Unforgettable Sissy Training

This past week I released three new audio files and spent two days recording new videos. My most popular videos this past week were Curing the Chronic Masturbator and Corrupting you. My Unforgettable Sissy Training were My most popular audio recordings this past week. In addition, Controlled and Owned appeared on the most popular marque.

My Niteflirt phone and chat lines will be on per My regular Sunday schedule today!

Appearing on Marque

Lifestyle Femdom Controlled Owned 

So you want to be controlled…you want to be owned! I know that the satisfaction that comes from control and ownership! It IS all about control for Me! I not only want control but NEED the control that comes with ownership. Knowing that I have COMPLETE and TOTAL control is what excites and satisfies Me! (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Most Popular Video

Curing the Chronic Masturbator 

Yes, I am talking to you! The chronic masturbator…well, I have the cure! I know that you spend all your free time jerking off, looking at photos, surfing the internet, playing with yourself! We both know you have a problem! Guess what? I have the cure! Listen to My instructions carefully and follow them! Featuring JOI, masturbation instructions, femdom, PVC (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Femdom Corrupting you 

Dressed in a shiny lycra cleavage enhancing top with matching short skirt, leather waist cincher and one of My favorite pair of thigh high boots, I just bought a new pack of fresh 120 cigarettes. Oh that taste of menthol! I CAN make you a smoker. I can make you a smoke lover! Corrupting you and making you a smoke slave. So many duties and details when you become a slave. Then all the privileges that come with being My slave. Nothing pleases Me more than corrupting you. Having you crave a particular bad habit. Very powerful and erotic! So come along and be corrupted! (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Most Popular Audio

Unforgettable Sissy Training

Imagine…your sissy training continues..today you arrive for the next lesson..excited..nervous…filled with anticipation…My training for you is going well and you are learning how to be a good sissy! Smiling I command you to strip and hold out a crotchless pair of panties and stiletto high heels. A collar and leash completes your ensemble and I lead you down the hallway out the sliding glass door to the pool deck. Pushing you to your knees in front of a suction dildo attached to the wall. I know your little clitty twitched when you saw it. I know you are such a sissy anal slut loving the feeling of having your sissy pussy filled! Instructing you, guiding you until you are filled I tell you to ride it like a good sissy slut. As you moan getting more and more excited you hear the click of high heels. Oh it’s not Goddess! Standing in front of you is a beautiful statuesque shemale stroking her hard cock! This will be a truly unforgettable sissy training lesson! (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Unforgettable Sissy Training (Part 2) 

Oh, you didn’t think your training was done, did you?? Neither Myself nor My shemale girlfriend Andrea are done with you! I have been training you for this day! The dilators, toys and making you My strapon bitch were all leading up to this day! The day you take a REAL cock in your sissy pussy! That’s it on your hands and knees for Andreas shemale cock! (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Recent Releases

~ NEW ~ Pussy Free Cocksucking Faggot 

Oh I am sure just READING pussy free cocksucking faggot made your little cock twitch! Hearing Me say it to you made it twitch again! I know what you are. I know what you have become and it is time for you to accept it. To admit it. Being and LIVING pussy free is so freeing. Women are on a completely different level now and you recognize that! Pussy has no appeal to you, no it is all about cock. It is all about the craving that you have for cock. Nothing else can compare to how hard you get with a cock in your mouth. (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

~ NEW ~ Goon yourself GAY 

Oh I want you to keep watching gay porn! I know that you have become completely refocused on what you watch! All those men. All those types of men and of course all that cock! Get comfortable, get naked and put on gay porn. Keep stroking as I guide you and you become sexually reprogrammed and make you gay! Imagining that it is you on your knees sucking cock. Stroke as you imagine that it is you bent over and your hips firmly held as you are taken! When you finally cum and every time you cum it IS a reinforcement of your place! (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)

~ NEW ~ Panty Bitch Soft Shiny Lips 

I am so thrilled with you My panty bitch! Conditioning and continuing feminization is exactly what I have planned for you! Salon visits for body waxing where everyone knows why you are there! Eyebrow waxing with a feminine arch and a feminine hairstyle that is very edgy and attention getting! Right now I have a task for you to continue your feminization! Be a good girl and follow My DETAILED instructions exactly as they are given so you will have soft shiny sissy lips! Featuring Femdom, feminization, sissification (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)