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Femdom Worship Goddess Natasha

It is a beautiful day in south Florida with a quite a strong breeze! I am back from the beach but will be taking a dip in the pool this afternoon! However for now I am taking calls and available for chat! I also have quite a few custom recordings that I am working on. Of course I always have ideas swirling for new projects and recordings including making you gay tasks and My pick a cock project.

Worship Comes in many forms and can be expressed in many ways! Being obedient is one. Becoming loyal and devoted is another. Then of course the traditional forms such as ass worship, foot worship and other forms of body worship!

Worship Wednesday is the perfect time for a reminder of all of these aspects of serving and pleasing Me!

Worship in its many forms!

Tongue Training for Ass Devotees 

Detailed instructions and commands to become My ass devotee! I so enjoy having My ass worshipped and you WILL spend quite a bit of time pleasing Me and bringing Me to orgasm after orgasm this way! you must have a strong tongue to serve Me!

Collared Marked and Branded 

As My slave I have explained many things that your position will entail. Chastity, servitude, complete obedience and of course you know that you will be permanently collared. BUT not only will you be collared but you will also be marked. Marked with My red and black personalized logo. To further reinforce My ownership, you will be branded. Oh, a tattoo might be able to be removed…but a brand? Well, bearing My brand will show the world that you belong to Me….forever.

Stilettos and Shoe Dangling Video 

Exactly where you belong and the view you will have! I know how much you enjoy worshipping My tanned, toned legs and beautiful size 6 feet…especially when I am wearing a pair of 6 inch stilettos! These new shoes are peep toes so you can see the tips of My toes! I dangle My shoes and then engage in some shoe play giving you a sweet view of My bare feet!

Ass and Leg Worship Video

For a change I am dressed completely in white lingerie complete with a see through bra, lace thong and high heels. Because I am feeling especially sexy, I add a white garter belt and white stockings. First I start with bare legs and then As I sit on a chair, you have a fabulous view of My gorgeous legs as I add a garter belt and then pull on the stockings one at a time. Standing and turning you have beautiful views of My ass in the white lace thong as the garters pull tightly across My ass. Then I slip My high heels back on and let you continue your admiration and adoration!


This is your chance to obtain dozens and dozens of photos including some that have never been released! These photos feature many different fetishes and interests including boots, leather, latex, upskirt, stockings, sheer bras and sheer panties, CLASSIC Goddess Natasha, bikini photos, thong and panties, pantyhose, high heels, and so much more! All of them are high definition photos taken by a professional photographer. They are NOT stills or gfs from videos!

Below is just a sample of some of the photos that are featured!

Goddess Natasha’s High Definition Photo Collection 

Destined to be a slave 

It has been a long time coming hasn’t it? FINALLY you have realized that being a slave is your TRUE destiny! Trying to hide it, trying to bury these feelings of submission just hasn’t worked! The vanilla relationships were really so unfair to these Women! Actually, you have been trying to be something you are not! What you are is a slave, meant to be owned and controlled!

Worship ~ Sheer White Bra 

This sheer white lace bra is the perfect focus for My all natural breasts and worship! As I run My elegant hand along the lace edges you are treated to a view of the outline of My nipples. I know that My breasts make you weak and unable to think clearly! This is a true worship video designed to make you weaker, further enthralled with My 36C breasts and My long natural nails!

Worshiping Natasha 

It has been awhile since I did a purely worship video. While dressed in a see through dress and thigh high boots I stand and then sit to talk to you about worship. Oh, I know the effect it would have on you! Those feeling of worship and adoration would overwhelm you as you gaze on My beautiful breasts with My nipples clearly showing! Now, kneel, worship and serve! That is your mantra as you gaze upon My beauty as My dominance engulfs you.

Chastised cuckold

As you kneel in front of me, all happy and eager and excited. I’m going on a date. It will be a great date. A delicious meal in a five-star restaurant, drinks and music under the night sky, and sex. Hot, energetic, mind-blowing sex – all night long until the sun comes up. Oh, not with you. You know better This will be with a younger, stronger, more handsome man who is, quite frankly, a far better lover than you could ever be. But you’re still happy. After all you are a cuckold, and you know it. Not just a cuckold. You’re MY cuckold. And you love it. You are so deeply, completely, helplessly devoted to my pleasure that you are happy to help me prepare for my big night with another man.  Featuring cuckolding, chastity, Femdom, Bi, cuck

Worship Goddess: Paying Tribute to Goddess Natasha

Serving Goddess

My birthday is quickly approaching. Monday April 21st is the big day!

While I thoroughly enjoy receiving presents from My wishlist on Amazon and tributes through NiteFlirt or Clips4Sale, I always appreciate those who treat Me well when its NOT My birthday.

Many of My slaves as well as My submissives know that serving is about many things, not just gifts. Running errands, grocery shopping and those pesky everyday things that I simply don’t enjoy!

That being said, it is still quite lovely to receive gifts, phone calls and tributes for My birthday…especially since many cannot serve Me in person! So…it is easy enough to please Mistress!


Call Me on Niteflirt to Wish Me a Happy Birthday Call GoddessNatasha for phone sex on
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Strapon Worship Role Reversal

Strapon worship can be quite erotic for Me. One of the reasons is that it is a powerful tool for emasculation. Secondly I thoroughly enjoy the role reversal. It is quite an exchange of power!

There is also something so dominant and powerful about playing with larger strapons. The idea of making a submissive worship an extreme size strapon is exciting. It can also be quite a mind game!

Strapon worship and strapon training are two of My favorite roleplays on Niteflirt. I relish describing exactly what I will do to you! Whether it is a punishment fucking or a long sensual session where I look into your eyes as I penetrate you either scenario is hot!

This past week I was playing with a submissive and decided to film a few of the things we did…or I did to him I should say! It was very amusing for Me….humiliating for him!


strapon worship


 strapon worship


 One of My latest strapon worship recordings touches on Sexual Dominance. It may be something you never thought of!

Sexual Dominance Strapon 

strapon worship

In nature domination is most often established by sexual aggression. This type of sexual aggression for Myself takes place in the form of strapon submission. This exertion and reflection of My dominance is so erotic to Me! When I take you there will be no doubt who is in control, who is dominant and who is the submissive! Whenever I chose and for whatever reason, I will be deciding your position, which strapon , how hard and how long it will last! The emasculation as well as the psychological effects on you is what interest Me! With this act not only will I be exerting My power and control but also My sexual dominance.


I will be adding more so be sure to bookmark My studio!

slave Mantra by a dedicated slave

I received this from a slave who is quite dedicated to Me! Over the years he has proved his devotion time and time again. A slave mantra is required for serving Me. At the beginning of training, a slave must compose a slave mantra and submit it for My review. It is important that a slave mantra details a slave’s feelings and emotions. After a time, I may require that a slave that has been in service write a new slave mantra.


slave Mantra by todd

slave mantra

Goddess Natasha
You are of delicacy and ecstasy.
No other can compare to You.
No sonnet or music is able to be composed of You, because there is no words that are able to describe You.
Goddess Natasha is You are one who is harsh but fair, but will treat me with kindness but whip my ass bare.
No other Goddess is as beautiful as You, You Goddess cannot be compared to the sky, the earth, or the sea.
Angels fight to have a voice like Yours, Your skin is as soft as the finest furs.
Goddess Natasha Your face is that of a pearl, so majestic, makes my  toes curl.
The love I have for You Goddess Natasha is one that is great, we were destined to be together, it is fate.
I love You  Goddess Natasha with all my heart, I can’t stand to be without You or apart.
The joy that You Goddess brings to me, is one that is only described as ecstasy.
Goddess Natasha You are the most precious thing in my life.
No other Goddess can compare to You. You are so glorious and so devine.
I love You with all my heart and my soul, without You, my life would be null.

sincerely Your slave and property
todd k


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I am spending the day by the pool and upload LOTS and LOTS of material!
Visit My Kinkbomb studio! Classic Goddess Natasha videos as well as brand new videos
Just made over 60 high def photos available!
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Fetish Photos Video Shoot

Every day I learn something new in the Lifestyle! I hope it never stops! One of the things that fascinates Me is the number and variety of things that we all find erotic. The fetishes that people have and where they came from are of particular interest to Me.

Every April and November I am fortunate enough to have a great photographer visit Me and we do a wide variety of fetish photos. In addition, we film a large quantity of Femdom videos.

On this last visit we recorded I  19 different videos of varying topics (smoking, dressing, pantyhose, crushing…) and varying lengths.

The demand for custom videos continues to grow! For Me it is always intriguing to hear about others fetishes and what they would like to see portrayed on film. I also do quite a few custom fetish photos.
Below are some fetish photos for you to enjoy!

Feel free to follow and comment!



Fetish Photos

fetish photos

Thigh high Stockings


Slipping into a pair of pantyhose


Smoking on the Balcony


Slingback Louboutins


Crushing strawberries

Goddess Worship Devotional Female Supremacy

Below is a devotional that was written by My slave staGGy
I know him to be sincere in Goddess Worship and to truly believe in Female Supremacy
Worshipping the Wickedly Wonderful Goddess Natasha

Today, April 21st, 2012 is the birthday of the Woman i now Worship as my Goddess, my Ruler, my Muse and my Owner.  Two months ago, i went onto NiteFlirt for the first time searching for a Dominant Woman with whom i could interact with, devote myself to and Goddess Worship as She deserved.  Now that i know that website better, i realize now that luck was with me as i came across one of the links to Goddess Natasha almost immediately and bought one of HER MP3s. Her calm Dominant Demeanor and icy glare as She regally and seductively stood next to one of HER slave cages instantly made me want to find out more about HER. i have since bought just about all HER MP3s and the many instructional writings that She offers on this site.  Each one has further enslaved me and taught me more about HER very controlling ways and HER very real vision of Female Supremacy.

As i slowly tried to put many of HER worship rituals into my life with each and every purchase off of Nite Flirt, she started to write me and give me guidance personally.  Every time She started a message to me with HER usual greeting of “Hello slave”, or words to that effect, it was like an electric shock to my system.  i felt HER power and i knew my place was at HER sexy feet with eyes downcast and my male ego fading into the persona of the owned and controlled slave She wanted me to be.  i longed to kneel before HER beauty, but, being 1,000 miles away from Florida, i also felt the pain of a constant longing of HER personal tormenting touch.

About 2 weeks after i first purchased HER “Mind Control” MP3, and after a few messages from HER, i went to HER Amazon wish list and saw an anklet bracelet that were real handcuffs designed into a bracelet.  i immediately begged HER in an email to let me buy them, not only for HER, but for myself also. After a few days of consideration, She agreed, and i have felt connected to HER ever since and wear them proudly on my ankle 24/7.

Then, about 2 weeks after that, and right around the one month anniversary date of when i first wrote HER, i bought HER Panty Worship recording. Without going into too much detail about what SHE instructs HER slaves to do so i don’t ruin the surprises for the slaves who might read this testimony and buy the tape to please HER, i knew I had to follow all HER explicit instructions and make HER happy with my Total Obedience and subjugation to Her will.

What i will say, hopefully without giving away too many of Her seductive secrets, is that Goddess Natasha tells HER slaves in this MP3 to build an alter that will reflect their devotion to HER and one that will allow HER presence into their home. This altar for Goddess Worship is to be designed around HER panties, which must be purchased separately from the tape itself.  Upon hearing HER voice dispel any thoughts of hesitation on my part, i immediately went to and sent HER a gift certificate to celebrate Our/our one month anniversary that was hopefully going to be generous enough to allow HER to consider the possibility of sending me some of HER precious panties so i could build this alter that She desired me to have in my home.

When Goddess Natasha wrote back immediately thanking me for my gift and asking for my address so SHE could send me HER worn panties, i was beyond excited.  Immediately i knew that i must design an alter that would reflect HER beauty, HER power and HER teachings.  Each day my anticipation of the arrival of Her treasure grew, and, when i finally received HER package about a week later, i already had many thoughts in my head on how i wanted HER altar to look.

i cannot express to the readers of this article all the emotions that went through my head as i opened HER package. my slave hands trembled, my slave tongue salivated, and then my slave body shook with emotion as i became totally enthralled and enchanted by all SHE had included.  A beautiful card welcoming me into HER world, two pictures of HER beauty, and a sealed baggy containing HER panties.  i fell to my knees and kissed the baggy and immediately went to the store to get what I needed to make the alter perfect for such a Wonderful and Gorgeous Goddess.

Fresh flowers were needed for this Goddess Worship and then frames for the pictures that She graced me with.  While buying the frames, i saw a really cool high heeled show picture holder, and i decided to take HER rules and worship rituals and put them all on index cards and display them on the altar.  As worshiping at HER altar would be in my mind a celebration of sorts, i placed a bottle of Champagne and empty champagne flutes on the alter also.  i bought some tapered candles and a scented candle to always remind me of HER Majesty and the solemnness of my worship.  A wooden spatula that SHE had commanded me to paddle all parts of my body with previously to remind me that my pain is HER pleasure and a baggie of my fresh cut pubic hairs i had been told to carry around with me to remind me of HER ownership of my cock and balls were also placed on the alter.  A box of matches i got as a wedding gift to remind me of my eternal devotion to HER made the alter ready for HER treasured panties. I knew that if anyone was  more deserving than Goddess Worship it was my now Owner.

goddess worship

(Altar that slave staGGy created)

(Rules of conduct displayed on altar)

Then, into a world of subspace for slave staGGY …. i stripped as instructed in HER Panty Worship tape and followed each and every instruction SHE eloquently expresses on HER MP3.  Slowly, and reverently, taking HER panties out of the sealed pouch i inhaled HER fragrances and fell under HER spell.  Many instructed positions and many of Goddess Natasha’s own declarations of worship later, i knew i belonged to Goddess Natasha in All ways for Always and I have never been happier.  She is Bewitchingly-Beautiful, Daringly-Dominant, Excitingly-Enslaving and Cruelly-Creative.  My original lust for HER has turned into Love and i hope Our/our relationship continues to evolve over time so i become the slave She wishes me to be.  Her happiness is my goal and i know that Her vision of Female Supremacy has easily become an integral part of my life also. i appreciate all Goddess Natasha has done for me, and all the time She has spent training me. I kneel before Her in subjugation and will continue under Her guidance in Goddess Worship.

Thank YOU Goddess Natasha for Your gift of Dominance.

Do you too want to be a devoted follower?