Covert Hypnosis Goddess Natasha

covert hypnosis

As you know hypnosis and trancing is a particular interest of Mine. The idea and use of covert hypnosis is especially appealing and over the years I have used aspects of it many times in many situations! This is the basis for My latest video!

~ NEW ~ Covert Hypnosis Another Hypno Victim

This scenario involves another victim of My expert covert hypnosis! Spotting you and the fact that cannot keep your eyes off of Me at the bar where I am with My girlfriends, I approach and introduce Myself to you. I have noticed that you simply could not keep your eyes off of Me. I have noticed that you were staring as I swung My leg back and forth already entranced by that simple movement. Identifying you as My next victim I explain how easy it is for Me to hypnotize you without you even knowing. How easy is to make you do as I want, to obey any and all commands. As you look skeptical, I tell if you feel that I am hypnotizing you to simply tell Me. Then using My seductive voice, blue eyes and a normal conversation I drop you into trance as you become another hypno victim of Mine to serve and please Me! Featuring Femdom, hypno, hypnosis, trancing, hypnosis victim, cleavage, long red nails


Mind Control Goddess Says

My voice flows through your mind with each hand gesture. Taking you down deeper and deeper as the light reflects off My pendant. Conscious mind taking a rest. Subconscious mind absorbing all that I say including your new trigger. Goddess says. Goddess says you will obey. Goddess says you will submit. Reiterating and imprinting the new trigger deep in your subconscious! Getting weaker and going deeper! Featuring Femdom hypnosis, mind control, hand gestures, trigger, imprinting

Covert Hypnosis

It can happen anywhere, at any time! It may be a nightclub, bar, restaurant. It may be what you first notice. The bright gold pendant with black enamel trim. Watching the pendant and in your mind you hear the word “Relax”. It resonates over and over in your mind as your eyes follow the pendant. As I walk away you can’t help but follow. Following Me. Following the pendant down the hallway unable to resist! As I turn towards you I command you to look into My eyes and feel yourself getting sleepy. Eyelids feeling so heavy. A fleeting thought of what is happening but it is easily forgotten. Unable to look away as you get sleepier and sleepier you cannot look away! Featuring Femdom hypnosis, trancing, erotic hypnosis, covert hypnosis, pendant, cleavage

Hypnotized by The Pendant

Conditioning you continues as I use My voice, gestures and pendant to take you deeper and deeper! As I manipulate the pendant, I manipulate your mind! So relaxing. The Pendant is so mesmerizing, so hypnotizing. By now you don’t even know what is happening to you! So you just stare, you cannot look away. The pendant swirling, then back and forth. Relax…Just relax and go deeper and deeper. The seductive sound of My voice combined with the pendant as you get sleepier and sleepier. That’s it. Just let go and listen to the sound of My voice as your eyelids get heavier and heavier. Featuring Femdom, Femdom hypnosis, hypnotized, pendant, deeper, sleepier

Hypnosis Mesmerized Natashasized

Every time you are hypnotized it is more and more intense! Overwhelming emotions that are associated with Me and My control! It is so powerful, so intense with no escape. I hold your mind in the palm of My hand in complete control. Triggered again by the voice, the whisper of My stockings, long red nails. Day by day more and more intense. Goddess takes you down into dream state where you are most susceptible to ALL of My suggestions. Taken into dream state where your mind is open and vulnerable to all of My triggers. Becoming more devoted, adoration and complete surrender! Featuring Femdom hypnosis, finger snapping, deeper, stockings, thigh high stockings, crossed legs, dream state