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This week My most popular video was Stroke and Surrender and My most popular audio file was an extreme scene Lifestyle recording.  My audio file A Cuckold’s Place also was on the marque for most of the week.

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My phone and chat lines will be on per My regular schedule today however I am taking time for brunch at the food festival at the beach.

Appearing on Marque

Cuckolding ~ A cuckold’s Place

There is such eroticism and complex emotions in cuckolding. Listen to My seductive voice as I describe the scenario of preparing for a party at the Goddess Manor. As you kneel at My feet fastening My high heels not knowing if you will be allowed to escort Me or be left to your own vivid imagination at home. My corset tightly laced pushes up My breasts and you run your hands up My stocking clad legs, eyes pleading. But I have taught you well. Silently you kneel awaiting My decision. Knowing whatever I decide with bring each own psychological and emotional torment. (DOWNLOAD IT ON CLIPS4SALE HERE)

Most Popular Video

Mind Control Stroke and Surrender 

Dressed in an off shoulder, tight fitting dress, make up perfectly done and My pendant glistening My voice relaxes and arouses you. As you listen I instruct you to go deeper as you stroke to My voice, My deep blue eyes. Becoming My property and belonging to Goddess. My control commands you as I prepare you to surrender. Ready to submit and every word taking you down and becoming more aroused. My voice and every gesture of My elegant hand hypnotizing you bringing you further under My control. My voice is so powerful. The sight of Goddess is so powerful. My commands and control are so powerful. My voice tells you that you must obey Goddess. My voice tells you that you belong to Goddess. My words play over and over in your mind! It is so exciting and arousing to be under My control. From day one I always knew that you would belong to Me. That I would be controlling you as you fell deeper and deeper into submission and servitude. Yes, you belong to ME! (DOWNLOAD IT ON CLIPS4SALE HERE)

Most Popular Audio

EXTREME Femdom Emasculation 

I know that you get so excited when you know Goddess wants to play with you! But you have no idea just how cruel I can be or when I am feeling sadistic exactly what I will do to you! Especially if I am not pleased OR I don’t feel that your emasculation is complete. I see there are still remnants of that male ego lingering and I know just how to crush it! Everything I am going to do to you is to show you that I am in control, that you belong to Me and that I can do whatever I please to you! Bound, penis gag inserted, legs spread with a chastity cage on you, your ass filled you feel helpless and vulnerable as you hear the click of My high heels! Featuring Femdom, extreme Femdom, anal training, cum slut ,breaking a slave, emasculation, humiliation, cum swallowing, cum drinking, bondage, inflatable plug (DOWNLOAD IT ON CLIPS4SALE HERE)

Recent Releases

~NEW ~ Sissys Take it Bareback 

It is so exciting being a sissy. So erotic being femme and being used as a sexual outlet for cock. To provide sexual pleasure and the excitement of cock! The feel of a hard cock in your hand, sliding into your mouth feels so good! That craving and need for cock is so strong that you cannot resist it! Bareback feels so much better feeling every inch of cock you service, tasting every drop of precum and feeling every spurt deep inside. Bred like you crave, want and need! Be a good sissy and take it bareback like a good girl! I know you want to! Featuring Femdom, sissification, bareback, breeding, emasculation

~NEW ~ Sissy Micro Penis SPH 

I can certainly see WHY you became a sissy! Suffering from tinydickitis and that tiny appendage is a micro penis! Not only has this ensured your sissyhood it has also ensured that you are pussy free! No Woman will find sexual satisfaction with you and your sex life consists of rubbing through your panties! After all, there isn’t even enough to stroke! Featuring elements Femdom, SPH, pussy free, small penis humiliation, chronic masturbation, chastity humiliation (DOWNLOAD IT ON CLIPS4SALE HERE)

~NEW ~ Message Twisted Life Coach 

As your Life Coach I have been “helping” you with your chronic masturbation and porn addiction. However My plan is to make you better by making you worse! In answer to your late night phone call because you can’t sleep and your erection has lasted for days, I reinforce that you will always be a chronic masturbator and addicted to porn! That you have to come to terms with the fact that you will be living a pussy free life! Featuring twisted life coach, chronic masturbation, masturbation encouragement, porn addiction, pussy free, porn addiction (DOWNLOAD IT ON CLIPS4SALE HERE)