Humiliation Emasculation

I continually get ideas and/or requests for more humiliation and emasculation recordings. So while filming custom videos I recorded a new humiliation file.

~NEW ~ Wimpy Wanker 

That is you! I know that you have always been intimidated by Women. I know that you have always been a disappointment to Women and don’t even know what to do with Women! That is how you ending up being a wimpy wanker! Spending your free time masturbating as you spiral into a life of chronic masturbation and being pussy free. It is emasculating to admit but it is the truth. Hopefully by now you have stopped bothering Women, stopped disappointing them. Realizing that you don’t deserve to have sex with Women. Featuring Femdom, humiliation, chronic masturbation, small penis humiliation, pussy free, humiliation emasculation

Today’s SPOTLIGHT File

Emasculation FAIL 

Between your small penis and lack of knowledge and experience you are sexually inferior. So your masturbation habits have gotten even worse and now your hand is your best friend! Then there is your physical appearance! Frankly you have let yourself go and it is just getting worse as you get older and less motivated! At this point in your life you need to realize that this is not going to change. Oh I know how emasculating it is to admit all of this out loud! But there is so little left of your male ego, does it really matter? Featuring humiliation emasculation, male ego destruction

Emasculated Sissy Husband 

Every step that I plan in your feminization is also a step in your complete emasculation! From the simplest step such as requiring you to use a vibrator on your clitty to cum to a complete physical transformation it is all in My plan to completely emasculate you. Not just for a day or weekend but permanently! There are some things that you cannot hide such as your breasts getting bigger then breast augmentation, permanent make-up and the way I require you to walk and talk! So many changes and so many of them that cannot be changed! There WILL be no going back! THAT is exactly what excites Me! The emasculation and changes that will be irreversible and permanent

Ego Shattering Emasculation 

The destruction of the male ego is an essential part of submission and servitude . This recording is a brutal assault on your manhood! With each word I crush your masculinity and leave you psychologically, emotionally and mentally drained! NOT FOR THE SENSITIVE! Featuring Femdom, sexual inferiority, emasculation, SPH, humiliation, verbal humiliation, ego destruction, sexual inadequacy, humiliation emasculation

Emasculating males 

In addition to be all about control and your complete surrender, you certainly know how I feel about chastity. Yes, ALL males should be kept in chastity. What is My goal through chastity? Well, with a combination of things like testosterone blockers and the destruction of the male ego, I am interested in your emasculation! I hold up a number of keys and tell you how I am emasculating a number of My slaves. Some of it unknown to them! (AVAILABLE HERE ON CLIPS4SALE)