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Gender Transformation Making you My wife

It is a long time fantasy to make you My “wife”. This gender transformation would be total and complete! This idea has only grown over the years and I have so many plans for you! The transformation and your metamorphosis is so exciting AND powerful! So many details! So many choices to for Me to make as I make you not only My wife but My good wife!

Complete Gender Transformation

The Good “wife” 

gender transformation

It is so exciting planning your new life and our new life together. By now you are aware of some of My plans for you! I am paying very close attention to every detail! Everything from the physical transformation to the emotional and psychological are so important. All of these plans and details are being planned with one goal. To make you a good wife! Listen closely! I know you want to be a good wife! (Listen Now)

Meant to be My Femwife 

gender transformation

I realized this long ago and deep in your heart you know it too! The fact is you were meant to be My FemWife! Everything that has happened so far in your life has led you here. All those experiences and choices have led you to Me. This transformation to My FemWife is what you have always dreamed of…what you have always wanted. As a matter of fact, it is what you NEED! It is the only way that you will be happy and finally be where you belong! (Listen Now)

Forever My “wife”

gender transformation

Making you My wife has been a long time goal of Mine! The idea of transforming you into the perfect wife for Me and completely controlling you is so powerful and erotic! Once you are My wife, you are forever My wife! This is not a fantasy role play. Once I have decided to make you My wife there is no turning back. No leaving. No changing your mind! THIS is your new life and lifestyle! Completely transformed physically, mentally and emotionally into a dutiful housewife. Submissive and obedient and so eager to please. So eager to serve. After all, you have heard the phrase til death do us part, haven’t you?? (Listen Now)

Femdom Hypnosis Videos by Goddess Natasha

As you may or may not know I have been using trancing and Femdom hypnosis since 1992. It has proven most effective in real time servitude as well as on line domination. Late in 1991 I recorded the first of many Femdom  hypnosis videos. It is truly amazing what I can do to and with your mind! Manipulating and controlling you,  bringing you to the path of submission where you begin to want what I want! After all, that is the secret to domination! Influencing your mind and body so that you fantasize and begin to crave things you never even thought of! This level of psychological persuasion is so erotic to Me!

As well as created custom recordings I also enjoy Femdom hypnosis by phone or Skype. These can be truly erotic and intense experiences!


Femdom Hypnosis Videos

~ Surrendering Control and your Free Will ~ 

femdom hypnosis videos

This Femdom hypnosis videos recording is designed to remove all resistance to giving up control and surrendering your free will. In one of My beautiful cleavage enhancing bras I take you deep into trance with a complete induction. I use visualization to remove all resistance and any apprehension. No more fear. No more apprehension just a burning desire to surrender and submit. Your complete surrender is imminent!

Also customized recordings can be even MORE effective! Send Me an email for details on a customized mind control recording.

One of My favorite Femdom Hypnosis Videos!

Love Struck Red
femdom hypnosis videos

Continuing in My Mind Control Series, I want to take even more control. Planting triggers that you won’t remember and have no control over…but your subconscious will! This trigger will deepen your devotion…deepen your adoration and you will become LOVESTRUCK! (Video 17 Minutes) Featuring mesmerization, mental domination, mind fuck, triggers, induction, mesmerize, legs, high heels, pumps, red lipstick, long red nails, cleavage, red lipstick


More of My Mind Control Manipulation!

Mental Domination Imprinting 

femdom hypnosis videos

you never thought it would happen to you, did you? you called and spoke with Me, watched My videos and listened to My recordings….now I am so imprinted there is no escape. This is real and permanent

Craving My Control 

femdom hypnosis videos

Just relax and listen to My seductive voice..feel yourself sinking down into a wonderful state of relaxation. These trances happen automatically now when you hear My voice. So relaxed as I put suggestions into your subconscious mind. You will crave My control and the craving will grow deeper and more intense day by day. I reiterate again and again how strong and intense this craving will be

Ultimate Mind Control 

femdom hypnosis videos

This is one of the most devious, wicked and seductive mind control recordings I have ever done! Truly considered extreme manipulation by brainwashing you and manipulating your memory. Right now you are quite sure, no you KNOW that you have never met Me. Never had any interaction with Me. But after I enter and take control of your mind, you will no longer be sure! The memories are so real and so clear! This is why you are so enthralled and addicted to Me! The memory is burned into your mind! Oh and this is just the beginning! Featuring elements of mind fuck, brain washing, mind control, false memories, sexual memories

Best Femdom Video of the Week

My best Femdom video this week was so popular that even I was surprised! While this particular video is not a new release there was a definite surge in popularity!

It is hard to believe that the summer is almost over! Knock on wood that South Florida has managed to escape hurricanes or tropical storms so far!

This week was busy with not only phone calls but recording quite a few custom recordings and custom videos. In addition I had a number of personal slaves in and out performing a variety of duties and chores.

Currently I am working on another SHOCKING Series of recordings since they have been so well received and I have gotten some terrific feedback.

They are still very much in demand. The three currently available are Mind Control, Chastity and Stockings and Stilettos.

My two most popular audio files were Sexual Dominance with a close second of My Cuckolding recording I love you but…If you haven’t yet downloaded them I encourage you to take a look!

My most popular and best Femdom video by far this week was Forced Sissy your New uncomfortable Life!

As always I am so appreciative of your patronage, ideas & suggestions as well as your feedback!


Best Femdom Video of the Week

Forced Sissy your New Uncomfortable Life 

This best Femdom video of the week is a description of a new life for you! Come and kneel in front of Me and let Me tell you all about your new uncomfortable life! Everything is about to change! Tight, restrictive garments, chastity device, high heels and heel locks are just a few ways that I will be making you uncomfortable…making you suffer! Working hours each day on your feet, your feet that are locked into high heels…oh, did I mention a tack inside? Maybe a few pebbles? THIS is only the beginning!


Losing Control 

best femdom video

Have you noticed that you are losing control? The more humiliation and degradation that I heap upon you the more you crave it. The more you need it. There is your public persona that you present. Known as an alpha male BUT I know the real you! I know that deep inside you are a filthy whore. A nasty bitch who needs to be degraded, humiliated and emasculated. The more humiliation that I subject you to the more excited and aroused you get. Every name, every humiliating task makes your cock harden until you are dripping.

Emasculation of the male 

best femdom video

It is a bit frightening isn’t it? I know what you really are! It’s not the well respected member of the community that everyone THINKS you are! Not the alpha male that is in charge, making decisions and giving orders! No, what you really crave is to be degraded. To be humiliated and made to perform the most perverted acts! It is so arousing and exciting to think of being used, being called derogatory names and revealing your deepest, darkest desires! Oh you have always thought you were “straight” but things have certainly changed! Those thoughts and fantasies about sucking cock are making you question your sexuality! Be assured that I WILL be encouraging those thoughts and fantasies ingraining them in your mind!


best femdom video

This contains My erotic cuckold files! As you may or may not know I am a Lifestyle Cuckoldress. I am a member of The Goddess Manor which is a private cuckolding group. This collection of cuckold recordings includes My latest best seller Cuckolding I love you but!

Seduced by My Strapon 

best femdom video

I know that you are a bit nervous! I have told you that strapon training WILL be part of your training! I have made it very clear! Even though you have always thought the sight of a Woman with a strapon between Her thighs is erotic, you have been hesitant! But I know that I will have you begging to be taken. Eager to be fucked and looking forward to it each time! Includes a sexy set of strapon photos!

Reprogramming Ultimate Mind Control

Mind Control and reprogramming should send a shiver down your spine. Excite you. Arouse you. I know that it does all of that and more to Me! I am all about control and what better way to control you than through your mind? So much of what I enjoy about having submissives serve Me is the level of control that I can exert over them. Obviously I enjoy the physical control through bondage and restraint. But in addition to this the mental control and influence that I use is even more erotic to Me. The intellectual stimulation of  mental domination can be so powerful. In fact, at times and with the right circumstances more powerful than physical domination. For a moment consider hypnosis and the power than can be exchanged when it is employed. Not only can one be reprogrammed and manipulated but also one’s thoughts, ideals and even memories can be influenced!



Reprogramming: The Ultimate Mind Control

This is one of the most devious, wicked and seductive mind control recordings I have ever done! Truly considered extreme manipulation by brainwashing, reprogramming and manipulating your memory. Right now you are quite sure, no you KNOW that you have never met Me. Never had any interaction with Me. But after I enter and take control of your mind, you will no longer be sure! The memories are so real and so clear! This is why you are so enthralled and addicted to Me! The memory is burned into your mind! This element of reprogramming you is especially exciting to Me. THIS is only the begin of your reprogramming!

Featuring elements of mind fuck, brain washing, mind control, false memories, sexual memories, reprogramming, mind manipulation, hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, femdom hypnosis

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Brainwashed Cult of Goddess Natasha

Brainwashed  into Cult of The Goddess Natasha

As you watch your computer screen, I take you down into a trance, down deep into hypnosis as I begin to brainwash you. Swirling images, fetish pictures of Myself and more contribute to your brainwashing taking you deeper and deeper as My seductive voice flows through your mind! It is so easy now as you automatically begin to trance when you hear My voice.


Today is a special day..today you will be undergoing conditioning and brainwashing to join My cult…The Cult of the Goddess Natasha where you will become My most devoted follower!

Call Me for a Femdom Hypnosis phone session

Goddess Natasha Hypnodomme


For many years actually since 1992 I have been interested in hypnosis, trancing and other forms of mind control. Studying  books, under a mentor I became completely fascinated. Frankly, to this day I still am!

Erotic Hypnosis by Phone

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I welcome phone calls that center on a particular goal such as making you more submissive, triggers and more!

Erotic Hypnosis by Cam

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This can be especially intriguing and there are many gestures and items that can be used to enhance the experience such as triggers, fetishes and hand gestures.

Erotic Hypnosis Recordings

While I have many, many recordings available I also accept custom requests! Contact Me to have one made especially for you!

Hypnodomme Supreme Goddess Natasha
Lovestruck Red Mind Control Video



Mind Control

mind control


I so enjoy using Erotic Hypnosis Trance to control and manipulate My slaves and submissives!

Whether it is on the phone or through one of My recordings, I find it highly erotic. For years I have also used Mind Control Erotic Hypnosis  in My real time sessions, using it to focus My submissives as they kneel before Me.



~NEW~Mind Control Giving up your free will

This latest recording is designed to remove all resistance to giving up control and surrendering your free will. I take you deep into trance with a complete induction and use visualization to remove all resistance and any apprehension. Your complete surrender is imminent!

15 Minutes

WMV Format Buy Now

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Mind Control Erotic Hypnosis

Using Mind Control Erotic Hypnosis Real Time Recordings and By Phone

Many years ago, in fact in the early 90’s I started using erotic hypnosis to train My slaves and to relax and control them. My very first recording Mind Control I is still available. To this day I have found it very effective over the years on many submissives.

I have always enjoyed combining My mind control and erotic hypnosis videos and audio with subject matter that I find especially erotic. For example, using this method of reprogramming on a submissive who may have a low pain tolerance and increasing his tolerance. Another example would be suggesting that every night his dreams will be filled with Me (See Mind Control: Dream of Goddess) . I also practice it while on the phone as well as real time sessions.

At the beginning of a real time sessions, I have found it very helpful to assist My submissives in relaxing. Often they are coming from work or just the drive on the expressway can be stressful. This method of “trancing” not only will relax them but help them to focus now that they are with Me.

Erotic Hypnosis Mind Control


Mind Control: Craving Cock

In one of My latest Mind Control recording, I take you deep into trance, deep into a state of relaxation. Making you so susceptible to all My suggestions. When I am finished with you, you will crave cock, want cock and beg to be My cocksucker.

erotic hypnosis mind control


Format: MP3 Length: 10 minutes Price: $10.99 Buy Now

Mind Control: Reprogramming
My newest Trance recording takes you deep into trance and leaves you completely relaxed. Then I command you to empty your mind as I then begin your reprogramming. Your mind is so open to everything I tell you and will become your new reality. It has begun….the beginning of your reprogramming.


erotic hypnosis


Format: MP3 Length: 12 minutes Price: $12.99 Buy Now

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