourself be free to be a gooner. Goddess says! I know how much time you spend watching My videos, stroking to Goddesses voice, Goddesses images. My pathetic gooner! Know that you are trapped by Goddess. Trapped by My voice, trapped by red lips, red lipstick and beautiful all natural breasts. It is all you need to keep gooning all day, all night! Featuring Femdom, long red nails, all-natural cleavage, smoking,120 cigarette, gooning, gooner, goon, orgasm control, orgasm denial, humiliation


Be a Better Gooner 

I know you are not comfortable doing a lot of things like dating, social interaction even sex but I have found something you can excel at! Be a better gooner! Be the best gooner that you can be! There is no need to think! All that matters is stroking! All that matters is edging, gooning. Of course no orgasms! That would ruin all the long hours that you have spent stroking and edging. As a matter of fact edging for hours feels BETTER than an orgasm! It feels better than anything else even sexual intercourse! Being hyper aroused feels so good and being in this state of hyperarousal is so erotic you want it to last and last! Edging to porn feels better than anything else! I have a number of ways that you can be a better gooner and STAY in that state of being hyper aroused! Follow My instructions in your daily life with things you should NOT waste your time on! I DO know what is best for you! All that matters is stroking! All that matters is edging, gooning. Just stroke and be a better gooner! Featuring Femdom, masturbation, chronic masturbation, encouraged chronic masturbation, gooning, humiliation, pussy free (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Goon yourself Gay

Oh I want you to keep watching gay porn! I know that you have become completely refocused on what you watch! All those men. All those types of men and of course all that cock! Get comfortable, get naked and put on gay porn. Keep stroking as I guide you and you become sexually reprogrammed and make you gay! Imagining that it is you on your knees sucking cock. Stroke as you imagine that it is you bent over and your hips firmly held as you are taken! When you finally cum and every time you cum it IS a reinforcement of your place! Featuring Femdom, making you gay, gooning, stroking , gay reinforcement, faggot reinforcement (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Pussy Free Gooner 

Its time. Time to stop thinking that you are like other men. Time to accept your place as a pussy free chronic masturbator. A pussy free gooner! Time to start planning your weekend. Oh, it it not a planning a date. Not planning a night out with friends. For a pussy free gooner the weekend or really any day means more masturbation, more porn! Time to stroke. Time to goon the weekend away because that is what gooners do! For a pussy free gooner like you that is what free time means, ANY free time! Edging for hours on end being mindless, losing track of time! Even losing track of days being in a state of hyper arousal from all the edging and stroking. Being a pussy free gooner is EXACTLY what I want you to be! Featuring Femdom, chronic masturbation, gooning, gooner, pussy free, pussy free lifestyle, pussy free pledge (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Life Long Gooner 

Masturbation especially edging over and over IS highly addictive! That feeling of heightened arousal IS addictive and having an orgasm would ruin this intense pleasure! There is nothing else that feels as good as this hyper arousal from endless masturbation not even sex! Even though you know you are desensitizing your cock and that now it is only your hand that can satisfy this gooning addiction that you cannot stop! The stroking edging sessions getting longer and longer. Spending more and more time by yourself, more and more time watching porn! So you will keep stroking, so you will keep edging, you will keep gooning! This intense heightened arousal is what is going to keep you stroking, this intense heightened arousal is what is going to keep ensure that you ARE a life long gooner! Featuring Femdom, gooning, edging encouragement, gooner acceptance, hyper arousal, chronic masturbation (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Did you know I have over 1500 videos, audios and other files listed on Niteflirt? I realize it can be overwhelming however I would be more than happy to make recommendations based on your erotic interests! Simply send Me a message letting Me know your interests!