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My phone and chat lines will be on per My regular schedule today although I will be having brunch on the beach.

My most popular video was one of My Femdom files slave to Goddess and this weeks most popular audio was What makes you a sissy faggot. Also appearing on the marque was one of My worship videos featuring tight leggings and leather boots.

Also if you missed it I have to delete files once again to make space available for new files. I plan on deleting them at the end of today.


Appearing on Marque

Worship Natasha Leggings Boots

This stunning outfit looked fantastic and is perfect for a worship video! The tight sheer black blouse shows off My all natural cleavage. The leggings are oh so tight and are perfect for ass worship and to show off My fantastic legs. When I add a pair of Italian leather boots the outfit is complete to Worship Natasha! (AVAILABLE ON CLIPS4SALE HERE)

Most Popular Video

Femdom slave to Goddess 

My question for you is…do you have what it takes? Do you have what it takes to be a slave to Goddess? Not just a submissive but a slave. Surrendering and sacrificing as well as placing your life in My hands! For Me to control…for Me to manage..for Me to decide all! 

Most Popular Audio

What makes you a Sissy Faggot 

The panties, stockings and lingerie excite you so much! Dressing arouses you and you KNOW you belong in panties. Looking at yourself and loving the emasculation as the real you is shown. Watching porn and rubbing your sissy clitty as your panties get wetter and wetter. Imagining that it is your lips wrapped around that cock. That it is your hand stroking those hard cocks. Craving cock. Wanting cock. Needing cock. It is another thing that makes you a sissy faggot! As a matter of fact I think you are the biggest sissy faggot I know! (AVAILABLE ON CLIPS4SALE HERE)

Recent Releases

~NEW ~ Feminization Sissy Exposure 

Everything I do to you and with you is to make sure everyone is going to know that you ARE a sissy! Everything that I command you to do, every direction is all with the goal to make sure everyone knows you are a sissy! Not just a panty boy although I do enjoy your panty addiction! Obsessed with panties because they make you feel so good and so feminine! I know it and you know it..you belong in panties! But it is so much more than that! Yours sissification is going to be so much deeper than that! Not just the panties but being waxed. Oh I want more than just shaving. It is much more embarrassing to go to the salon to be waxed. When you undress and you fold up your panties placing them on top as I have instructed you to will be so humiliating. Each appointment at the salon becoming more and more of a sissy, more and more feminine! Each stop leading to more and more exposure until everyone knows that you are a sissy! Featuring Femdom, feminization, sissification, panty reinforcement, sissy reinforcement, feminization encouragement, sissy exposure Now available on IWantClips (AVAILABLE ON CLIPS4SALE HERE)

~NEW ~ Sissys Crave Cum 

It seems like My recordings are speaking DIRECTLY to you! That is because I not only know a sissy like you I truly UNDERSTAND you! I KNOW what you not only crave but need! I know a sissy mind like yours! Sissys crave blackmail, sissys crave cock, sissys want to get caught and yes, a sissy like you craves cum! When you taste that cum, feel it down your throat it is a reward. When you taste that cum you know that you have fulfilled your sissy duty! Featuring Femdom, sissification, sissy humiliation, sissy reinforcement, emasculation Now available on IWantClips  (AVAILABLE ON CLIPS4SALE HERE)

~NEW ~ Humiliation Task 

As you know I thoroughly enjoy humiliation tasks! My humiliation tasks are creative and detailed and yes border on extreme! I want you to have a variety of things for My training including toys! These instructions tell you exactly where to go, what to do, what to say and what to buy! Of course I can’t wait to hear about it! Featuring Femdom, task, humiliation task, training Also available on IWantClips (AVAILABLE ON CLIPS4SALE HERE)