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Castration Femdom Hypnosis

Castration and emasculation are two of My favorite topics to discuss.

Since 1992 I have been engaging in hypnosis. First I recorded quite a number of Femdom hypnosis audio recordings. Then I decided to produce a number of videos. Lastly I decided that I wanted to use it in My real time sessions. I decided My goal in real time would be two fold. One I wanted to have My submissive relaxed. One of the problems with real time sessions can be leaving the “real” world outside. I found that with a light trance not only could I alleviate this but also accomplish focusing My submissives mind.

Craving Castration

Dressed in a tight fitting leather dress, lace top thigh high stockings and black leather pumps, a relaxing hypnotic induction takes you down very deep into a pleasurable trance in this latest  video.  While you are deeply relaxed I begin to tell you how much you want to be Mine, to be owned by Me and to please Me. You know that castrating you will make Me so very happy and please Me.  Now the thought of castration will be so exciting to you, so very erotic. There will be no fear, no apprehension just the craving to be Mine and to be castrated by My hand.


Click Here to Preview Craving Castration at Clips4Sale


Click Here for Cruel Castration another Goddess Natasha Femdom Video

Sadistic CBT then Castration

The most popular video this week was Sadistic CBT Then Castration which unfortunately is also one of the files that will be soon be deleted. Two equally popular audio files this week was My new Hypno Sissy Femininity and The New World Order Accepting your Fate. Hypno Sissy has been on the Most Popular Marquee for most of the week. In addition I released a number of new audios and a new video which are listed on the bottom.


Most Popular Video

Sadistic CBT Then Castration 

sadistic cbt

With My usual smile and dressed seductively in a cleavage baring red dress I describe what your testicles would undergo before being removed! I have such brutal plans of cock and ball torment that will have you writhing in pain eventually begging to be castrated. By the tone of My voice and the smile on My face you KNOW how much I am going to enjoy this! While you are restrained I will use My sexy feet rubbing them against your soon to be removed balls as you are unable to control yourself and become erect! THEN such suffering and brutality with kicking, punching, nails driven through your scrotum and teased with an elastrator AND burdizzo! I show you My burdizzo which is so intimidating and also describe using My elastrator on you. It all begins with you being restrained and completely immobilized. Naked and vulnerable I begin your humiliation and dehumanization with shaving your head and then the sadistic torment begins!

Most Popular Audio’s

The New World Order Accepting your Fate 

sadistic cbt

As I have told you before The New World Order is at hand. I know that some males are going to find this difficult. It might even be you! Oh, I know that you fantasize about Women being in control and all men being subservient but what will you do when it actually becomes a reality.

Latest Releases

~ NEW ~ Hypno Sissy Femininity 

sadistic cbt

It is becoming easier and easier to manipulate your mind and your thoughts. When you hear My voice you begin to relax and become so open to My suggestions! This recording brings you down into trance and enhances your feelings of submission. Even more not only your feelings of submission but also your feelings of femininity! Implanting many ideas and suggestions so that you want everyone to know what you are! What a sissy you are. The need to wear panties and stockings will get more and more intense! Belonging to Me and being My sissy is the way to happiness for you! It is the only way that you will be happy and content. It is the ONLY way that you will be fulfilled. I deepen your feelings of arousal and excitement when you wear panties and stockings! It feels soo good! So right! In fact it doesn’t feel right if you are NOT wearing panties! Relaxing with each breath you take, going down further with every word I speak, I implant suggestions deep in your subconscious.

~NEW~ Sissy Bottom Bitch 

sadistic cbt

What a wonderfully descriptive title for you! It is so appropriate for a sissy like you! Sissy certainly describes your appearance and attitude. Bottom means two things to Me for you. There is the hierarchy and you are at the bottom. Beneath the alpha males, beta males, slaves actually a sissy bitch like you is the VERY bottom! Making you a Bottom bitch means at the very bottom you are available to any and all! Available to Anyone and everyone as their bitch! Becoming a sexual receptacle and outlet for those I chose for you to service! With your little clit, feminine ways and love for cock you were meant to be a sissy bottom bitch

~NEW~ Branding 

sadistic cbt

The permanence of branding is just one of the things that I find so erotic! Once you are branded there will never be a question of who you belong to. There will be no doubt of who owns you. The brand that I chose will be there for all to see the ultimate sign of ownership. It is the ultimate sign of your submission, servitude and status. To be branded is an extreme honor and knowing that it means a lifetime of servitude will be apparent to all!

~NEW~ Branded by Goddess Natasha 

sadistic cbt

Dressed in a soft leather top showcasing My beautiful breasts and cleavage I speak to you about the intimacy of branding. Describing what being branded by ME reflects and how very personal it is. Not a cookie cutter brand all males mindset but rather knowing IF you are chosen to be branded how special it is and what it means. The ultimate sign of My power and control over you. As well as the sign of your complete surrender for life. Branded by Goddess Natasha means that the world will know your status and place as My personal property!

~NEW~ Branding MP3 and Branded Video 

sadistic cbt

Download both files! This contains both of My NEW two branding files above!

Niteflirt Phone Lines Goddess Natasha

It has been another great week on Niteflirt phone lines! Keep in mind that you can always send Me a quick message to see if I am online! I know this week on and off I was showing unavailable even though I was taking calls. Or My line was stuck on busy without My knowledge!

~ Speak with Me Live on Niteflirt Here ~

I had some great Niteflirt phone calls and some very popular downloads! My recording from last week Castration Day became a best seller. I received some terrific feedback on this particular file! In addition My video Faggot Exposure also made an appearance on the best seller marque!

My most popular video this week was Collared Marked and Branded which is a bit extreme (like I am) and it is one of My most popular videos of all time. As far as audio recordings I released some new additions but the most popular was The Power and Dominance of Goddess.

This week’s Sunday Special is three of My Forced Femme recordings! This special includes My video Forced Sissy your New Uncomfortable Life and two audio files Forced Femme and Transformation Gas. It is a fantastic way to hear some of My plans at a truly special price!


SUNDAY SPECIAL~ Forced Femme Files 

niteflirt phone

I find the idea of manipulating or forcing you into feminization so erotic! Whether it is by mind control, bending you to My will or a transformation gas it is so exciting! These three files total over 40 minutes of forced femme by different methods!

Most Popular Video

Collared Marked and Branded 

niteflirt phone

As My slave I have explained many things that your position will entail. Chastity, servitude, complete obedience and of course you know that you will be permanently collared. BUT not only will you be collared but you will also be marked. Marked with My red and black personalized logo. To further reinforce My ownership, you will be branded. Oh, a tattoo might be able to be removed…but a brand? Well, bearing My brand will show the world that you belong to Me….forever.

Most Popular Audio

The Power and Dominance of Goddess 

niteflirt phone

Have you figured it out yet? I know you get glimpses of that elusive quality that makes Me so powerful. I have the ability to command simply with My presence. My vision of Female Dominance and Female Supremacy inspires and enthralls you. I know that you are beginning to crave. Crave My attention, crave hearing My voice as you listen to My voice and as you gaze at My photos and watch My videos. I know that your heart begins to pound when you receive an email from Me and you cannot wait to read My words! The nervousness and excitement that you feel when you call My Niteflirt phone line is so arousing!

Most Recent Releases

~NEW~ Flirting for Sissies 

niteflirt phone

There is a lot that sissies need to know! One of the things is how to flirt! Acting seductively and learning the art of being a feminine flirt is not only required but needed! After all a good sissy needs to know how to attract male attention! It is all about seduction and that is what I expect from you! Everyone knows that a sissy is a receptacle for others sexual desires. Everything you need to know to be a successful sissy flirt! This recording spells out exactly how to act, body language and what to do to be a seductive sissy flirt!

~NEW~ Exposure Encouragement 

niteflirt phone

It is so exciting to imagine being exposed. BUT I want you to actually be exposed! I am going to ensure that you crave this exposure and the more your humiliating photos appear the more exciting it is! Every moment that your information appears public, the greater the chances of someone you know finding out what you truly are! As each day passes those odds go up exponentially. One of the main purposes of encouraging you to engage in this risky behavior is for My amusement and enjoyment!

~NEW~ Sadistic CBT Then Castration 

niteflirt phone

With My usual smile and dressed seductively in a cleavage baring red dress I describe what your testicles would undergo before being removed! I have such brutal plans of cock and ball torment that will have you writhing in pain eventually begging to be castrated. By the tone of My voice and the smile on My face you KNOW how much I am going to enjoy this! While you are restrained I will use My sexy feet rubbing them against your soon to be removed balls as you are unable to control yourself and become erect!

THEN such suffering and brutality with kicking, punching, nails driven through your scrotum and teased with an elastrator AND burdizzo! I show you My burdizzo which is so intimidating and also describe using My elastrator on you. It all begins with you being restrained and completely immobilized. Naked and vulnerable I begin your humiliation and dehumanization with shaving your head and then the sadistic torment begins!

My Niteflirt phone lines will be on through out the day!

Shemales This Weekend’s Special

My weekend special is five of My shemale recordings. Some of the many fantasies that run through My mind and that I actually engaged in involve sexy shemales! I find them so hot, so erotic and so uninhibited! Furthermore they are so comfortable in their sexuality and can be so sensuous!

What an amusing and busy week it has been! I have another sissy I am exposing on social media as well as quite a number of Blackmail contracts that have been downloaded! Now to see how many actually activate the contracts!

I am still working on My Never Ending Exposure contract which I am very excited about! The idea that I will have complete and total control over pictures and private information is very erotic to Me. Equally if not more exciting is that the exposure WILL NEVER END! There is not out! There is no end!

So this week My most popular video was Castration Tools. This is a particularly erotic video for those who are as fascinated by Castration as I am! A very close second in popularity was My video Chastity for ALL males. As I am sure you realize by now this is one concept that I feel VERY strongly about!


Most Popular Videos

Castration Tools


Dressed in cleavage baring leather top My make-up done perfectly with red lipstick and red painted long natural nails, I am very eager to show you My new castration tools. I am so excited! New Castration Tools are arriving and I am so eager to show them to you! Latex gloves, scalpels, an extremely well made burdizzo and an elastrator. Slipping on a pair of latex gloves I test the sharpness of My scalpel. Then the elastrator which means a slow and painful castration. Finally the piece de resistance…the burdizzo! Brutal!

Chastity for ALL males!


Dressed in a cleavage enhancing short dress that shows off My breasts beautifully I discuss the reasons for chastity. Not only you but ALL males should be put in chastity devices! The key kept by the Dominant Woman in their life, GF, wife or significant other! After all, you cannot control yourself can you? I want the power and the control. There will be no stroking. No masturbation. No erections without My explicit permission that is what is in store for you with the chastity device of My choosing. This way I can truly believe that you are NOT having unauthorized erections, orgasms or stroking! Finally I have found a way to control your chronic masturbation! It is the ONLY way!

Most Popular Audio File

Total Emasculation


Emasculation. By now you know how exciting I find it to emasculate you. Break you down and humble you. Showing you your place and acknowledging your submission!

Latest Releases!

~NEW~ Mindless Aroused and Denied 


I so enjoy taking control of your mind and your body! It is so erotic as My voice slips into your mind relaxing you and making you feel so submissive. That feeling of melting as you give up control and are so eager to hear My commands. Becoming mindless as I allow you to stroke. All you can hear is My voice. No other sounds. No distractions as you stroke to My commands listening to My seductive voice guiding you, arousing you, exciting you. The feelings are over whelming. So sensual as your hand glides as My voice flows through your mind.

Just let go. Become mindless. No thoughts. There is nothing but My voice and your throbbing cock to stroke. Becoming harder than you ever have before. More excited than you have ever been. My voice keeping you on the edge. Feeling the pressure and your need build as I command you to stay on the edge. Featuring masturbation instruction, tease and denial, orgasm control, edging , trance

~NEW~ Cock Sucking Blackmail Contract 


I know that you have been fantasizing and thinking about sucking cock for some time. It has become a frequent masturbatory fantasy and you are craving it so badly. We have talked about it and I have made it VERY clear how much it would please Me! But you just can’t seem to take that final step. That is what this contract is for. To FORCE you to take that final step and actually become My cock sucker! If and when you sign this contract you ARE going to suck cock as set out in the terms of this contract. Or else!


Get these five hot Shemale recordings!

THIS WEEKEND ONLY AT THIS PRICE! FIVE Sexy Shemale recordings! I so enjoy shemales those chicks with dicks and I know you do too! One day I would love to orchestrate a scene with you and them!


SUBMIT TO SHEMALE COCK: By now you are aware that I play often with shemales! My gurlfriend Sheila would be sooo thrilled to assist Me in controlling and dominating you! Just remember you will submit to her just as you submit to Me!

ADDICTED TO SHEMALE PORN: I know that you have tried and tried to stay away from shemale porn. Maybe you were even able to do it for a day or even a week. But you return to it again and again. you just can’t help yourself, can you? you are addicted to shemales. It seems like you are quite addicted to those cocks, addicted to those pretty faces, beautiful breasts and tight asses! you think about cock where ever you are…at the gym, a bar, alone in your bedroom and even when you are with a Woman!

SHEMALE BUKKAKE: Another erotic shemale fantasy! Your fantasy is about to come true! Rather than Woman there will be more sexy shemales than you know what to do with. It is going to be one HOT night! I will be in charge! Come with Me. Look at all those naked, writhing bodies. All those hard shemale cocks just waiting for you and all that hot shemale cum ready to soak you! I will be rubbing your cocks together. Doesn’t that velvety hard cock feel sooo good rubbing against yours? All these chicks with dicks with hot cum just waiting for you!

SHEMALE FAGGOT: Another HOT and SEXY shemale adventure! Here we are again…as you fantasize about all those shemale cocks! It seems like you just can’t’ get enough! Since you dream night and day about those sexy transsexuals it’s time to make it come true. Their hard cocks using you and using your mouth.  using your ass! Those chicks with dicks fucking your face and pounding you…pounding your ass. Go ahead, lay on your back and pull your legs up. It’s time for you to be used!

SHEMALE LOVER A ROOM FULL OF SHEMALES: Oh, I know another one of your secret fantasies…I know all about the way you desire shemales! The sexy shemales are all waiting for you! You feel your cock getting hard…chicks with dicks…you love the way that sounds! You need more and more shemale cock. There is a door in front of you and right beyond that door are hot shemales just waiting for you. An invitation as you walk through. The music is pulsing and you look around and the lady boys are just waiting for you…waiting for your cock, waiting for your mouth! While you gaze at them your mouth begins to water and your cock begins to twitch!

Mistress Femdom Exposure Contracts

Mistress contracts in a variety of forms and for various activities have always been of interest to Me. It is one way that I can  assume a semblance of control. This week proved that it is also of great interest to others.

It has been another busy week although My schedule was still a bit sporadic. I am looking forward to some great conversations in the upcoming days since I will be available to speak with you.

This week Never Ending Sissy Exposure continued to gain popularity and is still currently one of the top files as well as Mistress files on Niteflirt. In addition I will soon be releasing a Never Ending Exposure contract for both sissies and other types of online exposure and humiliation. As a matter of fact, it may be available on Tuesday or even Monday!

My second file that is also still currently one of the top files is My Faggot Exposure Questionnaire and Contract. I have received some great comments and responses to it!

This weeks most popular video has been Castration Edging. Although not a new release this is proving to be one of My best Castration recordings. As a Mistress I find this type of emasculation quite exciting.

As always I have a number of new things in the works. This includes new audio recordings, a new contract and ideas for new upcoming videos. I am also working on a recap for 2016 that I will soon be releasing.

Most Popular Video

Castration Edging 


Dressed in a short sexy web dress and thigh high boots, I want to discuss castration and your predicament! you do know that I have a bit of a sadistic streak by now. I combine this with My fascination with castration and you can imagine what could happen. As you are completely immobilized, restrained in every way and your legs spread, I begin tormenting you with My talk of your castration. This psychological castration edging puts a smile on My face!

Most Popular Audio Recordings

Total Power Exchange 


I am all about control! Control over you and the more I have the more erotic it is for Me! The total power exchange will leave you with no personal power or authority! I will have the power and control. I will have the authority as you surrender completely! This TPE is paramount to serving Me! I expect your complete surrender and giving up your free will!

Never Ending Sissy Exposure 


I know that you have been considering it for some time and finally have taken the necessary steps to be exposed. Complete and total sissy exposure where I ensure that the whole world knows your secrets, desires and the confessionals that you have provided! It all started out quite slowly. It always does and then before you know it I have blown up Twitter, Tumblr as well as Instagram with your photos! Oh, you didn’t realize what I would be using your confessional statements for did you? Well, know EVERYONE knows! Every day you look for My new posts and what I may be revealing next! Such excitement! That attention that you have been craving is finally being satiated! The photos just keep being posted over and over…again and again. THAT is when you realize that you are well and truly exposed. THAT is when you realize that there is no going back and your fate has been sealed! There is really no end in sight. In fact with Me now in control it will be never ending sissy exposure!

Latest Releases!

Faggot Exposure Questionnaire and Contract 


It is time for the whole world to know that you are a FAGGOT! Time to stop lying to yourself and the world and be exposed as the FAGGOT you are! Listen to the recording and then answer ALL My questions. Then the embarrassing and risky part! Send Me your most embarrassing and humiliating photos. Just remember. You are agreeing to give full release to Me to do with them as it amuses Me! FAGGOT ID cards, embarrassing captions and more! So thrilling…so erotic…so risky! After all, you will have no control over who sees your photos and information!

Pleasing Mistress in the New Year!

New Year’s Resolution Cocksucking 


It is important to start the New Year out right! By right I mean by making your Mistress and Goddess happy and engaging in one of My favorite activities for you. Cock sucking. This type of control is so exciting to Me! As you have learned about Me I find bi sexual activity for you to be so erotic as well as emasculating! There has just not been enough and this year THAT is going to change! Everything from glory hole submission, to a personal ad strategically written and placed by Me to a day spent at the Adult Movie Theater. It’s all in store for you in 2017!

Chastity Training Questionnaire

Over the years I have become even more sure that all males should undergo chastity training. I have written many articles and posts about the importance of chastity. In addition I have recorded My thoughts in many audio files and videos. This week I  created a chastity training questionnaire to help determine whether a male is a candidate for chastity training.

Also this week was unbelievably busy with a lot of files being downloaded. I have received some great responses to both My Chastity Questionnaire as well as My Castration Application and Questionnaires. (My Castration Questionnaires can ONLY be obtained by contacting Me directly) I am really enjoying reading all the answers to My many personal questions! My most popular video this week was Blackmailed by your Therapist and My most popular audio file has been When Women Rule.

Today I will be available to take phone calls and also to create custom audio recordings. So if you have an idea or suggestion I would love to hear about it. Or if you would like to request your own custom audio recording certainly contact Me. I will be online and available to answer your questions and requests!


Most Popular Video

Blackmailed by your Therapist 

chastity training

Well, this is your first session with Myself, Natasha as your therapist. This issue is your chronic masturbating and the fact that it is ruining your life! As a matter of fact, you got caught at work and you have to attend therapy. What you find out is that I have VERY unorthodox treatments!

Most Popular Audio

When Women Rule 

chastity training

Have you ever REALLY thought about what it will be like when Women rule? What will society and yes, the world be like when Women have complete control? I do understand and know what it will be like because for Me I already live it! You see, I do have complete and total control over My male submissives and slaves. The Women that I associate with and engage with are ALL in Female Led Relationships. So what will it be like and what is it like? I can actually tell you!

This Week’s New Releases

~NEW~ Castration Questionnaire (Part II) 

(Contact Me directly to obtain this questionnaire.)


chastity training

This second part of My questionnaire goes even more in depth with questions of your sexuality, sexual activities as well as expectations and goals once you are castrated. In addition what other procedures such as a penectomy you may have heard of or thought about.

~NEW~ Oblivion 

chastity training

That state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening. That is where I want to take you. To the point of complete surrender where all that matters is Goddess. Where the outside world no longer exists and slowly but surely you are no longer conscious of your surroundings, people or the world around you. All that matters is Goddess. The only thing that matters is serving Goddess. All that matters is being owned completely and totally. The world goes white. My words make your mind go blank. Oblivion. You can no longer deny the craving and desire to submit, to be owned, to belong to Me.

Chastity Training

~NEW~ Chastity Training Questionnaire 

Are you a candidate for chastity? This questionnaire is designed to gauge your capacity for chastity including how long you should be locked, why you should be locked up and what type of device should be used. Questions on masturbation habits, size, milking and other personal questions must ALL be answered!

~NEW~ Blue Balls for Christmas 

Thanksgiving is over and I am thinking about Christmas! I have decided on the perfect present! Blue balls for Christmas. After all, it is only 30 days until Christmas and I know that you want to please Me! Please AND amuse Me and believe Me I will be amused thinking of your balls getting fuller and fuller and turning a lovely shade of blue! So go ahead. I am giving you permission to edge ALL you want for the next 30 days! But remember no orgasms! This year I am doing My Blue Balls for Christmas a little different! After you have downloaded this audio file, I will be bombarding you with photos, gfs and other erotic material! After all, I want to enjoy, participate and add to your edging and frustration!  I can already tell it is going to be a GREAT Holiday Season…for ME!

I have put together four of My Femdom tasks as a special to keep Me amused and keep you busy!

Femdom Tasks

~NEW~ Femdom Tasks 

One of the things I really enjoy doing is giving tasks to you to do. Even better I enjoy hearing from you after you have completed a task. (This contains One Video and Three Audio files ~ Four separate tasks for you to do)

FEMDOM TASK ONE: I have decided that occasionally I should give you tasks to do. By giving you tasks and assignments, you will feel My control even if we are not in constant contact. In addition, performing these tasks will give you some indication of what it is like to serve. Even better some of these tasks are embarrassing, humiliating and amusing! This is the first and will create a bit of a dilemma! (Video File)

FEMDOM TASK: This is another one of the tasks that will not only amuse Me but also give Me a semblance of control over you! Especially control over your orgasms which I KNOW you desperately need! This is one that is emasculating as well as a bit cruel! My favorite combination! This audio features elements of orgasm control, tease and denial, ruined orgasms (Audio File)

FEMDOM HUMILIATION TASK: While this is not a public humiliation task it is humiliating! I will know exactly what you are doing after each time you cum! Oh and you are commanded to do this EVERY time you cum until I give you permission to stop! you won’t be eating your cum…exactly but your own cum does feature into this task! (Audio File)

FEMDOM TASK MASTURBATION FRUSTRATION: It is the weekend and time for Me to exert My control over you! I am calling this weekend task masturbation frustration! Any time you masturbate this weekend and I know you will be, this is the procedure you are required to follow! I expect you to follow My detailed instructions explicitly and I am looking forward to your weekend of frustration and suffering! (Audio File)

BBC Big Black Cock with Goddess Natasha

The popularity of My bbc big black cock recordings continue to grow! What a busy week! Filming videos and taking new photos took up a majority of My time but I did find time for some new recordings as well as some custom requests!

This past week My most popular video has been Black Stockings Well Worn Pumps and My most popular audio recording was Witnessing a Castration although My new Breeding Stall was a very close second! In fact Breeding Stall is currently on the most popular marque and has been all week!

This upcoming week I will be back to My regular schedule of phone calls and recordings as I begin editing and releasing My new videos!



Black Pantyhose ~ Black Leather Pumps

bbc big black cock

Dressed in a tight fitting red dress, black stockings and black leather pumps I enter the room showing off My latest pair of sheer black patterned stockings. They are so soft and so sheer and the pattern high lights My legs and ass as the camera roams. Stroking the stockings I engage in some high heels dangling and then slip out of My dress. The cleavage enhancing push up bra and stockings with high heels are perfect for admiring. I stand and turn showing off every angle. Then I stand and walk over to an easy chair. I am so enjoying these black patterned pantyhose! They are so soft and smooth AND sheer! Look at My beautiful black leather pumps! Do you see how well worn they are? I show you the inside where you can clearly see the outline of My beautiful size 6 foot! As a matter of fact BOTH of these high heels are deliciously well worn! Hmmm.maybe it is time for a new pair! These well worn leather pumps will go to one very lucky male!


Witnessing a Castration 

castration emasculation









Witness to a Castration: My fascination and fetish for emasculation especially castration began 9 years ago when I was actually invited to witness a boi’s castration at the hands of his master. This particular event is burned in My memory and is not one I will EVER forget. Witnessing the boi’s humiliation, the physical helplessness and vulnerability as well as the actual event and the after effects were thrilling and erotic! This recording is My sharing of the event ,what it entailed and how it was performed


Breeding Stall 

bbc big black cock

Finally , I have allowed you to serve Me in person! It has been a long road with many twists and turns.Many tasks have been performed and assignments completed. I have decided that you are ready. Ready for complete surrender. No more free will. No compromises. The word no is no longer in your vocabulary. Blind obedience without hesitation. As you kneel in front of Me I reiterate once again that I am in control. That you no longer have free will to do as you please and you will follow My commands exactly as they are given. The only things that matter at this point are Goddesses wants, needs and desires. Once you have agreed there is no going back. No safe word. No escape. I have something special planned. Something that will emasculate you and bring you to the point of being completely broken. Forcibly restrained, vulnerable and helpless you will be taken again and again. After a session or two in My breeding stall you will be completely changed mentally and emotionally! Oh, not quite what you expected, was it? I did tell you to leave your expectations and own desires at the door.

BBC Bitch 

bbc big black cock

This erotic BBC big black cock file is HOT! I know that you dream of all BBC big black cock! Watching video after video imagining yourself in those vulnerable helpless positions! The bulls that I know would love to put you in your place and show you their cock superiority! They like nothing better than to use a white boi like you! Aggressive, hard fucking beginning with a deep throat fucking is sure to put you in your place! What I want is more than just a fantasy! Repeat after Me “I am a BBC bitch”. “I love BBC big black cock.”

Preview Worship Photos 

bbc big black cock

These five high definition photos are from this week’s photo shoot! Includes two panty peek photos, sexy photos of strappy sandals and more!

Punished, Humiliated and Anally Used 

bbc big black cock

Dressed in full tight black latex I lead you to the stage by leash in only panties, stockings and garter belt. The first thing I do is rip your panties off. I have invited a crowd to witness both your humiliation and your punishment! They are quite blood thirsty and clamor for more as I use a flogger, paddle, cane and then bull whip. But I don’t want them to just witness a punishment but your degradation and humiliation! My assistants bring a huge black strapon with harness which you hold as I step into. Holding it in front of your face you TRY but cannot get the whole thing in your mouth. Then restraining you on your hands and knees I use a lube filled syringe to fill your upturned ass. Suddenly two black bulls with their bbc big black cock throbbing erections enter the stage and you realize your humiliation is only beginning! Features BBC, double penetration, strapon, Femdom, humiliation, anal abuse, gaping, humiliation

Call Me for your own Big Black Cock experience!

Most Popular Femdom Fetish Video

Creating Femdom Fetish video recordings was one of the reason it was an extremely busy week! It was also a busy crazy week in part is due to being back on cam! I have met some new people and have been able to connect with past people from cam. I am back on a regular basis and you can always check My Phone with Cam Line to see if I am available. Another alternative is to email Me and schedule a time!

In addition I was busy with recording custom videos since I started offering 5 minute personalized recordings. I am always intrigued by others fetishes and videos they would like to recorded!

This week My most popular video was again Addressing your Cock Addiction which has continued to be very hot over time! The most popular audio file was slave Affirmations and Mantras for Goddess Natasha. I highly recommend this file if you are interested in servitude!


Most Popular Femdom Fetish Video

Addressing your Cock Addiction 

femdom fetish video

In this Femdom Fetish video, I address your addiction to cock. you have had a taste and now you need more and more! We both know how often you watch porn wanting to be the one sucking cock! It has been in the back of your mind for so so long! Now its time to admit it! you are addicted to cock!

Most Popular Audio

slave Affirmations for Goddess Natasha 

femdom fetish video

I am a firm believer in mantras and affirmations! I know that you do want to be a good slave…an obedient slave! Soon you will have these memorized like a good slave! This should be listened to every day until all are memorized and this will become your new truth! you want to be owned! you need to be owned!

This Week’s New Releases!

Life of Chastity and Cuckolding 

femdom fetish video

Dressed in a cleavage enhancing black lace dress, black stockings and black leather pumps, I begin to explain more about your new life. There are going to be a lot of changes in your life when you serve Me! It is going to be very different beginning with your chastity. Being a firm believer in chastity you will be locked and denied as long as I see fit. So you see your sexual activities will be very limited if not nonexistent! I on the other hand will be engaging in whatever sexual activities that I desire! Yes, you will be a cuckold. While I am enjoying Myself you will be locked up and frustrated. However, I will allow you the privilege of worshiping My beautiful legs and feet as well as My gorgeous ass!

Worship! Adore My Breasts 

femdom fetish video

Hair down, dressed in a sexy and revealing spike bra with cleavage showing, I take you on a tour of My beautiful 36C NATURAL breasts! Watch and listen as I trail My natural long nails across My breasts, down My cleavage! Imagine Me pressing against you, the spikes of My bra against your back as I play with your nipples! This video will leave you panting for more! A true Worship Video!

Sissy Steps 

femdom fetish video

There are many steps to being a good sissy! Especially if you want to be MY sissy. Some of them are simple and some of them will take a bit more effort. But every one of these steps will bring you closer to the sissy you were meant to be! I am sure at times you have performed a lesson here or there or have seen those incomplete lessons that leave you wanting more. THIS will be thorough, detailed and very comprehensive changing your masculinity totally and completely! Each of these steps will lead you down the path of feminization and sissification. This file will be your introduction to the sissy steps you will be taking under My guidance and control! From panties to cum eating and cock worship there won’t be anything that you won’t be well trained in! I can’t wait for you start! Now be a good gurl and listen closely!

Outdoor Shoe Dangle 

femdom fetish video

This crisp clear high definition video combines three of My favorite things! Dangling a pair of sexy high heels stilettos (Louboutins in this case), stockings and Smoking! As I sit in the back yard dressed in a white blouse, short black skirt, black lace top thigh highs and waist cincher, I dangle My shoes as I smoke a cigarette. Great view of My lovely legs in stockings! See the tops of My thigh highs as the smoke swirls and then drifts away on the breeze. Video ends with a double shoe dangle and leg swinging!

Sharing My Fetishes 

femdom fetish video

I have so many fetishes and I enjoy sharing them! I especially enjoy sharing them on cam. In this Femdom Fetish video I have on a tight black short dress and thigh high boots. My favorite lambskin leather gloves are close by and I pull them on. These are opera length gloves and so soft and supple! They look, feel and smell wonderful. It’s no secret I love wearing thigh high boots and these encase My legs tightly! Of course you know My fetish for smoking and I light up a long white 120 Misty Menthol cigarette. Reclining and sitting I share just some of My many fetishes and demonstrate a number of them!

Brutal CBT Castration 

femdom fetish video

In this Femdom Fetish video I discuss the brutal cock and ball torture that I will subject you to BEFORE your castration. After all I do believe there should be great pain and suffering! While you watch the video you can see the enjoyment on My face as I describe the pain I will inflict on you! Not only the pain but the humiliation I have planned. Naked and vulnerable I will cause you even more! I have something else planned that will add EVEN MORE to your humiliation and vulnerability! After the humiliation and pain you are forced to endure you will be begging to be castrated!

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Instant Bimbo Enhance your Bimbofication

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I hope that you are having a fantastic weekend! This past week was very busy with phone calls and a large number of custom recording requests. Of course these took quite a bit of My time as I also write most of the scripts Myself!

That being said I did still manage to record new audio files. The most popular has been Instant Bimbo! I really enjoy these bimbo recordings! There is just something so amusing as well as emasculating about this transformation!

A video that is not new proved to be the most popular called Anything to be My slave. Apparently this strikes a chord in most submissives!

The big news is that beginning soon I will be back on cam on a regular basis! I will certainly be announcing this as soon as it takes place.


Most Popular Video

Anything to be My slave 

instant bimbo

Yes, you have told Me time and again how very desperate you are to be My personal slave. Not just a “session” slave but to serve and be owned by Me. I will be testing you. Using your greatest fears and desires to control and manipulate you. I will be testing your obedience, endurance, humility and more! Eventually, you will submit to ANYTHING I desire to be My slave!

This week’s releases

Instant Bimbo 

instant bimbo

I know how badly you want to be a bimbo! I certainly enjoy brainwashing you into all those different feelings and making you crave it even more! The transformation is so erotic, powerful and emasculating! Teetering on your high heels, large breasts that are the focus where ever you go and those exaggerated plump lips! It doesn’t stop there! I want to take you even further and implant a visual trigger for you to become an instant bimbo! With a snap of My fingers Instant Bimbo! So just close your eyes and begin to imagine yourself as a hot busty blonde bimbo!

Castration ~ Happy Anniversary! 

instant bimbo

Keeping you chaste and permanently frustrated has become the normal for you through out our relationship. But it is our anniversary and its time to do something truly special. Something permanent. Something that I have talked about over the years. This will truly cement our relationship. Deepen it and of course deepen your devotion to Me! Over the years you have expressed and begged telling Me how you will do ANYTHING for Me and submit to ANYTHING With this procedure and ritual you will be making the ultimate sacrifice to Me and it will reflect how badly you want to be Mine ~ forever! Happy Anniversary!

Petticoat Discipline 

instant bimbo

In My opinion it is past time to once again instigate petticoat discipline! This practice will ensure that bad boys will become good girls! It has been proven over the years to be an effective way to deal with unruly male behavior and disobedience. From frilly panties to white lace socks and Mary Janes all the way to silky baby dolls you will be petticoated. I KNOW this is the perfect way to deal with your naughty behavior!

Complete Control 

As you know by now, the control of men both physically and mentally is My goal. My recordings have real inductions and I have practiced for many years to perfect the control of male minds. This is designed to release all of your petty male thoughts from your subconscious. I put you deep in trance, relaxing you more and more. To prepare you to serve, you will behave obediently and willingly accept My suggestions. you will crave to serve Me as I command you to submit

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Femdom Female Domination by Goddess Natasha

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Wow! What a truly busy week it has been! I had no idea until today that I released 6 new audio recordings and three of them continue to appear on the bestselling marque. I am always asked where I get My ideas for My Femdom Female Domination recordings. Most of these Femdom Female Domination recordings are either triggered by a phone call or by a real life scenario.

The three that are on the marque as hot sellers are Making you My wife Castration, Brutal BBC Takedown and Meeting your True Destiny.

A great leather video in which I discuss chastity was a popular video this week called A Different Kind of Chastity.

As always know how much I appreciate your continued patronage! It is always great to receive feedback from you and I really enjoy reading the comments that are left! If you ever have an issue with a download simply let Me know. It is usually easily remedied.

I hope that you had a terrific week and are enjoying your weekend!


Goddess Natasha

Most popular Video!

A Different Kind of Chastity 

femdom female domination

Dressed in a tight leather dress and thigh high leather boots, in this video I explain how MY kind of chastity works. There are devices and promises to remain chaste for Mistress but the chastity I am talking about is even more controlling. The fact that soon you will not be able to cum without Me! Seeing Me, hearing My voice and after serving Me in person you won’t be able to cum without My touch! The control I have and will have over you…a different kind of chastity

This weeks releases!

Brutal BBC Take Down 

femdom female domination

Have you ever experienced a take down? The take down that I have planned for you is going to be humiliating, emasculating as you end up as a fuck toy for BBC. This is going to happen swiftly and will take you completely by surprise! It is not enough for Me that you will be over powered physically but verbally you will be humiliated as I explain exactly what is going to happen to you…as those with the superior big black cock call you their bitch and use you for their sexual satisfaction. I won’t be satisfied and this won’t end until I look in your eyes and see that you are completely broken!

Meeting your True Destiny 

Femdom female domination

As I have explained before I sincerely believe that males are to serve. Serving and pleasing Woman in any way they desire. But you I believe are truly meant to serve ME! I know that in the past you have been confused. That you have been searching for something without knowing what it really was. There is emptiness. There is a restlessness and sense of dissatisfaction with your life. But NOW you have found Me. The Superior Dominant Woman who can take control. Who with My intelligence, creativity and natural Dominance can fill that craving to serve, to please and to be owned!

Making you My wife Castration 

femdom female domination

It is like a dream come true! Everything you have ever wished for has come to pass. Now you live completely and totally as a Woman. Feeling so feminine ALL the time! The clothing, the make-up, corset training and oh yes the female hormones and testosterone blockers! The feeling of content that you have is like nothing you have experienced before! It is so gratifying when I introduce you as My wife especially when I tell people what a good wife you are! I have stripped away your masculinity step by step. But there is still another step….castration.

Snowball Cum Play 

femdom female domination

I know what a cum slut you are! After all, I have encouraged this. Reinforced this and now you crave cum. The craving is not only for cum but the humiliation! I am going to try something new with you that you have never done! The rules are simple! And in My Femdom Female Domination world the rules will be followed! No swallowing until I give you permission! As you receive more and more cum your mouth is getting fuller and fuller. Did you think there would be “swapping”? Oh no! you will be receiving ONLY! How much will you be forced to take? Only I know! Remember, don’t swallow until I give you permission!

Compulsively Masturbating and Edging Under My Control 

femdom female domination

This Femdom Female Domination file concentrates on your masturbation and continual edging. Upon hearing My voice you will give in to Me… over and over again…. over and over again…. you’re listening to My voice influencing your mind as you stroke… as you work on your cock… over and over again… you are listening to My voice again because you are aching to touch your cock and stroke because you are so weak with arousal! Filled with the need to stroke and orgasm. There is no greater pleasure on than to self-pleasure for Me, to arouse yourself for Me, and to cum for Me. But even more pleasurable, even sweeter agony, is when you edge and suffer for Me for as long as possible before you break down and cum for Me. It gives Me such amusement to know that you compulsively edge yourself for Me, helpless to resist Me, helpless to resist My voice, because you are so weak. And I just delight in making you weaker… every single day. The weaker you are , the more I enjoy it, the more exciting it is. No matter where you are and no matter what you are doing you hear My words flowing through your mind.

Becoming My Page 

femdom female domination

The term page is one that brings to mind service and protocol. Protocol is VERY important to Me and I will make it clear what I expect from you. Not only protocol but the complete mindset that is needed to serve Me. Believe Me there is a mindset and a desire to complete surrender that is needed! This complete surrender I would consider pledging yourself to Me!