Female Supremacist and Dominant Sisters explain some basics to you

Female Supremacist Goddess Bella Donna and Goddess Natasha


Goddess Bella Donna: WE know that you boys don’t mean bad by it and that in your own way you are actually thinking that you are complimenting Us Ladies this way, but to be very honest some of the comments you leave at times are nothing short of insulting or basically ignorant.


A lot of it comes from your lack of upbringing these days. It seems to be a big thing with younger men especially to have this idea that talking about your “dick stiffening up” when you see a photo of Us or informing Us that you are “in love with Us” and now hence you feel it necessary to fuck Us, but come on pumpkins buy a clue.


Goddess Natasha: It is so very insulting to not only receive instant messages and emails that you think are complimenting us but the photos. Please, no more cock photos! I don’t want to see it! Yours or anyone else’s! Why would you think that would entice Us to allow you to serve Us? Instant Block. I am talking about basic good manners also. Is this taught anywhere by anyone anymore? I am starting to think NOT!


Goddess Bella Donna: The problem the way I see it is that you don’t understand the difference between a Lady who is a Mistress and some chick you are trying to pick up at the side of the road. You confuse Us with your little GF’s whom you are having cyber sex with. I am not saying that cyber sex can’t be fun with your GF, but WE ARE NOT your GF’s, your Wife or anything of that sort. We are Mistresses regardless if that is Lifestyle or Professional, which means to you that your cock only holds one interest to us period. To be tortured, controlled and often put into chastity to help you control your behavior better. That of course doesn’t happen until you are actually in service to US either.


Goddess Natasha: Exactly! It is about respect and knowing your place! It doesn’t take a lot of work to research and find out what We are all about and what we require. It is actually an easy search to find out We are Mistresses, Female Supremacists and are interested in submissive males. Submissive males who know their place! You see a picture and oh yes, we know what goes through your mind! HOT!


Goddess Bella Donna: The male mind is wired differently than the female mind. We all know that and appreciate that. Don’t misunderstand Us here. We are not chastising you for being human beings. It is a natural reaction of yours to be aroused, to get excited and to become horny. The male mind is a lot more visually wired than the female mind. The problem comes in when you can’t control your tongues or fingers. Think what you want, but for the sake of being respectful to a Lady don’t feel it necessary to share it with US. That is the same as you feeling the urge to tell your family every few seconds that you needed to fart or take a leak. Would you think that is necessary? I hope not. I know My son stopped informing Me about his bodily function by the time he was 7. So perhaps you can understand that We only demand something that should have already been put into your head. Some things are not shared unless it is being asked about!


Goddess Natasha: Yes, there are a lot of differences and we get that. Honestly, we do! In actuality, it seems like common sense. You want Our attention. So why wouldn’t you be on your best behavior to get it?


Goddess Bella Donna: I try to explain it like this to My new seekers personally. If you were to find yourself attracted to a lovely Lady in the vanilla world, would you walk up to her and swing out your Johnson as an introduction? Would you tell her within 5 seconds of seeing her that you want to rip her clothes off and cum in her?  I most certainly hope you would have more manners and respect than that. That of course is unless you are missing a few brain cells or were raised by wolves. Possible but unlikely I would say. If you don’t treat a Lady in your vanilla life that way, what makes you assume that you can do this to a Mistress?

Again I understand that in your eyes we are not Ladies, sadly you may have had many encounters with women who used the “Title” Mistress but acted as if they were easy and cheap. That is not to say that all Mistresses have to be hard asses either, most of Us are very nice and forthcoming once you know how to address Us as is proper, but the bottom line is still we do have a right to demand respectful behavior from you at the very least.


Goddess Natasha: I am sure some of you feel this type of  behavior is acceptable because you consider this “adult” or “pornographic” encounters. Yes, in some ways but this Lifestyle is quite different. By this Lifestyle, I am referring to Mine. One of Female Superiority and Female Domination in which Female Supremacist and submissives  celebrates and embrace these philosophies. Why would we put up with this type of behavior? It goes against everything that I believe in. I am not here to be treated as a sex object for your sexual fantasies. I am here to instruct, guide and train submissives to serve. To Me, that is a very basic way of putting it so it can be understood.


Goddess Bella Donna: For Me it is always about manners and respect on both sides. I do not force anyone into submission to Me, matter of fact I am not even remotely interested in guys who are not seeking this type of Lifestyle with Me. It is part of My everyday behavior to demand basic manners in interaction with Me. Am I part of the Adult Entertainment world? Yes I am, there are no two ways about it, but I am in it to train, to instruct, to remind you of your place before Me as you may have chosen it. If you are not ready for that, not interested in that, that is fine, but that means I am simply not interested in you either. You hold no curiosity for Me in the slightest. We do not match. You want to be a slut monger and horn dog. I want a submissive male who knows how to be a Gentleman! See what I mean? We are from two different universes almost. Mind you, there are many thousands of women and girls out there who love to be treated the way you think you want to treat them, but in general someone who is a Mistress or a Female Supremacist (not a male hater, feminist or other confused forms of male bashing women) is not one of those. Here it is all about you showing that you understand that the Lady before you is your “Queen”, your “Goddess”, your “Mistress” or at basic levels standing above you always. Only those who understand this can by that very nature in and of itself even gain the attention they seek. All others are instantly dismissed from thought which is sad, because I have a feeling that there are many among you who would make fine servants if only your mind was wired better and you would understand the very basics of OUR Lifestyle better instead of learning it out of fictional pornography books and movies.


Goddess Natasha: Unfortunately, many things have contributed to these misconceptions including the portrayal on the internet, videos and movies. Servitude is really what a Mistress (most of Us) look for. Now that is very often misunderstood! Servitude is service! It is not about your wants, needs and desires. It is about doing what truly pleases Us. For instance, you visit My wish list and see there are gorgeous boots and a very sexy leather corset as well as a set of luxury towels and a set of Egyptian cotton sheets. Now, your first instinct is going to be wow, I would really love to see Mistress in those boots and leather corset! STOP! Now think again. While I will wear and enjoy those boots and corset, is your gift self-serving? Think instead. Mistress deserves those luxurious towels when She comes out of Her bath and will sleep so comfortably on those sheets. Do you see the difference?


Goddess Bella Donna: I’ll take it a bit further than My Domina Sister does on that one and remind you that when you purchase those Boots and Corset for Her for example, she will only wear those once in awhile! However she will enjoy the luxurious Towels and Sheets almost daily. What do you think will go through her mind when she toweled herself off with that thoughtful gift of yours or falls asleep underneath that heavenly sheet? Yes, your loyal and adoring service to HER! You have truly placed Her before your desires and belief it or not boys, now she will feel so much more generous towards you as well in the end. Why? Because you have deeply understood your purpose, to PLEASE HER. Naturally WE enjoy spending time with those of our servants who have understood that basic principle a lot more than those who are only out for their own “cock inspired service”. In My case I am not a “clotheshorse” as they call it. I have a lot of different hobbies and educational things I enjoy. I have closets filled with clothing I seldom even find the chance to wear! So as nice as a new pair of high heels might be, a book or something off my wishlist for a hobby will put you in a lot better graces with Me personally. I am not someone who likes to spend $5000 on a purse, but hey if you have that kind of cash to spend on Me and would love to make Me smile buy Me my Gold prospecting equipment or gift Me with it as a down payment for MY RV. Will that turn you on? Well that depends on if you are a submissive or a self serving fetish boy. The slave mind will be pleased and happy automatically knowing that it has PLEASED ME with things I DESIRE and ENJOY. Just think of how happy I will be when I get to “have you with Me” out there enjoying My hobbies via that gift!


Do we want our submissives and slaves to be happy and content? What a silly question of course We do. You are our treasures when you act right and WE do care about you as well. It is a two way street, but in the end unless you understand your place before US and how you should act, you’ll never reach that special place in our Crown.


Goddess Natasha: A  submissive finds fulfillment and contentment when his Mistress/Owner IS fulfilled and content. I have found this to be so true and while it may take training, guidance and refocusing the male mind both parties can be happy with the outcome. It is about servitude, surrender and knowing your place with Us.