Goddess Natasha Sunday Recap

As well as letting you know what was new and most popular in My Sunday recap I am adding a SUPER Sunday special. This special will be available ONLY on Sunday and will be one of My favorite or most popular downloads. My first one is My HOT cam shots which is over 20 gifs/photos which is available exclusively on Niteflirt until midnight.

My most popular video this past week was Lifestyle Femdom Element of Fear and Blackmail Reinforcement was My most popular audio recording. In addition I also released a new video and two new audios.

SUPER Sunday Special

HOT Cam Shots

Lots of sexy photos (Over 20 most of them gifs) in different outfits…stockings, high heels, leather, boots, lingerie, latex, strapon and more! AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY ON NITEFLIRT

Most Popular Video

Lifestyle Femdom Element of Fear 

By now you have heard Me talk about the element of fear in Lifestyle Femdom. Not necessarily fear of pain but the fear of disappointing Goddess. The fear of dismissal. When you surrender the possibilities for serving Me as well as disappointing Me are endless. When you surrender and truly submit your body is Mine to do with as I please! Not only your body but your mind and emotions, anything and everything belong to Me! However I want to manipulate you, control you, use you for My amusement or even My girlfriends amusement! From My shemale girlfriends, fellow Dominants and even some of My vanilla girlfriends enjoy seeing a male submit! (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Most Popular Audio

Blackmail Reinforcement

It is so exciting isn’t it? Living with that arousal and knowing the power that I could have over you! That is what is exciting to Me. Knowing that you are under My thumb. Knowing that I could chose at any time to bend you to My demands and way of thinking! The day will come when you know you have lost control over your life. Living each and every day with that mental anguish of knowing you must please or suffer severe consequences. How exciting and erotic that will be! But the truth is you WANT this! Featuring Femdom, blackmail, blackmail threat (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Recent Releases

~ NEW ~ Sissy ~ Wined & Dined or Made & Laid

So what kind sissy are you? Do you like being wined and dined? Or do you like being made and laid? The more pertinent question is what kind of sissy will GODDESS train you to be! Goddess will subject you to both experiences and scenarios. Being wined and dined can make you feel so feminine and special. Admiring glances, as you act so seductively. Batting your eyelashes. Tossing your hair. Crossing and uncrossing your legs. It is such an exciting experience! Feeling like a lady and that your femininity is appreciated and admired. At the end of the night being kissed and caressed then wooed and seduced right out of your panties for a night of hot romantic sex. THEN there is being made and laid. A completely different experience! So many ways that Goddess can make SURE that it is known that you were a sissy who is hungry for cock! Eager for cock. A glory hole or Goddess taking you to a night club just as Goddess dressed you. Tight short club dress, fuck me stilettos and cock sucker red lipstick! Just a horny sissy slut that looks and acts like she wants to be used. Treated just like you acted. Like a sissy slut as Goddess sends you to the restroom and then spreads the word throughout the club that a sissy slut is waiting in stall one! Featuring Femdom, forced feminization, feminization, feminine seduction, sissy, sissification, sissy reinforcement, sissy slut, slutification, pimping you out AVAILABLE EXLUSIVELY ON NITEFLIRT

~ NEW ~ Brainwashing Nailwashing

My long red nails are featured with every sweep of My hand, every gesture. Being brainwashed, being “nailwashed”. Emptying your mind, you must obey Goddesses nails. Focus on Goddess and Goddesses long red nails…back and forth…across the screen. Made to obey. Brainwashed to obey. Triggered to obey. Down, wiping your mind clean into mindlessness as you drift and float. Brainwashed of all thoughts, mindless and empty into a mindless drone. Goddess says this IS best for you! Brainwashed deeper and deeper, down deeper and deeper as you become thoughtless. Brainwashed and “nailwashed” by Goddesses long red nails. Obey Goddess. Obey My long red nails. There is only one path and that is to obey! Must obey. Will obey. Permanently and irreversibly. Featuring Femdom, brainwashing, cleavage, all- natural cleavage, long red nails, mindless, hand gestures (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

~ NEW ~ Bimbo Sex Toy for Bulls

From the very beginning Goddess has had one goal for you. Complete, permanent and irreversible bimbofication for a VERY specific purpose. The purpose of being a bimbo sex toy for bulls. Not only physically but also emotionally, psychologically and yes sexually. Not just bimbofication but EXTREME bimbofication and EXTREME body modifications! By your physical appearance there is no doubt exactly what you are! Huge implants, long hair extensions, long nails and plump juicy lips that will look so good wrapped around a bull’s monster cock! Piercings and tattoos including a slutty tramp stamp. Oh but there is so much more! Brainwashed into a bimbo slut, brainwashed into a cock hungry cum loving slut that craves to be used by bulls. Brainwashed to think about only one thing! Being a bimbo sex toy for bulls as Goddess arranges the ways and how you will be used. ALWAYS being filmed for Goddesses video library! Featuring bimbofication, permanent bimbofication, irreversible bimbofication, permanent feminization, permanent body modification, breeding, cock hungry slut , objectification, sex toy (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Mistress Lifestyle Femdom

My most popular video file was an older file showcasing My all natural breasts encased in lace. My Mistress Lifestyle Femdom The Insemination Station was My most popular audio recording and My video Hypno Dream State appeared on the most popular marque. I also released two new audio files.

I am anticipating another busy week as the custom video requests continue to come in and I already have a full day of custom video recording for the upcoming week!

My Niteflirt phone and chat lines will be on per My regular Sunday schedule today!


Goddess Natasha

Appearing on Marque

Hypno Dream State 

It is always so exciting to see another video from Me knowing that you will be going deeper into trance, a deeper state of relaxation. Dressed in cleavage enhancing dress that plunges showing My all-natural cleavage, thigh-high lace top stockings and Spanish leather pumps My crystal pendant catches the light. As I stroke My stocking clad legs My seductive voice flows through your mind effortlessly. It is time for you to surrender, to give in to Natasha and completely surrender. Surrendering your free will, surrendering your personal power. Goddess wants it ALL! Leaving you in dream state to contemplate your surrender! Featuring hypnosis, conversational hypnosis, covert hypnosis, dream state, relaxed state, stockings, lace top thigh highs, triggers, black lace, countdown (AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY ON NITEFLIRT)

Most Popular Video

JOI Over My Lace Encased Breasts

Taking off My white shirt you are treated to the wonderful view of My breasts covered by a white lace bra. I am going to give you jerk off instructions and let you cum all over it. I lift and caress My gorgeous NATURAL breasts that are framed so beautifully with lace. Stroke after stroke, as I instruct you….you are getting sooo hard-you can’t wait to cum! Featuring Femdom, cleavage, all natural breasts, cleavage, stroking, joi encouragement, lace bra, Mistress Lifestyle Femdom

Most Popular Audio

The Insemination Station

What a surprise you are in for! The ad that you answered in the newspaper sounded exactly like one of those ads for a medical research study. Well, you had an idea that it had to do with sexuality since there were quite a number of questions regarding your sexuality and sexual activities. Welcome to the insemination station! Naked and vulnerable you will be filled. Filled with cum over and over again. Positioned for maximum penetration. I pull on a pair of black latex gloves to make sure you are properly lubed. I will also be manipulating your cock to make sure you are properly aroused! I believe that this is just your first session at the insemination station! Like everyone else you will be back for more! (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Recent Releases

~ NEW ~ Faggot Declaration Proud to be a Faggot

Say it LOUD! Say it PROUD! That you are a faggot. That you are PROUD to be a faggot. Not only a faggot but clearly a bottom. A cock sucking, ball licking, ass licking faggot bottom. Spread and bred, throat fucked and face fucked like a bottom should be. Like you should be and like you crave. Embrace it and accept your place. Not that it will not be obvious to others that you ARE a bottom! It is time to accept the emasculation and accept it AND declare it. Say it LOUD! Say it PROUD! Featuring Femdom, Mistress Lifestyle Femdom, emasculation, bottom, faggotization, faggot reinforcement, bottom faggot, cocksucker, faggot cocksucker, faggot declaration, humiliation (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

~ NEW ~ Faggot It’s no longer a Choice

Faggot. Being a faggot is not a choice for you. Not anymore! Goddess has made sure of that with My constant and relentless faggotization of you! From the very beginning when you told Me about your fantasies about sucking cock and quote unquote forced bi Goddess knew She exactly what She was going to do! Turn you into a cock loving, cock sucking faggot! From the very beginning you did not stand a chance against My plan to turn you into a faggot! Learning and loving what faggots do. Showing you your place in the world as Goddess encouraged you to masturbate your manhood away. Then to glory holes, parking lot blow and go, Grindr and before you know it you are in an alley bent over a car getting fucked like the faggot you are and were always meant to be! Featuring emasculation, faggotization, faggot brainwashing, faggot encouragement, making you gay, humiliation, faggot humiliation, cum slut, holes to be used (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

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Femdom Strapon

My most popular video this week features not only Femdom strapon training but I am also wearing a fan favorite My sheer white dress with thigh high boots. An Erotic Personal Ad and Everlasting Feminization were My most popular audio files. My audio file Hypno Bimbo The Corset appeared on the most popular marque for most of the week.

My phone and chat lines will be on per My regular Sunday schedule today!

Appearing on Niteflirt Marque

Hypno Bimbo The Corset 

Relaxing as My seductive voice flows through your mind, you go deeper and deeper. Every word, every breath taking you down deeper and deeper. In your minds eye you see the corset that I have chosen for you. The corset that will transform you as I begin lacing it tighter and tighter! As it shapes you your breasts get bigger and bigger, your hips wider and your lips plumper. Each pull of the laces renders your mind blank as you become transformed into a bimbo interested only in how you look and how sexy you feel! Featuring hypnosis, bimbo, bimbo transformation, corset, transformation, breast expansion, big breasts, lips (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Most Popular Video

Strapon Training ~ Sheer Dress

Wearing a fan favorite of My sheer see thru dress and thigh high boots I describe the eroticism of strapon training! I find it so erotic to have a submissive worship My strap on and control his mouth! I am dressed a white very short see through dress, a leather lace up waist cincher and tight thigh high boots and waiting for a submissive to serve Me. As I stroke and caress My cock, I describe how much I enjoy using a male and using his mouth for My pleasure. Featuring Femdom, strapon, strapon training, thigh high boots (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Most Popular Audios

Erotic Personal Ad 

That feeling just comes over you. Feeling so slutty. Craving cock and you HAVE to have it. Until you get it the craving just grows more and more intense! I have just the solution! We have talked about it. Placing a personal ad to find new cock for you. It is no secret that you fantasize about it all the time! Actually, you go on and read personal ad after personal ad. Maybe you have even placed one yourself?? I think you need a little push! I am going to write your next one! I know exactly what it is going to say! Bareback. No condom preferred. Bigger is better. Bottom only. No holes barred. Just a few of the phrases that will appear in the ad that I write for you! Trust Me, you are going to be VERY busy! Featuring Femdom, forced bi, emasculation, humiliation, (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Everlasting Feminization

My plan for you is not only sissification but permanent and everlasting feminization! This is one of the reasons that I emphasize hormone therapy AND testosterone blockers! The other things I plan such as corset training, hair removal and permanent make up are just more steps in making sure your feminization is undeniable and noticeable! Monthly manicures and pedicures as well as arched feminine eyebrows will make it apparent of your femininity! When someone looks at you I want it to be apparent that you are NOT a male! The transformation that I have planned for you to leave no doubt in anyone’s mind of exactly what you are! This transformation and emasculation will not only be physical but also psychological and emotional. Featuring Femdom, feminization, sissification, permanent feminization, emasculation (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Recent Releases

~ NEW ~ Faggots Get Fucked Up and Fucked Over

So what happens to faggots that record and share photos and videos? The photos and videos that you post and share everywhere and with everyone! How destructive it can be! It is so exciting and thrilling when you are doing it! Not considering how dangerous and destructive it can be! Especially in the hands of someone like Me who WANTS to fuck you up and fuck you over. Anything that you share with Me is put into a folder and saved. Additionally anything that is put online is there FOREVER! All those photos and videos of you being the faggot that you are never are truly deleted! All I or anyone else needs is the url where it appeared OR a search with pimeye facial recognition. THEN you realize how easy it is for a faggot like you to get fucked over! By then it is too late and you get exactly what a faggot deserves! Fucked up and fucked over! Featuring exposure, faggotization, faggot encouragement, faggot humiliation, public exposure (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

~ NEW ~ Femdom Gooner Therapy 

This is your gooner therapy. The help that you are desperately looking for and that only I can give you. I know that you have tried to stop or cut down but every time you return to masturbating it is more intense and involves more porn. MY therapy can be summed up in just two words. Keep gooning. Did you really think that I was going to help you STOP gooning? Especially in a video like this? With My all natural breasts and cleavage and deep lipstick? With My long red nails gesturing and catching your attention? Making you better by making you worse! By now you must realize that Women do not want to have sex with you. It is time to give in to being pussy free and accept that you ARE a chronic masturbator. All you need and deserve is your hand and porn. It is time to just accept that this is what you deserve! Accept the life of a pussy free gonner and that there is NO therapy that is going to help you at this point! Featuring Femdom, mock therapy, gooning encouragement, edging encouragement, pussy free, pussy free life (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Sissy Husband Goddess Natasha

My most popular video this past week was My Sissy Husband locked in Chastity for another month and Emasculation Unworthy of Sex was My most popular audio file. I also released two new videos and a new audio file this week. Additionally Goddess Knows Goddess Controls appeared on the most popular marque for most of the week.

Appearing on Marque

Goddess Knows Goddess Controls

I always have a plan! From your very first request, you had no idea how deeply you would go but I knew. I knew from the very beginning what I could do to you! I knew from the very beginning how I could control you, how I could dominate you. How I would create a slave! I have done it so many times but with you it was particularly easy! Becoming addicted so quickly so My beautiful breasts, cleavage, , red lipstick, long red nails and smoking! All your weaknesses! Oh yes you did not know it was happening until it was too late! In no time at all I could see your addiction getting stronger and stronger. Knowing I was getting you so hooked! I KNEW it would happen! Carefully I reeled you in! I know how good it feels to be controlled. It builds and builds leading to the most explosive orgasms! A simple command that you cannot resist. Watching Me smoke as you stroke! Knowing your secrets, knowing your secret desires gives ME control over you!  Featuring Femdom, cleavage, all natural breasts, red lipstick, long red nails, smoking, strapon, strapon training, financial (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Most Popular Video

Sissy Husband : Locked in Chastity for another Month 

In this video, you are My husband forced into being My personal domestic sissy maid cuckold. Just imagine your new life as My sissy husband, kept in chastity while I of course seek other pleasures! I only allow you to cum once a month…maybe. BUT this month I make a deal with you. You skip your monthly orgasm and I let you see My panties. This is a cruel and teasing video in which I humiliate and frustrate you! Featuring sissy husband, panty peek, chastity, femdom, femme, sissy, cuckold, panty fetish, humiliation, tease and denial, cuck, cuckold, pantyhose, feminization (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

(Do NOT miss part one of My Sissy Husband here Forced Sissy your new Uncomfortable Life)

Most Popular Audio

Emasculation Unworthy of Sex

It has always been a fact of your life that you have a difficult time with Women. Most especially seducing Women and trying to convince them to have sex with you. Why would they agree? Women can sense and certainly evaluate someone like you! They KNOW that you are not a real man! Women can see your lack of confidence and self esteem. These things tell them that they WILL be disappointed! After all you are giving off all the clues that tell them exactly that! WHY would a Woman WANT to give you the privilege of having sex with them?? Featuring Femdom, humiliation, emasculation, denial, sph (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Recent Releases

~ NEW ~ BBC Black Cock Lust 

I know what you are lusting after! Lusting after big black cock! All of that porn that you have watched and that you cannot stop watching! Programming you to be bred by big black cock, programmed to be used by big black cock. I know that you cannot stop thinking about it! Admit it. I KNOW that your mouth starts watering when you see big black. Lusting and craving it is time to give in to those urges! Black cock is waiting to use you as a cum bucket, a cum slut. Black cock is waiting to degrade you and waiting for your hot eager mouth. Waiting to use you and that is all that you will be. Holes to be used! Watching all that porn is NOT enough now it is time to go out and service that big black cock! Featuring Femdom, BBC, big black cock, cock sucking, black is better, spread and bred (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

~ NEW ~ Intox Poppers

Guess what it is time for? Poppers! With My own brown bottle in hand I shake it and tell you to make sure you have a NEW bottle to use and to shake your bottle too. It is time to sniff and be a good poppers slut for Goddess. No inhibitions, not anymore which is exactly why I like them. Now sniff and think about all the things I want you to do and the things I want to do to you! Goddess controlling you, controlling your high as you ride that poppers wave! Making sure you are a good poppers slut for Me! Featuring Femdom, poppers, poppers instruction, holding countdown, huffing, cleavage, long red nails (AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY ON NITEFLIRT)

~ NEW ~ Forced and Enforced Feminization

Every day that passes you have become more and more feminine. The corset training and the hormone therapy have just begun the physical changes. Every meeting with Dr Jennifer becomes more intense and the changes are becoming more and more noticeable. It was gradual but I am bringing you Coming closer and closer to the point of no return! I know what is best and Dr Jennifer knows what is best! It is so emotional and emasculating looking in the mirror and seeing your feminine arched eyebrows, permanent lip liner and the lip enhancers that have given you full plump lips! More and more permanent changes that Dr Jennifer and I planned and have implemented! So emotional as your masculinity has slipped away, been erased. Then comes the BIG day with Dr Jennifer. The day that those unsightly bulges will be gone. and your emasculation WILL be complete! The day where your panties fit so much better with the smooth front. Oh I cannot wait for that first time that you reach between your legs and realize just how COMPLETE your emasculation now is! Then begins your lessons in seduction and your new sexuality! Featuring forced feminization, hormone therapy, enforced feminization, body modifications, permanent feminization, forced transformation, emasculation, emotional emasculation, complete emasculation, resexualization (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Clips4Sale Goddess Natasha

I hope that you are enjoying your weekend so far! It is turning out to be a beautiful weekend with bright sun and record high temperatures. This past week I released two new videos and a new audio file which are listed below. My Niteflirt and Iwantclips phone and chat lines will be on sporadically today.

Appearing on Marque

Collared Marked and Branded

As My slave I have explained many things that your position will entail. Chastity, servitude, complete obedience and of course you know that you will be permanently collared. BUT not only will you be collared but you will also be marked. Marked with My red and black personalized logo. To further reinforce My ownership, you will be branded. Oh, a tattoo might be able to be removed…but a brand? Well, bearing My brand will show the world that you belong to Me….forever. Featuring Femdom, Lifestyle Femdom, ownership (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Most Popular Video

Femdom Controlling your Manhood

In this video, I describe and show you the various cock and ball restraints that I will be using on you. Gates of hell, leather Gates of hell and an extreme ball stretcher are all shown and of course have the capability to have a leash attached! After all, Mistress uses a slave’s cock and balls to play with amuse Herself and more importantly to control you! Featuring Femdom, cleavage, CBT (AVAILABLE HERE FOR CLIPS4SALE)

Most Popular Audio

Emasculation of the male 

I know what you really are! It’s not the well-respected member of the community that everyone THINKS you are! Not the alpha male that is in charge, making decisions and giving orders! No, what you really crave is to be degraded. To be humiliated and made to perform the most perverted acts! It is so arousing and exciting to think of being used, being called derogatory names and revealing your deepest, darkest desires! Oh you have always thought you were “straight” but things have certainly changed! Those thoughts and fantasies about sucking cock are making you question your sexuality! Be assured that I WILL be encouraging those thoughts and fantasies ingraining them in your mind! Featuring Femdom, emasculation, ego destruction (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Whore for Hire

Caressing the expensive silk lingerie it’s time to choose your outfit for the night of being a whore. Expensive clothing, designer shoes line your closet and they all help you be a successful whore. Leaning over your vanity filled with cosmetics and perfumes, you spray yourself and hand trembling as you touch up your lipstick. There is always the anticipation of going on a “date” but this one is special. Multiple men, multiple cocks! A private party of men that you have been hired to sexually satisfy! Featuring feminization, whore, escort, bitch, private party whore, big cocks (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Recent Releases

~ NEW ~ Castration

Most times when I think of castration, I think of the burdizzo, the cold steel and the brutality of it. Because frankly I believe that is what you deserve! Not as a simple medical procedure. Not a quick simple fix but rather a way that leaves a lasting impression. Now I do not look at castration as punishment. To Me castration is eternal servitude. Castration is making you a eunuch, the ultimate servant as I remove that driving need to orgasm. So the burdizzo and your castration is making you the ultimate servant, castration WILL give you a purpose! Once the clamp closes, once the spermatic cords have been destroyed you will have experienced the castration you deserve! Featuring Femdom, extreme Femdom, castration, emasculation, complete emasculation, burdizzo (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

~ NEW ~ Sissy’s Get Fucked Up and Fucked Over

Do you know what happens to sissy’s who contact Me for exposure? Do you know what happens to sissy’s who contact Me for humiliation? They all wind up fucked up and fucked over! Any of My sissy’s will tell you! Never ending exposure, never ending humiliation and degradation! I have so many photos and videos of sissy’s doing the most humiliating and embarrassing things! The world knowing and seeing all of your humiliating truths! Videos and pictures that give Me so much control and power! I have always told you that I believe everyone should know the truth and that deep down sissy’s WANT to get caught! Sissy’s end up fucked up and fucked over by Goddess Natasha! Featuring Femdom, sissy, sissy exposure, sissy humiliation, public (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

~ NEW ~ Hypnosis Drop for Natasha

Breathe evenly and naturally as you listen to My seductive voice. Drift…and float. It is effortless for you to drop. Drop for Natasha. At the snap of My fingers dropping. Dropping for Natasha feels so good. Emptying your mind of all thoughts with no distractions. It is simple and easy to drift and float…and to drop for Natasha. The snap of MY fingers is unique, no other sound, no other gesture drops you as deeply as the snap of Natasha’s fingers. Featuring hypnosis, mesmerization, easily hypnotized, hypno slave, mind slave, finger snapping, cleavage, long red nails, red lipstick AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY ON NITEFLIRT

~ NEW ~ Are you addicted to porn? Are you a pornosexual?

Are YOU addicted to porn? Are you a pornosexual? I am sure the thought crosses your mind every once in a while! Especially since there is always an article or so much content on gooning and edging. Because porn addiction AND gooning, edging and chronic masturbation are closely associated! One leads to the other and vise versa! The sexual orientation as a pornosexual was created specifically for those addicted to porn. My questions are detailed and diverse and will answer the question are you addicted to porn! Oh and I hope you did not think that I would be discouraging you from watching more and more porn! In fact quite the opposite! Featuring addicted to porn, pornosexual, chronic masturbator, chronic masturbation, gooner, gooning, gooner encouragement, making you better by making you worse (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Hypnosis Drop for Natasha

I hope that you are having a great week! I had one full day of video recording and it looks like I will have another one coming up soon! Drop for Natasha is the first to be released.


My first new release is an hypnosis file focusing dropping deeper and finger snapping with My beautiful hands and long red nails.

~ NEW ~ Hypnosis Drop for Natasha

Breathe evenly and naturally as you listen to My seductive voice. Drift…and float. It is effortless for you to drop. Drop for Natasha. At the snap of My fingers dropping. Dropping for Natasha feels so good. Emptying your mind of all thoughts with no distractions. It is simple and easy to drift and float…and to drop for Natasha. The snap of MY fingers is unique, no other sound, no other gesture drops you as deeply as the snap of Natasha’s fingers. Featuring hypnosis, drop for Natasha, mesmerization, easily hypnotized, hypno slave, mind slave, finger snapping, cleavage, long red nails, red lipstick


Hypnosis ~Powerful Pendant ~ Powerful Leather

My soft supple leather top and gloves fit so tightly and feel so erotic. The pendant is nestled in My cleavage and it’s power over you is instantaneous! The light glistens as you feel the power of the pendant pulling you. My voice seduces you and flows through your mind as I take you down deeper. Deeper into trance. Deeper into submission. Unable to resist My voice, My leather or the sparkling pendant you go deeper and deeper Bringing you closer to complete surrender. Featuring Femdom, hypno, hypnosis, cleavage, leather, brainwashing

Hypnotized by the Pendant

Conditioning you continues as I use My voice, gestures and pendant to take you deeper and deeper! As I manipulate the pendant, I manipulate your mind! So relaxing. The Pendant is so mesmerizing, so hypnotizing. By now you don’t even know what is happening to you! So you just stare, you cannot look away. The pendant swirling, then back and forth. Relax…Just relax and go deeper and deeper. The seductive sound of My voice combined with the pendant as you get sleepier and sleepier. That’s it. Just let go and listen to the sound of My voice as your eyelids get heavier and heavier. Featuring Femdom, Femdom hypnosis, hypnotized, pendant, deeper, sleepier

Addicted to Goddess Natasha

Dressed in a sexy blouse from Secrets in Lace with deep red lipstick, My long red nails painted red and dark smokey eyeshadow I am reinforcing your addiction! That did not take long! Just seeing one of My videos and as soon as it is finished you are craving to watch another! I know that you need that rush AGAIN! That rush that you get from watching another one of My videos. I know! That rush is how I have manipulated into being so hooked, so addicted! With every video, with every cigarette that I smoke I have become your drug. Unbeknownst to you it was all so carefully planned by ME! The first step is admitting it! I know it, you know it. I am exactly what you need, I am exactly what you crave, I am exactly what you have to have! I know that you do have to watch and listen each day even multiple times a day! As I smoke, you stroke….over and over! Oh the things I have done to you, oh the secrets that you have told Me have only made you more addicted to Me and My control! Featuring Femdom, smoking, addicted to Goddess, addicted, addiction, long red nails, red lipstick

Altered Memory Sissy Brainwashing 

Relaxing all that matters is My voice, My words. As you listen to My voice your eyelids are getting heavier and heavier until they close. Good girl. Good sissy. With your eyes closed feeling so feminine in your mind’s eye you see yourself as the sissy crossdresser you are. Looking in your mind’s eye mirror you see your feminine hairstyle, arched eyebrows, long eyelashes, blush on your cheeks, the lipstick, the lip gloss that is YOU. That has ALWAYS been you, you have always been a sissy crossdresser. Seeing and feeling the panties that you have ALWAYS worn that you have on, you have ALWAYS worn panties and a bra. As far back as you can remember your wardrobe has ALWAYS been this. That IS you. That has ALWAYS been you. The closet, your closet has ALWAYS been filled with skirts, blouses, dresses. Flats, peep toe shoes, mules, pumps are neatly lined up in your closet. The box of jewelry has ALWAYS been on your dresser. THIS is all you can remember. This is all you will remember because no one else exists and never did! Featuring Femdom hypnosis, sissy conditioning, sissy brainwashing, feminization, feminine reinforcement, always femme, memory alteration

Did you know I have over 1500 videos, audios and other files listed on Niteflirt? I realize it can be overwhelming however I would be more than happy to make recommendations based on your erotic interests! Simply send Me an email or chat message letting Me know your interests!

BNWO Superiority

I hope that you are having a great week! It was a beautiful morning and I spent the day at the beach on the broadwalk. This evening I am home and available for calls and chat. Catch Me while you can tonight because My time will be VERY limited tomorrow. My new audio file recorded today reflects what I have been saying for years and that the BNWO is real and big black cock IS superior!

~ NEW ~ BNWO Superiority

Listen to Me tell you about the black new world order superiority and how you have unknowingly programmed! Do you know what the black new world order is? More importantly do you know that you ARE being programmed for the black new world order? The hours and hours of inter-racial porn that you have watched and CONTINUE to watch have been programming you. Programming you for the black new world order. This IS all deliberate. The progression has been carefully orchestrated. targeting white men and white males sexuality. BBC porn has taken over as the most watched porn. Slowly but surely you as a white male are becoming sexually obsolete! Featuring BNWO, big black cock, BBC porn, black cock superiority, sexual superiority, white boy humiliation, white boy degradation, pussy free, pussy free white boy, small cock extinction


BBC Beg for it! Pay for it

By now you should know where your place is! I know that you white males try and pretend. Pretend that you are real men But all you have to do is turn on that BBC porn and you turn into a cock sucking bitch for BBC! I know that you aren’t watching those Women! By now you know that you can’t satisfy them. By now you know you can never put that look on those Women’s faces! Not a chance! That is just one of the reasons that you can’t look away from that cock. As you watch and lust after it all you can think about is wrapping your lips around it! On your knees, begging for that BBC! Yes I believe that not only should you beg for the privilege of serving BBC, thank them but PAY for it! What could more emasculating than that?? Featuring Femdom, humiliation, emasculation, cock worship, big black cock, pay for gay, white male humiliation, sexual inferiority BNWO

BBC Bitch

I know that you dream of all that big black cock! Watching video after video imagining yourself in those vulnerable helpless positions! The bulls that I know would love to put you in your place and show you their cock superiority! They like nothing better than to use a white boi like you! Aggressive, hard fucking beginning with a deep throat fucking is sure to put you in your place! What I want is more than just a fantasy! Repeat after Me “I am a BBC bitch”. Featuring white boy humiliation, black cock superiority, BBC, BNWO

BBC Superior Cock

I know that you can’t stop thinking about big black cock! It is hard to get away from! Everywhere you look on the internet it IS all about big black cock! For you that means you just keep getting more and more obsessed! Seeing the reactions of men and women as they lust after BBC just like you! As your go to porn if it has big black cock you want to watch it! Imagining yourself taking BBC and being used! Isn’t it emasculating knowing there are all these Women in the world who want NOTHING to do with you! Like you they are looking for big black cock just like you! They crave it just like you! It is the one thing that gets you rock hard every time. Fantasizing over and over about superior black cock As a beta you SHOULD be sucking it, serving BBC and swallowing that black seed. It IS your place, black cock IS superior to you and you belong on your knees servicing it! Featuring BBC, black cock superiority, white boy humiliation, emasculation, BNWO

BCA Black Cock Addiction 

I have seen it happen again and again. Now it has happened to you! With all the inter-racial porn it was bound to happen! Now every fantasy, every masturbation session begins and ends with big black cock. Over time you have been sexually reprogrammed for big black cock and now it is an addiction! It is time to just accept it, embrace it and accept your place serving big black cock! Featuring BBC, big black cock, BBC reinforcement, emasculation, white boy humiliation, BNWO

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Cuckold Husband

I hope that you are having a great week. Like a lot of people across the US we experienced some nasty weather yesterday and last night. Today it looks like I will finally be able to walk on the beach since the wind finally died down. My new audio file is from a wife’s perspective as she talks to you, her cuckold husband and what her plans are for you.

~ NEW ~ Cuckold Husband to Sissy Cuck 

This from a loving cuckoldress wife perspective as I tell you how pleased I am with our new cuckold lifestyle and you as my cuckold husband. I am quite pleased. Pleased that you have truly embraced being a cuckold. I knew that it would be best. Best for you, best for Me and it has certainly been best for our sex life Or should I say My sex life. Now you know that I love you. I will always love you but it is time for more changes. Instead of a just a cuckold husband I want a sissy husband so that is what you are going to be from now on! Wearing panties like me. Wearing stockings like me. So I have a present for you. Actually I have more than one present for you. These presents are going to make our life together even better! These presents are to help your sissification and with what I call your resexualization. Sex for you is going to be VERY different from now on. The most special present has to do with the changes to our “sex life”. First you as my sissy cuck will be permanently pussy free. Then my very special present is a dildo that is an EXACT replica of my bull’s cock. I want you to feel exactly how and what I feel with my lover! Featuring FLR, cuckolding, cuck to sissy, pussy free, resexualization, feminization, sissification, BBC


First time Cuckold 

There is nothing quite like the first time that you engage in a cuckold experience! Are you ready for the humiliation? For the emasculation? Coming to terms that you have never been able to sexually satisfy a Woman? The feelings of excitement, humiliation and deep emasculation will be so intense! Being cuckolded will cement your place as a beta male! The duties of a cuck are varied whether it is to watch only, the privilege of clean up, changing sex scented sheets or only sent videos of what is taking place! However these are things that you have no control over! Be assured after just the first time, it will be forever stamped in your mind that you ARE a beta male! Featuring Lifestyle cuckolding, cuckolding, emasculation, orgasm denial, chastity, beta male, cock comparison

Below are just a few of My cuckold recordings. CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW MORE CUCKOLD FILES

Cuckolding ~ A cuckold’s Place

There is such eroticism and complex emotions in cuckolding. Listen to My seductive voice as I describe the scenario of preparing for a party at the Goddess Manor. As you kneel at My feet fastening My high heels not knowing if you will be allowed to escort Me or be left to your own vivid imagination at home. My corset tightly laced pushes up My breasts and you run your hands up My stocking clad legs, eyes pleading. But I have taught you well. Silently you kneel awaiting My decision. Knowing whatever I decide with bring each own psychological and emotional torment.

Cuckolding you ARE going to be cucked

It is time for you to hear some truths! Based on everything that I have heard the issue is sexual frustration! I see you nodding your head. Oh I don’t mean YOUR sexual frustration. I am talking about HERS! During the private session with your wife she admitted to a number of things that she did not in your couples session. One of the facts is that she is not satisfied sexually by you in any way! That she never has been and she has grown tired of pretending that she is! I know that this cannot be a surprise to you! To be perfectly blunt your penis is too small to bring her any pleasure! She is ready for a REAL man who can satisfy her! Featuring elements of cuckolding, mock therapy, cuckold advice, cuckold reinforcement, cuckold acceptance

Cuck Emasculation

I have demanded that you come over because as My cuck I want you to witness My sexual pleasure with My bull who I have invited over. Speaking directly to you I tell you how you are to behave, showing proper respect and calling My lover Sir. Oh, it only adds to My pleasure to have you there to humiliate and emasculate as you watch how a REAL man fucks. I lead you to the bedroom where My bull waits and I humiliate you by doing a cock comparison and explaining exactly why HE is going to have sex with Me and you never will. While you are on the sidelines watching and agonizing, you are forced to say out loud what a good fuck he is.

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Niteflirt Marque Goddess Natasha

My most popular video this past week was Arrogant Women Get what They Want which IS based on an event that did take place. Sissy Ass for Cash and BBC Owns you were My most popular audio recordings this past week. Smoking Stroke more of Goddess was on the most popular Niteflirt marque. Additionally I also released a new video and new audio file this week.

Appearing on Niteflirt Marque

Smoking Stroke MORE of Goddess 

I know ALL the things you have been thinking about! All things that you have been fantasizing about! All the things that get you so hard! My gorgeous all natural breasts, long red nails, a long white 120 cigarette that shows off My red lipstick. All these things and MORE! My strapon that looks so powerful between My legs as you imagine your lips wrapped around cock! Filling you with lust, imagining Me feeding a cock into your mouth and down your throat! So exciting and making you so weak! So weak! So hooked! The views of My gorgeous breasts as I tell you to open wide. Open wide and suck! Featuring Femdom, smoking, strapon training, cocksucking, encouraged bi, total control , long red nails, red lipstick, all natural breasts, cleavage (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE) 

Most Popular Video

Arrogant Women Get What They Want

I have had a busy day of shopping! I order a Grey goose on the rocks with a water back. As I relax and read My magazine I point out what a tongue tied waiter you are! I laugh at you wondering how you are going to make it as a waiter. Forgetting a napkin I ask you if you had training for this job? Any training at all? Then waiting for My check you finally inform Me that you don’t have a check because you are NOT a waiter! So intimidated by Me you just automatically did as I asked and brought Me a drink from the bar! Of course there won’t be a check; YOU are paying for My drink! Laughing I tell you to be sure to tip the waiter! So helpful! Now you can be even more helpful and carry all My shopping bags out! Featuring arrogant Women, humiliation, laughing, Women in control (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Most Popular Audio

Sissy Ass for Cash 

This is another step in your sissification and sissy training! It has been so satisfying dressing you in sexy lingerie, short shorts and club dresses! Teaching you how to do the sissy strut in your stiletto high heels and painting your lips with cock sucker red lipstick was just the beginning! Reinforcing those slutty feelings of yours and the need to be used! Being sissified and looking like a sissy slut, acting like a slut and craving cock. Now that I have you craving cock and craving the feeling of being used pimping you out is the next natural step! Trust Me that this is going to be another addiction for you! Unable to resist the feeling of cum, being fucked and used as a cum dump! Feeling all those cocks twitch deep inside you as they shoot their load! As a sissy whore your satisfication doesn’t matter, it is all about serving cock and providing a sexual outlet! The added benefit is I will be making money off your sissy ass! Sissy Ass for cash! Featuring Femdom, sissy training, sissification, pimping you out, forced bi, humiliation, emasculation (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Hypnosis ASMR BBC Owns you 

Listen to My seductive voice whispering in your ear as I condition you into being owned by big black cock. Black cock IS superior. Worshiping black cock is your duty. It is your duty to service big black cock. Big black cock owns you! Featuring ASMR , hypno, hypnosis, Femdom, brainwashing, BBC brainwashing, BBC conditioning Best listened to with headphones!

Recent Releases

~ NEW ~ Sissy Faggot Emasculation 

My will is to sissify, faggotize AND expose you. This is what My will and plan for you has always been! In hindsight do you see the path that I have been guiding you on? I do know what is best for you, sissy faggot! I know all your humiliating truths! Gay faggot. Sissy queer. A sissy faggot who craves cock and craves cum and NOW craves to be exposed! I know you want to be MY femme sissy faggot! The evidence that you ARE a natural born faggot and that you were born a bottom! Giving in and surrendering to your truths will be so freeing. This surrender and acceptance is freedom! Surrendering to Me and My powerful will to completely emasculate you. Shredding any part of your masculinity! Molding you as I know what your true destiny has always been. Permanently and irreversibly a sissy faggot. A bottom bitch who craves and aches to be filled! Featuring Femdom, making you gay, faggot reinforcement, mantras, exposure encouragement, cock hungry faggot, feminization, bottom bitch, sph, small clitty (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

~ NEW ~ Foot Porn for My Foot Piggy

I KNOW that you My little foot piggy have been eagerly waiting for more training, more of humiliating foot porn! I so enjoy hearing you oink down at My feet where you belong! Snapping My fingers and instructing you to oink for Me! 2024 is going to be more! More diddling, more wanking and MORE censored porn! Making you completely unfuckable with My censored porn with high heels and My perfect size 6 feet! Oink for My toe cleavage! Oink to be allowed to stroke to My high heels and feet. Completely focused, at My feet with My perfect painted red toes, This IS your porn! My toes, sexy feet and high heels are all My foot piggy needs now! The click of My high heels sends your heart racing increasing your arousal and increasing your desire to be My unfuckable foot piggy! Featuring Femdom, censored porn, emasculation, finger snapping, long red nails, high heels, toe cleavage, foot worship, foot fetish, humiliation, pussy free, bare feet, red toenails, oinking, unfuckable (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Compulsive Chronic Masturbator

One of My most popular downloads for pussy free compulsive chronic masturbator  cum puppets is My Chronic Masturbation combination that totals 75 minutes! These four audio files are filled with gooning, edging, stroking, masturbation guidance and encouragement! Includes the titles Perpetual Masturbation, Compulsively Stroking and Edging, Forced to Masturbate and Mindless Cum Puppet. (PREVIEW IT HERE)

Following right in line is My NEW audio file called compulsive chronic masturbating as I encourage more and more gooning adding to your life of being a pussy free chronic masturbator!

~ NEW ~ Compulsive Chronic Masturbating

I know that you are feeling weaker and weaker. Weaker than ever before. Exactly what I wanted, exactly what I planned. After all I have been working on your mind and working on your cock with every call, every video, every audio even My emails! Because you ARE My gooner, you ARE My cum puppet. I know why you find this so irresistible because it IS so enjoyable for Me to be inside your head. Encouraging and reinforcing that you are a chronic and compulsive masturbator. I truly enjoy using My seductive voice and commands to bring you to your knees. Helping to create your life of compulsive masturbation and endless gooning. My voice flowing through your mind as you are looking at My videos and photos. My voice amplifying your arousal and the unbearable pleasure and staying edged! Listen to My voice as I work on your mind and your work your cock. More masturbation, more edging as I drain your will and self-control. There is no free time for you. That time belongs to Me and that time is for stroking and edging. Close your eyes and feel every stroke as you listen to My voice! Women like ME know exactly what is best for you, how to use you, to tease you and DELIBERATELY encouraging more masturbation ensuring that you stay pussy free! Featuring Femdom, chronic masturbation, compulsive chronic masturbator, masturbation encouragement, masturbation instructions, gooning, gooner, edging, humiliation, humiliation porn, pussy free (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)


Endless Mindless Masturbation

I know you ARE to weak to resist! Over time I have molded you into being a compulsive masturbator. An ass kissing cum puppet who has gone so deep that there is no chance of escaping as you s. spiral deeper and get weaker. I have done this to you. I have molded you and programmed you. THIS recording is to arouse you even more, weaken you even further as I drain you! My voice has enslaved you using your own weaknesses to control you and manipulate you. I have made you helpless and vulnerable as you work on your cock for hours on end. Edging and making you mindless. Draining you over and over with endless masturbation. That is all there is for you. Endless masturbation for My cum puppet, My cum slave. Featuring Femdom, manipulation, masturbation, compulsive masturbator, edging, gooning (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Never Ending Chronic Masturbation 

It is so exciting to hear My voice again! Instantly your hand goes to your cock to begin stroking. My voice is imprinted. Imprinted in your mind to make you weak. Making you weaker and weaker unable to resist. Compulsively stroking and edging as My power over you grows stronger and stronger. There is no escaping My voice or My control! Featuring Femdom, masturbation, chronic masturbation, compulsive masturbation encouragement (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Mindless Masturbation Manipulation

This recording reinforces your surrender and reinforces that you will never escape Me. My seductive voice is manipulating your mind and your ability to orgasm and ensuring that you can never and you will never be able to resist Me, and you will never be able to stop cumming for Me.…ever….I command you to listen to this recording on a daily basis, because it will re-enforce everything that is to come in your training for your lifetime of submission. Put on your head phones My boy and just relax… listen to My seductive, hypnotic, irresistible voice…. and begin to submit to your programming… your permanent hypnotic programming…, forever My ass kisser and ass licker…. My helpless slave… for now you will cum to Me and only to Me… on My command…. as the words I shall whisper into your ear burrow more deeply into your mind, never to be removed, never to stop working on you, or making you weaker for Me….Now you have taken another step in your Surrender to me…. from the very first time you listen to this recording — made for you, and only for one purpose — to permanently weaken you, and place you under My inescapable, hypnotic control! Featuring Femdom, worship, Femdom mind control, orgasm control (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Did you know I have over 1500 videos, audios and other files listed on Niteflirt? I realize it can be overwhelming however I would be more than happy to make recommendations based on your erotic interests! Simply send Me an email or chat message letting Me know your interests!


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