Sadistic Mistress Goddess Natasha

As most of you know I do have a bit of sadistic streak and some refer to Me as a sadistic Mistress. As an example My latest audio recording comes with a warning for a reason! It is brutal and quite sadistic! I have to admit that I enjoyed recording it!

~ Brutal CBT Before Castration ~

This audio recording is NOT for everyone ~smile~ My sadistic side is definitely showing as I describe the brutal CBT that I want you to endure before the final act…your complete emasculation! Of course you WILL be restrained unable to move, completely immobilized. Then My sadistic administrations begin! No escape. Unable to move as I begin your torment and torture! WARNING: This is extreme CBT/extreme Femdom (LISTEN NOW!)

Today I am available for phone calls as well as personal training as I continue to edit videos and create new content!


Goddess Natasha

If you like extreme CBT leading to complete emasculation….

EXTREME CBT then Emasculation

sadistic mistress

This video is not for everyone! I graphically describe the torment that you will endure before your final burdizzo emasculation! First I will be restraining you and making you physically incapable of movement. Then I will be subjecting you to the dehumanization of shaving your head and objectifying you. Then your pain and suffering will begin! Before your final emasculation you will suffer and you will be in great pain! Featuring Femdom, complete emasculation, burdizzo, extreme cock torture, extreme ball torture (WATCH NOW!)

Emasculated Sissy Faggot Cuckold

sadistic mistress

I always knew you would make a perfect sissy faggot cuckold. My training and transformation of you is coming along so beautifully! I have literally stripped away your masculinity bit by bit! The more I change you and emasculate you the more you crave it! It is all part of your emasculation. The corset training, hormone, therapy and the introduction into being a faggot it is all part of your emasculation. Of course serving as a cuckold will only add to those feelings! Then the final emasculation that you have begged for! I will be making you a eunuch! There will be a whole different life for you without testicles without testosterone!(WATCH NOW!)