How I acquire the slave farm

Acquiring the slave farm

Upon graduation with a Doctoral degree in clinical psychology I set up my practice and residence in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Mainly so I could escape the yearly punishment of snow and bitter cold wind of the Northeast and feel instead the warm breezes off the ocean. I loved walking barefoot in the sands throughout the year. My slave Jenny left her studies to attend me, of course. The poor child was so enthralled by my beauty and she was a natural slave whose identity and worth were dependent upon service and value to her Mistress.

I employed Jenny as my office girl, apartment maid and cook, as well as for my sexual amusement. Even after several years the girl trembled with uncontrollable excitement at the mere thought of pressing her face between my smooth thighs. Come, lick me, Jenny. Yes, Mistress. Lick, suck, kiss, lick, orgasm after orgasm.

Life was all well and good but sometimes a little boring for me. However useful it was having Jenny as a slave and however delectable her young flesh was to my touch, the truth of the matter was that I longed to be worshipped and served by lowly male thingies. I needed to express my Female Supremacy over groveling men.

I needed to inflict a world of pain on male beasties, whereas listening to other people’s whiney problems in therapy became a chore. Some who were legitimately in need of psycho pharmaceuticals stirred my compassion and I referred them to medical practitioners. Some were helped by short courses of cognitive therapy. But too many were drama queens who were beyond my help. The Goddess in me became bored by psychotherapy as a career.

I needed a change. My decision to switch careers to Professional Domination turned out to be much more profitable and certainly more erotic for me. That may sound unbelievable to you. But look, I really get off on dominating male creatures. That is so Hot! As I told you before, controlling a male slave is really makes me wet between my sweet thighs. I did tell you that. Pay attention when I talk to you!

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