Online Sissy Exposure Goddess Natasha

Online exposure especially online sissy exposure has grown over the years. I have always found public play and public humiliation to be exciting. Another aspect is online exposure. Over the years I have grown to enjoy this particular aspect more and more. I get so much enjoyment out of outing sissys and publicly displaying their pictures! Online sissy exposure can be so erotic and exciting. Not only that but it is also amusing.  I  create sissy cards and amuse Myself with humiliating and embarrassing captions!

So to make things clear EXACTLY what I can and will do I have recorded an MP3 detailing precisely My plans for you! Then there is the contract to make it perfectly clear what you are in for!

~NEW ~ Online Sissy Exposure Contract and Questionnaire 

online sissy exposure

This contract is an agreement that you are not only willing but need to be exposed to the world. Upon entering this agreement, answering My questions and providing the information I require you acknowledge that everyone needs to know your true nature. Once your humiliating and embarrassing sissy photos are uploaded to the Internet know that they will be floating around forever! They will most certainly be downloaded by thousands of people. As I am sure you are aware your photos will be saved in collections, saved on computers and shared and reblogged! In addition your sissy pictures will be stroked to and orgasmed to!

I will continue to repost and share your photos over and over whenever the mood strikes Me! Also I may caption some of them for My amusement. I may post them to any or all of My many blogs and social media sites including tumblr, Instagram, Google just to name a few! If you google Goddess Natasha you will see just how many places I can and will expose you! I know that you crave the humiliation that comes with exposure. So risky isn’t it? Well it’s time to take the risk now and find out just how embarrassing and humiliating it can be!

More Online Sissy Exposure!

Taking the First Step! 

online sissy exposure

It’s time! Time for you to be exposed as the sissy that you really are! No more hiding it from the world! With My knowledge and contacts everyone is going to see you for exactly what you are! After all, you want to be just like Me don’t you? So feminine in My black stockings and black pumps. Not to mention My perfectly applied lipstick, flat stomach, round ass and beautiful breasts! Follow My instructions and step by step you will be publicly exposed!

Sissy Exposed! 

online sissy exposure

It is way behind time to expose you as the sissy that you are to the whole world! And I do mean the whole world! I have another fantastic way to expose you using your own behavior to do so! This is going to be so amusing for Me! Now I know that you as a sissy just can’t resist taking photos of yourself! I want you to pick out the most humiliating photo…Listen closely as I explain just how this exposure is going to play out! The best part is I can do it again and again!

Sissy Exposure 

online sissy exposure

I know how much you love the attention of being a sissy! It is so exciting and you just love having your picture taken don’t you?? All those photos you have wearing panties, stockings and nylons. Well, it is time for you to be exposed as the sissy you are. It is time for everyone to know that you are no longer a man if you ever were! I believe that you have masqueraded long enough and it is time for you to be exposed as the sissy you are!