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slave Manifesto Goddess Natasha

My slave Manifesto is coming together with The Intro available as of yesterday and A slave’s purpose just recorded! I know that you will be able to relate to these and find them so helpful to serving Me!

A slave’s Purpose 

This may be one of the most important if not the most important part of My slave Manifesto! Understanding what your purpose as My slave is very important. I reiterate it in My recordings, videos and in real time servitude. As a matter of fact as My slave you are required to be able to recite the answer verbatim! But there is so much more to the concept! I know that you have always felt like something was missing. The fact is you have never been completely happy. Searching and trying to serve online or even attempting to serve a Mistress in session. But it has never been enough. That is because you have yet to find purpose. That you have yet to truly submit, surrender and serve. Being owned as My slave will finally put that craving to rest as you begin to fulfill your destiny and purpose. (LISTEN NOW)


Goddess Natasha’s slave Manifesto Introduction 

Eager to please, obedient and the willingness to completely is surround is just the beginning to becoming an owned slave. Becoming My owned slave is the ultimate privilege and it will be the most fulfilling thing you have ever done. Strict and demanding I will push you each day to the point where you do things you have never imagined! All because you belong to Me and wish to please Me! (LISTEN NOW)

Femdom slave Training Goddess Natasha

My goal in slave training is always to bring you closer and closer to complete surrender. To bring you to your knees where you belong and to ensure that you will be loyal and dedicated to Me.

My most popular video this past week was Waiting for a Strapon Bitch which is a particularly erotic slave training video! Not only am I wearing a sheer see thru dress and thigh high boots but I also stroke My strapon nestled between My thighs as I speak to you.

The most downloaded audio file was Born to be a Sissy. However My new Chronic Masturbation Therapy Session is still very popular.

As you know I record a lot of audio files as well as videos. Everything from personal slave training to Female Supremacy and individualized tasks. But did you know I also do custom recordings? Feel free to drop Me a message for details.

Most Popular Video

Waiting for a strapon Bitch 

slave training

I find it so erotic to have a submissive worship My strap on and control his mouth! It is all a part of My slave training. I am dressed a white very short see through dress, a leather lace up waist cincher and tight thigh high boots and waiting for a submissive to serve Me. As I stroke and caress My cock, I describe how much I enjoy using a male and using his mouth for My pleasure. (Watch Now)

Most Popular Audio File

Born to be a Sissy 

slave training

The truth is that you were born to be a sissy! Oh, at times you have resisted and done things like purging. Getting rid of all those feminine things thinking that will help. Hiding who you truly are from the world. But you realize that you cannot fight it! It is time for you to admit and realize that you were born to be a sissy! (LISTEN NOW)

Recent Releases

~NEW~ Bimbo Bukkake 

slave training

It has long been a dream of yours. The dream to be completely and totally transformed into a bimbo. Only concerned with clothing, hair and make up and of course attracting men! Wearing too much makeup, clothing that is too tight and showing off your big fake breasts are just a few of the ways everyone will know you are a bimbo! I know you want and crave that attention. I am MORE than willing to not only transform you but to guide and control you to being a bimbo. When I am done with you EVERYONE will be able to identify you as a willing sex object! Not just for one man. But many men who want to use you as a sexual object. Oh it is going to take some work to turn you into a REAL bimbo but I will enjoy every step of your transformation into a bimbo!

THEN to be a sexual object used for such things as a bimbo bukkake! Setting one up, seeing you beg for their cum and then wearing it! All over your pretty new face, big tits and blonde hair! Be assured your bimbo bukkake encounter is something that will be videotaped and released on the internet! (LISTEN NOW)

~NEW~ My Sexy Size 6 Feet 

slave training

slave training

Another part of slave training is being sure that you are enamored by My sexy feet! This compilation is quite special and features just one thing! My sexy size six feet. Contains two videos (Foot Fetish High Heels and Dirty Feet Short Shorts plus 52 high definition photos. These photos feature My toes, soles, bare feet, shoe dangle, high heels, peep toes and My lovely feet from every angle. Some have never been released (WATCH NOW)

~NEW~ Love Potion 

I have conditioned you so well. Any command I give you, you must obey. Any command I give you, you will obey. Drink this. Good. Very Good. Listen to My voice as it lures you. Enthralls you. All of your inhibitions gone. There is just Me. I am all that exists for you. Take another drink. The scent of My potion is so welcoming. It is so sensual and relaxing. Already you are craving more. Another sip. This is so special. It makes you feel so special. So submissive and obedient. So filled with worship and adoration. Sinking down into another dimension. Losing all control. Losing all sense of time and place. Don’t fight it. Just let go.

It is all part of My plan for you. Deepening your worship and devotion. Deepening My control and your emotions. As time passes these feeling grow more and more intense. Stronger and stronger. Becoming more and more infatuated. Becoming more and more obsessed. Ensuring that you will adore Me as you never have another and never will. (LISTEN NOW)

~NEW~ Forever a cuckold 

One of the things that you must come to terms with is the fact you will always be a cuckold. No matter what you say or do this will always be your place. Chastity, orgasm denial and the humiliation of everyone knowing your place and duties. Emasculating to imagine it. Even more emasculating to live it. Forever a cuckold with the knowledge that you will never be allowed the privileges of My lovers. (LISTEN NOW)

Sadistic CBT then Castration

The most popular video this week was Sadistic CBT Then Castration which unfortunately is also one of the files that will be soon be deleted. Two equally popular audio files this week was My new Hypno Sissy Femininity and The New World Order Accepting your Fate. Hypno Sissy has been on the Most Popular Marquee for most of the week. In addition I released a number of new audios and a new video which are listed on the bottom.


Most Popular Video

Sadistic CBT Then Castration 

sadistic cbt

With My usual smile and dressed seductively in a cleavage baring red dress I describe what your testicles would undergo before being removed! I have such brutal plans of cock and ball torment that will have you writhing in pain eventually begging to be castrated. By the tone of My voice and the smile on My face you KNOW how much I am going to enjoy this! While you are restrained I will use My sexy feet rubbing them against your soon to be removed balls as you are unable to control yourself and become erect! THEN such suffering and brutality with kicking, punching, nails driven through your scrotum and teased with an elastrator AND burdizzo! I show you My burdizzo which is so intimidating and also describe using My elastrator on you. It all begins with you being restrained and completely immobilized. Naked and vulnerable I begin your humiliation and dehumanization with shaving your head and then the sadistic torment begins!

Most Popular Audio’s

The New World Order Accepting your Fate 

sadistic cbt

As I have told you before The New World Order is at hand. I know that some males are going to find this difficult. It might even be you! Oh, I know that you fantasize about Women being in control and all men being subservient but what will you do when it actually becomes a reality.

Latest Releases

~ NEW ~ Hypno Sissy Femininity 

sadistic cbt

It is becoming easier and easier to manipulate your mind and your thoughts. When you hear My voice you begin to relax and become so open to My suggestions! This recording brings you down into trance and enhances your feelings of submission. Even more not only your feelings of submission but also your feelings of femininity! Implanting many ideas and suggestions so that you want everyone to know what you are! What a sissy you are. The need to wear panties and stockings will get more and more intense! Belonging to Me and being My sissy is the way to happiness for you! It is the only way that you will be happy and content. It is the ONLY way that you will be fulfilled. I deepen your feelings of arousal and excitement when you wear panties and stockings! It feels soo good! So right! In fact it doesn’t feel right if you are NOT wearing panties! Relaxing with each breath you take, going down further with every word I speak, I implant suggestions deep in your subconscious.

~NEW~ Sissy Bottom Bitch 

sadistic cbt

What a wonderfully descriptive title for you! It is so appropriate for a sissy like you! Sissy certainly describes your appearance and attitude. Bottom means two things to Me for you. There is the hierarchy and you are at the bottom. Beneath the alpha males, beta males, slaves actually a sissy bitch like you is the VERY bottom! Making you a Bottom bitch means at the very bottom you are available to any and all! Available to Anyone and everyone as their bitch! Becoming a sexual receptacle and outlet for those I chose for you to service! With your little clit, feminine ways and love for cock you were meant to be a sissy bottom bitch

~NEW~ Branding 

sadistic cbt

The permanence of branding is just one of the things that I find so erotic! Once you are branded there will never be a question of who you belong to. There will be no doubt of who owns you. The brand that I chose will be there for all to see the ultimate sign of ownership. It is the ultimate sign of your submission, servitude and status. To be branded is an extreme honor and knowing that it means a lifetime of servitude will be apparent to all!

~NEW~ Branded by Goddess Natasha 

sadistic cbt

Dressed in a soft leather top showcasing My beautiful breasts and cleavage I speak to you about the intimacy of branding. Describing what being branded by ME reflects and how very personal it is. Not a cookie cutter brand all males mindset but rather knowing IF you are chosen to be branded how special it is and what it means. The ultimate sign of My power and control over you. As well as the sign of your complete surrender for life. Branded by Goddess Natasha means that the world will know your status and place as My personal property!

~NEW~ Branding MP3 and Branded Video 

sadistic cbt

Download both files! This contains both of My NEW two branding files above!

slave Training Program Goddess Natasha

I have always had a slave training program available for those who truly wish to serve. In the past My training program consisted of three levels and then Lifestyle Training. Each level consisted of 7 weeks of detailed lessons which included training letters, audio recordings as well as videos.

This continues to be one of the most common things I am asked. What is required to serve Me and what do I require from those who wish to serve. These particular files together as a slave training program will give you My rules, commands and what I expect and require! These are lessons to be learned! This contains four audio files, two videos as well as My training application. They may also be downloaded individually. But I think they are all important enough to be watched and listened to especially in this particular order!


slave Training Program

slave training program

This contains four audio files, two videos as well as My training application.

Training Application

online training

It is imperative that you complete this application prior to serving Me! This application begins the process to training with Me! Answer all questions completely and honestly and return them to Me.No matter how embarrassing or how personal they may seem! Don’t rush through this! The more detailed your answers, the better I can determine My training for and how you can serve and please Me!

Training Lesson One

Did you complete My training application? Very good, My pet! That was the first step..now onto the second. This MP3 (audio) is the first lesson in My training program. During your training I will learn all your secret desires, your fetishes, your secrets and those deepest darkest fears!

My Rules and Commands

Protocol is VERY important to Me therefore it should be important to you! I have expectations and rules that must be followed in order to serve Me! This recording details the behavior that I expect and demand when serving Me!

Training Lesson Three Refocusing

Dressed in a cleavage baring leather top and deep lipstick, I address the subject of focusing your time, energy and attention. I have found there are two things that a male has to overcome for training to become a true slave. One is learning to refocus and the other is surrendering control. In this video, I discuss these two things that you will need to learn and be reprogrammed for!

Training Lesson Four Loyalty

This is probably one of the most important lessons and concepts to understand. Loyalty. What does it mean? How might I require you to prove your loyalty? Loyalty is so VERY important to Me! It might be something simple to an action that will require sacrifice. It might be something that I require from you that makes you uncomfortable or pushing you to your limit! Whatever it might be, you will do as I command to prove your loyalty!

Training Lesson Five Body Worship

One of the most exciting and fulfilling privileges for one of My slaves is body worship. Body worship including My entire body as well as making you a well-trained oral slave!

Lesson Six Kneel Worship Serve

Continuing in My training program, this lesson contains your new mantra. I am sure you have heard Me speak of it before. Kneel. Worship. Serve. Simple, right? I explain to you the concepts behind these three things and how you will fulfill them to My satisfaction!

Femdomme MP3 Files by Goddess Natasha

Femdomme mp3 files are a perfect way to give instructions and continue training.These Femdomme MP3 files are very effective for sissy training, slave training and many other types of instructions.

This morning I recorded a new Femdomme MP3 for My Making you My wife series! In addition, I will be taking calls until approximately 10 PM this evening.

Forever My “wife”

femdomme mp3

Making you My wife has been a long time goal of Mine! The idea of transforming you into the perfect wife for Me and completely controlling you is so powerful and erotic! Once you are My wife, you are forever My wife! This is not a fantasy role play. Once I have decided to make you My wife there is no turning back. No leaving. No changing your mind! THIS is your new life and lifestyle! Completely transformed physically, mentally and emotionally into a dutiful housewife. Submissive and obedient and so eager to please. So eager to serve. After all, you have heard the phrase til death do us part, haven’t you??

There was a lot happening last week even though I was away last week…did you miss any of it??

My femdomme MP3 recording Prison Pimp Out is HOT! I have received a lot of great feedback! I really find that idea so erotic!

Prison Pimp Out

femdomme mp3

By now you know how much I will enjoy pimping you out! Creating My own little whore while I enjoy the financial gains of your sexual performance! I have many ideas for you! Some of them are very common such as a personal ad, going to the adult book stores where you become known but I have an additional way for you to earn income for Me! This is all doing to be arranged so that you visit the local prison to bring sexual satisfaction to your “boyfriends”! Notice I said “boyfriends” not boyfriend! I am already arranging your first conjugal visit!

My Sissy Punishments is a Femdomme MP3 recording that I really enjoyed making! There are so many lovely punishments that I use in My Sissy Training! I never seem to run out of ideas ~smile~

Sissy Punishments

femdomme mp3

No one is perfect! But with My sissy training you will come close! What happens when you aren’t perfect? When I am not pleased? Oh, I have a number of punishments that will fluctuate between titillation and punishment! Each one is designed to enhance your submissiveness and assure that you do not make the same mistake twice! The punishments fit the crimes so to speak! Such things as figging combined with other disciplinary actions!

My Rules and Commands

femdomme mp3

Protocol is VERY important to Me therefore it should be important to you! I have expectations and rules that must be followed in order to serve Me! This recording details the behavior that I expect and demand when serving Me!

Two recordings that are still getting a lot of attention are Violating your Mouth and Sissy Impregnation!

Violating your Mouth

femdomme mp3

This video will be at the top of your list of favorites. You don’t have to look hard to see the outline of My perfect breasts in this see through white dress. But can you keep your eyes off My shapely leather covered legs? I know you will drool as you watch My hands stroke my strap on cock. You would crawl across a hard floor for the chance to put your wet mouth around My cock. Dreaming that you could look up and see Me smile, as I teach you just how I like it sucked.If you truly wish to be My slave you WILL become My bitch.

Sissy Impregnation

femdomme mp3

I know that you get so aroused thinking about getting knocked up. Pregnant..your belly swelling and your getting larger and larger! Nipples getting even more sensitive! Having all that unprotected sex! No more condoms! The hormones that I have given you to make you fertile also make you so hungry for cock. The obsession with getting pregnant grows stronger and stronger! After all, with your belly swollen EVERYONE will KNOW that you have been well and truly fucked BAREBACK!


Get your own custom Femdomme MP3!

slave Training Letters by Goddess Natasha

As part of My training program I have created and developed a number of slave training letters. These are detailed erotic training letters complete with photos for worship. Keep in mind that My training letters aren’t simply one or two paragraphs! They are very detailed and require task completion! Each slave training letter is unique as well as thorough! Some of these were part of My very first and original slave Training Program which I developed in the 1990’s.

These slave training letters focus and target a variety of things such as obedience training, task completion, cock control and much,much more. These are not only quite erotic but are especially helpful to both the novice slave and those who wish to further their knowledge in servitude.

I so look forward to you completing each one!


slave Training Letters

Introductory  slave Training Letter

slave training letters

This Training letter includes details of philosophy of Female supremacy and training in protocol expected from a submissive. This is a detailed training letter with tasks. Worship images of Goddess included! (Written Content PDF

Obedience Training

slave training letters

Further instructions on serving a Goddess! Obedience training and Female Supremacy reinforced. Cock conditioning and penis punishment for unauthorized erections. This is a detailed training letter with tasks! Featuring humiliation, slave training and more!

slave Training Letter My Rules and Commands

slave training letters

This training letter will prepare you to serve Me! Details and the rules that must be memorized and followed! This letter details the protocol that you WILL follow or be punished! Includes Photos for Worship

Cock Control and Oral slave Training Letter

slave training letters

This erotic training letter is the first step to becoming a true oral slave and learning cock control. This training letter is centered on cock control and steps for oral servitude.Worship Photos included.  Featuring oral instructions, JOI, masturbation instructions, guided masturbation

Femdom Assignment Now Available

As a Female Supremacist and Femdomme I am about control. Controlling you as well as guiding you to the best ways to serve and please. Besides a comprehensive training program that I make available to a select few I now have a specific femdom assignment available with more to come.

With that in mind I have decided to make tasks available for you to perform or assignments for you to do. This can be simple and easy or more detailed and harder to accomplish. These tasks and assignments will allow Me to evaluate you and well, some of them are simply to amuse and please Me! This first task is a bit of both!


Goddess Natasha


Femdom Assignment

CLICK HERE to receive your Femdom Assignment  

femdom assignment

Dressed in a seductive red see thru weave dress and red bra, I have decided that occasionally I should give you tasks to do. By giving you tasks and Femdom assignment, you will feel My control even if we are not in constant contact. In addition, performing these Femdom assignments and tasks will give you some indication of what it is like to serve. Even better some of these tasks are embarrassing, humiliating and amusing! This Femdom assignment is the first one and will create a bit of a dilemma!

Goddess ~Serving Her ~

Last night I recorded two new files in My Serving your Owner Mistress training covering two important topics which are chastity and your Owner Mistress’s sexual pleasures. This makes a total of four recordings to train and educate you in serving and being owned!

As I previously stated, this may be one of the most important series that I have ever recorded! This is for the male submissive who is owned or hoping to be owned, in a Female Led Relationship or who hopes to one day be lucky enough to be accepted by a Owner. These lessons will prepare and train you to serve your either present or future Owner. These recordings lead you step by step, concept by concept to being a well-trained and dedicated submissive who will please his Owner . That is really My goal-to prepare and train you so that your Mistress is pleased with you as well as happy and content

Serving Mistress

Serving your Owner  (Part 2) 

In this recording, I guide you to what one of if not THE MOST IMPORTANT trait that a slave who hopes to be owned must have! An essential part of submission and servitude that if not fulfilled often leads to BANISHMENT!


Chastity for your Owner  (Part 3) 

It is no secret that Dominant Women such as Myself and your Owner Mistress enjoy power and control . It is what we find so very satisfying and erotic. Being locked in a chastity device and your Owner Mistress having absolute power over your sexual activities puts Her completely in control. Which is exactly what we desire!


Sexual Pleasures for your Owner  (Part 4)

As you come to serve your Owner She may very well show and instruct you how She will use you for Her own sexual pleasures and Her own sexual satisfaction. This can vary from Mistress to Mistress and you MUST be prepared and willing to follow Her commands. I touch on some of the many ways you may be required to serve as a sexual servant.

Mistress Owner Serving Her

Over the years I have developed many slave training videos, audios and training letters. They have all targeted certain areas and provided training on different levels. I am excited about this new series and believe it will be quite beneficial to male submissives as well as their Mistress Owners!

Serving your Mistress Owner

This may be one of the most important series that I have ever recorded! This is for the male submissive who is owned or hoping to be owned, in a Female Led Relationship or who hopes to one day be lucky enough to be accepted by a Mistress Owner. These  lessons and tasks will prepare and  train you to serve your either present or future Owner. These recordings lead you step by step, concept by concept to being a well trained and dedicated submissive who will please his Owner Mistress. That is really My goal-to prepare and train you so that your Mistress Owner is pleased with you as well as happy and content.

mistress owner


CLICK HERE to start Serving your Mistress Owner