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Bimbofication by Goddess Natasha

It’s a Wicked Wednesday and this morning I was fantasizing once again about your transformation into a Bimbo! As My wife there will be many roles for you to play and it will be so hot to convert you to a  Bimbo! I have a great imagination and the whole idea of this type of transformation is extremely erotic to Me! I enjoy thinking about all the different aspects! From the physical elements to the psychological and emotional elements that will effect your appearance and your behavior. I so enjoy imagining those exaggerated features such as very plump lips that will be glossy and shiny. Large breasts that look so sexy in tight sweaters and blouses. Those large breasts with the cleavage baring tops. How emasculating! After all, how can you feel masculine with those pouty lips and huge breasts?



How exciting! you have been dreaming of this for so, so long! Dreaming of having your own breasts, full shiny lips and constant obsessing over how you look and how you dress. Blonde hair. Empty headed. Tight short dresses and skirts. Cleavage baring tops. Of course, there will be a lot of pink!  It will be exciting to transform you into the stereotypical Barbie bimbo! Let the bimbofication begin!


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Bimbo wife your transformation

I would so enjoy making you a bimbo…transformation is one of My favorite fantasies!

Transforming you into My wife

I get so excited when I think of your transformation into My wife. All the physical, emotional and psychological changes that will take place.  Transforming you into a giggling, empty headed, big boobed wife! It is such a powerful feeling and I can’t wait! I know that you crave men’s attention and just love strutting your stuff! CLICK HERE to begin!




Bimbo Slut

Oh I know all about you..the desire to be a bimbo. you look at the photos and watch the videos thinking “I want to be her!” Big tits, full plump lips sucking on those cocks! I know just the recipe for a  you!

Bimbo Sissy Trance 

This is all about making you a bimbo sissy. My latest trance recording brings you into trance with a short induction then hypnotic suggestions to make you feel even MORE like a sissy. Your breasts feel full, your nipples are tingling…you ARE a bimbo sissy.