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Erotic Femdom Fetish Recordings

My most popular video this week is one of My many videos on chastity which of course you know I am a true proponent of! This weeks most popular audio was Hypno Sissy Think Pink. Appearing on the marque was Secret Cocksucker which is an erotic file bringing you into a world of cock!

My phone and chat lines on Niteflirt will be on throughout the day intermittently and this evening.

Also by now you should know that I also have a phone line on IWantClips. On this line I can discuss castration as well as all other aspects of the Lifestyle! CONNECT WITH ME HERE!

Appearing on Marque

Secret Cocksucker

I know what you secretly want, what you desire, what you dream of – men. Smooth, muscular, delicious, hard-bodied young men. I know that you dream of a place to go, be free and be surrounded by cocks and tight hard asses. In this audio recording, I take you there…to a place where you can be what you truly desire to be…a cock sucker. Featuring Femdom, forced bi, erotic Femdom fetish  AVAILABLE ON CLIPS4SALE HERE!

Most Popular Video

Key to your Chastity 

Yes, you already know as My slave you will be locked in a chastity device. The symbol of My control is worn around My ankle….at your eye level! What a source of frustration for you! My beautiful ankle with a delicate gold anklet holding the key. Every time you see it, you are reminded of My control and power over you. How I have taken control of your sexuality and refocus that energy. AVAILABLE ON CLIPS4SALE HERE!

Most Popular Audio

Hypno Sissy Think Pink 

I so enjoy manipulating your mind and bringing out the sissy in you! I know it is there and with just a little encouragement and conditioning from Me you will be the sissy you crave to be! Feel the warm light…the pink glowing light as you sink deeper and deeper. After I am done with this trance, the color pink was have such a profound effect on you! AVAILABLE ON CLIPS4SALE HERE!

Recent Releases

~NEW~ Good Girl! 

My make-up and nails perfectly done, I emphasize that I want you to be a good girl! I know you much you want to be a good girl for Goddess! I talk about what makes a good girl often! Panties, being in chastity and being plugged! Of course being obedient, being submissive and attentive! Good girls do exactly what they are told! Good girls follow directions exactly as they are given! Yes, I do know what the phrase good girl does to you! It makes you feel even more submissive and makes you happy because when I say you are a good girl you know that you have pleased Goddess!  Featuring Femdom, sissy, good girl, obedient girl, good girl reinforcement, erotic Femdom fetish video AVAILABLE ON CLIPS4SALE HERE!

~NEW~ Feminization Ultra Feminine 

Do you know what being ultra-feminine means? It means being like Me! That your nails are always perfectly done, make up done down to the last detail! Being ultra-feminine should be reflected in everything you do! The way you walk making sure your strides are small and ladylike. Speaking in a soft pleasing voice something you need to practice as well as you should have a feminine vocabulary. If you don’t have beautiful breasts like Mine you can enhance your femininity with breast forms or a padded bra! Also following My you must increase your bust instructions! My guidance DOES work from the exercises to the breast cream; they do make a difference! More importantly they will make sure nipples become more sensitive making you feel more feminine and will help make you ultra-feminine!  AVAILABLE ON CLIPS4SALE HERE!

~NEW~ Sissification Sissy Cocksucker Conditioning 

Being a sissy means staying focused on your sissy lifestyle! Being a sissy means one of your goals is to be a sissy cocksucker. One of the things you need to keep in mind for your feminization is that everything that you do, every step that you take is not only to make you feminine and transform you, from the makeup, panties & stockings, manicures and pedicures but to look at it as preparing yourself to be a sissy cocksucker! All those feminine things waxing, manicures, pedicures and lingerie, sexy clothing high heels are all going to make you attractive to men! Yes, these are some of the first steps to sucking cock! Featuring feminization, transformation, sissy training, sissification, sissy cock sucking, erotic Femdom fetish video, dildo training  AVAILABLE ON CLIPS4SALE HERE!

Giantess Goddess I am sooo Hungry!


This is quite different from My usual recordings! I couldn’t resist this fantasy enactment when it was sent to Me! I enjoy exploring different fetishes especially unique ones! Although I do have another Giantess file this one is quite different!

As I sit I mention how very hungry I am! I have some delicious swiss cheese but it is not enough! I am still hungry. Looking at you I start thinking how tasty you look! I command that you undress. Telling you to relax and what better way to relax than masturbate?  Teasing you I then shrink you so that you fit perfectly between two slices of cheese! Very descriptive! Featuring Femdom, small man, giantess, vore

IWantClips Goddess Natasha

Again I had a lot of custom audio and videos which always make for a busy and enjoyable week! The most convenient and easiest way to request a  custom video is through My IWantClips studio. My most popular video this week was a tie between two recordings; one featuring My legs in stockings and the second filmed was I come home featuring pantyhose and lingerie. This weeks most popular audio is called Feminine Seduction.

Most Popular Video

Black Stockings~ Stilettos~ Oh My!

This video is quite enticing as I sit on the couch and talk about how silky and soft My stockings are. The 6 inch stilettos just add to the vision as I stroke My stocking clad legs. I speak about how easy it is to entice and enthrall men like you who have these affinity for black stockings and high heels. What would you do if you saw Me in public? Believe Me when I say that Women like Me are perfectly aware of the effect that we have on males It is so simple! It begins with the click of high heels! . I do slip out of My dress so that you can see just what I am wearing underneath. (AVAILABLE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Pantyhose Lingerie Home from Work 

Entering the condo (dressed in gray suit, white blouse and black leather pumps) I pour a glass of wine, sitting in a chair I enjoy My wine as I dangle My shoe off My stocking foot. I go into the bedroom to undress taking off My jacket then My shoes. I rub My stocking feet then remove My pants. Sitting on the bed wearing pantyhose and white blouse I rub My feet and legs after a long day. I unbutton My blouse and model pantyhose the slowly remove the pantyhose, bra and panties. After putting on a black silk robe I am off to shower. (AVAILABLE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Most Popular Audio

Feminization Seduction 

Step by step I have been transforming you. My vision for you has been that of a bitch to be used encouraging your need for cock. One of My goals has always been to make sure you are available to
men. Training you and sending you out to pick up men. Training you to please men, to seduce them. It is something you have craved! So you dress in your sexy lingerie, high heels and apply your make up for a night out. Sitting at the bar, crossing and uncrossing your legs knowing that you are catching the gaze of men. Getting up, you head to the ladies room. When you exit the ladies room there is a masculine male waiting in the corridor. He saw your hungry gaze at the bar. He knows what you are! He knows what you want. He is going to make you his bitch. Featuring feminization, emasculation, bi, cock sucking, humiliation (AVAILABLE ON CLIPS4SALE)

Recent Releases

~NEW~ Sissy Clit Lock Up 

It is time to lock up that sissy clit! Sissys are not allowed sexual pleasure from masturbating! Only sissygasms which are proper. Locking up that sissy clit will remove temptation to rub, so there is no squirting! Sissys should ONLY have humiliating sissygasms! Having your sissy clit PERMANENTLY locked up will help you concentrate on providing sexual pleasure for others! Permanent lockdown! Training for sissygasms only! Featuring Femdom, chastity, sissy chastity, sissygasm, permanent chastity (AVAILABLE ON CLIPS4SALE)

~NEW~ Goddess Says…Pay your Cum Tax 

I KNOW how much time you spend masturbating to My photos, videos and sometimes it is just the thought of Me controlling you that sends you into a masturbation session! This video will just fule another session I am sure! Dressed in a cleavage enhancing bra with My red lipstick and nails clearly visible, you will begin edging, stroking as you imagine submitting to Me and surrendering control! Then the many times that you have had an orgasm! With the amount of masturbation and unauthorized orgasms Goddess Says..pay your cum tax!

Cum Tax 

It is no secret that you masturbate A LOT to watching My videos, looking at My photos, fantasizing and reliving conversations! I consider these unauthorized erections and orgasms! So it is past time that pay a cum tax! you WILL be paying a cum tax to Me! EACH and EVERY time you orgasm you will be submitting your cum tax. What is the purpose of this cum tax? To exert My control AND I will know EVERY time you have stroked and orgasmed! So I am sanctioning your masturbation for the weekend with the stipulation that you WILL pay a cum tax each time!

Female Domination Custom Recordings

This past week was as busy as ever with new releases and Female Domination custom audio and video recordings.

My most popular video is appropriate for Valentine’s Day since I am dressed in red lingerie! This weeks most popular audio was a Female Domination recording called Meant to be Owned.

Most Popular Video

Goddess in Red ~ Stockings Garter Belt

Slipping off My black silk robe I am glorious in red! Red lace push up bra, garter, g-string and lovely silky smooth red stockings! I grant you a full view and then recline on the couch. Even My book is red! My gorgeous legs and feet fully encased in beautiful stockings! I read and let you admire and worship as I cross My legs and stroke My stockings showing off My perfect manicure!

Most Popular Audio

Femdom Meant to be Owned 

The craving you have for ownership is becoming stronger and stronger. The need and burning desire to belong to Me is growing more intense with every passing day. Now realize that you cannot be happy or content until you surrender and become Mine! I knew long ago that it was only a matter of time. After all, you were meant to be My slave, meant to be owned!

Recent Releases

~NEW~ Seductive Sissy Make Men GAY! 

Something I find erotic and so controlling is the idea of a sissy like you learning the art of seduction and making men gay! Has that ever crossed your mind? There can be so much more than just being a sissy crossdresser Making yourself so attractive and sexy that men just can’t resist! Imagine sending you to a hotel, you get a room, dressed and make up done I send you to the hotel bar…..seducing men and making them gay! Featuring Femdom, feminization, sissy training, sissification

~NEW~ Mind Control Temptation 

Goddess has imprinted so many triggers in your subconscious, numerous ones that you are not even aware of! All that matters is the sound of Goddess voice, as you go deeper. I know how much you want to surrender, to submit. It has always been so tempting to just let go and give into to Goddess. Now you can no longer resist the temptation of surrender and submission. Temptation. This word is so powerful as you go deeper, into a state of hypnosis, submission and servitude! Featuring Femdom hypnosis, mind control, triggers, finger snap, drop, surrender

~NEW~ SURE Sign of a Sissy Cock Sucker 

It is so exciting thinking about getting a tattoo, the permanence of it, how irreversible it can be! Plus the fact that I WANT it to say sissy cock sucker makes it even more exciting! It is past time for everyone to know that you are a sissy cock sucker! I know you want this! Oh, you can caption a photo, wear a necklace or charm that says sissy cock sucker but a tattoo is not so easily removed! The more you think about it, the more you want it, the more you crave it! This obvious and visible sign of what and who you truly are! Featuring Femdom, sissification, sissy training, emasculation

~NEW~ Validating your Femininity 

I understand that you are on quite an emotional, physical and psychological journey! Those changes taking place in your body, mind and shifting sexual desires are powerful and exciting. Starting to finding men attractive and I want you to embrace those feelings and desires! It is part of who you are and who you are becoming. It is exciting when you tell Me these changes taking place! It is part of the emasculation to feminization. It is part of your transitioning! So many changes and emotions and the transference that happens quite often! In some ways you should model yourself and imitate MY femininity! Accepting all of these changes, being femme and accepting the sexual desires, seeing your breasts grow and develop! It is a natural progression and you realize as your feminization increases your masculinity decreases! All of these thing validate your femininity especially those increasing sexual desires for men and cock! Featuring feminization, forced femme, emasculation, increased femininity, transitioning, emotional emasculation

~NEW~ Breeding Hole for BBC 

Big black cock is all you can think about! Those with that superior BBC look at you as a breeding hole! That is all you are! A sexual outlet, a sexual object for BBC to get there sexual satisfaction from! Breeding you and making you their bitch! Used and filled with cum KNOWING that it is your place! Bent over and saying yes sir, please sir! Not only wanting BBC but craving it, begging for it! Trust Me you WILL be a breeding hole for BBC! Featuring Femdom, forced bi, BBC, breeding, bareback, emasculation

Be sure to stop by My Clips4Sale Studio Goddess Natasha’s Bondage Emporium 

~NEW~ Smoking Fetish Black Lipstick Long Red Nails

This lipstick is black and is so thick! Combined with a long white menthol cigarette so you can clearly see how black it is! Along with My long natural red nails this video is a smoking fetishist’s dream! Dressed in a cleavage enhancing bra and dress, watch as I inhale and exhale leaving a mark on the filter every time! Featuring smoking, smoking fetish, lipstick, black lipstick, long red nails, cleavage