Binding Spell

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As you may have noticed every full moon I cast a spell. Sometimes they are personalized custom recordings for a certain invidual. Other times like this month it is a spell for those who have a personal connection with Me. Each month I give great thought as to what spell I will cast on the full moon. This month after deciding on a binding spell I spent time meditating and creating a spell that would not only have meaning but also be meaningful. A binding spell that binds your free will rendering you powerless to My will! A binding spell that not only binds your free will, but binds you to ME and MY control and power PERMANENTLY.

~ NEW ~ Femdom Binding Spell 

Not only was this created to bind your free will but also to ensure that you are forever bound to ME! A permanent and irreversible connection! This spell was cast on (Tuesday March 7th) at 7:40AM the full moon was at its peak. This spell particularly powerful on a number of levels. First the full moon and secondly having the magic number of 7 appearing twice. In addition to these two things I cast this spell on the beach calling on the elements of water, earth and air to increase its potency! Using a white ribbon which is used for binding spells once you have heard this spell, you will be forever bound to Me! As I mote shall it be!

My spells ARE incredibly powerful…and irreversible!

Cursed Bimbo Spell 

I am sure that you have heard the phrase be careful what you wish for! I know that you have wished and fantasied about being a Bimbo. Not only a bimbo but a cock obsessed bimbo! What if the choice is taken out of your hands? This is another one of My carefully worded, powerful spells! Trapped in a bimbo body, consumed and yes obsessed with cock! Breasts expanding, growing! Plump lips that keep getting plumper and a growing and yes a permanent desire for cock! This IS a permanent spell, this IS an irreversible spell. This spell hAS been cast and once you orgasm to it, and I know you will because you cannot resist, it will be PERMANENT. Each and every time you listen to this spell it will get stronger and more and more intense Featuring Femdom magic, bimbofication, spell casting, curse, permanent spell, sex magic

Bimbofication Cursed to be Worse 

Did you think it could not get worse? Did you think I was done with My control of you? Oh no! Cursed to be worse! Cast under a bright moon I make My intent VERY clear! My spells ARE very powerful as you will find out if you don’t already know! With this spell there ARE consequences! If you are NOT in panties this spell will activate a number of behaviors that you will have NO control over! If you are not being a good bimbo slut there WILL be things that happen that you CANNOT control! The only thing that will alleviate it will be cock, the only thing that will alleviate it will be cum! Trying to resist, trying to fight the effects of this spell will only make things WORSE! Featuring Femdom magic, spell casting, bimbofication, bimbo slut, curse, feminization, panty curse, sex magic

Cursed Cum Eating Spell 

This is a REAL spell that I created and cast on the recent full moon! That means this spell is EXTREMELY powerful. The intent is for a life of ruined orgasms, a life of cum eating with no escape. A permanent state that will grow more intense each day. Never ending AND permanent once you have ruined an orgasm it will be irreversible. Featuring Femdom, Femdom magic, spell casting, ruined orgasm, cum eating

Limp Forever Flaccid Spell 

No more erections! Forever limp! Forever flaccid! How much more powerful of a spell is there? Written and cast under the full moon I made My intention clear! No matter how hard you try, no matter what porn you watch, no matter how hard you stroke, you will NOT be able to get hard! Oh you will still be getting highly aroused! In fact that is part of the spell! I want you to be constantly excited but unable to get hard; unable to find any relief as your sexual frustration grows and grows! But you will not be able to get erect. Is it a spell or a curse? Do you want to take the chance? Already you know how My words affect you! Featuring Femdom magic, erotic magic, sex magic, power of suggestion, emasculation, spell casting, limp, no erections, humiliation, pussy free

The Sissy Spell 

By definition a spell is a series of words that has magical powers. If you’re under a spell, then what you do is out of your control — your thoughts and actions are dictated by the spell. Now your thoughts and actions will be dictated by MY spell. By MY powerful words. My voice and words have great influence and effect you just as I have conditioned them too. Now combined with the magical spell that I have written you will be under My spell in more ways than one! The intention of this spell is to transform you into a sissy, MY sissy permanently and irreversibly! So put on your panties, kneel and visual your complete sissification. This spell was cast not only under a full moon but during a meteor shower making it even more powerful! Featuring Femdom magic, feminization, forced feminization, emasculation, spell casting