Complete Bimbofication

These seven files will detail your life as a Bimbo! The beginning to the end complete bimbofication is My goal! From everything to dressing you and your complete mental transformation into a giggling empty headed , vacant eyed bimbo! COMPLETE Bimbofication! It’s all about being a Bimbo


Complete Bimbofication Begins Here


Bimbo Whore: It has been so exciting transforming you into a bimbo! The big tits, the plump full lips and training you to be empty headed concerned only with your appearance. Now that your physical and mental transformation is complete I have another role for you! Saturday Night Bimbo Whore! That’s right! Tonight and every Saturday night for the unforeseeable future I will be whoring you out! Setting up your “dates” and over seeing your performances! Of course, I will be there witnessing every humiliating, degrading act you have to do! Let’s not forget! I will be collecting the money! Surely you know that nothing is taboo or unthinkable for a bimbo whore!

Bimbofication: How exciting! you have been dreaming of this for so, so long! Dreaming of having your own breasts, full shiny lips and constant obsessing over how you look and how you dress. Empty headed. Vacant eyed. It would be exciting to transform you into the stereotypical Barbie bimbo! Let the bimbofication begin!

complete bimbofication
Bimbo Sissy Trance: This is all about making you a bimbo…a bimbo sissy. My latest trance recording brings you into trance with a short induction then hypnotic suggestions to make you feel even MORE like a bimbo sissy. Your breasts feel full, your nipples are tingling…you ARE a bimbo sissy. It feels so good to start your complete bimbofication

Recipe for a Bimbo Slut: Oh I know all about you..the desire to be a bimbo. you look at the photos and watch the videos thinking “I want to be her!” Big tits, full plump lips sucking on those cocks! I know just the recipe for a bimbo slut!

Bimbo Sissy Maid: Well, since I have turned you into the perfect Bimbo sissy I have decided to take it a bit further! I so love your big tits and the way your lips are now plump and full (perfect for cock sucking). I have decided that I am going to place an advertisement and offer Bimbo sissy Maid services! Guess what? YOU are going to be My first employee! The motto for Bimbo sissy Maid Service? Bimbos that clean your house and suck your cock! Let Me give you a few more details

Bimbo Guide: By now you know just how much pleasure I will take from your complete bimbofication transformation! It is so exciting to think about it…making you My wife, turning you into My HOT wife and of course guiding you to be a bimbo! This guide will start you on the journey to be the bimbo you (and I) have always wanted you to be!

Making you My Bimbo Wife: I get so excited when I think of your transformation into My wife. All the physical, emotional and psychological changes that will take place. It is such a powerful feeling and I can’t wait to make you My bimbo wife! I know that you crave men’s attention and just love strutting your stuff! Get ready to be My bimbo wife!