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Female Superiority Femdom

I hope that you are having a great week so far! I know this time of year is busy with a lot of things going on! Did you get a chance to see the meteor shower last night? It was a cool 47 degrees in Florida so we bundled up and went down to the beach. It was absolutely spectacular with a clear sky! Hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps made it even more enjoyable!

For many years I have been a proponent of Female Supremacy. Female Superiority Femdom and this philosophy is just one of the basis of My lifestyle as well as how I live My personal life. If you have followed Me at all over the years you know this from My personal site and blog for one. In addition, both of the magazines that I published were dedicated to Female Superiority and the Dominant Female. As a matter of fact I became most well-known because of My views on Female Supremacy!

Female Superiority Femdom , Matriarchal Societies and the rights and attitudes of Dominant Females ARE some of My favorite subjects to write about, record and to talk about! In addition EXTREME ideas such as a slave farm and a male’s role in an extreme society are particular favorites! My recordings go way beyond the idea that males are inferior because of their genitalia!

With the weekend coming up keep in mind My cam line will be on! Be sure to visit My cam listing here and that your Skype is updated to the latest version. My personal slave will be here for the weekend and may appear on cam with Me.

Today I am available for phone calls, personal interaction as well as custom audio recordings. If you have an idea or suggestion OR wish to request your own recording, feel free to contact Me.


Female Supremacy ~ A males’ Role 

female superiority femdom

I have spoken often of the way society is changing and how I see the world especially our society as Female Supremacy and Female Led Relationships become more prominent. In this POV video, I discuss the males role and how this will be determined. I would consider this an extreme view of the future! (WATCH NOW!)

Women are Biologically Superior 

female superiority femdom

I have been a proponent and believer in Female Supremacy for many years. It is easy to find the evidence and proof of this superiority as you surf the internet and watch the nightly news! This superiority is evidenced in so many ways and yes, even biologically! This is an enlightening, intelligent recordings on what else? Women’s Superiority! (LISTEN NOW!)

Female Supremacy ~ The Natural Order 

female superiority femdom

As a Lifestyle Female Supremacist I do believe in the Superiority of Women. In addition, I do believe that this is the NATURAL order. My reflections and ideas to bringing you to the Natural Order-Female Supremacy! There are so many examples and so much information that corroborates that Female Supremacy IS the Natural Order! (LISTEN NOW!)

Female Supremacy Armageddon Begins! 

female superiority femdom

I am referring to the destruction of the current society that we live in. It has already begun! Superior Females are already gaining more and more control in our society. Politically, financially, in the corporate world are all examples! Look at the popularity of chastity devices by Women! Women are beginning to realize the control they will have when they control a males sexuality! Are you prepared? Are you ready for a Female Dominated Society? Because it is coming…in fact it is very near! (WATCH NOW!)

Manhandled BBC Goddess Natasha

This week was quite busy and I enjoyed recording a number of not only custom videos but new content. I also evaluated many Chronic Masturbation submissions over this past week.

My most popular video this week was What would you sacrifice which details just how much you may be required to give up to be owned. My video Panty Sniffer which was released last week was on the most popular marque for most of the week!

This weeks most popular audio was a mind control recordings called Stuttering Idiot. I find this type of mind manipulation erotic as well as empowering!

Keep in mind that I will be available on a limited basis for the next two weeks as I will have a photographer/videographer here that I will be working with. However you can always send Me a chat message or reach Me by email.

Most Popular Video

What would you Sacrifice? 

That is My question for you. What are you willing to sacrifice to be My slave? Giving up your home, maybe even your career. Certainly, you will be giving up your free will and all material possessions. Owning nothing. Being owned. Your sole focus on serving Me, your Owner. (WATCH NOW!)

Most Popular Audio

Mind Fuck ~ Stuttering Idiot 

You have always been a bit shy around Women. Especially beautiful Women that you find attractive. They have always made you nervous. Now I am really going to fuck with your head! In this Mind Control recording, I use a light, short relaxing induction, bringing you into a trance and then down deeper into dream state. As you slip down I put the trigger of beautiful Women that you find attractive will cause you to stutter! The more attracted you are to the Woman, the worse your stuttering will be! You will have no control over your stuttering and the harder you try, the more pronounced the stuttering will be! Your heart will race, your palms will sweat and you will be totally humiliated and embarrassed! I have turned you into a stuttering idiot! (LISTEN NOW!)

Recent Releases

~NEW~ Manhandled by BBC 


I know how much you crave that BBC big black cock. There is just something about how they handle a cocksucker like you! Being manhandled…used…vulnerable as they use you in any way they desire! Servicing BBC superior cock just like you were meant to! (LISTEN NOW!)

~NEW~ Complete Emasculation ~ Total Feminization

Before you can be totally feminized you will be emasculated. As a matter of fact it is not only the first step but one of the most important! To be stripped of every bit of your masculinity, male ego crushed and left in tatters. Then the process of your feminization can begin! First standing in front of Me completely naked and vulnerable for an inspection as I begin to plan your emasculation and feminization. From hormones to chastity your journey is only beginning! (LISTEN NOW!)

~NEW~ The Devastating Consequences of Blackmail 

There is nothing quite like the thrill of blackmail. Slowly but surely My dossier on you grows. More photos. More and more personal information. Videos? Oh I love the power of having videos of you! It is exciting as My power over you grows! As My power of you grows so does My control! But what happens when that information is released? There can be such devastating consequences…for YOU! (LISTEN NOW!)

~NEW~ Breaking of a slave Application 

My breaking of a slave program is a widely sought experience that I have perfected over the years. This experience is INTENSE as well as psychologically and emotionally challenging for even the most experienced males! These questions will help Me determine whether you would be a candidate for My program and how I would structure your individual breaking! (DOWNLOAD NOW)

New Fetish Audio Recordings by Goddess Natasha

This week I created and recorded a number of new fetish audio recordings. These fetish audio recordings cover a wide range of topics from cuckolding to breeding to chastity.

My most popular video this past week featured Me in a corset and seamed Cuban heeled stockings with leather pumps. This is really one of My favorite outfits! I love the way corsets look and well with a pair of stockings it is particularly sexy!

The most downloaded fetish audio recording was Breeding Party. I am sure you know by now how much I enjoy the idea of breeding you! If you find the idea as erotic as I do you will love My Breeding Files! That is My Sunday Special listed below!

Most Popular Video

Corset and Seamed Stockings

fetish audio

I really enjoy wearing Vintage Lingerie such as this white corset. It has four garters and looks fantastic with a pair with seamed cuban heeled stockings. I enter My condo and strip down to the corset, thong, stockings and high heels. I give you some great views of both the front and back. Then I relax on the couch with some close ups of My stocking feet. WATCH NOW

Most Popular Audio File

Breeding Party

fetish audio

This weekend’s plans have all been set! Unbeknownst to you this has been in the planning stages since your bitch training started! I know that you are so eager to serve Me as My bitch! I have decided that I am going to take your bitch training to a whole new level! You see, there was a reason I have been giving you large doses of female hormones! I have arranged a VERY special party for this weekend! A breeding party! LISTEN NOW

Recent Releases New Fetish Audio Recordings

~NEW~ Forever a cuckold 

fetish audio

One of the things that you must come to terms with is the fact you will always be a cuckold. No matter what you say or do this will always be your place. Chastity, orgasm denial and the humiliation of everyone knowing your place and duties. Emasculating to imagine it. Even more emasculating to live it. Forever a cuckold with the knowledge that you will never be allowed the privileges of My lovers. LISTEN NOW

~NEW~ Controlling your Last Orgasm

fetish audio

Don’t have the ridiculous notion that your last orgasm would be having sex with Me! Oh, no! it will be your usual orgasm of jerking off for Me, amusing Me. Maybe I will help you along…using My beautiful red fingernails to grip your balls. You have spent too much time thinking about when you will be allowed to cum. Now you don’t have to wonder at all..you know you will only have ruined orgasms and forced milkings from now on. Featuring humiliation, chastity, control, cock control, masturbation humiliation LISTEN NOW

~NEW~ Enjoying your Chastity

fetish audio

It is to erotic having you in chastity! I enjoy it on so many levels! It is such a powerful way to exert My dominance over you and what is more effective than controlling not only your orgasms but ALL of your sexual activities?? With you in chastity there will be no release, no masturbation and certainly no sex! In fact you are now very limited to what you are able to do and that means you can focus on serving ME! Frankly that is one of the benefits for Me! All of the time you may have been focusing on sexual gratification can now be redirected! Where it should be! LISTEN NOW

~NEW~ Personal slave Training

fetish audio

I am so pleased by your enthusiasm! I am enjoying your eagerness to serve and please! It is no secret that I want you to crave My attention as well as crave My voice. Needing to hear from Me as you recognize what a privilege it is to HAVE My attention. Each time you see an email from Me your heart begins to pound! What will I demand? Exactly what will I command? What questions will I ask? This path on the road to submission ends in one place. Complete Surrender. LISTEN NOW

Sunday Special


fetish audio

How erotic and powerful to have you bred! I would so enjoy having you bred and the emasculation that it would entail! These files are so powerful and empowering! There are so many scenarios that could take place! Titles Include: BBC Breeding, Breeding Program on The slave Farm, Breeding Party, Dirty Bitch to be Bred, Femme Bitch to be Bred, The Insemination Station, Bitch to be Bred, Sissy Impregnation, The Breeding Stall, My Pregnant “wife” (Contains 10 Fetish Audio Files totaling over 50 minutes) LISTEN NOW

Fetish for Leather Corsets Smoking

This week proved to be as busy as ever! Of course part of this is due to the fact that I am taking fetish and Femdom cam sessions once again! I enjoy cam sessions since it creates a more Real Time experience! Also I have been recording quite a number of custom videos which is something else that gives Me a lot of pleasure.

Once again I will be traveling and will be available on a limited basis this upcoming week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)! I will be in touch though sporadically and back regular times on Friday.

This past week My most popular video has been Ass Worship Leggings and Corset and My most popular audio recording was World Domination. Both of these have appeared at one time on the marque!

Don’t forget that I will be filming videos and taking new photos coming up the second week of November! If you have an idea or suggestion or custom request, feel free to email Me!



Ass Worship Tight Leggings and Corset 


I often talk about what a privilege it is for a slave to be allowed body worship of Goddess whether it is foot worship, breast worship, ass worship or even a massage. Have you been paying attention? What is Mistresses favorite type of body worship? I often mention it! Ah, yes, ass worship. Today I have on a pair of skin tight black leggings that show off My ass nicely as well as a gorgeous corset.


World Domination 


As you know by know, I am a Lifestyle Female Supremacist as well as a Mistress. One of My goals has always been World Domination and over the years I have been accomplishing this! Each time a male surrenders his personal power and submits to Me it is one step closer to World Domination!


Corrupting you 


Dressed in a shiny lycra cleavage enhancing top with matching short skirt, leather waist cincher and one of My favorite pair of thigh high boots, I just bought a new pack of fresh 120 cigarettes. It is no secret that I have a fetish for quality leather. Or that I have a fetish for smoking. Oh that taste of menthol! I CAN make you a smoker. I can make you a smoke lover! Corrupting you and making you a smoke slave. So many duties and details when you become a slave. Then all the privileges that come with being My slave. Nothing pleases Me more than corrupting you. Having you crave a particular bad habit especially if it is a fetish of Mine. Very powerful and erotic! So come along and be corrupted!

The Hand you were Dealt 


My make up perfectly done and a cleavage baring tight shirt only reinforce My ideas of Femdom. There are some males that are destined to a life of chastity, cuckolding and humiliation. A life of sexual servitude rather than their own sexual satisfaction and gratification. These males are subjected to a lifetime of frustration and obedience with no regard to their sexual desires and under the control of a Woman.Oh yes! I am talking about you! For a number of reasons such as an inability to please a Woman sexually, to an inadequate penis size to a poor sexual performance THIS is what is in store for you! THIS is the hand you were dealt! Featuring elements of cuckolding, chastity, SPH, humiliation, Female Domination

Breaking of a slave Reprogramming 


The Breaking of a slave is accomplished through a variety of methods both mental and physical. After you are broken then it is time for your reprogramming! Brainwashing so to speak! My first goal is breaking you completely and after I have accomplished that then the reprogramming begins. This mental reprogramming is the second goal that I have. Trust Me that it is just as intense and is just as life changing! It is so powerful as well as erotic to now manipulate and control your thinking! One of the things that is so powerful is NOW you are thinking and behaving the way I want you to and you won’t even be aware of it. My type of thought reform will impede your ability to think and completely disrupt your male ego! THAT is true reprogramming! Believe Me that I have genuinely become an expert at this type of brainwashing after you are broken!

Sissy Assignment and Stroking Instructions 


I know how much you love those soft, silky panties! I know that you have a fetish for them!  I so enjoy seeing you in them and knowing how emasculated and feminine they make you feel! After all it is hard to feel masculine when you have a pair of panties on! My sissies can never have enough panties and I know how addicted you are to wearing them! It’s time for another sissy panty lesson and stroking instructions! For the next 48 hours you will be rubbing that clitty and moaning like a girl for Goddess!
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Chronic Masturbator MY Cure

There are so many of you that are a chronic masturbator! I know it and you know it! So much of your time is spent masturbating! All of that wasted time when you could be doing something productive like serving Me! Now it is time for ME to take control. It is time for ME to control your orgasms and your masturbation Now it is time for ME to cure you! That is right Mistress will help you with your problem! With this video exercise you are on your way to being cured!

Curing the Chronic Masturbator

Yes, I am talking to you! The chronic masturbator…well, I have the cure! I know that you spend all your free time jerking off, looking at photos, surfing the internet, playing with yourself! We both know you have a problem! Guess what? I have the cure! Listen to My instructions carefully and follow them! I CAN cure you…the chronic masturbator!

chronic masturbator


you NEED this video! Download it Here

Mistress Owner Serving Her

Over the years I have developed many slave training videos, audios and training letters. They have all targeted certain areas and provided training on different levels. I am excited about this new series and believe it will be quite beneficial to male submissives as well as their Mistress Owners!

Serving your Mistress Owner

This may be one of the most important series that I have ever recorded! This is for the male submissive who is owned or hoping to be owned, in a Female Led Relationship or who hopes to one day be lucky enough to be accepted by a Mistress Owner. These  lessons and tasks will prepare and  train you to serve your either present or future Owner. These recordings lead you step by step, concept by concept to being a well trained and dedicated submissive who will please his Owner Mistress. That is really My goal-to prepare and train you so that your Mistress Owner is pleased with you as well as happy and content.

mistress owner


CLICK HERE to start Serving your Mistress Owner

Summer Schedule Skype Cam Shows

Well, its summertime and My schedule will be changing a bit for the next few months…for the better I think!

There is just SO much to do in the summer! Paddle boarding, swimming and I have just taken up scuba diving again! Access to a private beach on Jupiter Island makes so many things possible. So My daytime hours are filled with a lot of outdoor activities.

Although I will be taking calls intermittently in the early morning hours and during the day, I will be online most frequently after 7 PM (EST) during the week. However, I will be taking skype cam shows much more often in the evenings!

Of course, on the weekends I am available by phone and phone with cam. I particularly enjoy skype cam shows that include smoking, strapon, various fetish outfits and of course, high heels and boots.

Skype Cam Shows

Click Here to Find out when I am on cam 


Some recent additions such as The Interview , Training you to suck she male cock, Shemale cock Toy Part 1 and My most recent video “Nothing more than a slave” are now available online!

So stop by My Clips4Sale studio for the latest!


Goddess Natasha

skype cam shows



Cocksucker Our Little Secret


As you probably know by now, I thoroughly enjoy bisexual men….submissive bisexual men to be more concise! Forced bi fantasies, excursions to an adult movie theater or talking about this particular activity on the phone!

I know what you secretly want, what you desire, what you dream of – men. Smooth, muscular, delicious, hard-bodied young men. I know that you dream of a place to go, be free and be surrounded by cocks and tight hard asses. In this audio recording, I take you there…to a place where you can be what you truly desire to be…a cock sucker

Secret Cocksucker $9.99




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Female Superiority

female superiorityFemale Superiority at what might be considered extreme




The year is 2014 and as predicted and preached by Superior Females such as Goddess Natasha Lifestyle Female Supremacist and other Superior Ladies, male subjugation and slavery to the Female has finally arrived and become acceptable in today’s world.

Introduction: Female Superiority and the Law

Governments in all countries around the world have now passed the bill enabling and granting all Superior Females the right to enslave males legally and completely through the philosophy of Female Superiority. Every male has now merely to verbally and contractually agree to the Ladies rules of slavery and, once accepted by the Lady it becomes legal and enforceable by law. As part of the male slavery law, it has also become legal for the Lady who contractually owns a male slave to castrate the male by any means she desires and every male knows and understands that once contractually enslaved to a Lady, he has no right to resist or stop the Superior Female doing exactly as she desires. The result of the new laws has seen massive changes in everyday life around the world.

Naked males albeit in chastity or castrated,  under strict control of the Female are now a common sight in everyday life and this has now become an acceptable and inevitable progression to every Female and ordinary males. Not every male has resigned himself to Female Rule as male slavery has not yet become compulsory, however as can be seen, this is only a few years away as the total enslavement of the male is reached. Once the law became absolute submissive males in the thousands submitted to the Superior Female and became slaves overnight.

Slave Farms such as Supreme Goddess Natasha’s became centers where Females could enroll and bring their male slaves for training and learn torture and punishment techniques under Her direction and these would all be filmed and made available to other Female Owners. Goddess Natasha had also pioneered and developed the first of many male Castration centers. Here, a Lady could bring her male slave to undergo and endure a harsh Female controlled and witnessed castration, performed by Goddess Natasha and assisted by the Lady Owner.

All methods of male castration are routinely performed on most days and there is a large auditorium for visiting Females wishing to learn more and witness the Castration. Goddess Natasha regularly runs training seminars of Female Superiority and male torture techniques for Ladies and has a specially equipped hall with many various whipping benches, cruxification crosses and other items for the torture of male slaves.

Every Demonstration is always full to capacity with budding Ladies of all ages who come to witness and learn the various techniques of male subjugation and training. As Goddess Natasha personally owns over one hundred male slaves, male subjects are always available on demand. Goddess Natasha is also a registered trainer and seller of male slaves and holds a public auction once a week where Ladies come to bid and buy trained and partly trained male slaves. All male slaves around the world are branded with a registered number which denotes they are legal slaves to Females and as such there is nothing a registered Lady Owner cannot do to it. male slaves can be sold, auctioned, given and can also be disposed of by the Lady after applying to the Government when the slave is of no further use to the Female. This is true slavery in its purest form as it should be for any male.
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Female Supremacist and Dominant Sisters explain some basics to you

Female Supremacist Goddess Bella Donna and Goddess Natasha


Goddess Bella Donna: WE know that you boys don’t mean bad by it and that in your own way you are actually thinking that you are complimenting Us Ladies this way, but to be very honest some of the comments you leave at times are nothing short of insulting or basically ignorant.


A lot of it comes from your lack of upbringing these days. It seems to be a big thing with younger men especially to have this idea that talking about your “dick stiffening up” when you see a photo of Us or informing Us that you are “in love with Us” and now hence you feel it necessary to fuck Us, but come on pumpkins buy a clue.


Goddess Natasha: It is so very insulting to not only receive instant messages and emails that you think are complimenting us but the photos. Please, no more cock photos! I don’t want to see it! Yours or anyone else’s! Why would you think that would entice Us to allow you to serve Us? Instant Block. I am talking about basic good manners also. Is this taught anywhere by anyone anymore? I am starting to think NOT!


Goddess Bella Donna: The problem the way I see it is that you don’t understand the difference between a Lady who is a Mistress and some chick you are trying to pick up at the side of the road. You confuse Us with your little GF’s whom you are having cyber sex with. I am not saying that cyber sex can’t be fun with your GF, but WE ARE NOT your GF’s, your Wife or anything of that sort. We are Mistresses regardless if that is Lifestyle or Professional, which means to you that your cock only holds one interest to us period. To be tortured, controlled and often put into chastity to help you control your behavior better. That of course doesn’t happen until you are actually in service to US either.


Goddess Natasha: Exactly! It is about respect and knowing your place! It doesn’t take a lot of work to research and find out what We are all about and what we require. It is actually an easy search to find out We are Mistresses, Female Supremacists and are interested in submissive males. Submissive males who know their place! You see a picture and oh yes, we know what goes through your mind! HOT!


Goddess Bella Donna: The male mind is wired differently than the female mind. We all know that and appreciate that. Don’t misunderstand Us here. We are not chastising you for being human beings. It is a natural reaction of yours to be aroused, to get excited and to become horny. The male mind is a lot more visually wired than the female mind. The problem comes in when you can’t control your tongues or fingers. Think what you want, but for the sake of being respectful to a Lady don’t feel it necessary to share it with US. That is the same as you feeling the urge to tell your family every few seconds that you needed to fart or take a leak. Would you think that is necessary? I hope not. I know My son stopped informing Me about his bodily function by the time he was 7. So perhaps you can understand that We only demand something that should have already been put into your head. Some things are not shared unless it is being asked about!


Goddess Natasha: Yes, there are a lot of differences and we get that. Honestly, we do! In actuality, it seems like common sense. You want Our attention. So why wouldn’t you be on your best behavior to get it?


Goddess Bella Donna: I try to explain it like this to My new seekers personally. If you were to find yourself attracted to a lovely Lady in the vanilla world, would you walk up to her and swing out your Johnson as an introduction? Would you tell her within 5 seconds of seeing her that you want to rip her clothes off and cum in her?  I most certainly hope you would have more manners and respect than that. That of course is unless you are missing a few brain cells or were raised by wolves. Possible but unlikely I would say. If you don’t treat a Lady in your vanilla life that way, what makes you assume that you can do this to a Mistress?

Again I understand that in your eyes we are not Ladies, sadly you may have had many encounters with women who used the “Title” Mistress but acted as if they were easy and cheap. That is not to say that all Mistresses have to be hard asses either, most of Us are very nice and forthcoming once you know how to address Us as is proper, but the bottom line is still we do have a right to demand respectful behavior from you at the very least.


Goddess Natasha: I am sure some of you feel this type of  behavior is acceptable because you consider this “adult” or “pornographic” encounters. Yes, in some ways but this Lifestyle is quite different. By this Lifestyle, I am referring to Mine. One of Female Superiority and Female Domination in which Female Supremacist and submissives  celebrates and embrace these philosophies. Why would we put up with this type of behavior? It goes against everything that I believe in. I am not here to be treated as a sex object for your sexual fantasies. I am here to instruct, guide and train submissives to serve. To Me, that is a very basic way of putting it so it can be understood.


Goddess Bella Donna: For Me it is always about manners and respect on both sides. I do not force anyone into submission to Me, matter of fact I am not even remotely interested in guys who are not seeking this type of Lifestyle with Me. It is part of My everyday behavior to demand basic manners in interaction with Me. Am I part of the Adult Entertainment world? Yes I am, there are no two ways about it, but I am in it to train, to instruct, to remind you of your place before Me as you may have chosen it. If you are not ready for that, not interested in that, that is fine, but that means I am simply not interested in you either. You hold no curiosity for Me in the slightest. We do not match. You want to be a slut monger and horn dog. I want a submissive male who knows how to be a Gentleman! See what I mean? We are from two different universes almost. Mind you, there are many thousands of women and girls out there who love to be treated the way you think you want to treat them, but in general someone who is a Mistress or a Female Supremacist (not a male hater, feminist or other confused forms of male bashing women) is not one of those. Here it is all about you showing that you understand that the Lady before you is your “Queen”, your “Goddess”, your “Mistress” or at basic levels standing above you always. Only those who understand this can by that very nature in and of itself even gain the attention they seek. All others are instantly dismissed from thought which is sad, because I have a feeling that there are many among you who would make fine servants if only your mind was wired better and you would understand the very basics of OUR Lifestyle better instead of learning it out of fictional pornography books and movies.


Goddess Natasha: Unfortunately, many things have contributed to these misconceptions including the portrayal on the internet, videos and movies. Servitude is really what a Mistress (most of Us) look for. Now that is very often misunderstood! Servitude is service! It is not about your wants, needs and desires. It is about doing what truly pleases Us. For instance, you visit My wish list and see there are gorgeous boots and a very sexy leather corset as well as a set of luxury towels and a set of Egyptian cotton sheets. Now, your first instinct is going to be wow, I would really love to see Mistress in those boots and leather corset! STOP! Now think again. While I will wear and enjoy those boots and corset, is your gift self-serving? Think instead. Mistress deserves those luxurious towels when She comes out of Her bath and will sleep so comfortably on those sheets. Do you see the difference?


Goddess Bella Donna: I’ll take it a bit further than My Domina Sister does on that one and remind you that when you purchase those Boots and Corset for Her for example, she will only wear those once in awhile! However she will enjoy the luxurious Towels and Sheets almost daily. What do you think will go through her mind when she toweled herself off with that thoughtful gift of yours or falls asleep underneath that heavenly sheet? Yes, your loyal and adoring service to HER! You have truly placed Her before your desires and belief it or not boys, now she will feel so much more generous towards you as well in the end. Why? Because you have deeply understood your purpose, to PLEASE HER. Naturally WE enjoy spending time with those of our servants who have understood that basic principle a lot more than those who are only out for their own “cock inspired service”. In My case I am not a “clotheshorse” as they call it. I have a lot of different hobbies and educational things I enjoy. I have closets filled with clothing I seldom even find the chance to wear! So as nice as a new pair of high heels might be, a book or something off my wishlist for a hobby will put you in a lot better graces with Me personally. I am not someone who likes to spend $5000 on a purse, but hey if you have that kind of cash to spend on Me and would love to make Me smile buy Me my Gold prospecting equipment or gift Me with it as a down payment for MY RV. Will that turn you on? Well that depends on if you are a submissive or a self serving fetish boy. The slave mind will be pleased and happy automatically knowing that it has PLEASED ME with things I DESIRE and ENJOY. Just think of how happy I will be when I get to “have you with Me” out there enjoying My hobbies via that gift!


Do we want our submissives and slaves to be happy and content? What a silly question of course We do. You are our treasures when you act right and WE do care about you as well. It is a two way street, but in the end unless you understand your place before US and how you should act, you’ll never reach that special place in our Crown.


Goddess Natasha: A  submissive finds fulfillment and contentment when his Mistress/Owner IS fulfilled and content. I have found this to be so true and while it may take training, guidance and refocusing the male mind both parties can be happy with the outcome. It is about servitude, surrender and knowing your place with Us.