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Forced Milking Goddess Natasha

My goal is always to control you and as you know the more control I have the more satisfying it is! One thing that I find VERY erotic for control is milking especially a forced milking. Exerting My dominance and control as I manipulate your body!

~NEW~ Forced Milking 

forced milking

I am sure you have heard the term milking before. There really is an art to performing this act to make it as humbling and humiliating as possible. Milking is a very effective way to control you not only physically but mentally and psychologically. It is also a most effective way to exert My dominance over you! I will take control of your cock and milk you until every drop is gone and your balls are empty. Believe Me after you have been milked there won’t be a doubt in your mind who is in control! LISTEN NOW

~NEW~ Femdom Smoking in Leather 

forced milking

There is just something so erotic about wearing soft, supple quality leather such as the opera length gloves and leather top I have on! It feels so good against My skin and I love the way the gloves fit so tightly. The pendant is nestled in My cleavage showing off My gorgeous all natural 36C breasts. Indulging in the feel of the leather I light up a 120 all white menthol cigarette and invite you to come in closer. It’s all part of enthralling you. Enticing you. I caress with the soft leather gloves gliding over My arms and cleavage enjoying the feel. It’s like being in a trance, isn’t it? Don’t fight it. Just drift along with the smoke. Not only a great fetishist video but a great worship video! WATCH NOW


Extreme Femdom Electro Ejaculation 

forced milking

By now you know how much control I need to have over you. I so enjoy forced milkings where I take control of your body forcing every drop from your body. However…Are you familiar with electro ejaculation? Maybe you should take a moment and research it! I find it highly erotic…putting you in a vulnerable position on your hands and knees. Using an electric probe to stimulate your prostate and then of course, stroking you until you are completely drained! WATCH NOW

Milking and Edging Forced Ejaculation

As you know I find activities particularly erotic that entail your vulnerability and My control! Especially those that can highlight your frustration primarily your sexual frustration. For instance, edging you while you are restrained and milking you! If you have never engaged in this, it is so very sensual while being so frustrating! Well, frustrating for you! Are you ready for something more extreme? Consider Electro Ejaculation at My hands! It is quite wicked!


Milking and Edging

Forced ejaculation…so cruel and so amusing to Me! Watching your sexual frustration build and build as you lay helpless and vulnerable to My ministrations. After a long period of tease and denial and I do mean LONG period of stroking you, edging you over and over again. So erotic and amusing to watch you struggle and pull against the restraints as your frustration grows and grows! Starting and stopping, keeping you on the edge for hours. Then its milking time! Believe Me when I tell you this will be even MORE frustrating! The orgasm that you so desperately want just beyond your reach as you are expertly milked!



Listen to it NOW!

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