Lifestyle Domme Goddess Natasha

My recordings as well as My online training all reflect My experience as a Lifestyle Domme. My most popular video this week was a fetish video featuring My sexy legs and high heels. This weeks most popular audio was one of My Female Domination files called Seduced into submission.

Two of My files Stroke and Surrender as well as Forced Womanhood appeared on the most popular marquee for Niteflirt.

I hope that you are enjoying your weekend so far. It has been a hot, steamy past few weeks and because Florida is having issues I am still staying close to home. The private beach in the morning and a dip in the pool in the afternoon for a break is about all I am doing. Other than that I am keeping busy with new recordings and new projects.

So today I will be taking calls, available for chat and also taking custom audio requests. VIEW THE DETAILS HERE for your own custom audio recording.

Appearing on Marque

Mind Control Stroke and Surrender 

Dressed in an off shoulder, tight fitting dress, make up perfectly done and My pendant glistening My voice relaxes and arouses you. As you listen I instruct you to go deeper as you stroke to My voice, My deep blue eyes. Becoming My property and belonging to Goddess. My control commands you as I prepare you to surrender. Ready to submit and every word taking you down and becoming more aroused. My voice and every gesture of My elegant hand hypnotizing you bringing you further under My control. My voice is so powerful. The sight of Goddess is so powerful. My commands and control are so powerful. My voice tells you that you must obey Goddess. My voice tells you that you belong to Goddess. My words play over and over in your mind! It is so exciting and arousing to be under My control. From day one I always knew that you would belong to Me. That I would be controlling you as you fell deeper and deeper into submission and servitude. Yes, you belong to ME!

Most Popular Video

Sexy Legs ~ Stiletto High Heels 

I just love wearing high heels and I just received a new pair of black leather stiletto heels. They are very sexy and show off My gorgeous feet so nicely. My red painted nails show up so nicely. A feet fetishist and high heel lovers delight! Featuring elements of bare feet, high heels, stilettos, toes, foot worship, foot fetish, sexy legs, Lifestyle Domme

Most Popular Audio

Seduced into Submission 

It really is so very easy for Dominant powerful Woman such as Myself to seduce a male into submission. WE hold the power. WE have the ability to reduce men to groveling, kneeling slaves who have always thought of themselves as “alpha” males. Those days are over as you are Seduced into Submission! Featuring Lifestyle Domme

Recent Releases

~NEW~ Forced Womanhood 

There is something exciting about your feminine transformation and enjoying each step! However that is not always My plan! I have a plan that is even MORE exciting! I have found that the only way to remove ALL resistance and male thinking is a one-time visit to Dr Jennifer. Even though you know it is what you need, what you crave there has still been some resistance. Oh it is never a direct no but I have seen your hesitation at times. So all I tell you is that you have an appointment with Dr Jennifer making you think it is just a “normal” visit for hormone therapy. However after we arrive Dr Jennifer escorts us to a different from usual exam room as She gives Me a secret smile. This room is filled with equipment unlike a usual exam room. As electrodes are attached to your head, I place earbuds and you hear My seductive voice telling you what a good girl you are…just relax as the mask comes down over your face. Featuring Femdom, forced feminization, permanent feminization, irreversible feminization, brainwashing, mind alteration, good girl Featuring Lifestyle Domme

~NEW~ Mind Control 

What a devious recording this is! Using My seductive voice I take you down into a deep state of hypnosis. Delving into your subconscious and imprinting suggestions. I begin telling you how sexually confident you are! That you are a bull and that when your cock gets hard you get more and more confident of your sexual prowess! When you get aroused, you feel like a bull! Because you ARE a bull! Over and over I fill your subconscious with how sexually desirable you are to Women! That you ARE a bull! As your confidence grows your cock grows! On and on and then; REALITY CHECK! Did you really think this was going to work?? Then I tell you the REAL TRUTH! The truth that you need to face and that NOTHING is going to change your sexual desirability, penis size or sexual inadequacy no matter what you do! Featuring Femdom, Femdom hypnosis, mind fuck, pussy free, sexual inferiority, small penis humiliation, reality check, Lifestyle Domme

~NEW~ Humiliating Sissy Maid Training 

Do you have everything that I require for sissy maid training? I have made it very clear what you will need! Each item just adds to your humiliation and submission! Shaving your body completely and making your skin nice and soft! A frilly feminine sissy maid uniform complete with frilly lace panties, stockings and black pumps makes for such a submissive mind set. Featuring Femdom, forced sissy training, sissy training, sissy maid training, dildo training, sissy anal training, sissy orgasm training, orgasm denial, spit roast training, deep throat training, good girl

~NEW~ Hungry for Cock! 

I know that you have been missing cock so much! The fact is that not only have you become so well trained but you now crave cock! That first cock you finally got your mouth around tasted so good! Deprived of cock for so long is frustrating, isn’t it? After you felt that cock in your mouth that first time, it was like you finally knew your place! NOW it is simply that you have to have! Always hungry for cock! Featuring Femdom, forced bi, cockucking, cocksucker, emasculation

~NEW~ Sissy Maid for Shemales 

As you know I have a great affinity for shemales. I often play with them and orchestrate scenes with them! Two of My closest friends Andrea and Sheila enjoy playing with femme boys like you! Sheila is especially dominant and is quite well endowed! Having you serve all three of us as a sissy maid is not only emasculating but very erotic! Sheila especially enjoys taunting with her 8 inch cock! I will be making sure a cock comparison takes place before I place you on your knees to suck every inch! An erotic scene where you are used and emasculated as a sissy maid! Featuring Femdom, Shemale domination, sissy maid training, cock comparison, strapon, shemale cock, anal training, cock sucking