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porn addiction

Porn Addiction Recovery

I hope that you are having a great week! It is a hazy, cloudy morning so it was the perfect morning for paddle boarding. Now I am available for calls and chat.  In addition I have a new porn addiction audio file for today keeping in mind My motto is making you better by making you worse!

~ NEW ~ Porn Addiction Recovery

This caught your eye didn’t it? Porn Addiction Recovery. Because you KNOW how much your porn addiction is out of control! It started simply enough. Difficult to get girls, shy, intimidated by Women, maybe got stood up for a date. So instead you spent the time watching porn and jerking off. Now every time you are on your phone, in front of the computer you are jerking off to porn. Whenever you have some privacy. Oh I know you tell yourself it will be a quick masturbation session but it is never a few minutes. Before you know it hours have passed of edging and gooning. You just keep clicking and clicking and before you know it it is 3AM or the end of the weekend and all you have done is watch porn and goon. Now you have been conditioned psychologically, sexually and physically for porn and masturbation and only getting off to porn! There really is NO help for you or hope for recovery. After all My motto has always been making you better by making you worse! Featuring Femdom, therapy, mock therapy, porn addict, porn addition, hand humping, jerkoff junkie, gooning, gooner, chronic masturbator, pussy free, chronic masturbation, porn addicted cock


Forced to Masturbate

It is really quite amusing to think of you masturbating and stroking yourself over and over. But not necessarily because you WANT to but because you have to! With My suggestions and triggers planted deep in your subconscious you have no choice! With these triggers you MUST masturbate. You have to masturbate! In fact you will not be able to concentrate or do anything else unless you masturbate. Know that this can happen anytime and anyplace! Featuring masturbation, masturbation humiliation, Femdom hypnosis, JOI, Femdom, cock control, orgasm control

Be a Better Gooner 

I know you are not comfortable doing a lot of things like dating, social interaction even sex but I have found something you can excel at! Be a better gooner! Be the best gooner that you can be! There is no need to think! All that matters is stroking! All that matters is edging, gooning. Of course no orgasms! That would ruin all the long hours that you have spent stroking and edging. As a matter of fact edging for hours feels BETTER than an orgasm! It feels better than anything else even sexual intercourse! Being hyper aroused feels so good and being in this state of hyperarousal is so erotic you want it to last and last! Edging to porn feels better than anything else! I have a number of ways that you can be a better gooner and STAY in that state of being hyper aroused! Follow My instructions in your daily life with things you should NOT waste your time on! I DO know what is best for you! All that matters is stroking! All that matters is edging, gooning. Just stroke and be a better gooner! Featuring Femdom, masturbation, chronic masturbation, encouraged chronic masturbation, gooning, humiliation, pussy free

Mindless Masturbation Cum Puppet

As I work on your mind, you will work on your cock. Working on your weak spot as I turn you into even MORE of a chronic masturbator. Forever in your mind hypnotically repeating how much you enjoy masturbating, how much you need to masturbate, how much you crave masturbating. It weakens you to masturbate and every time you orgasm it weakens you even more and you become more susceptible to My voice and control! Telling you over and over…you MUST masturbate! You NEED to masturbate! My voice is continuously in your subconscious instructing you stroke and cum…over and over and over! Featuring mental domination, mind control, orgasm control, porn addiction

Life Long Gooner 

Masturbation especially edging over and over IS highly addictive! That feeling of heightened arousal IS addictive and having an orgasm would ruin this intense pleasure! There is nothing else that feels as good as this hyper arousal from endless masturbation not even sex! Even though you know you are desensitizing your cock and that now it is only your hand that can satisfy this gooning addiction that you cannot stop! The stroking edging sessions getting longer and longer. Spending more and more time by yourself, more and more time watching porn! So you will keep stroking, so you will keep edging, you will keep gooning! This intense heightened arousal is what is going to keep you stroking, this intense heightened arousal is what is going to keep ensure that you ARE a life long gooner! Featuring Femdom, gooning, edging encouragement, porn addiction, gooner acceptance, hyper arousal, chronic masturbation

Mature Mistress Goddess Natasha

It was another busy week with two new audios and a new video release. My most popular mature Mistress video this past week was an erotic hypno file called Arousal Trigger. BIG Cock was My most popular audio recording this past week and Bitch Slapped with the Truth was on Niteflirt’s most popular marquee.

Appearing on Niteflirt Marque

Bitch Slapped with the Truth 

The only option for you as a sissy is being pussy free and of course being in panties. Being pussy free and in panties will keep you focused on being the ultimate sissy. With MY help you will become completely focused on being the ultimate sissy. Continuing your feminization IS what I want for you! Sissification moving forward! Interactions with Women will hinder your progress as a sissy and I will not have that! Being a sissy feels to good, being in panties feels to good and having smooth soft skin makes everything seem even more natural! Everything I tell you is the core of your reality! This is YOUR reality; you are a sissy, you have always been a sissy, you always will be a sissy and you will be in panties 24/7 and more importantly be pussy free! Featuring Femdom, sissification, sissy reinforcement, pussy free, sissy mantras, panty reinforcement

Most Popular Video

Mind Control ~ Arousal Trigger 

My beautiful cleavage and elegant hands encased in leather, I want to deepen My control over you! The pendant glistens as I take you down. Just let go and let Goddess take control. It feels so good to let go and drift along with My voice. Running My whip through My leather gloved hands I delve into your subconscious implanting a devious trigger for arousal. When this trigger happens you will NOT have any control over your arousal and erection! In fact the more it happens the stronger the trigger will be! Featuring Femdom hypnosis, trigger, erotic hypnosis, leather, leather gloves , finger snap

Most Popular Audio

BIG Cock 

I know that you have tried again and again to stop. Stop watching porn. Stop searching for big cock. Stop looking at big cock. Stop masturbating to big cock. Stop craving big cock. Maybe you were able to stop…but not for long. Now the craving is back stronger than ever. Stronger than it was before. It is time to accept that you aroused by big cock. Admit and accept that you crave big cock. Admit and accept that big cock IS what makes you hard. Featuring Femdom, big cock, big cock addiction, masturbation encouragement, big cock affirmations

Recent Releases

~ NEW ~ Friend to Femme 

We have been friends for years. Always a platonic relationship and you filled that gap when My alpha males didn’t want to go for a day of shopping, to see an opera or musical or Sunday brunch. After all these years you have confessed so many things to Me. Like how you enjoy these things. How you are more comfortable being friends with Women rather than dating. How you have always felt inferior to other men…almost feminine. How you have never had any interests in male activities like watching sports or male bonding over golf. Oh yes I have learned so much about you and you have always acted happy to be just one of My friends. That was until recently. As always happens with male “friends” eventually you develop a romantic crush on Me and begin exhibiting jealousy and even anger. Clumsy attempts at romantic overtures have only embarrassed yourself and made Me laugh. After I am fed up I tell you that I can help you overcome feelings of inadequacy and instill confidence as a male. Trusting Me as your friend for so many years and the fact that over the years you have learned what a skilled hypnotist I am so you agree. However My plan after I hypnotize you is to bring out your latent feelings of femininity and change your romantic interest in Me into submissive devotion and worship and to be a sissy, to be a good girl for Me! Featuring Femdom, rejection, hypnotic suggestions, reality alteration, feminization, altered memory, emasculation, good girl

~ NEW ~ Humiliation Porn Censored Dirty Socks

So pathetic! I know your cock twitched when you saw more humiliation porn! Which is exactly what this is! A pathetic masturbator who gets so aroused by dirty socks. Not just dirty socks but truly DIRTY socks! To be honest I am not even sure exactly WHAT is on the bottom of My socks…and yet you would eagerly and willingly try to clean them! Completely censored so the ONLY thing you see is the bottom of My socks EXCEPT for a few brief glimpses of My signature long red nails. Time for a chastity cage! Why? Just because! Featuring Femdom, censored porn, humiliation porn, dirty socks, humiliation, emasculation

~ NEW ~ Small Penis Honesty 

Shame. Yes, shame That is what you use to feel when anyone would see your little penis from the very beginning. Knowing that you did not measure up! Shame and humiliation always knowing that an ATTEMPT at sex is going to be a complete disaster. Oh you will fail! The fact is you always do! The performance anxiety that you have is REAL and is never going to change! Just like the size of your little penis is not going to change! I know you have heard Me say it before. THIS is the hand you were dealt with your little cock. Having a little cock has influenced your WHOLE life! It is influenced your confidence, masculinity, personality not just your sexuality. Women know and Women can identify a little dick male. Especially Women like Me! Also I have no problem with small penis honesty and telling you what the rest of your life is going to be like! Featuring Femdom, small penis humiliation, small penis acceptance, beta, emasculation, erotic humiliation, ego destruction. chronic masturbator, chronic masturbation, elements of cuckolding, pussy free

Best Femdom Fetish

The past week was particularly busy with phone calls and I created a lot of custom recordings which as you know is one of My favorite things to do. My best Femdom fetish videos this past week were No Escape from the New World Order and Lifestyle Femdom. Male to Shemale and Mind Control Brainwash were My most popular audio recordings this past week.


Appearing on Marque

Continuing your Gay Conditioning 

Of course you are gay! Of course you are a faggot! Deep down you KNOW this! However every once in a while you think you can deny your desires. Thinking that you can deny what you really want! Pretend you are straight and try to watch vanilla porn. But you don’t get excited by it, do you? Watching the videos and your eyes automatically go to the cock! Yes, the cock because that is what you really want, that is what you truly lust after! Its not beautiful Women, it’s the thick throbbing cocks that you stroke to! Look in the mirror and say it! Admit it! Say it ~ I am a faggot! Featuring Femdom, gay conditioning, gay reinforcement, pussy free (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Most Popular Videos

No Escape from The New World Order 

This video explains more about the New World Order. I have talked before about The New World Order. A world of Female Dominance and Women in control. Where males are relegated to a position determined by Superior Women. What is your role going to be? Are you one of the males who must first be broken? Trust Me that Women like Me are willing and more than able to break you! There is no escape from The New World Order! Featuring Female Superiority, Female Supremacy, FLR (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Lifestyle Femdom

Wearing a revealing dress that high lights My beautiful breasts, I speak to you about the loss of control and complete submission. Training you and guiding you until you see the light of submission and servitude. Using whatever means necessary such as long term caging to bring you to heel so to speak! Being owned and under My control ~ stripped of your free will and completely broken. Featuring Femdom, Lifestyle Female Domination, cleavage, bare legs (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Most Popular Audios

Male to Shemale 

Just as I am you have always found shemales to be so erotic! Watching shemale porn as you imagine yourself in the various scenes and positions! Time and time again spending hours searching and watching shemale porn. But of course I want to take it to the extreme! I am going to make that fantasy come true and transform you into a sexy shemale! I want you to be just as sexually uninhibited as they are! So cock hungry! It’s time for you to be the one in the bukkake videos as you take load after load on your face, your beautiful new breasts, your whole body! Performing and exhibiting yourself…male to shemale! Featuring Domination, shemale, transformation, shemale transformation  (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Mind Control Brainwash

My voice flows through your mind I take you down into a deep state of hypnosis. It doesn’t take any effort as you drift down deeper and deeper. I use visualization as I reach into your subconscious literally washing your brain of all thoughts. Washing your brain of memories and thought processes. Featuring Femdom hypnosis, brainwashing, triggers, trancing (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Recent Releases

~ NEW ~ Brainwashing IS Good for you

Goddess DOES know best. Goddess knows what is best for you. Brainwashing is good for you. Becoming mindless, your mind becoming blank is good for you. Think about how good it feels to obey and sink, how good it feels to drop. How good it feels to drop deep. I know, you needed to hear My voice, to follow my instructions, to drop deeply into trance, and to obey. Let yourself gently float into trance, obedience and servitude. It feels better to just obey. No thinking just giving in, feeling good to comply, feeling good to just surrender. Comply. Give in and give up and feel bliss. Goddess says you WILL go under. Drift..slip…fall into a deep trance. It feels SO good to let any thoughts slip away. My voice seduces you, My voice arouses you! Featuring Femdom, Femdom hypnosis, brainwashing, mind control, hypnotic suggestions, finger snapping, dropping, subliminals (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

~ NEW ~ Pantyhose

After stepping into the bedroom, I slip off My black silk robe and reveal the pantyhose that I have on. In addition to pantyhose I have on a black lace push up bra and matching lace thong. Turning I give both front and back views. Leaning a leg on the bed I seductively stroke My pantyhose clad leg speaking about how silky and smooth the pantyhose are. Then lying on the bed the camera roams the entire length of My bed. The camera also shows close up of My sexy size 6 feet with My painted toes. Featuring pantyhose, pantyhose fetish, suntan pantyhose, lingerie, pantyhose closeups (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)