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~NEW~ Sissy Size Queen 

It feels so good being a sissy! So many things to enjoy and things that make you feel so feminine! Embracing all of it from sissy hypnosis, to feminization and sissification including all those wonderful toys! I am quite sure I know exactly how it started! First a pretty pink vibrator that felt so good in your sissy pussy. Then what sissy could resist the sparkly jeweled plugs that look so femme especially in pink or purple! But as your toy collection grows , so has the sizes! Getting bigger! Getting thicker! So many types and so many varieties. Expanding, squirting, vibrating and they all feel so good. Playing, playing and training your sissy pussy for hours on end! But always want more and more and then the craving for real cock..real big cock! As you watch all those sissies taking cock you want it! A sissy like you needs it; to be spread and bred because you ARE a sissy size queen! Featuring sissification, sissy reinforcement, sissy pussy

Todays SPOTLIGHT File!

Cock Worship for Sissys 

Part of being a good sissy is learning to worship superior cock! After all, I have told you that you are a receptacle and are to be used for others pleasure. As a matter of fact, I have drilled this into you as part of your sissy training! As a sissy you KNOW you are to be used for others sexual release. My sissies have to beg to worship that cock and ask permission. When permission is granted then you will show your appreciation by licking, sucking, cupping those cum filled balls! It’s time to put on your lipstick, get on your knees and worship cock!


~~~ Cock sucking ~~~ Sissification ~~~ Sissy Reinforcement

Emasculation Just one of the Girls! 

As your feminization continues so does your emasculation! All of the things that I have you do or to you is emasculating. THAT is My goal! We both know you are not a real man for a variety of reasons! But as I coax you along your femininity increases and your masculinity is being stripped away! Everything feels so good! It all feels natural! Transforming you slowly but surely ~ I enjoy every step of your feminization although at times I coax you along and force is required! But everything is working just as I envisioned! The hormones are having such a powerful effect on your physically and mentally! The emasculation continues as Women view you completely differently as I do! Not as dating material or boyfriend and certainly not husband material! There will come a time when you realize your emasculation is complete and you are now just one of the girls!

Crave Shemale Cock 

It is so exciting watching those sexy shemales and I know you fantasize about one day being used by them! That first time being with a shemale will be so erotic! Know that you will be looking in My eyes as I watch you take that first shemale cock! I will open your mouth and guide that shemale cock between your lips! Featuring shemale, cock cucking, Femdom, forced bi, anal

Chastised and in Pantied 

Not only do I want you in chastity but I want you in a micro cage! Rather than having a penis you will have a clit! It will be the most natural thing in the world to be in chastity as your “clit” shrinks even more! And it will shrink! There will be no hope of an erection or cumming and you will have to accept that your clit is locked up forever. Of course the next step will be pretty pink panties! Trusting Mistress you know that it is for your own good! Featuring Femdom, chastity, sph, small penis humiliation, feminization, panty training

What happens when your clit is locked up tight and you are wearing panties? Sissy wet panties of course!

Sissy Wet Panties 

I am so pleased that you are being a good girl…a good sissy! As you know I firmly believe that sissys need to be in panties and their clit tightly locked up! So I do inforce that sissy’s need to be in panties and their clit needs to be locked up! I especially believe that little clits like yours belong in a microcage! It feels so good wearing panties, doesn’t it? Pleasing Goddess by being locked up! However I know your clit is starting to leak, isn’t it? That is perfectly natural! Little clits that are locked up tightly will leak! I know that your panties are getting wetter and wetter. Soon your panties will always be wet! Real men with a real penis cum but little tiny clits like yours leak! Featuring sissy, sissy training, chastity, panty training, panty encouragement, sph, humiliation, good girl

Continuing your Sissisifcation 

Such a good girl! So pretty in your panties although I KNOW they are wet from your chastity tears! That is what happens when a sissy like you is locked in a micro cage. But they are tears of joy! So happy that you are finally becoming the sissy that you were meant to be! NOW it is time to begin growing your breasts. Not only will the hormones grow your breasts but your clitty is going to get smaller and smaller. Smaller than it already is and limp. Eventually your clit will have shrunk so much that not even a microcage will fit. Soon it will slip off and as you realize that you are permanently limp and you will know that you will be living a pussy free existence! Featuring Femdom, sissification, sissy training, chastity, hormone therapy, pussy free, shrinking clit, sissy size queen, emasculation