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I hope that you are having a fantastic weekend! This past week was very busy with phone calls and a large number of custom recording requests. Of course these took quite a bit of My time as I also write most of the scripts Myself!

That being said I did still manage to record new audio files. The most popular has been Instant Bimbo! I really enjoy these bimbo recordings! There is just something so amusing as well as emasculating about this transformation!

A video that is not new proved to be the most popular called Anything to be My slave. Apparently this strikes a chord in most submissives!

The big news is that beginning soon I will be back on cam on a regular basis! I will certainly be announcing this as soon as it takes place.


Most Popular Video

Anything to be My slave 

instant bimbo

Yes, you have told Me time and again how very desperate you are to be My personal slave. Not just a “session” slave but to serve and be owned by Me. I will be testing you. Using your greatest fears and desires to control and manipulate you. I will be testing your obedience, endurance, humility and more! Eventually, you will submit to ANYTHING I desire to be My slave!

This week’s releases

Instant Bimbo 

instant bimbo

I know how badly you want to be a bimbo! I certainly enjoy brainwashing you into all those different feelings and making you crave it even more! The transformation is so erotic, powerful and emasculating! Teetering on your high heels, large breasts that are the focus where ever you go and those exaggerated plump lips! It doesn’t stop there! I want to take you even further and implant a visual trigger for you to become an instant bimbo! With a snap of My fingers Instant Bimbo! So just close your eyes and begin to imagine yourself as a hot busty blonde bimbo!

Castration ~ Happy Anniversary! 

instant bimbo

Keeping you chaste and permanently frustrated has become the normal for you through out our relationship. But it is our anniversary and its time to do something truly special. Something permanent. Something that I have talked about over the years. This will truly cement our relationship. Deepen it and of course deepen your devotion to Me! Over the years you have expressed and begged telling Me how you will do ANYTHING for Me and submit to ANYTHING With this procedure and ritual you will be making the ultimate sacrifice to Me and it will reflect how badly you want to be Mine ~ forever! Happy Anniversary!

Petticoat Discipline 

instant bimbo

In My opinion it is past time to once again instigate petticoat discipline! This practice will ensure that bad boys will become good girls! It has been proven over the years to be an effective way to deal with unruly male behavior and disobedience. From frilly panties to white lace socks and Mary Janes all the way to silky baby dolls you will be petticoated. I KNOW this is the perfect way to deal with your naughty behavior!

Complete Control 

As you know by now, the control of men both physically and mentally is My goal. My recordings have real inductions and I have practiced for many years to perfect the control of male minds. This is designed to release all of your petty male thoughts from your subconscious. I put you deep in trance, relaxing you more and more. To prepare you to serve, you will behave obediently and willingly accept My suggestions. you will crave to serve Me as I command you to submit

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