IWantClips Goddess Natasha

Again I had a lot of custom audio and videos which always make for a busy and enjoyable week! The most convenient and easiest way to request a  custom video is through My IWantClips studio. My most popular video this week was a tie between two recordings; one featuring My legs in stockings and the second filmed was I come home featuring pantyhose and lingerie. This weeks most popular audio is called Feminine Seduction.

Most Popular Video

Black Stockings~ Stilettos~ Oh My!

This video is quite enticing as I sit on the couch and talk about how silky and soft My stockings are. The 6 inch stilettos just add to the vision as I stroke My stocking clad legs. I speak about how easy it is to entice and enthrall men like you who have these affinity for black stockings and high heels. What would you do if you saw Me in public? Believe Me when I say that Women like Me are perfectly aware of the effect that we have on males It is so simple! It begins with the click of high heels! . I do slip out of My dress so that you can see just what I am wearing underneath. (AVAILABLE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Pantyhose Lingerie Home from Work 

Entering the condo (dressed in gray suit, white blouse and black leather pumps) I pour a glass of wine, sitting in a chair I enjoy My wine as I dangle My shoe off My stocking foot. I go into the bedroom to undress taking off My jacket then My shoes. I rub My stocking feet then remove My pants. Sitting on the bed wearing pantyhose and white blouse I rub My feet and legs after a long day. I unbutton My blouse and model pantyhose the slowly remove the pantyhose, bra and panties. After putting on a black silk robe I am off to shower. (AVAILABLE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Most Popular Audio

Feminization Seduction 

Step by step I have been transforming you. My vision for you has been that of a bitch to be used encouraging your need for cock. One of My goals has always been to make sure you are available to
men. Training you and sending you out to pick up men. Training you to please men, to seduce them. It is something you have craved! So you dress in your sexy lingerie, high heels and apply your make up for a night out. Sitting at the bar, crossing and uncrossing your legs knowing that you are catching the gaze of men. Getting up, you head to the ladies room. When you exit the ladies room there is a masculine male waiting in the corridor. He saw your hungry gaze at the bar. He knows what you are! He knows what you want. He is going to make you his bitch. Featuring feminization, emasculation, bi, cock sucking, humiliation (AVAILABLE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Recent Releases

~NEW~ Sissy Clit Lock Up 

It is time to lock up that sissy clit! Sissys are not allowed sexual pleasure from masturbating! Only sissygasms which are proper. Locking up that sissy clit will remove temptation to rub, so there is no squirting! Sissys should ONLY have humiliating sissygasms! Having your sissy clit PERMANENTLY locked up will help you concentrate on providing sexual pleasure for others! Permanent lockdown! Training for sissygasms only! Featuring Femdom, chastity, sissy chastity, sissygasm, permanent chastity (AVAILABLE ON CLIPS4SALE)

~NEW~ Goddess Says…Pay your Cum Tax 

I KNOW how much time you spend masturbating to My photos, videos and sometimes it is just the thought of Me controlling you that sends you into a masturbation session! This video will just fule another session I am sure! Dressed in a cleavage enhancing bra with My red lipstick and nails clearly visible, you will begin edging, stroking as you imagine submitting to Me and surrendering control! Then the many times that you have had an orgasm! With the amount of masturbation and unauthorized orgasms Goddess Says..pay your cum tax!

Cum Tax 

It is no secret that you masturbate A LOT to watching My videos, looking at My photos, fantasizing and reliving conversations! I consider these unauthorized erections and orgasms! So it is past time that pay a cum tax! you WILL be paying a cum tax to Me! EACH and EVERY time you orgasm you will be submitting your cum tax. What is the purpose of this cum tax? To exert My control AND I will know EVERY time you have stroked and orgasmed! So I am sanctioning your masturbation for the weekend with the stipulation that you WILL pay a cum tax each time!