Ego Destruction Beta

I hope that your week has gone well! It is going to be a hot day and a hot weekend before FINALLY some cooler weather is headed our way. Still there will be paddle boarding, beach time and of course Sunday brunch. My new video is more ego destruction beta and what I call My humiliation porn!

~ NEW ~ Ego Destruction Sad Beta Life

I am very familiar with betas like you. Betas who live a sad beta life. Knowing that you are sexually inferior, you know that there ARE real men out there that Women want! It has been apparent for quite some time that you are a beta. Being a beta means you are little…VERY little! Introverted betas like you need to be quiet and stay in your place. Lack of confidence, lack of sexual prowess all has led to you being a chronic masturbator. Spending hours watching porn especially humiliation porn! Aroused by humiliation porn and making your life even sadder. Yes, you have heard Me say it before. That you have stroked yourself to a pussy free life. There is just your hand and only your hand. Yes your hand is your best friend and your second-best friend is porn! Featuring Femdom, humiliation, chronic masturbator, chronic masturbation, rejection, SPH, beta, pussy free, addicted to porn, humiliation porn


Ego Destruction Making you Unfuckable 

I was reviewing the recordings that you download from Me. Pussy free recordings that I know you enjoy. The censored pussy free and the timed quick cummer files that I know you listen and watch over and over. These are particularly effective and amusing! Stuttering Idiot is a particularly manipulative file. Then all of the chronic masturbation files where I encourage you to stroke and edge more and more because I KNOW they are desensitizing you to sex. All of these recordings have a couple things in common. One they are all highly erotic and irresistible. I have designed them for emasculation, for control but WHAT am I REALLY doing to you? All of them are designed to destroy your male ego however they are all DESIGNED to make you unfuckable! I have created them to destroy any chance that you will have a quote unquote normal sex life Featuring Femdom, emasculation, humiliation, pussy free, chronic masturbation, sexual manipulation, male ego destruction, humiliation porn

Shut the Fuck Up

This video is a not so gentle reminder of what I demand and the various things that I have told you. By now you are aware of My 10 commandments. No back talk, no questioning no compromises, no thinking just immediate obedience. I never want to hear the word but because that means an argument or excuse always follows! Short, simple and easy to remember! The message is short and sweet. Our interactions will be so much better and your life so much easier if you just Shut the fuck up and do what I tell you! It is that simple! Featuring Femdom, Direct Femdom, submissive training, long red nails, red lipstick, cleavage

Ego Destruction Rejection 

Do you remember long ago when you use to feel hurt when Women rejected you? Eventually you realized you are a beta male and THAT is why Women were rejecting you. Women recognized exactly what you are and knew that you were not boyfriend material, not lover material . Now you have given up and love rejection. Rejection from Beautiful Dominant Women IS what you deserve and over time it is what arouses and excites you. Emasculating to admit yet you have been conditioned for the humiliation of rejection to be so arousing. Women like Me know what is between your legs. We know why you do not go out on Friday and Saturday nights. We know that you are home stroking and gooning the night and weekends away which is exactly where you belong! Featuring elements of Femdom, ego destruction, emasculation, humiliation, chronic masturbator, beta male, gooner, sph, pussy free, humiliation porn

Unfuckable Gooner 

A video bordering on ignoring you and explaining what I have done to you. I explain and reiterate how I have over time turned you into an unfuckable gooner! Women like Me ignore gooners like you. Simply smoking and really it is all you need to see. Oh and My new deep color lipstick. Mac Cyber and I have already received so many compliments on it! Goddess smokes and you stroke it is the way it has always been! The way it will always be because it is what I want! I knew you were a gooner before the term was even known! Chronic masturbation, gooning helps make you unfuckable and what I have talked about many times! Exactly what I wanted! Unfuckable so that you can spend more time serving and pleasing Me! Over time I have turned you into a chronic masturbator, compulsively stroking and making you one of the unfuckables. Featuring Femdom humiliation emasculation laughter cleavage long red nails dark lipstick smoking long exhales 120 cigarettes