Hypnosis Pendant

As you know by now I have been practicing Femdom hypnosis for years and have literally hundreds of videos! Many of them featuring a hypnosis pendant as a focus. My new video featuring a hypnosis pendant that is a crystal necklace.

I have one line and one line only for hypnosis and mind control.

My Niteflirt hypnosis line is 1-800-863-5478 ext: 9594741

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My latest addition to My hypnosis videos!

~ NEW ~ Hypnosis Crystal Pendant 

Directing this video to you! Knowing how effective My videos are in manipulating your mind and ensuring My goal. My goal of your complete surrender. Dressed in a tight figure enhancing dress that shows off My cleavage I am using My crystal pendant necklace to deepen your susceptibility and trigger you. Stroking My stocking clad legs, touching and playing with the pendant as I play with your mind. Using a simple conversation with you to relax you and put you in trance. Taking you further and deeper AND putting you in dream state. Dream state where you ARE so suggestible as it has gotten easier and easier to put you in dream state. With a short countdown I hypnotize you. With a short countdown I put you in dream state. While in dream state heightening My control AND your deep craving for My control! Leaving you in dream state to contemplate where your focus will be! Featuring Femdom, hypnosis, conversational hypnosis, trancing, dream state, stockings, thigh high stockings, lace top thigh highs, high heels, hand gestures, cleavage, hypnosis pendant


Are you being Gas Lighted?

Are you being gaslighted? YES! I am quite sure you are unaware of what I have been doing to you! Gaslighting on the simplest level is manipulating not only your thinking but also your wants, needs, desires and what you believe. With every audio, with each video I use mental manipulation to make you want what I want. With each phone call, chat message I find and use your weaknesses for further control! This aspect of psychological control IS so satisfying, erotic and exciting! Featuring Femdom, psychological domination, psychological manipulation, making you want what I want

Hypnotized Against your Will 

Easier and easier for Me to hypnotize you! Each time spiraling deeper and deeper into hypnosis. My hypnotic suggestions are so powerful just as My will is so powerful. My will to hypnotize you overwhelms your will, you have NO will of your own. With this video I am going a step further. I want My control to be complete and total so that I can hypnotize you against your will. I want to have such control that I can hypnotize anywhere, anytime no matter where you are or who you are with! Featuring Femdom, hypno, hypnosis, trancing, cleavage, long red nails, dropping, deepeners, finger snapping

Hypnosis Mesmerized Natashasized

Every time you are hypnotized it is more and more intense! Overwhelming emotions that are associated with Me and My control! It is so powerful, so intense with no escape. I hold your mind in the palm of My hand in complete control. Triggered again by the voice, the whisper of My stockings, long red nails. Day by day more and more intense. Goddess takes you down into dream state where you are most susceptible to ALL of My suggestions. Taken into dream state where your mind is open and vulnerable to all of My triggers. Becoming more devoted, adoration and complete surrender! Featuring Femdom hypnosis, finger snapping, deeper, stockings, thigh high stockings, crossed legs, dream state

Hypnotized by The Pendant

Conditioning you continues as I use My voice, gestures and pendant to take you deeper and deeper! As I manipulate the pendant, I manipulate your mind! So relaxing. The Pendant is so mesmerizing, so hypnotizing. By now you don’t even know what is happening to you! So you just stare, you cannot look away. The pendant swirling, then back and forth. Relax…Just relax and go deeper and deeper. The seductive sound of My voice combined with the pendant as you get sleepier and sleepier. That’s it. Just let go and listen to the sound of My voice as your eyelids get heavier and heavier. Featuring Femdom, Femdom hypnosis, hypnotized, pendant, deeper, sleepier, hypnosis pendant