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Feminine Transformation Making you My “wife”


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Making you My “wife” is My ultimate fantasy. This complete Feminine Transformation is so erotic. The thought of your complete metamorphosis is so powerful and erotic! Hormone therapy is only the beginning! Then there are the testosterone blockers and the corset training! My corset training is 24 hours a day and you will have a specially designed corset for night. Feminized and living as a Woman for the rest of your life. Call Me and I will describe every aspect of your new life as My “wife”! Call Button


feminine transformation

It is time to get serious about Making you My wife! One of the first things is to obtain your new wardrobe! Oh, yes, I can’t wait to dress you in the bullet bras, long line girdles, slips, tap pants and more! Of course you know where we will be shopping, don’t you? My favorite place! As a matter of fact, I will be choosing ALL of your slips, bras, panties and stockings from there!


feminine transformation
feminine transformation

Bisexual Domination by Goddess Natasha

In real time, one of My favorite scenarios are couples. Where the Woman is submissive and who wants to be dominated by Me. In particular, a couple where the Woman submits and the husband is relegated to watching Our scene. Very HOT! My domination of a Woman is much more sensual and sexual than that of a man! With that in mind I recorded a new audio Dominating your wife! I think you will enjoy it

Bisexual Domination

bisexual domination

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You have imagined it time and time again! Watching your wife submitting to another Woman and how erotic it would be. Oh you won’t be participating. You will watch from the sidelines as she strips nude and kneels in front of Me! She is so ready for My dominance! So ready to feel My touch! Her nipples are so sensitive and as I slip My hand between her legs, she is wet already! Sit, listen and stroke as your wife submits to Me!