Live Chat Goddess Natasha

I am sure you know by now that Niteflirt now has an instant chat system. So I am now available for live chat! This is truly exciting and something we have been asking to be implemented for years!

Let Me clear a couple of things up. One your privacy is still secure! As always your identity and phone number are protected. The chat takes place through the Niteflirt system. Two you have to initiate the chat to start! I can already see the advantages! First there is immediate contact instead of waiting for a reply to an email. Second and probably most important is that a chat can take place anytime, anywhere! For instance, you could be sitting at work, at lunch, across from someone…well the possibilities are endless! For the times you crave interaction with Me but don’t have the privacy chat is absolutely perfect! Just think of the control I can have over you as I bring you closer and closer to surrender!

It is quite apparent that I require and demand your complete surrender! As a matter of fact it is time to prepare yourself for what lies ahead!

Prepare to Surrender 

Serving Me requires surrendering your free will, personal power and a total power exchange. This is something you need to prepare yourself for. I have always been clear but about I demand and what you will be subjected to. Humiliation. Emasculation taking many forms such as cuckolding and the destruction of your male ego. So it is time to prepare to surrender mentally, emotionally and psychologically! (LISTEN NOW)

Ready to try chat? Simply click here!

Complete Surrender 

As I speak to you into the camera, I describe your life of enslavement! My words are Complete surrender…willingly and gratefully abandoning your old life. Because you know THIS NEW life will be better…more fulfilling and more rewarding. (WATCH NOW)

Surrender and Sacrifice ~ Becoming My slave 

So today you have asked…how can you become My slave? How can you serve? There are many aspects and numerous life changes that must occur! Surrendering your free will and the willingness to sacrifice are just two. Be ready to embrace Female Supremacy and the Natural Order! Most importantly, your focus is now on Goddess and Her wants, needs and desires! (LISTEN NOW)

Surrender and Submit 

It feels so good to hear My voice again, doesn’t it? My seductive voice flows through your mind as you automatically begin to relax. I have you so trained, so conditioned to My voice you automatically begin sinking down into trance. As you sink further and further into a deep state of hypnosis, I begin to whisper “Surrender” . Surrender and submit. As with all My recordings this is designed to deepen My control and intensify your submission! (LISTEN NOW)