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I am finally feeling better after fighting a cold most of this week. Yes, it is possible to catch a cold in Florida! I am sure it had something to do with the crazy weather! Going from 90 degrees one day, hot and sunny to 52 degrees cloudy and rainy within 24 hours is very strange! None the less I was still busy especially with My blog, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. As well as taking phone calls I did record some new material.

The most downloaded Lifestyle Female Domination video this week was slave to Goddess in which I discuss what it REALLY takes to be My slave. Two highly popular audio files this week were Bimbo Barbie and Blackmail your road to Ruination.

Last night I put together another one of My SHOCKING specials. This new one is dedicated to My stunning 36C all natural cleavage! These are Lifestyle Female Domination videos that showcase My breasts and cleavage the best! I know you won’t want to miss it 😉 SHOCKING SPECIAL PREVIEW

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I hope you enjoy your Sunday!


Goddess Natasha

Most Popular Lifestyle Female Domination Video

slave to Goddess 

My question for you is…do you have what it takes? Do you have what it takes to be a slave to Goddess? In this Lifestyle Female Domination video I ask exactly those questions! Not just a submissive but a slave. Surrendering and sacrificing as well as placing your life in My hands! For Me to control…for Me to manage..for Me to decide all! (WATCH NOW)

Most Popular Audio Files

Bimbo Barbie 

I know that you dream and fantasize about being transformed into a bimbo. I so enjoy thinking about your transformation and how complete it will be as a Bimbo Barbie! THAT is what I have in store for you! A spray tan, blue contact lenses and a new wardrobe is just the beginning! you see, I have much more PERMANENT changes in mind! Breast implants are just the start of your permanent Bimbo Barbie transformation! (LISTEN NOW)

Blackmail your Road to Ruination 

It started off innocently enough…you found Me on Niteflirt and called. You have such a need for a Dominant and powerful Woman to control you! Each time you called you found yourself more and more intrigued. It was so exciting! This sexy Mistress was interested in you! I asked you leading questions and you were so eager to answer them. Too bad…you really had no idea how much information you were giving Me and even with small details you shared it was soooo easy to learn all about your life! Where you work. Where you live and even the details of your house! Welcome to your new life of living on the edge, a life filled with anxiety and apprehension where you jump every time the phone rings or there is a knock on the door! (LISTEN NOW)

Most Recent Releases

~NEW~ Milking 

I am sure you have heard the term milking before. There really is an art to performing this act to make it as humbling and humiliating as possible. Milking is a very effective way to control you not only physically but mentally and psychologically. It is also a most effective way to exert My dominance over you! I will take control of your cock and milk you until every drop is gone and your balls are empty. Believe Me after you have been milked there won’t be a doubt in your mind who is in control! (LISTEN NOW)

~NEW~ Steps to Cuckolding 

There are a number of steps that a cuckold will go through. From personal experience I can tell you what will happen to you mentally, emotionally and physically. As you are called to new and varied duties such as fluffer or clean up these feelings and emotions will change and evolve. The final step is your acceptance of your position as a cuck. Knowing that it IS your place and where you are meant to be. Realizing that this is not a fetish but rather a lifestyle. (LISTEN NOW)