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Pussy Free Gooner

I hope that you had a great week! It is a gorgeous warm morning and I just returned from walk on the beach! My phone and chat lines will be on per My regular schedule today

My new audio is a reinforcement of not only being pussy free but ensuring you spend your time edging and gooning!

~ NEW ~ Pussy Free Gooner 

Its time. Time to stop thinking that you are like other men. Time to accept your place as a pussy free chronic masturbator. A pussy free gooner! Time to start planning your weekend. Oh, it it not a planning a date. Not planning a night out with friends. For a pussy free gooner the weekend or really any day means more masturbation, more porn! Time to stroke. Time to goon the weekend away because that is what gooners do! For a pussy free gooner like you that is what free time means, ANY free time! Edging for hours on end being mindless, losing track of time! Even losing track of days being in a state of hyper arousal from all the edging and stroking. Being a pussy free gooner is EXACTLY what I want you to be! Featuring Femdom, chronic masturbation, gooning, gooner, pussy free, pussy free lifestyle, pussy free pledge


Humiliation Foot Porn 

Take your place at My feet where you belong. Snapping My fingers I instruct you to oink for Me! I have been molding you into exactly what I want! With My pussy free reinforcement, censoring you, quick cummmer training have all helped Me make you unfuckable! It is so amusing! It IS so appropriate for you! Even more amusing that you keep coming back for more! More of My laughing, more of My amusement at your expense! THIS is your porn! My perfectly size 6 feet as I hold out My red leather high heel telling you to stuff your face inside. Now thank Me for making you unfuckable! Featuring Femdom, high heels, toe cleavage, foot worship, foot fetish, humiliation, pussy free, bare feet, red toenails, oinking, unfuckable (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

BBC and Pussy Free

It all began so long ago! This fascination with BBC and the acknowledgement of your inferior small white penis. This has led to an obsession with BBC and the realization of your place as a beta butt boi. Acknowledging the superiority of big black cock and your place to surrender to it! The need to be permanently marked by being bred by BBC and branded by BBC. It is time for you to accept your destiny. It is time for you to accept your place. It is time for you to accept your place as a pussy free white butt boi and bottom bitch! Featuring elements of BBC, verbal humiliation, name calling, degradation, SPH (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Pussy Free IS the Answer 

Women are NOT the answer for you! Pussy free is the answer for you. Panties are the answer for you! Deep down you know this! The reality for you, your humiliating truths for you! Pussy is NOT the answer, panties are the answer. I know that you are so much happier in panties. I know that panties make you feel safe from Women and sexual pressure. Yes, panties are the answer for you! It feels good to admit it. Go ahead and say it! I am a panty bitch. I belong in panties. Panties are what makes me happy. When you are in panties it is so erotic and exciting because it is where you belong! Oh yes, it is humiliating and emasculating to admit how erotic it is and how arousing it is to be in panties! I know you thrive on that emasculation. I know that you thrive on that humiliation Featuring pussy free, panties, emasculation, panty bitch (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Pussy Free at My Feet 

Denied! I know exactly where you belong! At My feet waiting for My attention looking at My perfect size six feet. Salivating at the sight of My toe cleavage which is shown off perfectly in My high heels. I choose them because I KNOW how weak you are! I KNOW how weak and submissive you get when I am in control. I know how weak you get when I force you to your knees, head down to take your proper place like a good girl! Oh there will be no sex for you! No you are going to be pussy free…forever! Kneeling at My feet as I slip off My strappy high heels is all you deserve and all you will get! Taking your head and shoving your nose into My heels and holding you there. Forcing you to admit that you are a beta. Forcing you to admit you do not deserve to have sex with a Woman. This just adds to your excitement and arousal! So excited! Rub, rub and squirt like a girl! Featuring Femdom, sexual inferiority, pussy free, verbal humiliation, good girl (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Did you know I have over 1500 videos, audios and other files listed on Niteflirt? I realize it can be overwhelming however I would be more than happy to make recommendations based on your erotic interests! Simply send Me an email or chat message letting Me know your interests!

I have another profile here on Niteflirt MistressGoddessNatasha. There was just not enough space for all My audio and video files in just one place. Many of My new files will be uploaded there. VISIT MY NEW PROFILE HERE

Happy New Year Goddess Natasha’s Best of 2022

As you may or may not know at the end of the year I look back to see what My most popular recordings were. I call it Goddess Natasha’s Best of 2022 My top ten recordings were evenly split between audio files and videos on Niteflirt.

The five videos were Permanently Hynotized, Tick Tock Drop, Ego Destruction Making you Unfuckable, Femdom Hypnosis Ownership and Control and Shut the Fuck Up and Do what I tell you.

Although Permanently Hynotized is listed as My number one recording actually it was a tie! Permanently Hypnotized Continued was downloaded just as many times! Every single person who downloaded Permanently hypnotized also download Permanently Hyponotized Continued.

The five audio files were Lifelong Gooner, Extreme Poppers, Deep Femme Conditioning, Hypno Bimbo IQ Reducer and Sissy Cum Dump Brainwashing.

Permanently Hypnotized

best of 2022

My make up perfectly done high lighting My piercing blue eyes I knew that it would not take long for you to crave more mind control. The swirling pendant takes you down and Goddess says you will drop. Goddess says you will go deep. In a deep state of hypnois Goddess controls you and wants you mindless. No thinking, no more thoughts becoming mindless and permanently hypnotized. Dropping deeper and surrendering all! Featuring Femdom hypnosis, trancing, pendant, long red nails, finger snap, drop, triggers, hand gestures, Best of 2022 most popular download (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Life Long Gooner

best of 2022

Masturbation especially edging over and over IS highly addictive! That feeling of heightened arousal IS addictive and having an orgasm would ruin this intense pleasure! There is nothing else that feels as good as this hyper arousal from endless masturbation not even sex! Even though you know you are desensitizing your cock and that now it is only your hand that can satisfy this gooning addiction that you cannot stop! The stroking edging sessions getting longer and longer. Spending more and more time by yourself, more and more time watching porn! So you will keep stroking, so you will keep edging, you will keep gooning! This intense heightened arousal is what is going to keep you stroking, this intense heightened arousal is what is going to keep ensure that you ARE a life long gooner! Featuring Femdom, gooning, edging encouragement, gooner acceptance, hyper arousal, chronic masturbation, Best of 2022 best selling audio (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Tick Tock DROP 

best of 2022

My elegant hands with long red nails manipulate the pendant. Back and forth. Tick Tock… drop. Dropping deeper each time as I manipulate the pendant and manipulate your mind! Featuring Femdom, Femdom hypnosis, pendant, drop, long red nails, cleavage (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

EXTREME Poppers 

best of 2022

I KNOW how much you like getting high for Goddess and you know how much I enjoy controlling you. The question today is how high can I get you? How disoriented will you be? This IS an extreme poppers challenge. I have found that the more sensory deprivation there is the more intense the experience is! So gather all the things that I tell you to and begin following My instructions! Featuring Femdom, poppers, extreme poppers, instructions, inhalation guidance (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Ego Destruction Making you Unfuckable

best of 2022

I was reviewing the recordings that you download from Me. Pussy free recordings that I know you enjoy. The censored pussy free and the timed quick cummer files that I know you listen and watch over and over. These are particularly effective and amusing! Stuttering Idiot is a particularly manipulative file. Then all of the chronic masturbation files where I encourage you to stroke and edge more and more because I KNOW they are desensitizing you to sex. All of these recordings have a couple things in common. One they are all highly erotic and irresistible. I have designed them for emasculation, for control but WHAT am I REALLY doing to you? All of them are designed for emasculation however they are all DESIGNED to make you unfuckable! I have created them to destroy any chance that you will have a quote unquote normal sex life Featuring Femdom, emasculation, humiliation, pussy free, chronic masturbation (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

DEEP Femme Conditioning

best of 2022

Listen to My seductive voice as it drifts through your mind. Listen to My seductive voice encouraging your femininity, conditioning you more and more. Conditioning you deeper and deeper. Subconsciously when you are not even aware of it your conditioning IS continuing. Feel your body relaxing, as you think about how good it feels to be feminine. How good it feels to be in panties, be in pantyhose. How good it feels to fasten your bra. It is becoming more and more natural to BE feminine. Just as it is becoming more and more natural to follow Goddesses commands. Goddesses commands to relax and close your eyes. Goddesses commands for you to let go and let Goddess take control. Visualizing all your masculine behaviors, all of your masculinity being erased. Each step in your feminization is exciting, arousing and so natural. Featuring Femdom, feminization, feminization brainwashing, masculinity removal, encouraged feminization, visualization (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Femdom Hypnosis Ownership and Control

best of 2022

I know exactly what is happening to you! Becoming perfectly programmed just as I planned. I am eliminating any fears or any inhibitions and ensuring you eager for more control, ensuring you are eager and crave to hear My voice, crave more control. With every snap, with every single snap you are triggered to go deeper. trembling in anticipation. My plan has always been to have you completely and totally under My control! Intensifying your desire to surrender, intensifying your desire for My control, intensifying your desire to be a slave. A personal slave with no personal power, no free will, no control. It makes Me smile knowing what I have done to you and knowing that I have triggered you to so many things. It is so exciting and empowering. It is so easy now for Me to hypnotize you and manipulate you and there is nothing that I enjoy more! I will keep intensifying your craving and need to be owned! Featuring Femdom hypnosis, Goddess Says, pendant, hand gestures, long red nails, finger snapping, ownership (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Hypno Bimbo IQ Reducer

best of 2022

Being a bimbo is more than just looking like one! Bimbos act a certain way, giggle and are known for being empty headed which is exactly My plan for you! Memories being erased, recall being eliminated until your only concerns are make-up, shopping and being more bimbofied! After all that is what is important for a bimbo! Listen to My seductive voice as your intelligence is triggered to slip away! Triggered again and again many times a day! This trigger is one you will have NO control over and you will not even be aware! (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Sissy Cum Dump Brainwashing

best of 2022

Listen to My voice reinforcing your craving for cock. Reinforcing your deep desire for cum. This is what I want for you. An obedient sissy cum slut that needs to be used. A true sissy cum dump that cannot stop thinking about cock and all that sticky cum. Panties pulled down and legs spread as you arch your back and welcome each cock craving the feeling of a throbbing cock filling you, filling you with hot cum! Aching to be filled over and over again. Sticky cum coating your thighs and face. Still you want more, crave more and this is what I want for you. All you can think about, all you desire you cock and cum being a true sissy cum dump! Featuring Femdom, femdom hypnosis, brainwashing, sissy, sissification, cock sucking, cum dump, cum slut, forced bi (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Shut the Fuck Up Do what I tell you

best of 2022

This video is a not so gentle reminder of what I demand and the various things that I have told you. By now you are aware of My 10 commandments. No back talk, no questioning no compromises, no thinking just immediate obedience. I never want to hear the word but because that means an argument or excuse always follows! Short, simple and easy to remember! The message is short and sweet. Our interactions will be so much better and your life so much easier if you just Shut the fuck up and do what I tell you! It is that simple! Featuring Femdom, Direct Femdom, submissive training, long red nails, red lipstick, cleavage (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Gooning Mindless Masturbation

Today is Masturbation Monday and I just recorded a new file featuring gooning mindless masturbation.

As I have mentioned creating and recording custom audio files is one of My favorite things to do. It IS simple and easy to do. I have provided the information below to make your request!

~ NEW ~ Endless Mindless Masturbation 

I know you ARE to weak to resist! Over time I have molded you into being a compulsive masturbator. An ass kissing cum puppet who has gone so deep that there is no chance of escaping as you s. spiral deeper and get weaker. I have done this to you. I have molded you and programmed you. THIS recording is to arouse you even more, weaken you even further as I drain you! My voice has enslaved you using your own weaknesses to control you and manipulate you. I have made you helpless and vulnerable as you work on your cock for hours on end. Edging and making you mindless. Draining you over and over with endless masturbation. That is all there is for you. Endless masturbation for My cum puppet, My cum slave. Featuring Femdom, manipulation, masturbation, compulsive masturbator, edging, gooning, gooning mindless masturbation

Today’s SPOTLIGHT File

Mindless Masturbation Cum Puppet 

As I work on your mind, you will work on your cock. Working on your weak spot as I turn you into even MORE of a chronic masturbator. Forever in your mind hypnotically repeating how much you enjoy masturbating, how much you need to masturbate, how much you crave masturbating. It weakens you to masturbate and every time you orgasm it weakens you even more and you become more susceptible to My voice and control! Telling you over and over…you MUST masturbate! You NEED to masturbate! My voice is continuously in your subconscious instructing you stroke and cum…over and over and over! Featuring gooning mindless masturbation, edging, mind manipulation, masturbation encougement

Custom Audio MP3 

I know you so enjoy speaking with Me live but sometimes we just can’t connect! So I would enjoy controlling and manipulating you with a custom MP3 audio recording! Contact Me after purchase for content details!

SPH ~ Triggered Forced Masturbation 

The very small penis that you have has always been a source of embarrassment for you. Feeling sexually inferior your entire life as you know how Women feel about penis size. Feeling like Women are laughing at you and ridiculing you. But that is not enough for Me! With this recording I am going to ADD to your feelings of sexually inferiority AND the need to masturbate! In fact I am going to control it! With My seductive voice guiding you I am going to control your erections and masturbation. With a trigger that I implant deep in your subconscious, you WILL have to masturbate! Featuring mental domination, forced masturbation, mind control, hypnotic suggestions, SPH, humiliation, cock mocking, gooning mindless masturbation

Good Girl Masturbation

I know you want to be a good girl for Me! That’s right you are Goddesses good girl. Good girls are obedient. Good girls do as they are told. It means no more stroking! Girls rub and squirt; that’s what a good girl does! No more erections; you rub your clit and squirt like a girl! THIS is going to be your sexual Be a good girl and rub. That’s it. Put your hand between your legs and rub like a good girl. Oh it feels so good when you rub between your legs! Oh I know it will be so emotional and emasculating as things begin to change! A good obedient girl who only wants to please Goddess; you realize that means listening to Goddess; no more erections. When good girls get excited their panties get wet! Now be a good girl and press your legs together; slip your hand into your panties and rub your clit for Goddess! No more stroking, just rubbing for Goddess. Featuring Femdom, good girl, emasculation, good girl masturbation, limp

Goddess Smokes you Stroke 

Dressed all in black with My all natural cleavage on display I am taking a smoking break. With dark red lipstick and dark eyeshadow I light up. Commenting on the taste of the menthol cigarette as I light up and inhale. It is so relaxing and erotic to watch Goddess smoke. At the end of a long day, putting on one of Goddesses video and relax watching Goddess smoke. So enticing! I know that you just cannot get enough of Goddess smoking. Red lips, red nails and a long white cigarette arouse you as I command you to stroke as I smoke! I smoke and you stroke! That is a good slave; do as Goddess commands! Featuring smoking, smoking fetish, masturbation instructions, guided masturbation, mature smoking, red lipstick, long red nails