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Mind Control Hypnosis

This past week was quite busy with some new recordings including a new series that I am starting called Feminine Pursuits. These are femme tasks that delve so much deeper than just putting on a pair of panties! My first lesson has been very popular and has appeared on the marque for quite some time! As always My mind control hypnosis recordings are highly sought after!

In addition Mind Takeover (featuring mind control hypnosis) and Sissy Bitch Academy were both on the most popular list. If you haven’t downloaded them I hope you will take a moment to do so!

My most popular video this week was one of My hypnosis recordings called Absolute Control. It is available as an individual video but it is also one of the videos in My SHOCKING Mind Control compilation.

This week’s most popular audio file was Mindfucked into Chastity which is also a hypnosis recording. By the end of it you will be begging for Me to lock you up!

Today I will be available for phone calls, personal training and by email!

Most Popular Video

Absolute Control 

mind control hypnosis

Featuring mind control hypnosis I use My elegant hands and with each wave of My hand, you relax more and more. I take you down deep with a countdown and snap of My fingers. It’s time for your conscious mind to take a rest and your subconscious mind to take over. Now it is time for giving up control and giving Me absolute control. Absolute control over your mind, your body, your actions. (WATCH NOW)

Most Popular Audio

Mindfucked into Chastity 

mind control hypnosis

This MP3 recording takes you down into a deep state of hypnosis. Then I will be telling you how exciting, how arousing being locked into chastity is! How you will find it so hot, so exciting and crave to be locked up! By the end of this recording you will be BEGGING for a lifetime of chastity! (LISTEN NOW)

Recent Releases

~NEW~ Feminine Pursuits Lesson One 

mind control hypnosis

Enhance your femininity! That is exactly what this training lesson and task is designed to do! More than just slipping into a pair of panties and stockings this task was created to immerse you in feminine pursuits! Each and every time you carry out a task you will be closer and closer to being completely feminized! (LISTEN NOW)

~NEW~ Emasculated Sissy Faggot Cuckold 

mind control hypnosis

I always knew you would make a perfect sissy faggot cuckold. My training and transformation of you is coming along so beautifully! I have literally stripped away your masculinity bit by bit! The more I change you and emasculate you the more you crave it! It is all part of your emasculation. The corset training, hormone, therapy and the introduction into being a faggot it is all part of your emasculation. Of course serving as a cuckold will only add to those feelings! Then the final emasculation that you have begged for! I will be making you a eunuch! There will be a whole different life for you without testicles without testosterone! Featuring elements of femdom, sissy, faggot training, humiliation, cuckolding, burdizzo, emasculation (WATCH NOW)

~NEW~ Mind Control Choosing your Path 

mind control hypnosis

Taking you down into a state of hypnosis with a brief induction I encourage you to relax and let go. By now you are so conditioned all it takes is the sound of My voice to hypnotize you. In your minds eye you see a fork in the road. The road is your life. It is time to make a decision. Are you going to stay on the road that you have been on? Or are you going to take the road to fulfillment and happiness. The road of servitude and submission where you really belong. The path of serving and pleasing a superior Dominant Female Goddess Natasha. THIS is the path that you want to follow. THIS is the path that you crave to take. THIS is the path where you belong. I know that you want to give up control. I know that you need to give up control to Me. You NEED to surrender and let go. I will be deep in your mind, deep in your subconscious guiding you on this path. Keeping you on this path. This new mind control hypnosis file will influence exactly what path you will take!  (LISTEN NOW)

~NEW~ Chastity 

mind control hypnosis

Chastity is an essential step in the breaking of a slave. No drive is more vital, more intense than the urge to stroke your cock and have it become long and hard and throb with indescribable pleasure. It is the ultimate masculine drive, the drive that makes you a man. Having control of that cock, of those erections is the heart of your sexual identity, your sense of worth, and your male ego. Chastity takes all of that away. Which, of course, is why I enjoy it .Everything from the anticipation to the choosing of the device to looking into your eyes as you hear the audible click of the lock being closed is erotic to Me! (LISTEN NOW)

Femdom Control Goddess Natasha

As you know I am all about control! The more control I have the more erotic and powerful it is for Me! It should be no surprise then that I am especially interested in controlling your orgasms as well as masturbation activities! As My level of Femdom control over you grows more intense so does My feeling of satisfaction. As you are aware that is all that really matters when submitting to Me!

Femdom Control

Last Orgasm 

femdom control

This is another video that showcases My beautiful all natural 36C breasts. As you gaze at My stunning cleavage the words begin to register. Last Orgasm. your last orgasm. Today is the day…mark your calendar because today is the day you will be allowed your last orgasm. Oh, yes I use to be generous and allow you a mind blowing, feels so good orgasm on your birthday. No more! What do you have to look forward to? Chastity day after day, month after month. What do you have to look forward to? Forced milkings and ruined orgasms. WATCH NOW

As always I love to hear from you! Ideas, suggestions and custom requests for Femdom control recordings are always welcome!


Cumming on My Command Intro 

femdom control

As your Mistress and Owner I have been exerting more and more control over you in a variety of ways. Now I explain to you how I will be taking over your orgasms and begin your training for cumming on My command. WATCH NOW

Cumming on My Command 

femdom control

Now your training is beginning. As I recline on the couch dressed in a plunging black lace bra, thong and thigh high stockings with 6 inch heels, I start your stroking directions. That’s right..stroke for Goddess as I describe a sexy ass worship session with Me. Stroking, stroking…then a countdown and I command you to cum. Did you cum on My command? Good, obedient slave. You didn’t? Well, there is a penalty for that! Featuring guided masturbation, masturbation instructions, joi  WATCH NOW

One of My most popular Femdom control videos!

It’s ALL about Control MY Control 

femdom control

Dressed in a tight leather dress and thigh high leather boots, I explain to you what I want. To be in complete control of you…physically, mentally and emotionally. I will make you want what I want. Control and power. That is what I want. Control and power over you. I have methods to get inside your head without you even knowing it! I will find out what excites you, what scares you and intrigues you. Then I will use these things to control you mentally, physically and emotionally. WATCH NOW

Permanent Chastity Lifetime of Frustration

I have always been a firm believer in chastity for ALL males. Not only do I believe that all males should be in chastity but a Woman should hold the key. I do NOT believe that “self” chastity is effective. There is a huge psychological difference when a Woman has custody of the key. Also the concept of permanent chastity with only be let out for milking and on occasion denial sessions is especially arousing.

I look at chastity as another form of control. After all, you will be surrendering your cock, sexual activities and your orgasms to Me as a key holder. This type of control will not only deepen your submission but actually make you more docile and obedient. Often over looked is the bond of intimacy and dependence that chastity can create! But of course the most erotic is the power and control I will have over you! To Me chastity is not a fetish but a part of the Lifestyle. In fact I find the idea of permanent chastity particularly erotic. Furthermore, there won’t be any plastic devices used. I enjoy the permanence and look of steel!

Chastity Questionnaire

permanent chastity

Are you a candidate for chastity? This questionnaire is designed to gauge your capacity for chastity including how long you should be locked, why you should be locked up and what type of device should be used. Questions on masturbation habits, size, milking and other personal questions must ALL be answered!


Ultimate Chastity

permanent chastity

There are many chastity devices available and some have come and gone throughout the years. The recent ones are just not good enough for controlling you! But this one…the one I call the ultimate chastity device is quite different! Trust Me you will NOT be able to touch your cock at all. In fact, you will not even be allowed to have an erection! Locked on, chains will encircle you and be put placed between your legs. If I am feeling particularly cruel I may sodder it on!

Permanent Chastity A Lifetime of Frustration

permanent chastity

This is what you have been craving and needing. A strong Dominant Woman controlling your cock, controlling your orgasms. In this Mind Control recording, I bring you into trance and begin to plant ideas in your subconscious. You crave this permanent chastity. You want this chaste life. A permanent life of chastity. As a matter of fact, if you THINK about removing the chastity device there will be consequences! Deep in your subconscious I have implanted what will happen to you physically and mentally if you contemplate removing it! Oh, you will be aroused and excited but unable to release! Welcome to a lifetime of frustration!

~SHOCKING~ Chastity Special!

permanent chastity

Another in My Shocking series! Six videos and one audio recording that I WANT you to have! This contains close to an hour of Myself speaking about My need for control through chastity, orgasm control and denial! (Includes A Different Kind of Chastity, Chastity Surrendering Control, The Key to your Chastity, The Ultimate Chastity, Controlling your Cock and Balls, The Importance of Chastity, Permanent Chastity)

Orgasm Control by Diane Callaway

I want to welcome Diane as a guest! She is an experienced Domme who loves to be in control!

orgasm control


Orgasm Control

I have been playing since I was first on my own. I can remember when I first started dominating men I had all home made products. I still have some of these hiding in a box somewhere. As the years have gone by I have expanded my collection of cock toys into a decent selection of fun things for orgasm control.

I am into sensual play. I am not sadistic but I like to put a man on the edge and hold him there for as long as I can. When I started out I used rope to tie up a man’s testicles and shaft. I was first introduced into cock cages by the simple leather strap that went around the base of the shaft.

About a year later I then discovered the three strap leather cage for a long time this was my personal favorite. The nice thing about these is they increase a man’s girth and his ability to maintain an erection for a long time. I enjoy a longer evening of play staying power is important for this.

Generally once a man obtains his orgasm he is done for that night with this type of play. I had been watching the hard plastic cages for a few years when I finally bought one they were not what I wanted them to be.

The issues I had with the hard plastic cock cages were the edges are extremely sharp even in the cb6000 if a man has larger testicles the base ring is too small in diameter. It is fun to use pain to heighten the evening but having someone completely uncomfortable for a whole night is not enjoyable for anyone.

I started talking to my callers on Niteflirt asking a lot of questions from the men who enjoy chastity and orgasm control. It became apparent there are a lot of people who were having the same issues with the hard plastic cages that I was experiencing. I was adviced to try a metal cage for my submissive men. I found a few that I liked and just bought four one night they were all designed a little different and I wanted a variety of ones to play with.

The metal cages can be harder to get on initially but once they are in place my playmates quickly told me they were far more comfortable than the hard plastic cages. I like that they are more intimidating when a man is wearing them. A plastic cage looks flimsy when it is on because of this a man may feel that he is not mentally caged. The metal ones completely do away with that mental train of thought.

A man feels he is absolutely caged up and until I undo that lock he is there.I am often asked by a man who is just starting out in this how long do I lock someone up and the answer to that is it depends. Cock caging is extremely intimate and requires a large amount of trust between both people involved. I generally start out with an evening of play trying on different cages to discover the best fit. I like to use a lot of teasing for the night.

After I find the cage that I feel will work best I then will do a whole weekend the best scenario is to go out-of-town and use this as a weekend away. For a man to feel he is being controlled he needs a lot of attention. Placing a man in a cage and ignoring him will not make him feel he is being submissive.

Most women just want to put a man into some type of device and walk away. The tease is what makes this so much fun and it is the important part of the process. In a lot of ways it takes a person back to the tease of an early relationship where every touch creates electricity in the skin and butterflies in the belly.

For me it is all about the fun of it. I enjoy taunting a man over and over to where he will absolutely do anything to just feel the explosion of an orgasm. The cages increase these wants and desires but the important part is and will always be the emotional connection.

Diane Callaway

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Diane’s Youtube Channel 

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Ultimate Chastity by Goddess Natasha

Ultimate Chastity Device

There are many chastity devices available and some have come and gone throughout the years. The recent ones are just not good enough for controlling you! But this one…the one I call the ultimate chastity device is quite different! Trust Me you will NOT be able to touch your cock at all. In fact, you will not even be allowed to have an erection! Locked on, chains will encircle you and be put placed between your legs. If I am feeling particularly cruel I may sodder it on!

ultimate chastity


Ultimate Chastity Device Available Here

 Click Here to Read More on My thoughts on Chastity

Chastity, Orgasm Control and more

Chastity and chastity devices seem to have become very popular topics recently. As many of you know I have ALWAYS been a proponent of controlling a male’s orgasm as a way of controlling him and deepening his submission. I have many videos and recordings on the subject.

There are so many devices but I prefer the permanence of stainless steel devices. There is just something so erotic knowing that a male and his orgasms are completely under My control!

chastityThe Ultimate Chastity Device DOWNLOAD HERE

I have been traveling a lot this winter to see some special people (you know who you are!) so a number of things have been neglected! Like My blog….

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Also both of My clips4salestudios are going strong! I cover many subjects like chastity, slave training, worship and more! I actually might open a third just for videos featuring My gorgeous feet! Every time I have an idea, out comes the camera for a video! Like today…three new videos that will be up soon! Goddess Natasha’s Bondage Emporium and FemDom and Fetish.

For your information I am no longer doing “free” cam….there were not enough serious Lifestyle people and well, I can SEE what was going on….so keep in mind any camming with Me is a paid service! NO!! I do NOT take paypal! Don’t even ask

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