Hypnosis Drop for Natasha

I hope that you are having a great week! I had one full day of video recording and it looks like I will have another one coming up soon! Drop for Natasha is the first to be released.


My first new release is an hypnosis file focusing dropping deeper and finger snapping with My beautiful hands and long red nails.

~ NEW ~ Hypnosis Drop for Natasha

Breathe evenly and naturally as you listen to My seductive voice. Drift…and float. It is effortless for you to drop. Drop for Natasha. At the snap of My fingers dropping. Dropping for Natasha feels so good. Emptying your mind of all thoughts with no distractions. It is simple and easy to drift and float…and to drop for Natasha. The snap of MY fingers is unique, no other sound, no other gesture drops you as deeply as the snap of Natasha’s fingers. Featuring hypnosis, drop for Natasha, mesmerization, easily hypnotized, hypno slave, mind slave, finger snapping, cleavage, long red nails, red lipstick


Hypnosis ~Powerful Pendant ~ Powerful Leather

My soft supple leather top and gloves fit so tightly and feel so erotic. The pendant is nestled in My cleavage and it’s power over you is instantaneous! The light glistens as you feel the power of the pendant pulling you. My voice seduces you and flows through your mind as I take you down deeper. Deeper into trance. Deeper into submission. Unable to resist My voice, My leather or the sparkling pendant you go deeper and deeper Bringing you closer to complete surrender. Featuring Femdom, hypno, hypnosis, cleavage, leather, brainwashing

Hypnotized by the Pendant

Conditioning you continues as I use My voice, gestures and pendant to take you deeper and deeper! As I manipulate the pendant, I manipulate your mind! So relaxing. The Pendant is so mesmerizing, so hypnotizing. By now you don’t even know what is happening to you! So you just stare, you cannot look away. The pendant swirling, then back and forth. Relax…Just relax and go deeper and deeper. The seductive sound of My voice combined with the pendant as you get sleepier and sleepier. That’s it. Just let go and listen to the sound of My voice as your eyelids get heavier and heavier. Featuring Femdom, Femdom hypnosis, hypnotized, pendant, deeper, sleepier

Addicted to Goddess Natasha

Dressed in a sexy blouse from Secrets in Lace with deep red lipstick, My long red nails painted red and dark smokey eyeshadow I am reinforcing your addiction! That did not take long! Just seeing one of My videos and as soon as it is finished you are craving to watch another! I know that you need that rush AGAIN! That rush that you get from watching another one of My videos. I know! That rush is how I have manipulated into being so hooked, so addicted! With every video, with every cigarette that I smoke I have become your drug. Unbeknownst to you it was all so carefully planned by ME! The first step is admitting it! I know it, you know it. I am exactly what you need, I am exactly what you crave, I am exactly what you have to have! I know that you do have to watch and listen each day even multiple times a day! As I smoke, you stroke….over and over! Oh the things I have done to you, oh the secrets that you have told Me have only made you more addicted to Me and My control! Featuring Femdom, smoking, addicted to Goddess, addicted, addiction, long red nails, red lipstick

Altered Memory Sissy Brainwashing 

Relaxing all that matters is My voice, My words. As you listen to My voice your eyelids are getting heavier and heavier until they close. Good girl. Good sissy. With your eyes closed feeling so feminine in your mind’s eye you see yourself as the sissy crossdresser you are. Looking in your mind’s eye mirror you see your feminine hairstyle, arched eyebrows, long eyelashes, blush on your cheeks, the lipstick, the lip gloss that is YOU. That has ALWAYS been you, you have always been a sissy crossdresser. Seeing and feeling the panties that you have ALWAYS worn that you have on, you have ALWAYS worn panties and a bra. As far back as you can remember your wardrobe has ALWAYS been this. That IS you. That has ALWAYS been you. The closet, your closet has ALWAYS been filled with skirts, blouses, dresses. Flats, peep toe shoes, mules, pumps are neatly lined up in your closet. The box of jewelry has ALWAYS been on your dresser. THIS is all you can remember. This is all you will remember because no one else exists and never did! Featuring Femdom hypnosis, sissy conditioning, sissy brainwashing, feminization, feminine reinforcement, always femme, memory alteration

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